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May 17, 2021

Gadgets to Help Your Skin Care Regime

As the world of technology grows into ever more expansive worlds, there are numerous ways in which they can help your skin care regime. This will help you save money on expensive skin lotions and will ensure that you have plumper fresher skin for longer without the cost of going to spa treatments. As more technology becomes accessible, now is the time to invest without breaking the bank. 

Luminance RED

Luminance RED offers a range of different products that can make sure your face, mouth and even genitals stay clear and healthy. Their lip device delivers concentrated wavelengths of light that can combat sores around the lips. Equally, they offer a mouth device that does the same and can fight the pesky and painful ulcers that can form in the mouth. To make it more of an attractive prospect, they are offering a 6-month money back guarantee. 

Trinity Facial Toning Device

This is an award-winning skin care device that has multiple attachments to rejuvenate your appearance. It is essentially fitness for your face. It sculpts the face making it tighter and helps it to combat aging and sagging. Adding definition to the face can strip the years off of your face in the matter of days. 

Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor

This handy and cheaper tool can cleanse your face and keep your pores dirt free. Combatting oil and blackheads by utilising a rounded spatula shape to not only comfortably remove blackheads but also minimise pores. This also lets your serums and moisturizers penetrate the skin and activate the ingredients of your lotions. This is a simple to use tool that can easily brighten your look. 

Face Defuzzers

Instead of throwing money at the newest lotion or skincare cream, buy these fantastic tools that will unveil the secret to baby-smooth skin. This dermatological tool is a fine blade that can remove dead skins to reveal the softer and fresher skin underneath. Equally, these versatile tools can be used to shave off peach fuzz, brow shaping and any unwanted hair. Use it on clean dry skin and combine it with a decent moisturiser to have fresher, brighter skin. 

Facial Steamer

This facial steamer will detoxify and cleanse your skin no matter what your skin type is and will clear your pores. On top of this, it will stimulate circulation to the face and remove dead skin cells. It utilises nano-sized water molecules to penetrate the skin and stop acne and spots breaking out in clusters. This will also help your skin be more receptive to skincare creams and treatments. In no time at all you will have a clear and beautiful skin complexion that will be the talk of all your friends. 


There are so many handy tools out there. Whilst they may seem initially costly, they can save you money in the long run. No longer will you need an inordinate amount of skincare products. You can find the ones that work for you and combine it with a handy new gadget. 


May 12, 2021

Celebrate Deserving Dads and Father Figures With The #EntenMANoftheYear Contest

*Today's conversation is sponsored by Entenmann's.

Can you believe that Mother's Day has already slipped by? We will be heading into June before you know it, and it'll be time to start planning Father's Day festivities. We tend to keep things fairly intimate around here, celebrating my husband with his favorite foods, a few special gifts, and of course time with the family. With the way things have been going all over the world, this is definitely a good year to stay at home to celebrate. 

We will spoil the best dad we know with a big breakfast to kick off the day. I know he likes to catch up on his business news and shows, so we will give him space to do that. I am still in the planning mode for his dinner and dessert, but I am sure I will come up with something delicious. Of course, he always ends the evening on our back deck with his evening cup of green tea and a tasty treat. Entenmann's donuts have always been one of our go-to treats whether it's at breakfast or snack time. Who can resist the not-too-sweet but oh-so-satisfying deliciousness that an Entenmann's donut provides? My husband absolutely loves the Softees donuts, especially the plain and cinnamon flavors. 

Entenmann's Donuts come in so many tasty varieties. I admit, we love them all! The chocolate frosted are a classic that I have enjoyed since I was a kid. 

Fathers are so important, not just on Father's Day, but every day! My husband is definitely an amazing father. He is a great provider, protector, and teacher. He is such a great role model to our children. He teaches them so many important life skills, spends time with them, and has certainly rescued them in sticky situations. We all appreciate him so much! 

Right now thru June 21st Entenmann’s® Donuts is hosting its first-ever Entemann’s® Donuts “EntenMAN of The Year Father’s Day Contest” to celebrate anyone who has made a fatherly impact on your life- whether a Dad, coach, teacher or another special person. Just go to the contest page to submit your  nomination for “EntenMAN of the Year":  You will fill out an entry form and share a short response describing why you believe your nominee deserves to win the “EntenMAN of the Year” title, plus a Grand Prize Package. The grand prize winner will win the “EntenMAN of the Year” title and will receive the Grand Prize, which includes free Entenmann’s® Donuts for a year and a VIP all-expenses-paid Race Trip package to attend races in Daytona, Florida, scheduled to take place in February 2022.

