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Jan 22, 2021

How You Can Increase Your Baby's Iron Level

Though you may have stocked up on immune boosting foods for kids and babies already, you might have specific concerns about a few essential vitamins and minerals, especially when it comes to iron. Although it might not get as much attention as vitamin C, calcium or other nutrients, having adequate iron levels is essential to your baby’s overall health. Iron helps carry oxygen throughout the body and brings oxygen to vital organs, so getting enough iron is fundamental to healthy brain development throughout childhood. Additionally, low iron levels can even lead to anemia. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can help raise your baby’s iron levels to a healthier place.

Ask Your Pediatrician About Incorporating a Supplement

Perhaps the most straightforward way to get to the heart of the issue is by getting a Wellements baby multivitamin and supplementing your baby’s diet with iron. An exception, of course, is if you’re currently feeding your baby formula, which today is often already fortified with iron. Of course, because it’s possible to get too much of a good thing, you’ll want to talk with your family pediatrician about whether supplementation is a good route for your child. Your pediatrician might, in more severe cases, even be able to prescribe your baby iron drops to help get their levels up faster. 

Focus on Making Tweaks to Your Child's Diet as They Age

As your baby starts to get older and eat a more diverse range of foods, your options for tweaking his or her diet to include more iron become broader. With these new diet possibilities, you can focus in on making targeted changes in a number of different areas. Some particularly useful tweaks are:
  • Incorporating more vitamin C in your child’s meals, like pairing citrus with iron-rich foods such as beans, since it can help boost iron absorption
  • Providing your child with fortified infant cereal for breakfast or snacks, or using it as a cooked ingredient in some of your other prepared dishes.
  • Offering a range of foods rich in iron, including spinach, peas and raisins, and finding a way to work them into your meals

Double-Check Whether Your Baby Actually Requires More Iron

Though it may be tempting to jump to the conclusion that your child needs more iron, very young infants may already have adequate stores. It’s typically the case, in fact, that babies under six months of age are likely to have been born with enough iron. After the six-month mark, however, those stores could begin to get depleted, raising the need to incorporate iron-rich foods or supplements.

Even if it doesn’t get as much publicity as some other nutrients, iron is vital to your child’s brain development, and getting enough of it is key to preventing anemia. Though you might already have a well-balanced diet planned out for your child, ensuring your baby’s iron levels are healthy can feel tricky sometimes. By using some of these methods, you can help increase those iron levels to where they need to be for optimal health.


Jan 21, 2021

Top 8 Reasons to Hire a Family Lawyer for Your Divorce

If you or your spouse has made up your mind to part ways, divorce could be the only way to end things. However, this is not an easy road to go down on. There is so much involved like splitting up assets and liabilities, child support, and custody, to name a few. The anxiety and stress involved can make you feel like giving up before you even begin.

While some people choose to handle the process themselves, they discover it's not as easy as they thought.  While you may not be required to get an attorney in your family law case, you may want to consider these advantages that come with dealing with a family lawyer such as Heath Baker Law

Knowledge of the legal proceedings

A family law attorney is a valuable asset during divorce cases because they understand court proceedings. When you go before a judge, you must realize that the judge is a busy person and doesn't want their time wasted. Without legal experience, you won't know how the courtroom operates.

This is why you need a family law attorney.

The attorney preps you on court proceedings, handles the documentation, and presents the case properly. An experienced attorney will know precisely how to handle every situation throughout the proceedings. This quickens the proceedings and makes the process smoother.


For a judge to grant a divorce, the following must be settled:

  • Splitting of assets
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support

Couples often seek leverage against each other to get a favorable outcome, which can be messy. An attorney has been handling such cases for a long time and will guide you on the best course of action. They will also advise you on how to achieve your goals.

Proper filing of paperwork

Numerous documents must be filed and signed during a divorce case. Without law experience, you can get confused and overwhelmed with the paperwork. The judge could also do away with any incorrectly drafted documents. With a family attorney, you can be sure that all paperwork is correctly done including filing, drafting, and submission within the stipulated time.

Settle an agreement

Divorcing couples rarely see eye to eye making, reaching any agreement almost impossible. The tug of war can go one for eternity without some intervention. With a family attorney, couples can quickly come up with a settlement without getting into each other's throats.

Lessen the emotional stress

Going through a divorce can be emotional, stressful, and physically exhausting. It gets worse when you handle the divorce yourself. A family attorney takes care of all the legal matters and holds your hand throughout the process. This takes so much stress off your shoulders.

