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May 16, 2022

Top Tips to Save Money As a New Parent

New parents spend thousands of dollars a year for the first few years of their newborn’s life on medical bills, baby clothes, nursing equipment, and nursery essentials. Although nothing can compare to the wonders of becoming a parent and raising a beautiful baby, there’s no denying that they are expensive!

Whether you’re a new parent who has just given birth or you are currently pregnant and trying to plan ahead, getting your finances in order is important. Creating a budget and figuring out how much money you can spend each month on your baby will ensure you don’t overspend or buy unnecessary items.

Despite the cost of being a new parent rising each year due to inflation and the increasing cost of living, there are ways that you can cut costs and save money as a new parent. Here are some top tips to help you save money as a new parent so that you can minimize stress and worry around finances. 

Swap Clothing With Your Friends

If you have friends with newborns or young children, doing a clothes swap is one of the best ways to cut costs and reduce waste. Instead of throwing out your baby’s clothes when they grow out of them, swap them with a friend in return for larger or looser fitting clothing.

Ask around and see if any of your loved ones have spare clothing that they no longer need. If none of your friends have infants or young children, see if there is a local community-wide baby clothes swap for you to join. 

Stick to the Essentials

Newborns require a lot of different things, from diapers to formula to sleeping equipment. It’s easy to overspend when there is a long list of things to buy and several variations of each of these items.

But by sticking to the essentials, you can avoid spending too much money on unnecessary and extravagant items. Resist the temptation to buy anything and everything that you come across to keep your costs (and your clutter) to a minimum.

Make sure to stock up on the following essentials for your newborn:

  • Cot or crib
  • Soft blankets and fitted crib sheets
  • Clothing sets and onesies
  • Nightgowns
  • Hats, socks, and booties
  • Diapers
  • Changing pad
  • Baby wipes
  • Breast pump
  • Nursing bras and pillows
  • Breast pads
  • Infant formula
  • Plastic bowls, plates, and cutlery
  • Feeding bottles

Focus On Quality

Make sure you buy high-quality items that are going to last you a long time. Sometimes, the higher quality items cost a little more but it’s sometimes worth spending those extra few dollars to get something that will survive several months or years of usage.

For example, buying an organic baby clothes gift set will last longer than a cheaper alternative. Spending money on a sturdy cot and quality baby stroller means you won’t need to replace these items after just a few months.


Apr 30, 2022

Show Mom how much you appreciate her with a gift from Gourmet Gift Baskets

Don't forget that Mother's Day is almost here. Hurry up and order the special mom or mother figure in your life a delicious gift from Gourmet Gift Baskets. They have you covered to with all things savory, sweet, fruity, and even wine if she fancies that. I know that as a mom I love receiving food gifts, especially sweet treats. I was thrilled to receive the Love for Mom Cookie & Brownie Gift Box

This gift box came beautifully packaged and is filled with freshly-baked deliciousness all for me! Just kidding! These cookies and brownies are definitely enough to share. Let me tell you what comes inside the pretty pink heart keepsake box: 

Chocolate Chunk Brownie, Butterscotch Blondie, Peanut Butter Brownie, Chocolate Chip Blondie, Lemon Sugar Cookies - 2 pack, Fudge Brownie Cookies - 2 pack, Chocolate Chip Cookies - 2 pack, and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - 2 pack. 

They are all wrapped for freshness to ensure a straight-from-the-bakery taste. Each item has the name of what it is printed on the wrap, which is helpful to know what variety it is. Let me tell you, these baked goods are super fresh and taste like they are homemade. The brownie's are perfectly moist and chewy, and the cookies are delectable. I cut each cookie and brownie in fourths so that I could try them all. My top faves are the chocolate chunk brownie, and the lemon and oatmeal raisin cookies, but truly they are all my favorites. These are definitely a wonderful treat for Mother's Day. 

The best part about ordering from Gourmet Gift Baskets is easy to get gifts that will be so well received and with minimal effort on your part, complete with its own greeting card for the recipient. We all know how valuable time is! Get this tasty box delivered for only $34.99 with super speedy shipping. 

