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How to Find the Perfect Mattress: The 3-Step Buying Guide

While just the thought of visiting a furniture store may seem a bit daunting, realize you have more options to buy a new mattress, sofa or end table than ever before. Thanks to the likes of warehouse clubs and online furniture retailers, finding these and other essential items at a fair price doesn't have to cause you undue stress.

And if you do a little homework and follow the right steps, you'll quickly be able to find and buy a desirable new mattress that meets your needs. Here are three steps to help narrow down your search.

1. Consider the Level of Firmness You Need

For most people, the quality of sleep they get every night largely depends on the firmness of their mattress. Of course, some prefer either a softer or firmer mattress, or something in between. The firmness level is set by the tension of the springs or in the overall make of the mattress, such as whether it's made with memory foam or has a pillow topper.

All these factors and features affect the feel of the mattress, so it's important that you test out a new mattress before buying one. Lay down on different mattresses on the sales floor at a furniture store like Jerome's to determine the most ideal option.

2. Set a Budget

Buying a new mattress can be costly. So, before you head to the nearest mattress retailer, determine a rough estimate on how much you're willing to spend on a new one. For a new, high-quality mattress that will last you a decade and meet your comfort and sleeping needs, plan to spend at least $1,000, according to Consumer Reports.

After determining a price range, you can more easily narrow down your search and make finding the right mattress an easier process. And while there are certainly any number of cheaper options on the market, know that they tend to be rated lower for quality and longevity.

3. Choose a Mattress Type

Determining your ideal mattress type will largely depend on the level of firmness you desire, your budget and any special features you may want. For instance, a memory foam mattress is a great option if you require more firmness and want to wake up with less stiffness and pain in your back. However, these types of mattresses can be one of the more expensive options, especially if you choose the Tempur-Pedic brand.

Meantime, hybrids are a new type of mattress that are manufactured with a combination of memory foam and coils, and they tend to be a lot more cost-effective than a traditional memory foam mattress. Conversely, if you’re looking for a softer option, pillow-top mattresses offer an extra layer of cushion to provide more comfort over the coils of the mattress.

Other mattress types offer extra features like superior cooling properties to create a cooler mattress than traditional memory foams, as well as adjustable folding features that allow you to sit up comfortably in bed.

Investing in the Right Mattress for You

In selecting the most ideal mattress, understand your options and take inventory of your needs. Ultimately, the one you desire most will fit at the intersection of your budget and your sleeping needs. Once you have an idea of which option will best serve your needs, visit a mattress retailer in-person in order to compare and contrast different options to ensure you select the right one.

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California Design Den Luxury Sheet Set Mother's Day Giveaway

If you took a poll and asked moms what they really want for Mother's Day, they would likely say sleep or to have peace and quiet. Let's face it, many moms are sleep-deprived and crave what some lucky people call sleeping in. Having time to yourself to be able to lounge in bed to catch up on your favorite show, or finish the book you've had sitting on the dresser seems like a dream.

Having the right bedding truly makes for a more restful night's slumber. You can count on a luxury sheet set from California Design Den to help make your bedtime extra comfy at a great value. I am definitely a fan of practical gifts, and luxury bed sheets would make me so happy! What makes a sheet set luxurious? I feel like when you slip into bed you should feel your sheets wrapping you up in comfort and luxury. Hard-working moms certainly deserve it.

If you are still unsure of what to give Mom for Mother's Day, I urge you to check out the highest quality luxury sheet selection from California Design Den. They offer the luxury and durability of hotel bed sheets and the look of crisp pillowcases with a 400-thread-count. They're made with 100% long staple cotton fiber and a gorgeous sateen weave. Their eco-friendly sheets retain softness for a lifetime and resist fading. You can even score a 10% off discount if you use the code: MOMCDD10 They have so many colors to choose from, and you can count of a durable yet soft sheet set to last wash after wash.
I'm thrilled to host a giveaway courtesy of California Design Den team for one lucky reader to win a luxury sheet set ($40 value) of your choice.
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This giveaway is open to U.S. Residents only until May 9, 2019. Winner will be notified via email. Mom Files is not responsible for any lost or stolen prizes. Good luck!
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Protect Your Mattress With A Ghostbed Mattress Cover Protector

Have you ever had a time where you were casually sitting in bed watching TV, having a snack, and you grab your drink then you spill it all over yourself and your bedding? Or perhaps you were changing your baby's diaper, and they had a pee pee accident? I have had both happen numerous times in the past. Let's face it, we are all human, and do a lot more than just sleeping on our bed. You invest your hard-earned money for a good mattress, so it's important to provide good protection against those everyday life occurrences.

If you have a mattress from GhostBed, then you might be familiar with their line of bedding items as well as the best mattress for back pain. The GhostBed Mattress Cover Protector is the perfect choice to provide superior protection.

I've dealt with mattress covers in the past that were awful, because they have that annoying fitted-sheet-that-didn't-actually-fit thing going. The GhostBed protector has a 2-inch thick elastic band that encases the entire bottom for maximum stability. I'm telling you, the band goes way under your mattress so you do not have to worry about slipping. This makes me SO happy because I always get annoyed when I see my husband's side of the bed with the sheet or cover off the mattress. And he says that I am the wild sleeper! 

The super soft knit top provides quiet breathability. As soon as my son saw it, and felt how soft it was, he dove on top of my bed. I had to tell him that it was just the mattress cover and not the actual bed sheet. I'm happy to have a total water-proof barrier with long-lasting durability after every wash. It also offers non-migrating antimicrobial technology which helps eliminate allergens. I do love that it makes no sound when you are in bed.