Avoid bullying

Spouses have been known to throw threats at each other. Without a lawyer, you wouldn't know if these threats could materialize. You could even be tempted to give in to your ex-spouse's demands in an attempt to prevent the threats from becoming a reality.

An attorney holds all communication between the two of you preventing any form of verbal abuse. The lawyer can also hold the other party accountable, preventing you from giving in to the demands.


Things quickly heat up, and it's hard to think rationally when going through a divorce. Since an attorney isn't invested emotionally in the case, they can see the full picture and offer unbiased insights. Besides, they use legal knowledge and expertise to provide valuable objectivity and qualified support for your best interest.

Protect your rights

A family attorney is experienced in divorce law. They know everything about the process and what your rights are.  By hiring an experienced attorney, you can be sure your best interests are represented, and your voice is heard.


Jan 18, 2021

The Real You - 7 Tools to Help You Find Your Ideal Career

Whether you’re considering returning to work after a break, or just looking for a more rewarding working life, it’s worth taking time and effort to define exactly what type of career will be the ideal fit with your personality and your lifestyle needs. There are plenty of tools to help you, so we list a few of the most useful below.

1. Know what you want

The first step is to consider what will be important to you in your perfect career. Is it an opportunity to solve problems, and use your creativity? Will you want to be near home, and avoid commuting? Flexible hours? The chance to use your education and experience?

Make a list of everything you want, then divide them into two lists: ‘Essential’ and ‘Nice to have’. List each item in order of importance.

Next, make a list of deal-breakers. What aspects of a job would you not accept – low salary? Long hours? Working remotely?  

Now, armed with these initial insights, it’s time to look a bit deeper.

2. Gain insight into your working style

Although self-analysis is useful, it is also worthwhile to gather more data with an online personality test.  There are plenty of free resources you could try.  However, it’s probably better to go for one which has been validated by independent research, as you’re likely to get a more accurate result. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has been used for over 70 years and has been extensively tested. It’s widely used across a range of organizations and defines 16 basic personality types, plus their optimum working environment.  For example, if you are an ‘INFP personality type', or an 'insightful visionary' as it's described, there are clearly careers that will allow you to play to your strengths and others which won't allow you to flourish.  As an ‘insightful visionary’ would you prefer to start your own business, perhaps?  Or work for a start-up’, with your eye on a clear path to a bright future? 

3. Match your profile with jobs

Armed with insights from your self-analysis and chosen online psychometric tool, it’s time to start matching your profile with the careers that may suit you.  The US government provides two amazing online tools using their vast employment database: the O*Net Interest Profiler and the O*Net Skills profiler. The first will help you research careers that match your list of features you want in your career, the second is more based on your skills and experience. The O*Net site also provides in-depth job descriptions, as well as salary ranges and other data which will help to prepare for your job search.

4. The perfect salary

You may be in the fortunate position of not having to consider remuneration as an important part of your reason for working.  More likely you’re like the rest of us and you'll need to be realistic about the salary you want and can expect.  You’ll find plenty of information on the major job boards, based on real-time data from thousands of recruiters and job seekers. 
Also, why not consult local employment agencies for a realistic assessment of the salary range you might expect in your chosen career.

5. Friends and family

Friends and family can be a great source of feedback and inspiration. They know you best.  Ask them what they think would be your ideal career.  They may surprise you with suggestions that highlight strengths you didn't realize you had.

6. Seek professional advice 

Before launching yourself onto a new career path, it pays off to discuss your choices with an experienced professional. Consult a career counselor or a life coach who specializes in helping people find their niche.  It’s true that his will most likely require a financial investment as expert advice rarely comes free. However, when you consider the long-term financial and emotional impact of your career choice, it can definitely prove worthwhile. 

7. Be supported as you search

Once your job search is underway, get as much support as you can. There are plenty of online support programs that provide practical advice and tools.  

Ensure your CV is updated and really reflects the career choice you’re making.  These days, recruiters often receive hundreds of applications for each vacancy. It’s essential that whatever you send is clear and focused. Why are you the right choice for the position, and why is the position the right choice for you?

Choosing the right career is a major life decision, which requires careful consideration and planning. We hope that some or all of these tools will assist in getting you the ideal career. Good luck!

Jan 15, 2021

Take Control of Your Finances in 2021 with These Helpful Ideas

When it comes to our finances, it can feel like we’re in a vicious cycle of spending and debt. It’s not always easy to maintain our current lifestyles and more of us than ever before are stripping back on luxuries as a way to keep control of our spending and keep debt at bay. But, there must be another way to take control of your finances, right?

