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Aug 4, 2020

3 Benefits of Owning a Horse

Are you searching for a new hobby that will occupy your time and provide joy? Owning a horse is an extraordinarily fulfilling way to spend your time. Every day is an adventure with these beautiful animals. The gratification of training them and seeing their improvement in different areas is one of the best feelings in the world. Here are three ways owning a horse can enhance your quality of life.
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1. Better Physical Health

Are you looking for a way to tone your body and get more exercise? Your core and back muscles are constantly engaged while riding horseback. Your arm and leg muscles are also being activated, so you get a full-body workout each time you ride.

Along with building muscle, you can improve your overall physical skill. Galloping and using horse jump equipment during training helps to improve your balance and coordination. These are just a handful of the numerous benefits to your physical strength, stamina and endurance.
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2. Increased Accountability

Horses require a lot of attention and care which instills accountability in their owners. People who own horses tend to be more responsible individuals. Various challenges are sure to arise when you own a horse, be they behavioral or health-related. To find a solution, you need to be willing to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Good owners hold themselves accountable to provide proper care.

You can apply these skills to other parts of your life. Whether it is becoming a reliable, dedicated worker at your job or keeping everything together at home. You become accountable because you care about the well-being of your horses.

3. Improved Mental Health

Doctors attest that spending time outdoors and getting plenty of fresh air has a positive impact on the mind. This can be a great way to get the stresses of the day out and use your time in a healthy way. Training, riding and taking care of a horse can all help build self-confidence, too. Horses also make excellent companion animals because they are very intuitive creatures, so spending time with them can be therapeutic and beneficial for cognitive dexterity in general.
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While horse ownership is a tremendous responsibility, it can also be incredibly rewarding. The challenges involved are outweighed by the wonderful memories that are made during the time spent together daily. Horses are intelligent beings, and the companionship they offer can provide joy in your life. Apart from the tangible benefits you receive, the bond you develop together over time is priceless.

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Alternative to CBD Shops in Columbia, SC

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become increasingly popular throughout the United States, especially in places like Columbia, South Carolina. This beautiful state has seen a surge in CBD shops in recent years. However, for the average consumer, walking into one of these shops can be daunting. How can you know if the products are trustworthy? How do you avoid wasting your hard-earned bucks?

Here, we'll guide you through the recent cannabidiol craze - and the available alternatives to CBD shops in Columbia.
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The Rising Popularity of CBD 

The popularity of CBD has snowballed in recent years. Nowadays, you can walk into numerous stores in Columbia, promoting their cannabidiol products. Some gas stations even sell this product.

A ​study by Medical News Today​ investigating the public interest in CBD demonstrated that Google Searches for it significantly increased since 2014 and are still increasing. In April 2019, there were about 6.4 million CBD searches. Another ​study by USA Today​ published in the peer-review JAMA Network Open shows a 160.4 increase in searches in 2018, compared to the previous year.

The explosive interest in this herbal product has to do with two things: federal approval and hemp-derived properties.

Cannabidiol is a derivative of the hemp plant. In 2018, it gained approval from multiple federal regulators following the ​US Farm Bill legalizing industrial hemp​. With federal approval, numerous manufacturers got the green light to create products centered around cannabidiol.

CBD also comes from the hemp plant, and that distinction is crucial. People often confuse cannabidiol with marijuana, but hemp is a different strain of the cannabis plant than marijuana. Marijuana has THC, which gets users high. Cannabidiol from hemp does not contain THC. Indeed, the 2018 Farm Bill strictly stated that cannabidiol sold to the public had to have less than 3% THC.

The rising popularity of CBD has been incredible for many people. People from all walks of life have enjoyed this herbal product in all-forms, including the use of ​water soluble CBD oil​ as a solution. Seniors with health issues, young people for experimentation, mothers seeking natural solutions for maternal aches - all types of people have turned to CBD.

However, with increased availability come several risks, making it necessary to find alternatives to local CBD shops. The only thing growing faster than CBD's popularity is confusion about what exactly it is, how it works, how you can use it, and where you can get it.
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Why Seek an Alternative to In-Store Options? 

Cannabidiol products in stores may not be the same quality as the CBD products online. Besides issues of availability, people seek alternatives for various reasons, as discussed below:

Reliability and Quality Guarantee

The increasing popularity in CBD oil has, unfortunately, come with an increasing number of companies that are deceptive to consumers. Some of these companies take advantage of consumers and add harmful components that may have potential side effects.
With online options, you can vet the products by checking the seller's quality guarantee. Most online CBD vendors publish their lab reports.

These reports indicate the quality, quantity, and source of cannabidiol in the products you purchase. The result? You get an assurance of the manufacturer's reliability and a quality guarantee.

We suggest that you purchase CBD oil directly from a reputable manufacturer's website to avoid scams from deceptive entrepreneurs. It will help you avoid imitations, and you might also get offers and discounts, including a free trial. You will also receive products that have been thoroughly tested and researched.


Alternatives to CBD shops in Columbia may also be desirable for availability. Going to your local shop to pick up some products may seem convenient - until it's bedtime, and you realize that you've run out of your CBD.

Online options mean you can shop for products when you want, where you want. You don't have to worry about running out as long as you put in your order to have it delivered securely and discreetly.

Additionally, many CBD Shops in Columbia have closed down following the current economic recession. The pandemic also has made some people leery of going into crowded retailers. For convenience and health, online alternatives can be lifesavers.


Cannabidiol is available in numerous forms, but your local shop might only carry a handful of products. The retailer has to think about their business, too, which means they won't carry the entire stock of available products in case they don't sell. The limited selection means you're missing out on the variety!

