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Feeling Overtired? Here’s How To Naturally Get Better Sleep

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Moms seem to have this supernatural ability to keep going throughout the day on very little sleep. With just fumes in the tank, they manage to find a way to get everything done.

From work, to kids to school to sleepless nights it seems that there are just not enough hours in the day. Well, the thing is that eventually you will start to feel run down. And this can lead to health problems later on down the road.

Time to make sure that you are getting enough sleep so you don’t feel like you’re always running on empty. That cup of coffee can only do so much, after all.

In this article, I will go over some ideas on how to make sure that you are getting more sleep so you’ll have more energy and maybe even help you become a morning person!

1 - Reduce stress

Yes, it is easier said than done, but there are some routines you can practice to try to stay calm and not let stress take over and ruin your sleep. Stress builds up cortisol levels in your system and that causes your hormones to get out of balance.

When that happens, your internal clock can get thrown off. You need to get more serotonin flowing instead of the cortisol which will keep your mind off of the stress and help you find some balance.

Meditating with aromatherapy beads from Kumi is a great way to get rid of stress. When you do it regularly, it will keep the stress from creeping up on you so you can feel calm and ready to sleep when it’s time.

Yoga is also a great way to do this and it helps keep you in good shape, too. Doing exercise is a very effective stress reliever as it pumps your system full of endorphins which just make you feel good. When you do yoga you get the endorphins as well as help clear your mind and stay focused on the present.
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2 - Make your bedroom cozy

If you have clutter in your bedroom, find a way to organize it as clutter can be depressing and lead to difficulty sleeping.

Your bedroom needs to be an oasis so you have a place to go and get the rest you need to take on the day. After getting things organized so your bedroom is tidy, you should also focus on the lighting. Soft lights are best, especially red so it creates an atmosphere that makes you sleepy.

You should also use some aromatherapy there, too. Add a diffuser that spreads aromas like lavender to help you sleep.

3 - Put the phone down

The blue light emitted from phones and tablets is known to disrupt melatonin production which is responsible for telling the brain to shut down for sleep. If you like to browse your social media before bed, make it a point not to. At least 30 minutes before bed, you should put your devices away and not look at them.

We hope these tips can help you get a better night's sleep.

5 Surprising Physical & Mental Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is becoming progressively mainstream as more and more people find its wide-extending benefits. It is one wellness trend that shows no indications of disappearing. Though people have been doing meditation for ages, its efficacy has been verified by scientific research today.
Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash
In the present world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings. Emotional over-burden generally brings stress and nervousness – and everyone knows the ruin this can unleash on our health. These days, specialists around the world agree that practicing a couple of minutes of care each day can have a significant effect. The physical and mental advantages of meditation are well-archived and exceptionally compelling. Here are a few of our top choices:

A Healthy Heart
Studies clearly prove that a daily meditation practice can improve blood flow, bring down the pulse and help keep up a healthy heart. Psychosomatic Medicine, a confided health distribution, has published an article that shows that persistent meditators have lower measures of lipid peroxide than non-meditators. Recent examinations have also shown that practicing mindfulness meditation helps in lowering blood pressure.
Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash
A Stronger Immune System
The resistant framework, a vital part of the human body, is made out of a horde of natural process and structures whose activity is to battle disease and shield the body from outside creatures. As per the research completed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003, frequent mindfulness sessions appeared to improve meditators’ immune system functions. They additionally delivered positive, enduring changes inside the cerebrum.

Helps Control Pain
Your perception of pain is related to your perspective and the effects of physical health on the mind can be raised in stressful conditions. For this circumstance meditator and non-meditators experienced similar reasons of pain, however, meditators showed a more noteworthy ability to cope with pain and even experienced lessen vibe of pain.

