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Spots in Your Home That are Often Overlooked When Cleaning

Keeping a clean and tidy home can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many areas that are easy to overlook. Here are a few things that most people forget to clean in and around their home:


Baseboards are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but they can accumulate a lot of dust and grime over time. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth or a vacuum attachment can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. This is definitely a great job to have the kids help with. 

Window tracks

The tracks of your windows are another area that are often neglected. These areas can accumulate dust, dirt, and even insects. To clean them, use a small brush or a vacuum attachment to remove debris, and then wipe them down with a damp cloth. This is something I definitely plan to do after the pollen season in early spring slows down. 

Ceiling fans 

Ceiling fans are another common source of neglect. Dust and dirt can accumulate on the blades, which can then be circulated throughout your home. It's a good idea to also dust the actual ceiling right around your fan to catch any extra dust that can easily be missed. Cleaning your ceiling fans regularly can help reduce dust and improve the air quality in your home.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are another area that are often overlooked when cleaning. Dust and cobwebs can accumulate on the fixtures, making them less efficient and less attractive. Cleaning your light fixtures regularly can help improve the lighting in your home.

Air vents 

Air vents are often forgotten when cleaning, but they can accumulate a lot of dust and debris over time. This can reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, and can also contribute to poor indoor air quality. Clean your air vents regularly to ensure that they are working properly. If this is something you do not do regularly, it might be a good idea to get a professional service provider in for a one-time clean. 

Refrigerator coils 

The coils on the back of your refrigerator can accumulate dust and debris, which can cause the fridge to work harder and use more energy. Clean the coils with a brush or a vacuum attachment to help your refrigerator run more efficiently. This is good to do at least once per year. 

Shower heads

The shower head is often forgotten when cleaning, but it can accumulate mineral buildup and bacteria over time. Cleaning the showerhead regularly with a vinegar and water solution can help improve water flow and reduce the spread of germs. 

In conclusion, keeping a clean and tidy home requires attention to detail and regular cleaning. By remembering to clean these often-overlooked areas, you can keep your home looking and feeling fresh, and improve the efficiency of your appliances and reduce the spread of germs.


Ultimate Home Cleaning Guide to Starting the New Year Fresh

With 2023 underway, it can leave you feeling like you want a fresh start. New year, new you, right? Maybe you are creating new personal goals you want to achieve, or maybe you are just wanting to do a deep clean to give your home a fresh start in the new year. Look no further for our ultimate home cleaning guide to starting the new year fresh.

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Our first step in our cleaning guide is to categorize your cleaning tasks. Having a clear game plan for what needs to be cleaned when will make keeping your home spotless much more attainable. You should decide if a task is to be completed:

  • • Daily
  • • Weekly
  • • Monthly
  • • Quarterly
  • • Annually

At first, your home will feel like it’s not perfectly clean, but after a full year of following these tips and steps, you will have a sparkling clean home that you will easily be able to maintain!

Daily tasks include tidying clutter, wiping countertops, washing dishes, emptying trash cans, making beds, and hanging up towels. Think of these tasks as just a daily reset to start your day on the right foot.

Weekly tasks include cleaning floors, scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning mirrors, completing laundry, dusting surfaces, changing bedding, and wiping down appliances.

Monthly tasks include dusting walls and baseboards, dusting blinds, cleaning your laundry appliances, cleaning your dishwasher, and your vacuum cleaner.

Quarterly tasks include cleaning the inside of your refrigerator, cleaning under furniture, cleaning your oven, descale your coffee maker, and washing mattress protectors.

Annual tasks include cleaning your fireplace, shampoo carpets and upholstery, clean windows, and cleaning drapes and curtains. 

Stay on top of it

Now that you have your categories of when each task should be completed, it’s time to stay on top of it! Focus on each task and the frequency it should be completed. If creating a physical list you can check off helps you, do it! If you need reminders in your phone, create them! Anything you can do to help keep yourself on track with cleaning will keep your home fresh for the new year.

Be positive

If the current state of your home is less than spick-and-span, don’t let it discourage you! Instead, shift your mindset to be more positive. If you missed out on one day of daily cleaning tasks, it’s important not to beat yourself up about it. Instead, give yourself grace and get back to it the next day. Cleaning is (unfortunately) a constant. No one is constantly perfect all the time!

We hope you’ve found this ultimate home cleaning guide to starting 2023 fresh helpful, inspiring, and motivating! You will have a sparkling clean home in no time.


Tips to Cut Back on Laundry Product Expenses

Laundry products can be a significant expense for households, but there are ways to save money while still keeping your clothes clean and fresh. Here are a few tips for cutting down on the cost of laundry products:

  • Use less detergent: Many people use more detergent than necessary, which not only wastes money, but can also leave a residue on clothes. To save money, use the recommended amount of detergent or slightly less.
  • Make your own laundry detergent: You can save a lot of money by making your own laundry detergent at home. There are many recipes available online that use simple ingredients such as baking soda, washing soda, and bar soap.
  • Look for sales and coupons: Many stores offer sales and coupons on laundry products, so be sure to check for deals before making your purchase. Buying laundry detergent in bulk can help offset cost, too. 
  • Invest in a water softener: Hard water can cause buildup on clothes and in your washing machine, which can make your detergent less effective. A water softener can help remove this buildup, making your detergent last longer.
  • Use a laundry ball: Laundry balls are an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional laundry detergent. They work by releasing natural minerals that help lift dirt and stains from clothes.
  • Air dry clothes: Drying clothes in a machine can be expensive, so try air drying your clothes instead. This can save money on electricity and also help clothes last longer.