When you shop for cannabidiol, you can find:

● CBD oils, water-soluble oils, and tinctures - you can place these sublingually or add to any beverage or meal
● Edibles - CBD comes in a wide range of products to eat and drink. They include gummies, chocolates, cakes, etc.
● Vape juices
● Pills and capsules
● Topicals, balms, creams
● Self-care - lip balms, bath bombs, eye serums
● Pet products - dog treats, canine tinctures

Find CBD Oil Online Today!

It's crucial to make sure you buy the best quality products from approved suppliers. If you're looking for alternatives to CBD shops in Columbia, SC, your best bet is to shop online.

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Jul 28, 2020

3 Tips When Reading To Children

Most parents know the value of reading to children. It helps them to gain a larger vocabulary, and it helps to learn and retain information. However, for some people, reading to children can be a little difficult, so here are a few tips to help you when reading to children.
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Read Books With Chapters

Reading a book with chapters has many benefits. One of them is that is takes a bit longer to get through the story which can help make a book last longer at bed time reading. The chapter breaks also create a natural time to discuss with your child about what is happening in the story and what they predict to happen next. This can help to spark a child's imagination, while also helping you understand if they are comprehending what you are reading.

Daniel Handler has created many children's books with chapters that help parents and children brush up on these skills.

Take Turns Reading

Much like anything else in life, you never get better at something unless you practice. Picking up a best author Daniel Handler book is an easy way to find an interesting story that both you and your child can take turns reading. By allowing your child to have a turn reading, you can be there to help them from getting discouraged by correcting mispronounced words, as well as being there to provide context or explanation for words they may not understand the meaning to.
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Life Lessons

In almost any story, characters make choices and decisions. By reading together, you can have a platform in which to help you child gain a greater understanding about the motivations one might have to make a certain decision. This can be very beneficial to help them gain empathy and compassion for others.

As you can see, reading a book to a child has many benefits, so pick up a great book and start reading together!

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Jul 27, 2020

Must Have Items for Your Classroom

Teachers are always looking for ways to inspire and teach their students. There are the tried-and-true methods that teachers have used for decades; however, very often teachers look for something new and different to shake things up a bit for both themselves and their students.  Luckily, there are some amazing products out there that can help you make the classroom more interesting for all of you. Read on for some classroom products that are much better than just a pencil and paper!

A Trundle Wheel

What is a trundle wheel, you may ask? A trundle wheel is a handle attached to a wheel. Your students can push the wheel and measure a surface, with a clicking sound at each specific measurement. It’s a great way for kids to really understand measurements and find out exactly how far a meter is. It is one of those things that kids can’t wait to get their hands on, and once they do, they won’t even realize they are learning.
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Blocks That Get Them Moving

Every teacher knows that if kids have to sit at their desks and pay attention for too long, their ability to learn, think, and remember deteriorates rapidly. When they get antsy, they can’t concentrate, and some of them act out in an attempt to get rid of that energy. Get them out of their seats with a teacher-approved method, and get them moving and laughing with classroom brain-break activity dice. These big foam blocks have instructions on each side that range from encouraging activity (pretend to jump rope) to encouraging laughter (crawl like a baby for one minute). Allow a few minutes with the blocks as a reward as an end-of-the-day activity for them to look forward to or on the fly on a day when you notice they just can’t sit still.

Moon Lamp

Almost every classroom has a globe that shows the kids the earth, but how about a “globe” for the moon?  Moon lamps are a three-dimensional way to show the surface of the moon, and having one in the classroom is sure to inspire wonder, imagination, creativity, and lots of questions about astronomy. The moon lamp lights up and can even change colors.
As a teacher, you know that a variety of fun things in the classroom helps to inspire learning and fun. Make your classroom a place the kids can’t wait to come to every day!

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How To Grow a First Aid Kit

The best first aid kits are the ones you grow yourself! The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids Volume 8 shares how to grow an aloe vera plant, which has long been used for its healing properties.


Ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality” and early Native American tribes called it “wand of heaven,” but we call it aloe vera. Originally grown in southern Africa, aloe vera is a succulent. Its leaves are full of healing substances that have been used medicinally for at least 6,000 years.


Aloe vera is an easy-to-grow houseplant. Here are the few steps needed:

  • Plant it in good potting soil (soil made for cacti is perfect).
  • Set it in a sunny spot.
  • Water about every 3 weeks and even less during winter.
  • Push your finger into the soil to test for dryness. You want the soil to dry at least 1 to 2 inches deep before watering.


Using the leaf straight from the plant is the best way to get aloe’s healing properties. The gel can help to heal and ease the pain of burns, bruises, boils, canker sores, and chapped lips. It may also lessen symptoms of acne. For aloe relief:

  • Remove one of the sword-like leaves from a living plant and open it along its length. Then either squeeze out the gel and apply it where relief is needed or lay the entire opened leaf side directly over the affected area and then bandage it lightly in place.
  • Remove a leaf from an aloe plant. Cut open the leaf and use a spoon to scrape out the clear gel. Put the gel pieces into a blender and pulse several times, until the aloe is liquid. Pour the gel into clean ice cube trays and place in freezer. To use, remove an aloe cube and apply to sunburned skin, bug bites, poison ivy rash, or any other ailment that requires relief.


  • To condition hair and leave it healthy-looking and shiny, scrape some gel out of the leaves and massage it into your hair. Wait for about 5 minutes, then rinse it out with warm or cold water.
  • To use aloe as a skin moisturizer, just scoop out the gel or rub a freshly cut leaf over your skin and let it dry.

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