Improved Memory Retention
As we age memory loss to some extent is normal. In light of the context with the maturing populace, researchers presently accept that mindfulness practice can help support cerebrum functions and decelerate memory loss. Truth be told, research has demonstrated that ordinary 20-minute meditation sessions can support memory and improve cerebrum work in those with early dementia or other psychological issues.
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Enhanced Quality of Sleep
Better sleep is one of the most engaging physical advantages of mindfulness practice. We all know that what it's like to toss and turn – practically 50% of individuals overall experience the ill effects of sleep issues or something to that effect. 85% of laborers in the U.S. report having lost sleep on account of employment-related pressure. Studies prove that individuals who practice day-by-day meditation rest better and longer than non-meditators.

The recognition of Mindfulness meditation is expanding as the advantages of Mindfulness show great promise from every aspect to everybody. Often times, it's the easiest things that have a significant impact on our health and prosperity. Whether practiced daily or occasionally, mindfulness meditation can be a powerful way toward enhanced well-being throughout your lifespan.
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California Design Den Luxury Sheet Set Mother's Day Giveaway

If you took a poll and asked moms what they really want for Mother's Day, they would likely say sleep or to have peace and quiet. Let's face it, many moms are sleep-deprived and crave what some lucky people call sleeping in. Having time to yourself to be able to lounge in bed to catch up on your favorite show, or finish the book you've had sitting on the dresser seems like a dream.

Having the right bedding truly makes for a more restful night's slumber. You can count on a luxury sheet set from California Design Den to help make your bedtime extra comfy at a great value. I am definitely a fan of practical gifts, and luxury bed sheets would make me so happy! What makes a sheet set luxurious? I feel like when you slip into bed you should feel your sheets wrapping you up in comfort and luxury. Hard-working moms certainly deserve it.

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Picking The Right Sheets For A Comfortable Night's Rest

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that offered luxurious accommodations? We have been fortunate to experience that quite a few times, and the thing that keeps us hooked on using certain hotels is the service, amenities, and the bedding. If you don't get a proper night's rest, was your hotel stay even good?

I love some hotel beds so much that I attempted to put together my own hotel bedding ensemble. I chose a gorgeous, yet soft top quilt set, a cozy blanket that goes under the quilt, and the most important part-- the sheet set. Earlier this year, the internet exploded over the "top sheet" controversy. I really couldn't understand the argument since I feel like a good top sheet is what makes your bed feel comfortable.

How can you go wrong with the feeling of luxurious bed sheets surrounding you? The sheets are the first thing that hits your skin, so wouldn't you want them to be extra soft and cozy? I recently received a 100% cotton king size sheet set in pure white from California Design Den (sold on Amazon) to put to the test.

Like most of us, I washed the sheet set before using it. The company recommends the "quick dry- do not fry" method to ensure softer sheets. I went with standard white sheets, because I like the simplicity of white. It also mimics what is used at my favorite hotels. These sheets have a 400 thread count, and are sturdy yet soft. I can tell that it will hold up well to repeated washes.

The sheets are sized well for my super deep mattress. The elastic is excellent, so there won't be any slipping from the bottom sheet. The pillow cases slipped over my king size pillows with ease. You can always tell the quality of white sheets if you can't see through them. These are definitely some good ones! We have been sleeping so comfortably since placing them on our bed. The only downfall is not wanting to get up each morning!

If you are in the market for very good bed sheets at an affordable price, I suggest checking out California Design Den. They offer all sizes and a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
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Bedding Styles for Winter 2017

Sleeping well is one of the most important and influential factors in our lives. From well-aired, pleasant sleeping room, to a comfortable, spacious bed, super comfortable, anatomical mattress and pillow, all these elements play an important part when it comes to our sleep quality. You can learn more about that here

Of course, don’t forget the bedding, which should be made of good material, but also well designed. If you’ve seen to the health and comfort aspects, you’ll probably want to pay some attention to aesthetics and make sure your bedding in is in line both with the rest of your interior design, but also with the latest trends. After all, knowing everything is perfectly matched will probably help you sleep tight. Here are a few suggestions for this season, so hopefully, some of them might fit in with your current style. Or if you’re reinventing your bedroom experience completely, they might inspire you and give you ideas for other parts of your home.