In summary, there are several ways to save money on laundry products without sacrificing cleanliness. By using less detergent, making your own detergent, looking for sales and coupons, investing in a water softener, using a laundry ball, and air drying clothes, you can cut down on the cost of laundry products and keep your clothes looking their best.

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Why Regular Cleaning of Commercial Kitchens is Important

Commercial kitchens are heavy-use facilities that require serious cleaning to maintain in a safe and hygienic manner. In addition to verifying daily and weekly cleaning operations, other areas need bi-monthly, monthly, and annual attention. Owners, managers, and other individuals responsible for the safe and sanitary conditions of commercial kitchens can accomplish this type of audit with routine walk-throughs of the facility. 


One of the first things that can be crossed off the list is getting a professional commercial hood cleaning in Houston. It is recommended, as part of fire prevention that vent hoods are cleaned at least annually. This can vary depending on cooking frequency, type, and volume or specific local regulations. Take a look at the vent, using a flashlight if necessary, and see how quickly grease builds up between cleanings. Depending on the findings, the hood cleaning schedule may need to be increased or otherwise adjusted.


Areas including freezers, ice machines, walls, and dry storage may not see as much action in terms of the cooking process, but they also need regular cleaning. At least once a month, check these areas not only for visible but hidden dirt. Inspect underneath, on top, and behind shelving and machines for spills and splashes and dust on top of cans, jars, boxes, and ventilation fans. Try to look at the kitchen with a fresh set of eyes to avoid overlooking potential cleaning lapses.


Routine cleaning of the exhaust system filters is another step to prevent kitchen fires. Clean filters are better at keeping the vent hood clean, so it makes sense to ensure this cleaning step is performed properly. Depending on use, these filters should be cleaned at least every two weeks. To check, remove the filters and examine for grease buildup.  As with vent hood cleaning, depending on what is found, the cleaning schedule may need to be adjusted, or it could be time to replace the filters at once. 

A plethora of different activities occurs in commercial kitchens every day. Cleaning is only one of those, but it is no less important. While owners, managers, and other restaurant staff have high-stress and busy jobs, keeping the kitchen safe and sanitary must be a priority. Consider taking the time to assure these tasks are completed properly and in a timely manner, especially restaurant vent hood cleaning New York. In the end, it can not only help with safety and fire prevention but can also contribute to an environment where food-borne illness less likely.


Tips for Recycling the Right Way

While recycling is a great way to be environmentally friendly, you should know there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about recycling materials you use every day. The reason it’s best everyone knows how to go about recycling is so you don’t end up doing more harm than good. Here are a few tips to level up your Earth-saving endeavors.

Throw Away Disposable Coffee Cups

Before you toss the coffee cup from your favorite coffee shop into the recycling bin, know that those cups often cannot be recycled. This is due to the polyethylene film lining the cup, which is what makes it liquid proof. That said, you may live in an area that can now recycle such cups. Be sure you check with your local recycling program to know whether to toss these cups in the recycling bin or in the trash.

Plastic Bags Cannot Be Added to Recycling Bins

It may crush you to learn that all those thin plastic bags you get from the grocery store cannot be mixed in with other recyclable materials, but it’s true. It’s not that these plastic bags are impossible to recycle, just that it’s more trouble than it’s worth trying to run the bags through recycling equipment. It’s not unusual for them to jam equipment.

Rather than put plastic grocery bags with the rest of your recyclables, check to see if your city has a special recycling program for plastic bags. Your local grocery store may even collect plastic bags that are otherwise destined for the trash.

Be Careful With Pizza Boxes

After you finish devouring your pizza, think twice before tossing it into the recycling bin. Any grease that soaks into the cardboard essentially contaminates the material and makes is less viable than grease-free cardboard. That said, it’s okay to add the box to the recycle pile if it just has a few crumbs on it. You can also tear off the top of the box if it’s clean to put in the bin and toss the greasy bottom half into the trash.

Plastic Bottle Caps Are Okay

In the past, it was advised that you not try to recycle plastic bottle caps. This was mainly because caps and their bottles are made of two different types of plastic that don’t melt at the same temperature. Recent technology has changed that for the better. You’re now free to leave plastic caps screwed onto their bottles.

You May Not Be Able To Recycle Yogurt Caps

At one point, China took care of roughly half the world’s recycling, but they’ve dramatically scaled back their efforts. This has left a vacuum and resulted in more than a bit of confusion about what to do with certain plastics, like those used for yogurt cups. Plastics numbered three to seven may not qualify for your area’s recycling program. Before tossing butter tubs, yogurt cups and bottles of vegetable oil into your recyclables pile, look to see what number is in the triangle on the bottom. Do some digging to see what plastic numbers can be recycled. There may also be a renewable resource company like the Cadiz Water Project in your area making an effort to recycle yogurt cups and other plastics.  

