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Jun 21, 2021

What Happens When Breastfeeding isn't an Option

Breastfeeding your child is a joyful experience that most expecting moms look forward to. However, it is an unfortunate fact that due to various reasons, this isn’t always possible. Some mothers are unable to produce enough breastmilk due to hypoplasia, which occurs when the glands in the breast are underdeveloped. Other reasons for not being able to breastfeed include postpartum depression or a previous breast reduction surgery which can negatively impact milk production. Whatever the reason might be, new moms should rest assured that not being able to breastfeed is not the end of the world.

Baby Formula Nutrition

When you can’t breastfeed, you must invest in a good quality baby formula. Good brands like Alula offer infant to toddler formulas that provide complete nutrition for your baby, so you won’t need to worry about your child’s growth and development. While doctors do recommend breastfeeding as the best form of nutrition for your newborn baby, you don’t need to be concerned about their health in the slightest – a good formula will take care of the job, and some even provide extra vitamins and minerals which otherwise may need to be supplemented

Pumping and Supplementing

If you are able to express milk and it’s just not quite enough, you can always consider pumping and supplementing your breastmilk with formula. A good breast pump is going to be a great investment in this case, and you can express and store your milk during bottle-feeding periods. Do some research on the best way to go about this combination method. 

Consider Donated Breast Milk

If your heart is set on breastmilk for your little one or formula isn’t going to cut it, but you can’t express yourself, using donated breastmilk is another option you could think about. Research shows that donated breast milk from another woman can nourish your baby just as well as your own. You can check in with your hospital if this is available or otherwise check in with a milk bank in your area. However, keep in mind that this method may be less accessible since premature babies and babies with certain medical conditions are prioritized by these institutions. 

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

Many moms who can’t express enough milk to feed their babies feel that they are failing them. This is never the case! Keep in mind that there are many mothers out there facing the same problem as you, and many healthy, happy children who were raised on formula. You can still create a strong emotional bond with your baby while bottle-feeding, too, so don’t be distressed about missing that skin-on-skin contact. This can still be generated by holding and cuddling your baby close while feeding them.

If this is a problem that you’re struggling with, don’t forget to reach out for support from your partner, friends and family, and a mental healthcare professional if that’s what you need. Postpartum depression is common after giving birth, and struggling with meeting your baby’s needs could contribute to this. Make sure that you’re providing not only for the baby’s needs but your own too. 


Jun 14, 2021

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Home

Your home is your personal space. It’s your area to relax and be yourself.
What turns a house into a home are those small personal touches. The things you display around your house convey your personality, or showcase your achievements and memories.
Here are the best ways you can add a personal touch to your home. Even if you're renting or you hate clutter, these tips are easy and appropriate for you!

1. Print Out Your Own Photos
The photos you take capture the most special memories that you want to remember forever. There is no better way to keep these memories at the forefront of your mind than to print them out and hang them up around your house.
Lots of people are using laser printers to print out their favorite family photos. These machines are an affordable way to bring your photos to life in bright colors.
Get yourself a laser printer, print a few photos, and you’re ready to display them across your home. You could even print some out to gift to other people if you have photos with them.
2. Show Off Your Achievements
If you’ve had an amazing achievement in the past, and have an award to show for it, you should be proud of yourself. What better way to display your pride than having up your awards in your home?
You could hang up your certificates in some beautiful frames, or place your trophies on your sideboard. Whatever achievements you have to show, having them displayed in your home a great way to give it a personal touch.
3. Display Your Homemade Accessories
For those of you who love arts and crafts, displaying your homemade accessories is a lovely way to add your personality to your home. They reflect who you are, and showcase your skills and hobbies.
Maybe you have painted your own canvases that could be hung up in your bedroom. Or maybe you have created patterned ceramic vases that would make a great addition to your living room. Because these accessories are home-made, they’re one of a kind and add a unique touch to your house.
4. Hang Up Your Children’s Work

If you have young children who love painting and drawings pictures for you, it’s always lovely to hang them up around your home. Not only does this add a personal touch to your living space, but it also makes your child proud and happy that you’re showing off their work. You may want to laminate their artwork to keep it looking like new.