All White

This is an ever-green classic, no way you can make a mistake with this. Whether the bedding is just another element in the all-white room, or just set as a contrast to the environment, it will look good anyway. In the first place, it invokes peacefulness and cleanliness, what’s cozier than falling asleep in white, clean, soft, fresh-smelling sheets?

In case we’re talking about all-white surroundings, make sure to use different nuances of white, different patterns, textures and materials to prevent a too sterile, hospital-like appearance.

In case white bedding is used as contrast, it’s really difficult to make a mistake there. For instance, you can try using the monochromatic palette to get a classic aesthetic. One thing is sure, it will bring lightness and vivacity into your bedroom and will fit in well into both modern and more vintage designs.

Ordered Chaos

If you’re more into eclectic style, you’re probably more than happy with this year’s fashion trends which suggest mixing and matching patterns, and which applicable not only when it comes to clothes, but also when it comes to bedding.

If this is your thing, you’re probably already a master in mixing patterns, however, you’re planning your first design experiment in this direction, here are some basic rules. First of all, do not mix more than three patterns, everything more than that is simply considered too much and can hardly look good.

Next, follow the golden ratio of 60/30/10, meaning you choose one dominant pattern which should cover 60 percent of the surface, for instance, you can use it for the quilt, then the second one which should take up around 30 percent, and finally, the third, boldest option for the remaining 10 percent, which you can use for throw cushions and similar details. Be sure to avoid repetitiveness by choosing patterns that vary in scale and type.

Also, make sure to incorporate this explosion of patterns and colors into a monochrome environment. A consistent color palette in the patterns can also help match them more smoothly. 

Clean Lines

A clean contemporary style is another trend that came back both in fashion and interior design. It can be seen in sleek lines of duvets and covers. It might seem like a completely opposite of the above mentioned pattern mixing, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Main traits of contemporary style are sharp edges and high contrasts, but also using geometric patterns. So the major difference between the two styles lies in visual lines they create. In order to follow contemporary style, choose bedding that features solid color or sharply defined shapes with clear edges. 

What’s more, this trend might work best if your furniture is of similar design with similar angles, so you can have these lines somehow echo through the interior.

Hopefully, at least one of these styles can at least give you direction what to try and explore to bring a new life into your bedroom, and definitely into your life as well.

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Why Sleep is Your Way to a Healthier Life

Who doesn’t love waking up in the morning feeling refreshed, alert and ready to face the day? Or am I dreaming to think that you can always get the sleep that you need?! The truth is that in today’s increasingly busy world, many people push sleep to the back of the queue - an added extra that’s nice if you can get it.

Scientists are always conducting new studies about just how important a good night’s sleep is, both for our physical and mental wellbeing. Just in case you needed any extra reasons to get your forty winks, here are just some of the health benefits that a good night’s sleep can bring.
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Improve Memory

Though it may seem like you are not doing all that much while you sleep, your mind is actually busy processing all the events of the day. In a process called ‘consolidation’, the memories or practice skills that you learnt during the day are reinforced in your mind. That means that if you are trying to learn something new, sleep can help cement the information that you need in your mind. There’s a reason people say it’s not a good idea to stay up all night before an exam cramming in all the information instead of getting valuable shut-eye! If you’ve got a big day ahead of you, the best way you can tackle it is with sleep.

Exercise Better

Many top performing athletes get upwards of 10 hours sleep a night in the build up to a big game. Though you’re probably not quite at this level, a good night’s sleep can still probably improve your performance! Studies have shown that a decent amount of sleep can improve stamina and reduce daytime fatigue. How many times have you decided not to get your exercise because you were too tired? And the truth is that it can become a vicious cycle. People who get a decent amount of exercise generally find it easier to drift off at night. If you are trying to hit a certain goal or personal best, it seems that sleep is your fast track to doing this.