Styrofoam Is Still Out of the Question

Frustrating as it may be to learn, but Styrofoam is still considered non-recyclable. The main reason is the material is easily contaminated. While it may be clean when you add it to the recycling bin, it can pick up contaminants on the way to the facility. Those contaminants don’t come out easily, and Styrofoam isn’t very marketable.

Do an occasional check so you always know whether you’re doing as good with recycling as you think. The right information goes a long way in saving resources and time. Hopefully, these tips can aid you in your quest to be more environmentally conscious.

Why Is Your House So Dusty?

A little light dust is normal, but if you find a thick layer of dust that accumulates seemingly overnight, despite your best efforts to keep your home clean, you have a problem.

Dust consists of dirt, dead skin cells, hair, pollen, insect parts, pet hair, and dander. Additionally, dust can often hold hazardous chemical residues including flame retardants, phenols, and phthalates. Medical specialists have linked these chemicals to hormone issues and cancer.

Find out the reasons your house may be accumulating so much dust.

Image via Flickr by Dan4th
Leaking HVAC Ducts

Gaps around fittings, holes, and unsealed joints between duct sections allow warm or cooled filtered air to escape and dirty unfiltered air to enter, complete with dust and other contaminants.

An HVAC technician can perform a pressure test on your HVAC system to identify leaks. You can use foil tape, mastic, and fabric tape to seal minor holes and gaps. A qualified HVAC technician will need to repair more significant leaks. After repairing and sealing all the leaks, a technician needs to thoroughly clean the ducts to remove any traces of mold and the inevitable accumulation of dust and dirt.

Inadequate Air Filters

Air filters which are the wrong size or type will not prevent dirt, dust, and other contaminants from entering your HVAC system. A clean, correctly sized proper air filter will promote ideal indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home.

Rather than buying an air filter blindly, use a tape measure to check the length and width of the grill where you insert the filter. If you are unsure whether you have the correct size, check with an HVAC technician.

The other measurement which is important when selecting an air filter for your home HVAC system is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV. This measurement refers to the mesh density in the filter, with 12 being the finest available for residential use and four being the most coarse. If the mesh is too coarse, it may not adequately filter smaller contaminants, but if the mesh is too fine, it will not allow enough air to flow through it, leading to problems with your air quality.


Older houses often have small gaps under doors or around windows which can allow outside air into the home. In addition to compromising the efficiency of your heating and cooling, these drafts also bring dust and other contaminants into your home. Many hardware stores carry assorted draft sealant products to repair these gaps.

Debris Transfer From Outdoors

Each time your family or visitors enter your home, they bring with them pollen, debris, and dirt from outside. Using a doormat to remove excess dirt from shoes and perhaps taking shoes off before entering the home will greatly reduce the amount of dirt and debris being bought inside.

To combat dust in your home, check your ducts for leaks, look for the correct air filter, and maintain your HVAC system. Taking steps like these can help you keep dust in your home under control.
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Update Your Home Without Major Renovations

When you think of updating your home, it may evoke visions of sledgehammers, rubble and rooms being stripped back to the bare bones. Not a pleasant thought. But did you know that there are ways that you can completely change the dynamic of your property, without even opening your tool box?

Update your interior doors

You pass through them every day, and are an integral part of every home. But it’s surprising how many people forget about how much of an impact an internal door can have. If your doors are scratched, scuffed or seen better days, then it may be worth repairing them yourself. Or if you’re hoping to completely change the look inside your home then consider purchasing a new style. You can find a range of internal doors from doorstore to help give you some inspiration.

Create an open space

With formal dining rooms and closed off areas seemingly going out of style, the open plan home seems to be the way to go. How can you do this without tearing out walls, you ask? Making your home seem open and airy can be easier than you think.
Sometimes it’s as simple as getting rid of bigger, bulkier furnishings, or moving furnishings around the room to see what placement gives the most open space. Another trick of the eye that gives the illusion of open space, is mirrors. Mirrors when placed opposite windows reflect light into the room and make the room seem more open.

Introduce new lighting

A poorly lit room, is dark, dim and not very welcoming. It can also be downright depressing! A well lit room can bring out your personality and bring a room to life! After all, who wants to sit in the dark? There are numerous ways to add lighting to your home, the most obvious would be to purchase some high quality floor lamps or table lamps, and place these strategically in dark corners or place them on side tables, in order to give a room that warm and welcoming feeling.

Update your handles and cabinetry

If your kitchen is looking a little dated, or your bathroom is more old fashioned then you would like there luckily there are small, easy changes you can make to bring it back to life and into the current decade. One way to do this, is to update and change the handles and draw pulls on your cabinets, cupboards and door handles.
There are numerous finishes to choose from such as bronze, brushed nickel, aged copper, and shiny stainless.  With so many modern choices on the market it may be hard to decide what best suits your home!

Still uninspired? Then clean!

If this still leaves you a little uninspired or perhaps won’t evoke as much change as you would like, then sometimes it pays to go back to basics. And start, with a good deep clean.
A deep-clean can enhance our mood and make our home more liveable (and more importantly inspire us to do more).
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Why We Are Loving Crate Space!