Be sure to keep Gourmet Gift Baskets in mind for all your gifting needs like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Father's Day, any holiday or just because. Thank you Gourmet Gift Baskets for the delicious sample. All opinions are my own as always. Thank you for stopping by today. 



Apr 29, 2022

Writing Travel Articles: Tips and Examples

If people who work for a custom writing service are asked what travel writing is all about, they will say it is about taking a reader on a journey. A good travel article will inspire readers to explore new places and experiences, so they can open their eyes to new cultures. 

For those who don’t know how to write a travel article, it can be very tricky to know where to begin. According to professional paper writing services, writing about a place means talking about things like food, music, people, landmarks, and more. Below is a look at useful tips one can use to produce a top-quality travel article. 

1. It is important to have a storyline 

When university or college students are writing a travel article, they need to make sure that their story has a series of events that will interest the readers. Climbing Mount Everest, for example, that’s an interesting story to tell, but one can add more spice to it by adding events in between. 

These events can be things like experiencing bad weather, losing bearing, things like the hired coach to get to the mountain running late, and more. Writers need to make sure that readers are engaged and need to pick events that will tell their story properly. 

2. Writers need to ensure that their content has an end goal 

There are some trips that people talk about in their articles that have what is known as a physical objective. These physical objects can be things like reaching the Grand Canyon or crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. When readers are given a goal, there’s a very high chance they will read the article from start to finish. Some trips might not have an end goal, but they are about discovery and meeting new people. Overall, an end goal needs to be created so that readers are heavily invested in the content. 

3. Edit the article to match the story 

When writing a travel article, it will have drama, suspense, well-written characters, good pacing, a nice plot twist, and dialogue. These are all designed to grab the reader's attention and when the storyline is established, writers need to gather the right experiences and fit everything in while getting rid of the rest. The majority of travel articles are around one to two thousand words long, meaning a writer will produce between 20-30 paragraphs on their papers. 

4. A good first paragraph is super important 

Professional writing services say that travel articles can be started in many forms it is all about the writer, however, the introduction needs to grab the reader’s attention. If the introduction is badly written, it can put off readers from finishing the content. To successfully write a good introduction, writers need to put themselves in the reader’s shoes and ask themselves if they were the reader, what sort of introduction would they be glued to.

5. Dialogue needs to be included in the article

“Hey look, the lion is stalking its prey” whispered Chisomo. Another example of dialogue can be “We could see the lions from a distance hunting their prey”. These are the sort of sentences that a paper writing service writer needs to put in their article because they bring scenarios to life. 

Dialogue also gives personality to the people in the story and helps sell what is happening. When one is traveling, they need to make sure that they pay attention to everything people around them are saying. The more authentic and accurate the dialogue the more credible an article will be which ultimately gets readers engaged.

6. A writer needs to know the difference between “tell” and “show” 

Plenty of expert writers always say that there is a difference between telling and showing. These are two very different ways of getting a story across, and many people don't realize that. When a writer slows down their story and explains scenes in detail, this is known as a show. 

This can be what the writer felt at that moment, what they tasted, what they heard, or what they saw. The art of telling is where the writer pushes the narrative forward. To ensure an article is of high quality, a writer needs to switch between the two.

7. A writer needs to produce an entertaining article

Expert college paper writing service writers say that people who don't have a lot of experience writing this sort of article often think using complicated phrases or big words is the way to go. This is not the way to go and not the tone this type of article should be about. Writers should seek to entertain readers because no one wants to be bored reading a piece.

8. Proper language needs to be used to talk about the surroundings

The environment one is in can help tell the story they are trying to convey to readers. Words such as diverse, incredible, bustling, and stunning need to be used a lot. These words can be applied to a variety of destinations across the world to paint a clear picture to the readers. Using as many of these words as possible is highly advised according to professional writing services.

9. Signposts need to be left in the article

Each paragraph needs to let readers know the next direction the article is heading. Readers need to be reminded of the article’s goal, for example, a writer could write something like “The day after we traveled from London to Manchester”. The reader here will see where the article is going next, and they'll have every reason to stick around.

10. Provide a good conclusion

Many writers always try to go for the big finale, which can often leave readers dazed and confused. It is advised to slow down and start putting the conclusion pieces together first by leading them slowly to the finish line. Show them that the story is coming to an end, rather than just hit them with the ending.