Increase Attention Span

If you are trying to help your kids improve their grades at school, making sure they get an early night should be your first priority. Whereas adults tend to feel sluggish and lethargic when we don’t get the sleep we need, it generally has the opposite effect on kids. They tend to get overly hyperactive and find it very difficult to concentrate on any tasks. And also remember that kids tend to need more sleep than adults, so the definition of a good night’s sleep tends to vary between you and your children. When it comes to your own attention span, you certainly need that extra hour or two in bed to improve your alertness and therefore lengthen your own attention span.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Many of us find that it is an ongoing battle to keep at a healthy weight. And it turns out that a huge amount of the battle is fought from the comfort of your own bed! A study was conducted at the University of Chicago which found that dieters who were more well rested lost a significantly bigger fat percentage than those who were sleep deprived. It was also found that those who weren’t getting enough sleep were losing muscle mass (so if you’re trying to tone up, getting your sleep is also hugely important!). During this study, dieters reported feeling hungrier when they weren’t getting as much sleep. It can be a very difficult balancing act to make sure you are getting enough sleep while also finding enough hours in the day to work out as well!

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Lower Stress

Reducing the amount of stress in our lives is something that many of us are looking to achieve. Both stress and sleep are intrinsically linked as they both impact our cardiovascular health. Sleep equips us with the mental tools that we need to keep our stress levels down. It has also been linked to blood pressure and cholesterol levels.   

However, if we feel extremely stressed, it can be difficult to make sure our bodies switch off to get the rest that we need. Try getting into a bedtime routine that prepares you for sleep. Spend some time destressing yourself in whatever way works best for you; whether this is a bubble bath, yoga or listening to music. Consider cutting back on your screen time when you are approaching bedtime. Watching TV or playing on a laptop has been found to disrupt melatonin production which is an important sleep hormone. This can be a particular problem for kids as they tend to want to stay connected to all their different devices as long as possible. It may be that you need to put some pretty strict rules in place in order to get them out of these bad habits. 

Getting your bedroom just right is important so find out how to choose the right down pillow for a restful sleep. Also think about how comfortable your mattress is and whether you have enough blankets to keep you warm during the night. Try to keep your bedtime routine the same every night so that your body naturally begins to prepare itself for sleep.

Avoid Accidents 

The link between tiredness and road accidents is clear which is why there are so many campaigns trying to stop people from driving when they feel tired. A lack of sleep tends reduce reaction time as well as impacting decision making. This means that numerous everyday tasks are affected by not getting enough sleep. If you work in a job that requires a high degree of concentration, getting a good night’s sleep should be your first priority.

Reduce Risk of Depression

Like stress, depression is another area of our mental wellbeing that is significantly affected by lack of sleep. People who are well rested tend to be more emotionally stable and feel more balanced. The chance of mood swings is significantly increased if you don’t get the sleep you need. We’ve all experienced a sudden rush of anger or sadness simply from not getting our eight hours at night. Anxiety can also be increased, making us feel uneasy about all sorts of aspects of our lives. 

Curb Inflammation

Linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes and arthritis, inflammation can be extremely damaging to our health. Getting enough sleep has been found to curb this. On the other side of the coin, people who get fewer than six hours of sleep a night tend to have higher blood levels of inflammatory proteins.

Live Longer

Though there is still a lot of research that goes into this area, studies have started making the link between people who sleep more and people who live longer. Older people often tend to have different sleeping patterns that involve not getting as much during the night but needing to take naps during the day. Quality of life is also generally reduced by not getting enough sleep.

So, it’s pretty clear to see that getting enough sleep is hugely important. If you’ve considered pushing sleep to the back of your list of priorities, it may well be time to rethink! All the tasks that you have the next day are much more likely to be tacked well if you get the sleep that you need.    


Tips On How To Become A Morning Person

Do you have issues falling asleep or staying asleep? Lucky for me, I'm the type of person who passes out the minute my head hits the pillow. My husband is so jealous of this special power I have. He has to go through a series of drinking bedtime tea, meditation, or listens to soothing music to get him relaxed enough to fall asleep. 

Below are some simple tips to help you get a better night's sleep, from Leesa, an online mattress provider. You might even become a morning person in the process.