I think most any American family can agree on on thing: we all lead extra busy lives. With kids in school, work for adults, sports/activities, family time, and everything in between, time is a valuable commodity. Fitting shopping for groceries and household goods can be a big chore for many. I recently tried out a new service from Crate Space where you can purchase those everyday household items in an easy way.

What is Crate Space? It's an online service with one simple goal. Making buying the things you normally would much easier. You simply pick any 5 items and pay a fixed price of $29.99 with no shipping costs or membership fees. They offer 6 categories of products including: Household, Bath & Body, Cleaning, Skincare, Kids, and Health. Crate Space automatically lists the most commonly purchased items so you don't have to scroll through dozens of varieties of one basic thing. If you are the type to only shop for what you want specifically without having to search through a bunch of what you don't want, Crate Space is for you! No nonsense shopping is what they are about.

I ordered my first Crate Space package and here is what I got: 6-roll pack of Bounty paper towels, 12 double rolls of Charmin toilet paper, 160-count plastic drinking cups, 40-count box of Glad kitchen trash bags, and a bottle of Palmer's Shea Butter Lotion.
I was happy to see that the lotion was sealed to help prevent potential leakage. I also received a voucher for $5 off my next package. I am happy with all of my products because they are what I buy anyway. The fact that I didn't have to leave the house is a big bonus!

The actual ordering process is so fast and easy. I think not having so many choices of a particular product is a time saver. I can see this service being a monthly thing for my household. The shipping is not the fastest, but I am okay with it since I didn't pay a shipping fee. I love FREE shipping, all day, every day!

Shop Crate Space online and follow on Facebook and Instagram for updates. As a matter of fact, you can enter the code: MORESPACE for $5 off your first purchase. Try Crate Space out for yourself!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary code for a Crate Space box to try for myself. All opinions are my own as always. 
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My Kitchen Cleaning Must Have Item- Chore Boy Golden Fleece Cloths

Do you have a specific thing you use every day that you can't live without? That is how I feel about my Chore Boy Golden Fleece Scrubbing Cloths . These scrubbing cloths are unlike any scrubber I have ever used. I cook in stainless steel pots and pans as well as cast iron. The golden fleece cloths work so well to get my cookware super clean. I will put it like this: my cookware sets are 24 and 18 years old, and you would never know it! I cook every day of the week so my pots and pans get a lot of abuse use. The golden fleece cloths are what has kept them in such good shape. I also love using them on my cast iron pans because it cleans the stuck on food without damaging them. I give my worn out scrubbing cloths to my husband so he can use them for his outdoor cleaning projects. These babies get so much use!

I have been using them for over 20 years! Sadly, I have been experiencing issues finding them in my local stores. It seems like no one carries them any more. Last year I found them on, but when I went to place an order last week, they no longer carried them. I looked around on Amazon and found them. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I was. Yes, it's that serious to me! When the USPS truck pulled up this morning to drop off my Amazon Prime package, I was internally screaming with joy! I have tried almost every scrubber around and this one can't be beat. I have no idea why they are so hard to find, but glad I can order them on Amazon. I plan to buy up a bulk so I don't run out. I really hope they don't get discontinued, because that would break my homemaking heart.

Have you ever heard of or used these scrubbing cloths before?

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Meet Our New Family Member, Bob #bobsweep

A couple weeks ago, we welcomed a new addition to our family. I can't even begin to tell you how happy and proud we are. He is perfect in every way!

Introducing, Bob. Bob came into my life to make my homemaking duties a whole lot easier. He sweeps, mops and vacuums on demand. This gives me fewer household chores to have to do which means more quality family time or even "me time". Moms need a break too!

bObsweep robotic vacuums are so easy to use. I received the bObsweep PetHair in the color rouge to test out in my home. This was a perfect choice since we have a dog who sheds everywhere. I find myself having to vacuum and sweep daily, and it gets tiring lugging a traditional vacuum all over the place. Bob comes packaged perfectly in a neat box with everything you need to get started. It comes with a remote control, accessories, charging unit, and instructions. I suggest you take a few moments to read the instructions and let your bObsweep charge fully before you attempt to use it.

I found that Bob bumped into the furniture a whole lot when I first used him. As time has gone on, he seems to be a lot smarter maneuvering around spaces. I love the remote control function for when I need to have Bob clean areas where I need to avoid certain spots. It is very important to be sure the floors are clear of loose cords and objects that you don't want to get sucked in. Bob is strong and can pick up toys and pens (ask me how I know). It is very easy to empty the dirt receptacle and I am always so shocked at how much it picks up!
Pretty impressive and disgusting at the same time, huh? 
Let me tell you, Bob is powerful. I must warn you if you have little ones to monitor them when Bob is in operation. We don't want itty-bitty finger or toes getting run over just in case they get a little too curious. It is recommended to clean the rotary brush (cleaning tool is provided) for any excessive hair or stringy items that can easily wrap around it. Also be sure to keep an eye on the filter to make sure it's not clogged. There is a nifty side brush that is so good for cleaning along walls and furniture. The bumper on Bob is really effective in protecting your furniture from getting damaged. I also love that it easily adjusts to different flooring types and heights with ease.