Managing your money doesn’t always have to mean cutting back on the things you love. Sometimes, simply revisiting your budget is an easy yet effective way to see how you can hold onto more of your money each month. If you’re someone who is really struggling with their debt and is facing potential bankruptcy, reach out to Creditfix as soon as possible to discuss your options with one of our helpful and experienced advisors. 

Why not make this new year the one you finally gain control and build your financial confidence? Read on for how you can take control of your finances in 2021. 

Create a rainy-day fund
When we’re prepared for the unexpected, we have one less thing to stress about. And the same logic applies to your finances. The more ready you are for those financial mishaps and expenses the better you’ll sleep at night. Start by creating a rainy day fund and make sure you’re including it in your monthly budget expenses. 

How much you can afford to place in your fund is up to you, just remember to add to it! Sudden car repairs, broken appliances, a job loss or change in your living circumstances could have devastating consequences for your finances, plunging you into a spiral of debt that may be difficult to get out of - a rainy day fund gives you a much-needed safety net. 

Update your knowledge 
Unfortunately, financial literacy isn't taught in schools. Which means most of us hit adulthood with little knowledge of how to create a budget, handle money, prevent debt, or apply for a mortgage etc. Updating your financial knowledge by reading articles and even listening to podcasts on certain financial subjects can give you the information you need to make better financial choices in the future.

Pay off those credit cards
Credit card debt can hang over us for months and even years, making it difficult to break the never-ending cycle of debt. By paying off your credit card debts as soon as possible, you won’t be stung by rising interest rates and only pay off what you originally borrowed. Again, reach out to Creditfix if you need further guidance.

And finally, set a savings goal
Want a new car? Or do you have dreams of owning your own home one day? Whatever your financial goals may be, the sooner you start saving for them, the better. This savings goal should be separate from your emergency fund, however, it will also provide an additional financial safety net should you need one. Don't forget to include your savings in your monthly budget. 


Jan 12, 2021

How To Go on a Long Bike Ride With Kids

In recent years, several suburbs, towns and cities have created new bike-routes within their borders as a means to provide safe spaces for cyclists. At the same time, recreationally-minded groups have worked to form vast miles of smooth limestone and dirt trails nationwide. These developments expand opportunities for family bike rides that can include all ages. However, how do you prepare kids for relatively long days cycling, either as a passenger or pedaler? If you want to be sure your young child can stay on the saddle for a few hours, get into gear with these child-friendly cycling tips. 

Situating the Youngest Passenger

If you are planning to take an infant on a ride, age becomes the primary factor in whether you and they are ready for the first journey. You can place older infants in a trailer that you pull behind your bike if you are comfortable and they are physically ready. You should choose relatively smooth surfaces to avoid too much head jostling, and you should practice pulling the empty trailer several times before your baby’s first ride. Keep in mind, good comfort bikes can help you dramatically increase your trailer-pulling mileage. 

Carrying the Toddler

An older child may enthusiastically sit in a kids bike seat; options include those that attach to your handlebars, the middle of your bike or behind your seat. Any one of these seats can be a platform for creating a wonderful shared cycling experience. These choices require that your passenger has sufficient neck strength to keep the head stable and wears a helmet. And as with the trailer, practice riding with the bike seat empty initially.

Pulling the Young Child

As your child grows and develops leg strength, bump your cycling partner up to a co-pilot bike arrangement. Co-pilots, which look like bikes with the front wheel and fork removed, attach to the adult rider’s seat post. Because you pull these appendages, your child can pedal as much or as little as desired while keeping up. You can teach and encourage proper cadence, and your child will gradually adjust to sitting on a bike seat for an extended period of time. 

Riding With the Older Child

At some point, your child will be ready for the next bicycling stage. Whether you are considering hybrid bikes for sale or already have a comfortable cruiser, you can choose a kid’s model that can go the distance with your own cycle. To make sure your child can partner with you and other older riders on a long ride, follow some preparation guidelines:
  • Fit the bike appropriately to your child’s size
  • Purchase a multi-gear bike for hilly conditions
  • Teach proper pedaling cadence
  • Build endurance by systematically increasing distance
  • Pack water and snacks for any lengthy rides
The goal is to ensure your child embraces cycling without facing significant frustration along the way.
Bicycling is a natural family activity. It provides exercise, recreation and bonding experiences within a fun framework. If you manage cycling appropriately during each stage of a child’s development, you can ensure your youngsters will remain enthusiastic about family cycling for years to come.
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