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Brain Food: Tips For Studying

The moments are very crucial at the time of studying. Your brain is considered as a king of your body and sometimes does not show stability when the pressure of failure is somewhat on the higher side. Recently, research has proven that over-thinking on the respective subject will lead you nowhere and you will be left empty-handed. Instead of stressing, there are other methods that can help you find a way out as suggested by the experts. If college classes or school is an issue, you can get some paper writing help which would be an ideal to reform your study material and give your brain a break. With the right guidance, you can get back on track. Below are some of the precautions and actions you need to consider in terms of achieving big and overcoming the stress. 

The Consumption of Healthy Food

It has been noticed that when the time crunch of studying comes along, 80% of students give up their regular diet in order to cope up with their studies. That is the biggest mistake they commit. Always remember consuming appropriate food is the only way out and the food is your best buddy during the this time. For stimulating the proper functionality of your body, you need to consume more of the food that contains high in protein, vitamin and minerals as well. For example, the quantity of food like eggs, fish, chicken or meat are very rich in protein. Mornings can always be started with fruits like apple, guava and fresh oranges with an energetic glass of fresh juice. Always keep space for the rich food during the lunchtime, as studies show that the level of heat of the sun is on the higher side and whatever the amount of food gets consumed during this time gets easily digested. As soon the night arrives,  make it habit of consuming small meals because during the night the power of our immune system is somewhat on the lower side. The less you eat, the better you will feel for your next day. Make sure that you consume at least 3 liters of water a day as the water is the best source of minerals for the human body. 

Have An Organized Agenda 

Eating nutritional food will help you meet your goal of success. Instead of being in the stage of panic, all you have to do is take some time out to build an appropriate timetable for your respective studies. This will help you to focus and have more positive energy towards your studies. Students who prepare well-planned and well-organized form of structure in regards to their studies are set up for success.

A Consultation 

Recent studies show that the human race is not able to utilize the brain power at the utmost. Even one of the greatest scientists of history, Albert Einstein used only 6% of his brain during his lifetime. This proves that we do carry the capability, but aren’t always aware how and when to implement it. One of the best things students need to implement is getting the session of consultation with a counselor, as it will help them a lot truly recognize of their capability and they will learn skills to kill the negative vibes. Positivity leads to success. Getting some extra help won’t hurt.

Getting Appropriate Sleep 

A human mind is just not made of nerves; in fact, the hidden things reside inside somewhere that we are not able to recognize. The power of thinking, sense of feeling, and ability to choose between right and wrong go hand-in-hand with the amount of sleep you get. To improve memory and to increase brain function in the healthier way all you need to do is take enough sleep, around 6 to 8 hours each night. We know you might be thinking how I am going to do that as l have to memorize the entire syllabus? Don’t worry, if you get the appropriate amount of sleep, you would not be forcing or pushing your mind to store the entire syllabus in your mind. In fact, things will work in more accurate and sharp manner because of the enough sleep. 

Heal With Music

Music is the most authentic and best way to shift your brain from stress to relief. Music is the best mind diet recommended by the expert. Not only moments of relaxation, but the power of regaining positive energy are some of its advantages you can take.


Have a peaceful night with Febreze Sleep Serenity (Giveaway)

Winner is- Andrea S. Congratulations! 
I have been a huge fan of Febreze fabric sprays since they first came out. I have also tried the different items in the added lines over the years. My newest favorite is the Febreze Sleep Serenity fragrance products. They come in 3 scents: Moonlit Lavender, Warm Milk & Honey and Quiet Jasmine. I love the idea of products made specifically for the bedroom, my sanctuary. Having scents to make the room soothing is just what I need at the end of a busy day. 
I just love all the fragrances, but the Warm Milk & Honey is my favorite! It smells clean and almost reminds me of a freshly bathed baby! Makes me want to jump under the covers and relax. What stands out to me is how subtle the fragrances are, not overpowering and perfumey. My husband really loves the way it makes our bedroom feel. He stole the Bedside Diffuser from my night stand and put it on his!