I really love how you can command Bob to return to his charging station when it is in range. My guests are so jealous of entertained by him. My son is even learning how to use the remote so he can guide Bob safely through different rooms. This is probably because he doesn't want any of his LEGO pieces to go missing :)

You can "adopt" your very own bObsweep PetHair and other bObsweep products through their website as well as on Amazon. This compact machine is sure to become a very important member of your family! We love the difference he has made in our busy lives. Be sure to follow bObsweep on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for product updates and promotions.

I received a bObsweep unit in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own as always. 

Celebrate Earth Day With 10 DIY Tips To Green-ify Your Life Using Lemons

Here are ten great ways you can make your home life a bit more sustainable – with lemons! Brought to you by Limoneira

  1. No Pesticides: Keep ants out of your kitchen without putting harmful pesticides or chemicals near your food and appliances! Apply lemon juice to thresholds, windowsills, and any cracks where ants might get in – and then follow up with small bits of lemon peels scattered outside any outdoor entrances. Got roaches? Wash your floors with lemon water and watch them run in disgust. 
  2. Cleaner Produce: You can use your lemons, which are a natural disinfectant, to clean any lurking pesticides from the skins of your other fruits and veggies. Plus, your produce will smell lovely.
  3. Garbage Freshener: If your garbage can is getting too rank before it’s full enough to justify changing the bag, there’s a way to fight back! Save leftover lemon peels and toss them in the base of every fresh bag. Repeat every couple of weeks for best results.
  4. DIY Humidifier Cleaner: You can easily clean your home humidifier! Simply pour 3 to 4 capfuls of fresh lemon juice in the water in your humidifier – plus, the air will smell like lemons!  
  5. No More Dry Cleaning: Leave your pricy dry-cleaners and harsh chemicals in the past! Scrub the stained areas on your shirts with equal parts lemon juice and water for a fresh and easy fix. (Hint: You can also soak your delicates in lemon juice & baking soda for 30 minutes before washing as a natural alternative to chlorine bleach.)
  6. Revitalize Wilting Produce: Don’t toss that soggy lettuce! Add lemon juice to a bowl of cold water. Add the soggy lettuce and refrigerate for one hour. Dry the leaves completely and use as desired! Lemon juice can also be used to keep cauliflower white during cooking, and to keep guacamole from going brown.
  7. Fresher Fridge-Air: If your fridge is retaining too many smells, lemons can help. Simply dab lemon juice on a re-usable sponge and leave it in the fridge overnight. (Note: You may also want to ditch the food that’s causing the unpleasant odors to maximize effectiveness.)
  8. Weeds Be Gone: Banish weeds from your garden (sans pesticides) with simple lemon juice. Fill a spray bottle with 5 parts lemon, 2 parts water and douse the offending plants until they’re well-coated. The weeds should shrivel within days.
  9. Litter Box Woes: Don’t invest in pricey deodorizers for your cat’s litter box. Just put lemon halves in a bowl (flesh side up) and leave the bowl in the same box as your litter room (or bathroom)! Your guests will thank you and you’ll save a bundle on store-bought air fresheners.
  10. Household Cleaner: Don’t use harmful chemicals to clean your home. Create a useful all-purpose cleaner for your kitchen and bathroom by combining equal parts lemon juice and water in a spray bottle. Lemons are a natural disinfectant and your house will smell fresh for spring! (Note: do not use on wood. For wood polish, mix 1 cup olive oil and ½ a cup of lemon juice. Test spot first.)

For more tips, tricks, recipes and other ways to incorporate citrus into your every day life, visit Lemons For Life and the company Pinterest page. Whether to celebrate Earth Day, to tackle spring cleaning, or just to spice up the dinner table, lemons are one of nature’s most useful tools. Limoneira can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


One Simple Step To Keeping Your Kid's Room Tidy

Do you ever feel like you have to keep nagging repeating yourself over and over again for your kids to pick up their toys? Although William does not have a ridiculous amount of toys, it's not unusual to see them everywhere they shouldn't be. It got me to thinking about ways we can eliminate some and keep his room nice and neat. I came across an old plastic storage bin and the light bulb appeared. I told William that he can pick out his favorite toys and as long as they fit in the bin, (with the lid closed) he can keep them out. I had to assure him that the remaining 4 baskets/bins of toys would be neatly tucked away in his closet and he can swap out toys every month or so. I also let him keep all of his LEGO stuff as long as everything stayed in a container. So far this has worked out beautifully. 

It is easier for William to keep his room tidy and there is no guessing where his mini Spider-Man or Buzz Lightyear toy is "hiding". I don't know why I didn't think of this before! I never have to get on him to keep his room clean. Works for me! Find more great tips, visit ParentsNeed.

Home Cleaning as a Life Lesson for Kids

Home cleaning can be both a blessing and a trial, especially if children are involved. But what you have never thought of is making your kids a part of the home cleaning process and making it both productive and fun for all parties involved. Kids can despise cleaning, yes, especially since it goes against everything they are investing every single waking moment in: making messes and not cleaning up after themselves. But when it comes to the greater good, you should try and make them compromise for the one cleaning and help you with it – and the results can be uncanny.