5. Display Travel Purchases
If you love going on city breaks, chilling by the beach, or exploring exotic countries, you likely have lots of items that you’ve purchased on your travels. Displaying these in your house helps you to re-live the memories and show them to any guests that visit your home. It's like showcasing your steps across the world!
Whether you have a bunch of fridge magnets or unique seashells that you’ve spotted whilst on vacation, displaying them gives your home an amazing personal touch.


Jun 13, 2021

6 Things for Elders to Consider When Moving in Retirement Homes

When you are young, you would most likely prefer to live close to your workplace. But after your retirement, you can choose a retirement home according to your personal preference. It is best to go for a place like Sienna Living that offers the best surroundings so that you can enjoy your years after retirement. 

Besides getting to know about your cost of living, safety, climate, and living conditions, there are many other factors that you should keep in mind before deciding on a retirement community. 

Quality of Healthcare:
No matter how active your body is, you will need medical care and assistance to improve your deteriorating health in your later years. It would be hard to travel to a different area when you need good quality medical treatment. 

So it is best to choose a retirement home that offers great medical services and caretakers. If they do not have attached treatment facilities, select an area close to one so that you are not inconvenienced. 

Availability of Senior Services:
Some nursing homes may not be equipped well with senior services important to improve the quality of life. Even though medical services are essential, interacting with social activities is important for elders to stay mentally active.

Ensure what services they offer, like senior activity centers, clubs, home care providers, organizations, and transportation services for people with mobility disabilities.

Social Life:
If you enjoy the company of people and love to interact, then look for a retirement home with a large senior population. Elders who have strong social support have a reduced risk of many diseases including depression and high blood pressure.

Other than your retirement residence, you can look for social groups having a particular interest. Look into the kinds of social opportunities you would be exposed to before signing up for a senior community.

Daily Life Hobbies:
Sometimes if you miss out on your hobbies and activities you enjoy, it can have adverse effects on your mental health. It is best to look out for your favorite shops and places before selecting the location of your retirement community

Ask yourself if you will be content without having your favorite and tea and coffee from a particular shop. Check if there are any art museums, restaurants, and movie theaters if you are interested in any. It is essential to go out occasionally to enjoy the fresh air and indulge in a different environment.

Costs of Health Insurance:
You can get health insurance from your company if you are eligible for medical care at age sixty-five. If not, then you will have to purchase a health insurance policy from an insurance company. The costs of insurance vary from country to country. It also differs according to the policies included in your insurance plan.

Search the insurance plans and costs available in the location you are moving to. Learn how much your insurance terms will cost you and what benefits you can get.

Living Closer to the Airport:
If you plan to travel to other places even after shifting to a retirement home, it is best to choose a home facility near the main airport. It can allow you to easily make travel plans and save costs on a taxi or a bus. Traveling in an airplane takes hours already so it is best to reduce the distance on your way to the airport. 

An airport nearby will also work in your favor if you have family and friends who live abroad. It will be easy to reach you and spend quality time with them. 

Jun 11, 2021

4 Strategies for Staying Healthy This Summer

With Summer just around the corner, it is important to keep the health of you and your family top of mind. Whether you are staying home all summer or looking to take a trip, knowing how to create and maintain some healthy habits is crucial. Here are some ways to keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy this summer.

Stay hydrated

With the summer heat building up during these longer days, it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Suffering from dehydration can lead to health problems like headaches, fainting, and even heat stroke. Keeping a reusable water bottle with you at all times can ensure you are drinking enough water daily. If you have children that struggle with picky eating habits and who hate the taste of plain water, consider infusing it with some of their favorite fruits. Using strawberries or lemons can give the water a fresh taste and encourage them to drink more! 

Keep protected

Having fun in the sun is a great way to stay active and curate some healthy habits. Going to the beach, taking a hike, or any outdoor activity is great for getting the right amount of exercise. When you are outdoors it is incredibly important to keep yourself protected from the sun. Having a strong and dependable sunscreen will keep you and your family safe from the dangers of sun exposure. Too much sun can lead to conditions like sunburn, sun poisoning, and sunstroke. While wearing accessories like hats can also help create a barrier between you and the sun, you should be vigilant with applying and reapplying sunscreen.

