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Nov 18, 2019

How To Pick An Amazing Swimsuit For A Beach Vacation

It's quite challenging when choosing the right swimwear when you are going on a beach vacation. As exciting as beach vacations are, for some, choosing the right swimsuit can add a little stress. For the benefit of those travelers who want to experience the sands, waves and salt-water fun, the following information can help immensely.
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Let’s start with the real test! How do you know what’s best for you?

No other garment selection requires so much consideration, as much as a swimsuit does for a woman. To begin with, the design and cut of the swimwear are extremely important. It affects the way it sticks to your body and boosts your beach/poolside confidence.

Decorative components like flounce or a cut-out and a well-placed print play a key role. The most comfortable swimwear is the well-fitted and modest one because it covers most of your body parts, you need not worry about exposing certain areas that you may want to hide. Yet it holds the body together to give you the confidence that makes you enjoy the beach or pool.  Here are some tips to find the best swimsuit before you set out on that vacation of yours;

Shape Matters!

If you can measure the size of your chest, waist, and hip, it is easy to find your body type. The most common body shapes among women are apple, banana, pear, spoon, bell, hourglass-shaped, etc. Of course, the hourglass-shaped body is considered the ideal body shape but the world is a mix and match and not all are supermodels in everyday life!
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Browse for Options

If you are worried about the apt place to find the apt bathing suit to match your body shape, browsing through some top online options can help. If you want to lay hands on the best bathing outfits, you can try bathing suits from Planet Blue, they have a vast collection of one-piece, bikini tops, bottom with a wide range of fitting from full-coverage to skimpy fit swimsuit styles.

Get a Little Color Conscious

Choosing a bright color and pattern will highlight a body part whereas solid colors will help you hide the unattractive area of your body. For people with pale skin, try choosing black, dark purple, maroon or navy blue. Bright colors will be apt for those with a dark complexion.

Swimsuits Can Create Good Illusions

A high-waist swimsuit with vertical and angled stripes is advantageous to give the illusion of long legs. You will look slim and sexy. Wearing reds will make you look smaller. To add volume to your upper and lower areas, try something with ruffles and hardware detailing. Ruffles will help in adding volume and shirring will hide volume. To hide your waist, the monokini is the best, and tankini will highlight the same. Try picking a boy shorts if you have an hourglass-shaped body.

Let it Complement Your Body

If you are short, the hi-cut bottom will make your legs look slender. Halter-tops will make your bust attractive and bandeau top will make them look wider. To show-off, your figure, try some embellishments like jewels, flowers, sequins, and cut-outs in your swimsuit.

Fabric is Important, Too

If you love going on frequent beach vacations, choose fabrics that will ensure swimsuit longevity. The commonly used strong fabric materials are nylon, neoprene, and lycra. Polyester is the best and most common material used to withstand chlorine and fading. Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) is used in competitive suits for stretchability and it withstands chlorine.
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash
Picking the Right One

Pick a top that stays in place while jumping and moving around. Experiment this in the trial sessions, exchange if it doesn’t solve the purpose. Pick a bottom that matches with your hip measurements to feel comfortable and cozy. If you are planning to order a swimsuit online, don't skip to check the size chart and customer reviews regarding the fit and material. Most retailers offer mix and match options to the users to customize their swimsuit according to their size. This will offer much comfort. Buy the appropriate one that fulfills the purpose of your swimsuit. A sexy one-piece or a bikini will be suitable to keep you cool and flattering by the waves, under the umbrella.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Ladies, at the end of the day, you live your life only once. Wear something that will help boost your confidence and comfort. Ultimately, it is your self-esteem that pervades and inspires your identity and is projected by your vibes in your personality.