The Sleep Serenity products come in a bedroom mist ($3.29), bedside diffuser ($3.29), bedroom diffuser ($5.49) and bedding refresher ($3.49). They are available at most mass merchandise, drug and grocery retailers nationwide. I can't pick which product I prefer because I love them all! You can find some helpful tips on the Febreze Sleep Serenity site to help you get better sleep.

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#ZzzQuilNight for a better night's rest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZzzQuil for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
There is a new product out from the makers of Vick’s NyQuil and DayQuil called ZzzQuil . ZzzQuil was made specifically to help aid in occasional sleeplessness, not colds. This is perfect since my husband occasionally has trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour. His days are so full with his job, college classes, homework and family time. Let’s not forget his duties around the house like grass cutting, fixing things and numerous other things. You would think he would be completely passed out the moment his head hits the pillow with all of that! Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case for him. He becomes so over tired that he can’t fall asleep. This leads to him being up for sometimes hours after I have fallen asleep and he ends up flipping channels on the television or tosses and turns. That makes for an uncomfortable night for us both! He was happy to test out the ZzzQuil for himself to see if that would help.
 photo ZzzQuilIZEAPostcardpdf-1_zps70314197.jpg
We received a bottle of the liquid version in a warming berry flavor. He liked the flavor and said it was like tasting a more pleasant, fruity version of NyQuil or DayQuil with a hint of warmth. He was very happy to see how quickly the ZzzQuil made him go to sleep and stay down uninterrupted. He didn't feel groggy when he woke up either. This was good news since that was a problem with some other sleep aids he has tried in the past. We are pleased with this product and plan to purchase it in the future if needed. If you have difficulty sleeping, you should give ZzzQuil a try! If you try out ZzzQuil for yourself, be sure to tweet using the hashtag #ZzzQuilNight and also stay connected to ZzzQuil by liking their Facebook page.
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Some nights aren't always dry ones

Little William has been fully potty trained for a few months now and it has been going really well. He has graduated to underwear and will gladly show them to little babies since he knows they wear diapers. Funny kid. There is still one issue...nighttime. Some mornings he will wake up wet. I got so tired of washing bed sheets and blankets every day so I had to figure out what to do. I was using Huggies Pull-ups but they seemed to leak. I decided to see how GoodNites underwear made for nighttime would work out. It was a smart move. He has an overnight accident maybe a few times a week and thankfully there have been no leaks at all. We ask him each morning if he is wet or dry and he always says "dry". I am thinking the absorption level is higher than a diaper or trainer since they are designed for older kids. Hopefully he will grow out of this stage but for now I will keep a pack of GoodNites on hand for nighttime.

This is an unsponsored post and I am simply just sharing my thoughts on a product that worked well for us. 

Shelly, Mom Files

When confusion strikes...

Move your furniture around! It is amazing how well changing things up can improve your focus. I have been having a hard time staying asleep in recent weeks. I know that my mind races but normally it shuts off enough for me to get a solid 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. We took time over the weekend to do some small house projects as well as replace air conditioning filters, floor vent filters and light bulbs. I even dusted and vacuumed the nooks and crannies that you don't get to all the time. I think it helped because my sleep was ah-maaaayzing! I feel so rested and refreshed. Let's see if it carries on for the rest of the week!

Shelly, Mom Files

Yep, I'm the mean mom

Today marks the first official day of Summer break for the girls. Most of the nicer parents let their kids sleep in as late as they would like. Not this mean mom. I expect both teens to be up no later than 9 AM. I remember the days when Dwayne and I were first married (even right before) when his grandmother was still alive. She would start knocking pots and pans around and also turn up the volume on the TV to wake us up. I will never forget how each and every day she would tell us that young people have no business staying in the bed late. That made no sense to me at the time. She would express how important it was for us to do something, be productive. After all, we were young, healthy and energetic. Why waste it sleeping until noon? I think from listening to her tell us these things for 2 years that it somehow got stuck in my brain. I have the same feelings about young people getting up and getting out early. My kids tell me all the time how their friends get up at 1 in the afternoon! No way, not my kids. Thankfully my girls are pretty good at getting up and at 'em. I do have some days that I give them a free pass to stay in bed longer but for the most part they still get up out of habit. Call me old-fashioned~~ That I am!
Shelly, Mom Files