Final thoughts

Traveling is a wonderful hobby for those that have the money to see different parts of the world. For those who cannot afford to visit some of the world’s most luxurious locations, reading about other people’s experiences can be just as exciting. The tips above will help any aspiring writer produce an impressive travel article about their adventures and let readers see things through their lens using words. Even writers, who have been writing travel articles for many years, can suffer from writer’s block and find it hard to express some of their ideas. This is where essay writers come in who will help bring those ideas to life.


Apr 14, 2022

Pamper Mom with CBD Living for Mother's Day

Have you started thinking about Mother's Day gifts yet? If you are looking for something for the special moms in your life, you should check out this Relaxation Bundle from CBD Living. CBD products have become increasingly popular, and I admit I have been curious about them. 

I received this lovely spa kit to test out, and the timing couldn't have been better. I have been suffering from muscle strain in my neck and shoulder and it was recommended to take Epsom salt baths. I figured a CBD infused Epsom salt might be just what I need. The coconut lime scent is so refreshing and tropical. It helped to sooth my aching body, and I actually started feeling some relief. I showered off after my bath with the soap bar and finished with the body lotion. What a treat! I love the lotion so much because it is hydrating without being too heavy. I am saving the bath bomb for Mother's Day weekend, so I can pamper myself a bit. One thing I have to mention is that my husband LOVES the soap bar, and has requested I order some more. I guess I know what I will be getting him for Father's Day. 

This CBD Living Relaxing Coconut Lime Spa Kit contains: 

CBD Living Refreshing Coconut Lime Lotion (8 oz, 200 mg CBD)
CBD Living Refreshing Coconut Lime Bath Bomb (8 oz, 100 mg CBD)
CBD Living Refreshing Coconut Lime Bath Salts (16 oz, 500 mg CBD)
CBD Living Refreshing Coconut Lime Soap (4.5 oz, 100 mg CBD)


  • Vegan 
  • Non-GMO
  • Natural ingredients used 
  • THC-free 
  • CBD Living uses only 100% organic hemp sourced from state-licensed farms in Oregon and Colorado.
  • Made in the USA
The CBD Living At-Home Spa Kit also comes in Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Amber Bergamot scents. I might have to try them all! You can purchase a kit for $88 with fast shipping. If you prefer, you can purchase individual items, but I feel like this would be a well-received gift for Mother's Day. I am looking forward to trying out other products from CBD Living. 

Thank you CBD Living for the product sample. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for stopping by today. 

Can Video Games Actually Be Helpful to Kids?

Have you ever wondered if video games are harmful or actually helpful to kids? There are arguments on both sides for good reason. You can definitely have too much of a good thing, but are video games for kids that bad? 

No matter how much you try to escape it, technology is a huge part of everyday life. We rely on computers and smart phones for just about everything. Workplaces and schools require using computers. I remember when my kids were little, I was the anti-gaming mom. I only saw the negatives in it. It turned out that I was so wrong. I came to the realization that gaming can be a tool for learning. If your child is just starting out on the computer, gaming can help them learn more about the keyboard which aids in typing practice. That is how my son improved his typing skills. 

For younger kids, some games can help them perfect using the mouse properly and how to use the arrow keys. There are so many fun games for kids that help with matching, math, reading and just for having some downtime. I highly recommend Penguin Cafe Restaurant simulation game. It definitely helps with focus and coordination, while having fun. Your kid will have no idea they are learning! 

Can I tell you something? I enjoy playing computer games myself. I can play Solitaire for hours. It helps to keep my mind stimulated in a positive way. I am always trying to beat my previous score on each game. I need to try some other versions of Solitaire like my daughter does. 

Obviously, you don't want your child to be playing computer games for hours on end, so it is important to set time limits. You can even give them an incentive of extra gaming time if they did a good job in in school or got their chores done early. I have really changed my mind with gaming. It has been very beneficial for my son since he is in virtual school. His typing skills have greatly improved as well as his reading. As a parent, gaming can be a stress reliever. 

Do you have a favorite computer game? 
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