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Nov 13, 2019

Holiday Gift Idea: FUJIFILM INSTAX mini LiPlay

Have you started buying any gifts for the holidays yet? I have been brainstorming ideas of what to get for my family this year. There are moments where I struggle to think of something different from the usual pajamas, clothes, and beauty products. One thing I do know is you can't ever go wrong with tech gifts, especially since most everything these days is tech-related. Instax has some fun items that are sure to please any gift-recipient.
Have fun on-the-go with FUJIFILM's INSTAX mini LiPlay, the hybrid camera that offers instant print and digital technologies (Retail: $159.95). This camera is super cute and so much fun to use. Charge it up, and insert the instax mini instant film, and you're ready to go!

Just snap your photos and instantly print them out with integrated frames or even sound recording. You can even print directly from your smartphone using the mini LiPlay app. The photos are wallet-sized which is perfect for sharing with friends or family.

It comes with a wrist strap and charging cord. It is so user-friendly, even a kid could use it. My son has been obsessed with taking photos and couldn't wait to take some shots of his favorite subject, our dog!

I can totally see giving this camera as a holiday gift or for a birthday. It is perfect to have at a party where guests can get in a picture with the person of honor and have a photo to take home. There is a nostalgic feeling of having photos develop before your eyes.

Other FUJIFILM items to consider:

Unleash the memories locked away in your smartphone with INSTAX mini Link. Connect the mini instax printer seamlessly over Bluetooth to create fun prints to keep and share with family and friends. (Retail: $99.95)

For those who like big adventure, take your photography to the next-level with the compact FUJIFILM X-A7 mirrorless digital camera . A professional-level camera that takes exceptional images and won't weigh you down on your travels. With an articulating touch-screen, 24.2MP imaging sensor and 4K video recording, users can create amazing content on-the-go. Retailing at $899.00, the FUJIFILM X-A7 with the FUJINON FUJINON XC15-45mmF3.5- 5.6 OIS PZ lens kit is the perfect entry to photography and a great way to capture a trip of a lifetime.

Be sure to follow Instax on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for product updates and promotions.

Thank you Instax for providing the INSTAX mini LiPlay for us to review. All opinions are 100% my own.
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Nov 12, 2019

Things To Know Before Mortgage Loan Application

One of your goals is probably to acquire a home. One of the ways you can make your dream come true is by taking a mortgage. However, purchasing a home on mortgage goes beyond finding a house and signing a deal with the seller. Your lender must approve of you. The process can be daunting for first-timers and those who are unprepared.

Qualifying for a mortgage requires some careful planning. You need first to arm yourself with knowledge before you start the mortgage application process. Here are things your mortgage lender or broker probably wants you to know before starting the home loan application process.

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Know Your Needs

You need to understand what you need before talking to a mortgage broker in Ontario or starting the application process. Lenders want applicants who have a standard of materials. Some of the things that your lender probably requires are two years’ worth of tax filings a month of a recent pay stub from a buyer to be listed on loan. Your lender might also require bank account statements of at least three months.

Pay Off Debt

You can lower the ratio of your gross and net income by paying off debts, such as car loans or credit card debt. Usually, lenders don’t like applicants who have committed a significant percentage of their income to loans. You need to have an excellent financial status that will appeal to your lender so that you can get the best rates possible.

A Credit Report

The first thing that any lender would want to check for when applying for a mortgage is your credit. You should prove your creditworthiness to your lender so that you can enjoy the most favorable rates. Therefore, you need to make sure that your credit report is accurate and that the scores are correct. You can apply for a copy of your credit report beforehand.
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Do Your Homework

It would pay if you did your research well before applying for a mortgage. You are looking for a home and at the same time, making a financial commitment that you will probably live with for years. As such, you need to get the best deal possible. You ought to research brokers, loans, and rates before committing to anything.

Now that you know the things to bear in mind when applying for a mortgage, you can make an informed decision. You also increase your chances of getting approved for a mortgage and owning your dream house. Don’t forget to talk to an expert for further guidance.

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Nov 8, 2019

How To Make The Most Out Of Shopping On Black Friday

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Intellifluence. All opinions are 100% my own. 