One way to get children really invested in helping you get the home clean is giving them roles. Make it a game for them, have them do assignments and give them rewards – this is how they spend their video game time, so they should be accustomed to doing it, but only this time their own imagination will be in charge of keeping them entertained. Give your son “missions” and your daughter “responsibilities” and see how they change and act their parts to fulfil the given assignment.

You can combine the roleplay with actual costumes! Kids will love to really pretend to be in other people’s shoes. One of kids’ best pastime is pretending they are adults, so give them adult roles and adult clothes and see how they will do their best to play out the role of their lives. Don’t underestimate the power of their imagination and how it can stimulate them to do real chores with actual desire.

Teaching Responsibility
The house cleaning can be a very good way to introduce the children to adult life and show them why doing what they are doing is important. Don’t treat them as kids, treat them as learning adults and explain how if the floor is not vacuumed, the house will be consumed in dust mites that carry diseases and spoil the quality of life in the house. Give them reasons to resent dirt and reasons to actually want the place to be clean. When a kid wants something, you know that the kid will get it, even if it has to do it itself. Also, the earlier the child starts getting used to chores, the less complaining there will be once it starts growing up, and not to mention that much more work will be actually done – imagine all the responsibilities that will be taken off your own hands!

Cleaning the house can show your kids what to expect one day when they are away from home, away from mommy’s cleaning services, and it will be up to them to keep their surroundings dirt-free. It is a life lesson like any other, but if you get them invested successfully, then you will soon have not children, but small adults running around, helping you around the house, full of desire to learn. Teach them enough and one day you will be able to sleep peacefully at night, certain that they will be able to take care of themselves.

Read more helpful cleaning related tips on: Notting Hill Cleaner Ltd.

6 Efficient Cleaning Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. It's the season for family, food, friends and high spirits. Maybe you're planning to host a few overnight guests during the winter, or perhaps you're throwing a holiday party. Either way, it's likely that you'd prefer a sparkling clean home for everyone to enjoy in time for the celebrations. Here are a few tips to follow to have the holiday cleaning process be an easy, stress-free, and cheerful part of your festivities. You can also take a look at beezzly as well.

Preemptive Strike - Clear the Clutter

Before you get started cleaning, we recommend taking this opportunity to rid your house of unwanted items that have accumulated over the years. If you can make time for this, take an extra day before you dive into the cleaning process and clear your home of any excess clutter. You probably have a closet with some unwanted possessions that no longer serve you or a box or two or items you've been meaning to drop off at the donation center. Purging junk is an easy way to reduce the stress of cleaning while providing you with a more orderly, elegant home. You would definitely need to look for a company that can provide a dumpster rental in your location in the event that you have larger items that you won't be able to sell and need to dispose of. After all, it happens, and not everything can be donated or repurposed.  

According to a study done by the Princeton University Neuroscience Department*, evidence suggests that the nature of our environment (i.e. cluttered versus uncluttered) directly affects our ability to focus. A messy environment can hinder our ability to concentrate, process information, and can cause susceptibility to distraction. On the other hand, a clean, organized environment can promote brain function, increase our focus, and help reduce stress.

If you aren't ready to start taking stuff down to the Goodwill just yet, then you can at least begin organizing your home. This can be as simple as going through your house and putting things back where they belong; if something doesn't have a designated spot, go ahead and make one. These actions will help prep and clear your mind for the cleaning tasks ahead.

Make a Plan of Action

Preparing your home for guests or parties can be an overwhelming process, especially if you leave everything to the last minute. If you take a few extra moments and plan your cleaning assault in advance, it can save you loads of stress and time. Rather than diving in and mindlessly scrubbing without a game plan, set aside a couple of minutes to strategize your attack. It's an investment that pays off with more efficient progress down the line.

Step 1 - Perform a quick walk through of your home. Take note of all the things you notice that you want to wash or spruce up. Next, begin visualizing all the places you'd like to be clean and the extent of their desired cleanliness. Write down all the different areas and rooms of your project and their individual cleaning tasks.

Step 2 - Depending on how many days you have before guests arrive, break up the chores by area, then break down the areas into their separate tasks. Afterward, assign each area and their task a day to get cleaned. We recommend starting this at least a couple of days and up to a week before your holiday shindigs begin.

Step 3 - Schedule the tough projects and the things that don't need frequent attention, such as deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, or washing window and shower curtains, for the early days in your plan. Schedule the tasks that require more consistent attention, such as mopping the floor, vacuuming, and cleaning the toilet bowl, for the later days on your timeline.

Create a Backup Plan

Things don't always go as smoothly as we hope, and sometimes, we just run out of time to do everything we set out to. While you're creating your action plan, highlight the areas and tasks that can be on your 'essential list,' things that are critical for you to accomplish. This list serves as a resource if you do run out of time and only can get to a few, necessary items. This way, when you reach the 11th hour before the holidays, you can revert to your crucial items and clean those most important areas, without any extra panic or wasted effort.

For your priority list, think of where your guests are likely to gather or spend significant time. For example, when preparing to host people over the holidays, you'll remember that folks tend to congregate around the food. A few key things to clean in your kitchen will likely be essentials. So, create your list of areas and then highlight the imperative tasks. Using the same example, if you wanted to cleanse your oven, but you’ll only be using it for baking a few items, it likely won't make the cut. In contrast, the refrigerator will be something often accessed by guests and anyone who's using the kitchen, so it’s reasonable it will be on the priority list.