Five finalists will be chosen by a panel of judges to move on to the Voting Phase. Each finalist (whether the nominee or nominator) will be asked to submit an original short video describing why they deserve the title, and fans will be called on to help vote for their favorite candidate.

The grand prize winner will win the “EntenMAN of the Year” title and will receive the Grand Prize, which includes free Entenmann’s® Donuts for a year and a VIP all-expenses-paid Race Trip package to attend races in Daytona, Florida, scheduled to take place in February 2022.

The nominee with the second highest score will be deemed the First Prize winner and will receive free Entenmann’s® Donuts for a year in addition to a race-used, Entenmann’s-autographed driver fire suit. The remaining finalists and nominators of each of the five finalists will all receive free Entenmann’s® Donuts for a year. The entry deadline is June 21st! 

I am so thrilled to offer a giveaway right here on my blog, just for you! 

Entenmann’s® is providing a $25 virtual Visa gift card and three (3) coupons for up to $7.00 off the purchase of Entenmann’s® products.

Enter below: a Rafflecopter giveaway  

*The coupons for product redemption, information, and gift card have been provided by Entenmann’s so that I could try the product and share my thoughts and information about Entenmann’s. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Entenmann’s.

This giveaway is open to U.S. Residents and ends June 2, 2021.  One winner will be chosen at random. Please provide a valid email address. Please note that Mom Files is not responsible for any lost or stolen prizes.

May 5, 2021

6 Things To Do On A Family Vacation In Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful regions in the world.  Steeped in rich history, there is so much to see, do and learn. Greece is made up of the mainland and thousands of islands and islets, 227 of which are inhabited. Art, culture, food, and archelogy are plentiful, which means that everyone in your party will find something to enjoy! Check out our ‘must dos’ below.

1. Go Island Hopping

With literally hundreds of options, you’ll never be bored of exploring! The best way to get around is by boat. There are amazing Lefkas boat rentals with 12 Knots so you can speed through the seas in style. You can choose to have the boat on its own or with a crew so you can have as little or as much control as you want. The top five most popular to visit are Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Crete and Zakynthos. 

2. Visit The Acropolis
Athens’s stunning Acropolis is home to incredible architecture, temples, and the towering Parthenon. Made up of marble that glistens in the sunlight, the monuments are breathtaking and a must-see for history buffs and children who are eager to be educated on history.

3. Sun Yourself In Santorini

Not only one of the most famous of the Greek isles, Santorini is also saturated with some of the most Insta-worthy locations in the Aegean Sea. The island itself has been shaped by a volcanic eruption over 3000 years ago. This offered the island the basis to build the signature cliffside white buildings with domed roofs.  Nothing screams picture-postcard perfect more than the tiny, cobbled streets with views of the stunning blue ocean, surrounded by white and blue houses – perfect for a cocktail hour!

4. Learn About Greek Mythology At Mount Olympus

The home of Zeus and other popular Greek Gods, Olympus towers 2917 above sea level. Trekking to the top may be difficult with kids, but there is plenty to see and do near the base.  If your family are keen swimmers or you just want to reconnect with nature, a visit to the Orlias Waterfalls near Litohoro – perfect for a sun-drenched splash spot. There’s also the archaeological park and museum in Dion if you’re more interested in learning about the incredible history of the area.

5. Play Make-Believe At The Epidaurus Theatre 

If your kids love the theatre and being creative, take them to the Epidaurus Theatre in Argolis. They can let their imaginations run wild as they put on shows to a pretend crowd. If they love mythology, they can recreate some of the most famous stories such as Hercules, Clash of the Titans, and Icarus. Ten points for the most convincing Minotaur impression!

6. Take A Ride At The Melissani Cave

Hop over to the island of Kefalonia and head over to the beautiful Melissani Cave. Stretching out of 4km, the craggy rocks are home to the Melissani lake, which can be explored by boat. Settle in and let your guide explain the history of the cave and how it got its namesake from the water Nymph Melissani.

Will you be visiting Greece this summer? Drop us a comment with your bucket list destination!

May 3, 2021

4 Steps to Create a Logo

Designing a logo can be a stressful matter for business owners. It can seem difficult to create a logo that captures everything about your business that you want it to, while also looking great and being memorable. In the past, firms had to hire outside help from expensive designers for logos, but now you can design it with a logo maker. Designing a logo has never been more easy, fun, and cost-effective! 

Learn the 4 steps to create a logo below. 