Your GhostBed Mattress Cover Protector comes with 10 year limited warranty and FREE shipping! Who doesn't love FREE shipping?! They come in all sizes including: twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and cal king.

We are so pleased with our new mattress cover, and now I can sip my beverage with no worries. We highly recommend the GhostBed Mattress Cover Protector, and it works best with the GhostBed mattress.

One last thing: GhostBed is excited to celebrate their 3rd Birthday on Halloween! To kick off the celebration, GhostBed (bigger, better mattresses built to keep you cool all night) is giving away a FREE GhostBed Mattress. Enter here.

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Picking The Right Sheets For A Comfortable Night's Rest

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that offered luxurious accommodations? We have been fortunate to experience that quite a few times, and the thing that keeps us hooked on using certain hotels is the service, amenities, and the bedding. If you don't get a proper night's rest, was your hotel stay even good?

I love some hotel beds so much that I attempted to put together my own hotel bedding ensemble. I chose a gorgeous, yet soft top quilt set, a cozy blanket that goes under the quilt, and the most important part-- the sheet set. Earlier this year, the internet exploded over the "top sheet" controversy. I really couldn't understand the argument since I feel like a good top sheet is what makes your bed feel comfortable.

How can you go wrong with the feeling of luxurious bed sheets surrounding you? The sheets are the first thing that hits your skin, so wouldn't you want them to be extra soft and cozy? I recently received a 100% cotton king size sheet set in pure white from California Design Den (sold on Amazon) to put to the test.

Like most of us, I washed the sheet set before using it. The company recommends the "quick dry- do not fry" method to ensure softer sheets. I went with standard white sheets, because I like the simplicity of white. It also mimics what is used at my favorite hotels. These sheets have a 400 thread count, and are sturdy yet soft. I can tell that it will hold up well to repeated washes.

The sheets are sized well for my super deep mattress. The elastic is excellent, so there won't be any slipping from the bottom sheet. The pillow cases slipped over my king size pillows with ease. You can always tell the quality of white sheets if you can't see through them. These are definitely some good ones! We have been sleeping so comfortably since placing them on our bed. The only downfall is not wanting to get up each morning!

If you are in the market for very good bed sheets at an affordable price, I suggest checking out California Design Den. They offer all sizes and a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
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Bedding Styles for Winter 2017

Sleeping well is one of the most important and influential factors in our lives. From well-aired, pleasant sleeping room, to a comfortable, spacious bed, super comfortable, anatomical mattress and pillow, all these elements play an important part when it comes to our sleep quality. You can learn more about that here

Of course, don’t forget the bedding, which should be made of good material, but also well designed. If you’ve seen to the health and comfort aspects, you’ll probably want to pay some attention to aesthetics and make sure your bedding in is in line both with the rest of your interior design, but also with the latest trends. After all, knowing everything is perfectly matched will probably help you sleep tight. Here are a few suggestions for this season, so hopefully, some of them might fit in with your current style. Or if you’re reinventing your bedroom experience completely, they might inspire you and give you ideas for other parts of your home.

All White

This is an ever-green classic, no way you can make a mistake with this. Whether the bedding is just another element in the all-white room, or just set as a contrast to the environment, it will look good anyway. In the first place, it invokes peacefulness and cleanliness, what’s cozier than falling asleep in white, clean, soft, fresh-smelling sheets?

In case we’re talking about all-white surroundings, make sure to use different nuances of white, different patterns, textures and materials to prevent a too sterile, hospital-like appearance.

In case white bedding is used as contrast, it’s really difficult to make a mistake there. For instance, you can try using the monochromatic palette to get a classic aesthetic. One thing is sure, it will bring lightness and vivacity into your bedroom and will fit in well into both modern and more vintage designs.

Ordered Chaos

If you’re more into eclectic style, you’re probably more than happy with this year’s fashion trends which suggest mixing and matching patterns, and which applicable not only when it comes to clothes, but also when it comes to bedding.

If this is your thing, you’re probably already a master in mixing patterns, however, you’re planning your first design experiment in this direction, here are some basic rules. First of all, do not mix more than three patterns, everything more than that is simply considered too much and can hardly look good.

Next, follow the golden ratio of 60/30/10, meaning you choose one dominant pattern which should cover 60 percent of the surface, for instance, you can use it for the quilt, then the second one which should take up around 30 percent, and finally, the third, boldest option for the remaining 10 percent, which you can use for throw cushions and similar details. Be sure to avoid repetitiveness by choosing patterns that vary in scale and type.

Also, make sure to incorporate this explosion of patterns and colors into a monochrome environment. A consistent color palette in the patterns can also help match them more smoothly. 

Clean Lines

A clean contemporary style is another trend that came back both in fashion and interior design. It can be seen in sleek lines of duvets and covers. It might seem like a completely opposite of the above mentioned pattern mixing, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Main traits of contemporary style are sharp edges and high contrasts, but also using geometric patterns. So the major difference between the two styles lies in visual lines they create. In order to follow contemporary style, choose bedding that features solid color or sharply defined shapes with clear edges. 

What’s more, this trend might work best if your furniture is of similar design with similar angles, so you can have these lines somehow echo through the interior.

Hopefully, at least one of these styles can at least give you direction what to try and explore to bring a new life into your bedroom, and definitely into your life as well.

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