Recruit Helpers

One of the most effective ways to get cleaning done fast and efficiently is to enroll the others around you in assisting. Your family is a great place to start. Another benefit of having a gameplan, in this case, is you can easily assign different tasks to family members for each day and split up the work in an organized fashion. Another option is to get a maid service to help out at home. Sometimes we just don't have the time or energy to clean and need all the help we can get.

Maintain Your Environment

Once you begin executing your cleaning plan, it will be much easier to keep your home clean. The challenge is to make upkeep a habit. For example, if you've thoroughly cleaned your kitchen, but continue to create crowded, untidy countertops every time you use it, without putting things away, this can accumulate and make the room feel sloppy. Make it a habit to clear your counters immediately after they get cluttered, not to mention any other messes you create. Rather than letting things build up and create an additional big cleaning project, this practice will maintain cleanliness with minimal effort.

Invest in Some Quality Green Cleaning Products

Creating a spotless home doesn't require a lot of fancy products to get started, you only need a few things. In fact, you could probably get away with just one or two. Invest in a couple of quality green cleaning products. Not only are you helping the environment but you're eliminating any harsh chemical residues leftover from standard cleaning products. Your guests and family will appreciate knowing their health and well-being is taken care of at your home. Mrs. Meyers makes an eco-friendly countertop spray and an all purpose cleaner, both in a lovely range of scents. But don't let a lack of ingredients stop you from getting started on cleaning. A solution of water and vinegar can work wonders with efforts such as mopping floors, wiping countertops and even creating streak-free, clear windows.

With the holidays fast approaching and everything to do to prepare, a thorough house cleaning can easily get overlooked. If you can remember to follow this plan in advance, it will help you manage your tasks efficiently and accurately, while significantly reducing the stress of the job. If you need some extra assistance, visit our for a green, house cleaning service. Lotus Cleaning Services is an eco-friendly maid service, and we would love to give your home the care it deserves to get it sparkling clean in time for the holidays.

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Author: Lotus Cleaning Team
Author/ Company Bio: Lotus Cleaning Services is made up of dedicated home and office cleaning professionals, that have used green practices to serve San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and their surrounding areas since 2006.

Give The 'Hostess With The Mostest' A Nice Gift From Natural HomeLogic

November is here and it's the official start of the holiday season. This means there will be many parties and dinners to attend. Of course you can't go to anyone's shindig without a hostess gift in hand. I am a practical gift giver and I tend to give the things I would love to receive myself. One very thoughtful idea is cleaning products. I'm sure you're thinking, "Say what?". Generally the hostess is the one doing most of the clean-up, so why not make their job a little easier with safe and natural products?

Nature HomeLogic products are made in the USA, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic and are 100% plant and mineral based. Additionally, Logic Products are free from sulfate, paraben, phthalate, formaldehyde, triclosan, BEG and PEA.

Give the hostess the gift of sparkling windows with the ammonia-free Natural HomeLogic Glass Cleaner ($7.75). Wipe away streaks safely and effectively, without any harsh chemicals like ammonia, which is a common ingredient in glass cleaners. It really does a great job and makes you feel good that you're not breathing in any harsh chemicals. You can freely clean around children or pets without worrying.

Natural HomeLogic Toilet Bowl Cleaner ($8.00) steps up to the plate providing a powerful and natural clean using nature's finest ingredients. Natural HomeLogic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is made with 100% plant and mineral derived goodness and will bring the sparkle and shine back to even the dirtiest bowl leaving a natural, refreshing and pleasant grapefruit scent behind.

Natural HomeLogic offers a variety of products for all your cleaning needs. Check them out on their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for products promotions and updates. I think any of their products are the perfect hostess gift. I'm sure the recipient would find it thoughtful too.

I received product samples in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own as always. 

6 Natural Alternative Cleaning Solutions

As much as we can, we want to save up on money and find thrifty ways to lessen our spending for the month. While cleaning agents can also take up a part of your budget, you’d be happy to know that you can actually save up a few if you know some natural cleaning alternatives and carpet shampooer.

Every homeowner’s advantage is stocking up on good natural cleaning solutions as a substitute to the products you see in television. Besides that, you can also make your own home cleaning solutions. In this article, here are some effective alternative to home cleaning products.

Lemons and Oranges
When you want to clean your dishes or utensils, a good alternative for dishwashing liquid are lemons and oranges. Any kind of citric fruit are effective disinfectant because of their citric and acidic attribute that can sterilize and kill bacteria.

Vinegar is great for cooking and also for cleaning! It is probably the most commonly used cleaning solution for greasy pans and stoves. They are also great for removing stains which is why carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast has never been more easy and hassle-free!

Isopropyl Alcohol
This medicine-cabinet native has actually a lot of practical uses. Other than it being used for disinfecting, it is also used for cleaning grease and grime off mirrors, shower stalls and door knobs.

Cornstarch is a good absorbent of oil. It is mostly used with alcohol. Combining the two, alcohol and cornstarch, into a really effective cleaning mixture will be an effective cleaning agent for removing grease off countertops and other greasy kitchenware. Cornstarch is also a great deodorizer as well as an effective window cleaner.