Introducing STOP BUGGING ME!™

With Summer Camp season just around the corner you want to do all you can to protect your family.
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  • Each application may prevent bed bugs and dust mites for up to two weeks

STOP BUGGING ME! is safe and pesticide free
  • Safe for use around the entire family, including pets
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STOP BUGGING ME! is easy to use
  • Spray directly onto bed bug prone and infested areas including bedding, carpet, walls, cracks, crevices, interior of nights stands and dresser drawers
  • Follow-up in 1-2 weeks after application in same areas
  • Convenient travel size meets TSA requirements and can be carried wherever your travels take you
STOP BUGGING ME! has environmentally friendly ingredients
  • A natural insecticide called 2-phenethyl propionate, eugenol, sodium lauryl sulfate, geraniol and cinnamon oil with aromatic bark
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STOP BUGGING ME! is a practical solution for everyone
  • Available online at and at select retailers
  • 3 oz Travel Size retails for $7.99
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Here are some tips from Stacy DeBroff: Sleep-away summer camp represents an epic moment for both kids and parents – a time for kids to take a big step toward independence and a time for parents to begin letting go.
Amidst the frenzy of planning for this childhood milestone, Moms need to turn their attention to one important area to ensure that these best-laid plans don’t spiral into disaster: bugs! These little pests represent a natural part of summer camp but left unchecked, bugs – including mosquitoes, bees, ticks, horseflies, chiggers, ants, lice, and bedbugs – can render even the most outdoorsy kid into one who crosses summer camp off his list for good.

Here are Stacy’s mom-friendly tips to avoid the summertime swarm:

•Include STOP BUGGING ME!™ – a proven safe, green product that kills bedbugs on contact – in your child’s camp trunk and show them before they leave home how to spray their camp mattress when they arrive.

•Make sure kids bring an adequate supply of insect repellent to camp and know to use it each morning before activities and re-apply after swimming.

•Send kids to camp with an assortment of lightweight long-sleeve tops and pants so they can better protect against bug bites while hiking and backpacking, yet remain cool during the summer heat.

•Find out if counselors or the camp nurse regularly check kids for ticks and teach older kids how to check their own scalp and body for possible tick infestations.

•To lessen the likelihood of lice, encourage kids to adopt a shorter hairstyle before camp, or pull hair back with a ponytail or braid. Advise kids to never share hats, combs, brushes, swim caps, or helmets while at camp.

•Consider sending kids to camp with their own bike or riding helmet. Likewise, make sure they know to cover heads with a bandana or camp-provided disposable hair cover before using camp helmets.

•Consider sending kids with zippered mattress covers and bedding from home to further combat bedbugs.

•Keep camp trunks off the bed, where bedbugs lurk – instead encourage kids to place them on the floor or on surfaces provided.

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Stop Bugging Me!™ is available this spring/summer at over 15,000 chain drug, mass retailer & grocery stores nationwide, at and at CVS and Walgreens.

Shelly, Mom Files

Clenching, biting and grinding at night

Some of us clench, bite or grind our teeth at night while we are asleep and are not even aware of it. I have been noticing that for the past few months I have been waking up to having my teeth clenched down tightly. It really has been even worse in the past few weeks. I don't even know why I do it. I found out that I am a clencher from a dental visit last year. The dentist asked me if I grind my teeth and I knew I didn't since my husband would know since he sleeps next to me every night. She told me that I clench since my teeth showed signs of it. Honestly, if she never said anything then I might still be completely oblivious to it. This really concerned me so I thought I would do some research of my own to get some idea of why the heck I am doing it. It turns out that it is very common and can be triggered by stress, anxiety or even restlessness. I don't have any of these problems so it still puzzles me. I was reading on Facebook the other day about a friend who grinds her teeth so badly at night that she fears she will become toothless. My daughter told me that one of her friends bites the insides of her cheeks at night and wakes up to a bloody mouth each morning. So it appears that so many people do it and I am not alone. Last night I purposely kept my mouth open a bit and tried to catch myself in the act of clenching down. I don't know if it will help me to reverse my problem but I am sure am aware of when I do it. There may come a day that I will be forced to sleep with a night guard. I think I will address it with my dentist on my next appointment that is coming up in a couple months.

