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#ZzzQuilNight for a better night's rest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZzzQuil for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
There is a new product out from the makers of Vick’s NyQuil and DayQuil called ZzzQuil . ZzzQuil was made specifically to help aid in occasional sleeplessness, not colds. This is perfect since my husband occasionally has trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour. His days are so full with his job, college classes, homework and family time. Let’s not forget his duties around the house like grass cutting, fixing things and numerous other things. You would think he would be completely passed out the moment his head hits the pillow with all of that! Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case for him. He becomes so over tired that he can’t fall asleep. This leads to him being up for sometimes hours after I have fallen asleep and he ends up flipping channels on the television or tosses and turns. That makes for an uncomfortable night for us both! He was happy to test out the ZzzQuil for himself to see if that would help.
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We received a bottle of the liquid version in a warming berry flavor. He liked the flavor and said it was like tasting a more pleasant, fruity version of NyQuil or DayQuil with a hint of warmth. He was very happy to see how quickly the ZzzQuil made him go to sleep and stay down uninterrupted. He didn't feel groggy when he woke up either. This was good news since that was a problem with some other sleep aids he has tried in the past. We are pleased with this product and plan to purchase it in the future if needed. If you have difficulty sleeping, you should give ZzzQuil a try! If you try out ZzzQuil for yourself, be sure to tweet using the hashtag #ZzzQuilNight and also stay connected to ZzzQuil by liking their Facebook page.
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