Be prepared

With summer being the perfect time for spontaneity, it is essential to have a go-bag prepped in advance with the little things you might normally forget on a trip. Having this bag ready will help you cover your bases and decrease the stress of forgetting important items on your journey. Include the things you and your family will most certainly need, like toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap—any and all of your basic hygiene items are generally necessities for a trip. 

Also be sure to include a stocked first aid kit that makes sense for you and your family’s needs. If anyone suffers from severe or life threatening allergies, you should pack an EpiPen to be safe.  Similarly, if you or a loved one has vision issues you should make sure you include prescription contacts in the kit. Having a fresh pair of contacts available can save you if you lose or break your glasses and can’t immediately replace them. Being prepared for any scenario will help keep you and your family safe this summer wherever you are. 

Practice self-care

Taking care of your health is more than taking care of just your physical health; your mental health is a large component of your overall wellness. After all of the changes 2020 brought, the world opening up can cause a great deal of anxiety for those who haven’t experienced the hustle of crowds in a long time. Make sure you make time to practice self-care in whatever way you need to keep your mental health in check. This could include taking walks alone, picking up a journal, or spending time meditating. Talking as a family about how to combat any anxieties you may be facing can be a great way to keep the lines of communication open about mental health as well.

Keeping up with healthy habits is a great way to maintain a positive lifestyle this summer. As a family, it is important to work together and help each other stay as happy and healthy as possible. 


Jun 9, 2021

Why You Should Use a Meal Delivery Service

Having nutritious and delicious food is necessary for every person. And yes, our taste buds are created so that we can enjoy the food. But for some people, it’s not always easy to experience delicious cuisine.
These people might be so busy with work that they can’t stand near a burner and cook up a great meal. There might be many other reasons that hold a person back from cooking their food. Whether you are busy with work, school, or family life, not everyone has the time to prepare meals at home.

Fortunately, there is a very viable solution to this problem. You can choose a meal plan delivery and get food at your home anytime you want! Here are some solid reasons for using a meal delivery service:

Save Your Precious Time

Saving your time is the biggest benefit you get when you opt for a meal delivery service. These services help you spend your time on other important tasks rather than cooking food in the kitchen. 
Let’s start with an example. If you follow a strict plan and live all by yourself, you will have to take time out for cooking. You will go to the supermarket, spend time gathering the right ingredients, and will eventually have to get back to cook what you bought. 

All of this is going to take ages. Thankfully, your meal delivery plan can provide you with the food you want at your desired time. 

Save More Money

Buying ingredients and cooking up food is costly. There is a reason why people depend on food chains and only eat fast food, which costs them their health. Remember, healthy food is costly, but it can save you from destroying your life. 

A meal delivery service can provide you with quality food at affordable prices. Such services can afford to provide food on a budget because they cook food on a bigger scale. Preparing meals for hundreds of people is more affordable and can drive prices down. 

Choose Healthy Foods

As mentioned above, the affordable food you can buy nowadays is not healthy at all. You need to put more thought into the meals you consume, ensuring that they include the right nutrients and vitamins. Eating healthy can be very beneficial for your body in the long term.

However, the problem is that cooking healthy food and affording the prices is not for everyone. A meal delivery service helps you overcome this problem. They send you the most healthy and nutritious food out there that you can afford without making a dent in your pocket. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Have New Foods

Trying new foods is impossible unless you have the time to buy all the ingredients, have money to afford food items, and are blessed with an endless supply of time to try and cook new foods. New foods charge up your appetite and spice up your palette. They help us rethink the blessings we have on the face of the earth. 

The easiest way to try new foods is to sign up for a meal delivery service. This service can send you all the different and new foods every day that keep you ready for your next meal. 

Focus on What Matters

Food is not everything at the end of the day. You have to look for other important things in your life to do your best. If you are worried about eating healthy or tasty all the time, spending every second in your kitchen, how will you pay your bills and excel in your life? 

The best thing about choosing a meal delivery service is that it can help you focus on your goals. You can save your time by getting prepared food on your table every day without worrying about gathering ingredients and cooking. 
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