Question: Do you or someone you know have a problem with clenching, biting or grinding their teeth at night? If so did you have a particular solution that worked to remedy this problem?
Shelly, Mom Files

No naps allowed!

I never thought the day would come that I would be so happy that my little guy stopped taking a nap. This has been going on for about 2 months and it has made my life so much easier. William is not grumpy at all without a daytime nap. He goes to bed at 8:00 pm and I have to wake him up the next morning at about 7:30. I find that if he takes any part of a nap he won't go to bed until after 10:00 and that does not work for me! I really like his new schedule and he seems to like it too.

At what age did your little one stop taking a nap?

Shelly, Mom Files

Our big boy

Our little guy is really growing up. He will be 3 in March and has come a long way since he turned two. Gone are the days of the terrible two's ~thank goodness! He is now a very independent and intelligent little guy. He is saying "please" and "thank you" without being prompted. He helps to prepare things for meal time and bath time as well as clean up after himself (most times). We are very pleased with his extensive vocabulary and his usage of Spanish words. The boy loves Dora and Diego. He also shows compassion for others and loves to initiate hugs. It's really sweet and makes me happy that he has a kind heart. Will is also learning responsibility with taking care of our dog Milo. He feeds him, gives him treats, plays with him and also loves to let him outside throughout the day. He is pretty well behaved and listens a lot better these days. We are really proud of him.

Surprised to see what is in his hand?

Will has this new evening ritual where he gets bathed and dressed for bed and tells me "I go bed". He then pulls down the covers on MY bed and lays back. Then he asks me to "Put the light" (turn off the light). Once I turn it off he tells me "Thanks". He thinks he's a man. I always have to tell him "Excuse me boy, I already have a husband". From there he watches a little Nick Jr and he is out for the next 11-12 hours. Daddy carries him to his own bed and puts him down for the night. I think often how happy I am that I no longer sweat the small stuff because before long all of our kids will grow up. We are fully enjoying every minute of every day :)
Shelly, Mom Files

I want fweep

William is a thriving 2 1/2 year old who is full of energy all day long. His new thing is deciding that he wants to take a nap-- "I want fweep" in the late afternoon each day. This is not your ordinary nap. Dude wants to sleep hard and long... 2 hours+ if you let him. I refuse to have him napping past 3. He ends up not going to sleep at night until after 10 or 11. That makes me feel like such a bad mother.

I tend to let him catch a good 20-30 minutes and I wake him up. He is pretty grumpy for about 5 minutes but then he springs back into action. I never thought I would say it but I wish my toddler would NOT take a nap during the day!

Have you ever experienced this kind of sleeping behavior with your child?

Shelly, Mom Files

Lieutenant Shelly is in the building!

It's the first week in August and this means it's time to get conditioned for school! I have the kids getting up at 7 AM this week ...NO EXCUSES. They better enjoy it because next week they have to be up by 6 AM and then the following week it goes to 5:45. I am so mean too. I walk by their rooms making noise to be sure they are awake. Haha!! They can be all the mad they want but they will be grateful when school starts back that they are used to getting up at the crack. Like I said, Lieutenant Shelly is in the building! ;)

Question: Do you have any special things you do in preparation for school?
Shelly, Mom Files

What to do, what to do?

Most of my regular readers know that I have been trying to decide between twin beds, toddler beds, futons and whatever else for my little tot. I am not sure why I am putting this much pressure on myself since the little guy is still pretty content with his crib and loves to play in it each day. My mother-in-law said that I was dragging out the last bits of baby that is left of him. She said she thought that was a good thing! Maybe I should formulate a poll for readers to vote on what I should do. Potty train begins next month so I have to hurry and make a decision!
Shelly, Mom Files
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