No kitchen will be complete without it! Salt is a natural condiment that’s commonly used for cooking but can also serve for cleaning purposes. Salt is actually used in helping scrape off those burned-food and dried stubborn grease in cookware. Aside from that, they are used for polishing those pots and pans.

Baking soda
A handy thing to have when cleaning the bathroom! Baking soda can effectively help you scrape off gunk and grease found inside your bathroom and in every corner of your shower tile. Baking soda with a mixture of distilled vinegar will help you remove that bad toilet odor and any lingering stink as well as properly clean the toilet bowl.

It’s best to stock up on these amazing natural ingredients, then. That way, you don’t have to spend too much on your housekeeping budget. All you need are these six natural cleaning agents!

Author Bio
Sean Si is the Marketing guy of Electrodry Carpet Cleaning. He is the go-to guy when it comes to the latest home improvement tips. When he's not busy, he writes about healthy home and life, and spends quality time with his family and friends.


Keep your home clean with BISSELL

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BISSELL Homecare, Inc. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are a pet owner or a parent, you know how hard it is to keep your home clean. As a stay-at-home mom, my work is endless. Every day I feel like I am walking over crumbs, hair balls and who knows what! I have been doing some research on new vacuums and I am totally liking what I see with the BISSELL PowerGlide  Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology. It has so many helpful features including:
  • Full-size vacuum with Lift-Off Technology features an easy-release portable vacuum for stairs and more
  • No loss of suction* for performance that lasts
  • Brush-roll on/off switch for scatter-free suction on hard floors
  • Multi-level filtration to help reduce allergens
  • On-board tools include Pet TurboEraser® Tool and crevice tool
  • Swivel steering for easy maneuvering around furniture
  • Collapsible handle for compact storage
  • Weighs only 16 lbs
*Tested per IEC 60312-1 with multiple dust loadings, results within accepted tolerance of 5%.

You can find many cleaning tips at the BISSELL site and you may enter to win a prize in the Celebrate Everyday Messes contest. I have to say, I am impressed with how much the BISSELL PowerGlide vacuums offer for the price. I just have to narrow it down to the exact one I want! What are your favorite features of any of the BISSELL vacuums?
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Cleaning up the sick germs with CleanWell

We are going on week 5 of sick germs circulating in our household. As soon as one person gets better, another gets sick. It has been an ongoing battle and I am sick of it! Thankfully, I received some cleaning products from CleanWell just in time to clean the sick germs up.
CleanWell products are made with botanical ingredients to help kill germs and disinfect surfaces safely. This is especially good when breathing problems, small children and pets are involved. I love that these products have no harsh fumes and will give me the same results of chemical cleaners. I love the wipes for quick clean-ups on counters, tables and even the dog kennel. I tried the all purpose cleaner for the first time and was quite pleased with the results. I really like it for sanitizing the toilets seats, bathroom and kitchen sinks. It has a nice scent without it being overpowering. I am always careful about what I use around my younger children since they are allergy sufferers. I really like the CleanWell line of products and highly recommend them. There are sold at many retailers nationwide and you can check out their store finder for a specific location.

Be sure to check out Cleanwell on the web, Facebook and Twitter for product updates.

I received products for review purposes and all thoughts/opinions are my own as always.

My latest homemaking find: Bounce Ironing Spray

I recently stumbled upon a product while I was shopping in Publix and knew I had to try it out. It is Bounce Ironing Spray. It's supposed to remove wrinkles as you iron and give a starched feel. The bonus is the signature Bounce freshness. I put it to the test on some of my hubby's shirts. I like the spray bottle instead of an aerosol can. It does not flake or leave any residue and his shirts had that starched feel which he really loves. 
The best part was the fresh scent of clean laundry. I have been ironing garments in batches and noticed that the Bounce scent stays on for days. If you are a fan of that fresh laundry straight out of the dryer scent, then I recommend you try this! Oh, and you must actually iron clothes :) I will warn you though, you have to use this in an open area because the scent can be overwhelming. If you get to try it, let me know what you think. 


A safe product for your home | CleanWell Botanical Disinfecting Wipes

I received a container of CleanWell Botanical Disinfecting Wipes to test out in my home. I love to clean and although I use a variety of products, I am very particular about what I use to clean specific things around my home. One thing I take extra care with is my son's activity table... and by activity, I mean he uses it to color on, paint, eat, drink and everything in between. I am always so careful about washing it down a couple times a day and making sure it is rinsed and dried before I allow any food items on it.
The great thing about CleanWell Botanical Disinfecting Wipes is that they kill over 99.9% of germs, kills cold and flu viruses* and get this... there is no rinsing or wiping required even on food contact surfaces and children’s toys. This is good news for me since I am so nervous about using something harmful around my little guy's stuff. It has a thyme-based formula and deodorizes really well. Unlike other household wipes, you are not required to have to wash your hands after use. I have been using them to clean off his toys and it has made my life so much easier. 

I hope to find these wipes in a larger size so that I can always have them handy around the house. I would have loved to have these when we went on our recent beach trip. They would have given me great peace of mind. I look forward to trying out the spray cleaners too. You can find their products at Whole Foods, and

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