It is absolutely crazy to think that the holiday season is practically here already. I tend to try to get a list made of all of the upcoming events, and make a gift list for friends and family. Of course it is super important to set a budget and stick to it. One of the best ways to purchase holiday gifts is by taking advantage of Black Friday deals.

For years, I have always made Kohl's my number one stop for gifts. I would make sure I previewed the Black Friday deals ahead of time, so that I could make a categorized list. Kohl's always has extra coupons and savings, especially at specific times for Black Friday.

I have been able to purchase most everything on my list at Kohl's including clothing, accessories, pajamas, holiday decor, and gift wrap. The prices are so good, that I can be extra generous with my gift-giving. It's also a great time to stock up on clothes for the winter. I have found that the Black Friday prices have always been better than those lowest prices of the year sales.

A few things to keep in mind if you are heading out to do your Black Friday shopping:

  • Be organized. Bring your list and stick to it. Don't forget any paper coupons you might have. 
  • Carry cash in several places, not just your wallet
  • Use the buddy system. Do not shop alone! It's important to have a family member or friend with you in case things get too overwhelming. 
  • If you are headed out in the early morning hours, eat breakfast or bring some snacks in your bag. Include some bottled water. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers. It is easy to get overheated in busy stores, so layers are essential. 
  • Carry a cross body style bag so that you can monitor your wallet, cash and credit cards more closely. 
  • Keep your phone handy in case you have to do some quick addition of your purchases so there's no surprises when you get to the register. 
Photo by on Unsplash
Black Friday shopping can be a fun experience if you are with the right people. I have always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt for great deals with my husband. He is super patient and helps me narrow down choices, and carries my bags. If you plan on heading out on Black Friday, make sure you stop at Kohl's. If in-person shopping isn't your thing, you can always shop online. Either way, happy shopping! 

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Tips to Help you Cut your Tax Bill

If you receive an unexpected tax bill it can potentially bring on a lot of stress. There are a few things you can do to cut your bill legally. However, you might need to put a bit of effort in but it could be worth it.
Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

Adjust your W-4
This is the form that you need to hand to your employer. This form tells them how much tax they need to withhold from each pay check.  If you have a big tax bill looming, you might be able to raise the withholding until the next tax year.  If you received a large refund, you could reduce the withholding. This will mean you’re less likely to be living on less money.

Fund an FSA
Did you know that when it comes to your personal taxes you can add tax-free dollars to your FSA every single year? If your employer offers you a flexible account you could use it to your advantage. The latest limit is $2,700 and some employers might allow you to carry around $500 over to the next tax year.

Save Money for College
If you would like to save money so your child can go to college, you could potentially reduce your tax bill. Consider making contributions to your 529 plan. You won’t be able to deduct the contributions on the federal income taxes. However, you could deduct them on your state return. This is only the case if you are putting money into your state’s plan.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Record Your Medical Expenses

If you have had dental care or expensive medical treatments, you should keep hold of your receipts. You can deduct any expenses that are 10% or more than the adjusted gross income for that year.  Let’s imagine that your income is $50,000. You would be able to deduct anything beyond the first $500.

Work on Your Timing
There can be a huge difference between doing your taxes on the last day of December and the first day of January. If you think you have an expense looming try to pay it this year rather than the next. So, for example, having that tooth extracted now means you could meet the medical expenses threshold. If you were to wait until next year you could lose out on your deductions.

Donate Your Money
When you donate money to charity those contributions are often times deductible. What’s more, is those donations do not always have to be in cash. If you have donated household items, food, or clothing you could have a lower tax bill. However, you will need to make sure that you got a receipt for your donations and they went to a recognized charity.

It is possible for you to reduce your tax bill, you just have to take some extra steps. By implementing those things, it can lead to you paying less in taxes every year. Follow the above tips and you’re less likely to get an alarming tax bill.

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