1. Choose the Look & Feel

First, you'll be given a list of different design examples of logos that display a look and feel. Some of these feels include active, fresh, sleek, fun, and retro with an accompanying example logo. You can pick up to three in this stage, which allows the logo maker to get an idea of the styles you prefer. 

2. Pick a Template

Next, a few logo templates will appear on the screen. These serve as a general outline of the format of your logo. Some options here will have an image on top with text on the bottom, text on either side of an image, or text within an image or shape. Most options are simple and straightforward, as any good logo should be, but you can change around nearly any aspect of these templates in the following step.  

3. Personalize Your Logo

This is where the real fun begins! During this stage, you can take the logo that the logo maker has made for you using your preferences, and tweak it further to get exactly what you are looking for. Play around with the colors, shapes, clipart, text, and more to your heart's content. 

Some people find it helpful to create a couple of different logos during this stage to get feedback from colleagues, employees, or friends and family members. Think about what kinds of products this logo might show up on, whether it's company clothing, business cards, mugs, or on social media. This can help you further narrow down the details of your prospective logo. 

4. Download Your New Logo

Once you have hammered out the details of your logo, it's ready to download! When downloading your logo, you will be given two logo files. One will have a solid background, and the other will have a transparent background, making it easy to put one or the other on whatever you need. 

From here, you can use your logo on your brand's social media pages or website, or you can put it on customized merchandise to sell to your fans! 

Designing a Logo Just Got Easier

The logo maker software is straightforward and intuitive, and anyone can make an eye-catching, professional logo in a matter of minutes. Some people prefer to stay closer to the templates the logo maker recommends, and others like to take their time and let their creative juices flow. 

Either way, you can relax while knowing that logo design no longer has to be a stressful, expensive endeavor.


Apr 26, 2021

8 Romantic At-Home Date Night Ideas

Scheduling a regular date night with your significant other is a great way to mix up your routine and deepen your connection. It can also supercharge the romance and intimacy of your relationship.

It's not always possible to go out every week, especially if you have kids or work long hours. But you don't always have to leave your house to enjoy a special date. With a little creativity, an at-home date night can be a romantic and fun way to spend time together. 

Here are a few ideas for your next perfect date night, right from the comfort of your own home. 

1. Spa Night

Why pay for an expensive spa package for couples when you can create your own romantic spa night at home for a fraction of the cost? Set the scene with scented candles, dimmed lights, and soft music.

Start with a sensual bubble bath, get out the face masks and top it off by taking turns giving each other a full body massage.

What to wear? You might be more comfortable in sweats or a terry cloth robe, but if you want to spice things up try fancy lingerie or add a fun twist with matching underwear for couples

2. Wine Tasting 

Create your own custom tasting night with different wines, beers, or your beverage of choice. Buy a few varieties that are new to both of you and arrange them into sample sizes that you can sip and discover together.

Don't forget snacks! If you want to go all out, add an assortment of gourmet cheese, charcuterie, and chocolate.

3. Music Listening Party

Enjoy a living room concert by curating a mix of your favorite albums or playlists, or watch a live-streamed concert of one of your favorite artists. Sip on cocktails or a glass of wine while you immerse yourselves in your favorite tunes from the cozy comfort of your couch.

One of the perks of an at-home concert is that you don't have to get all dressed up, drive in busy traffic, or find a parking spot. Just sit back and relax! 

4. Backyard Picnic

Turn your backyard into a romantic picnic setting by laying out a blanket, setting up a lantern, and adding a bouquet of fresh flowers to set the scene.

Turn on some soft tunes from your phone or portable speaker, and you'll be ready to enjoy a perfect picnic "getaway" together. 

5. Games for Two

Whether you're into cards, board games, or video games, a little friendly competition can be a great aphrodisiac! Pop open a bottle of wine and let the games begin.

If you want to make things even more interesting, make it a rule that the loser of each game or round must remove a piece of clothing.

6. Candlelight Take-Out Dinner

Take-out dinner might be something you do on hectic, busy days, but why not transform it with a little planning and change in atmosphere. Add candles, a nice tablecloth, and turn on some romantic dinner music.

Be sure to turn off the tv and put your phones on "do not disturb." You might be surprised by how refreshing it can be when you take the time to be together with no distractions. 

8. Cooking 

If you plan things ahead and make sure you have enough time blocked off, cooking a meal together can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time together. Make sure you have all ingredients ahead of time and account for the time it takes to prep, like chopping veggies.

The best part? There's something magical about the moment you get to sit down and enjoy a meal you created together from scratch.

No matter what you choose to do, the most important thing is that you both set aside the time to connect without distractions. Put away the phones and simply make space to enjoy each other's company.

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