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Jun 24, 2021

8 Romantic At-Home Date Night Ideas

Scheduling a regular date night with your significant other is a great way to mix up your routine and deepen your connection. It can also supercharge the romance and intimacy of your relationship.

It's not always possible to go out every week, especially if you have kids or work long hours. But you don't always have to leave your house to enjoy a special date. With a little creativity, an at-home date night can be a romantic and fun way to spend time together. 

Here are a few ideas for your next perfect date night, right from the comfort of your own home. 

1. Spa Night

Why pay for an expensive spa package for couples when you can create your own romantic spa night at home for a fraction of the cost? Set the scene with scented candles, dimmed lights, and soft music.

Start with a sensual bubble bath, get out the face masks and top it off by taking turns giving each other a full body massage.

What to wear? You might be more comfortable in sweats or a terry cloth robe, but if you want to spice things up try fancy lingerie or add a fun twist with matching underwear for couples

2. Wine Tasting 

Create your own custom tasting night with different wines, beers, or your beverage of choice. Buy a few varieties that are new to both of you and arrange them into sample sizes that you can sip and discover together.

Don't forget snacks! If you want to go all out, add an assortment of gourmet cheese, charcuterie, and chocolate.

3. Music Listening Party

Enjoy a living room concert by curating a mix of your favorite albums or playlists, or watch a live-streamed concert of one of your favorite artists. Sip on cocktails or a glass of wine while you immerse yourselves in your favorite tunes from the cozy comfort of your couch.

One of the perks of an at-home concert is that you don't have to get all dressed up, drive in busy traffic, or find a parking spot. Just sit back and relax! 

4. Backyard Picnic

Turn your backyard into a romantic picnic setting by laying out a blanket, setting up a lantern, and adding a bouquet of fresh flowers to set the scene.

Turn on some soft tunes from your phone or portable speaker, and you'll be ready to enjoy a perfect picnic "getaway" together. 

5. Games for Two

Whether you're into cards, board games, or video games, a little friendly competition can be a great aphrodisiac! Pop open a bottle of wine and let the games begin.

If you want to make things even more interesting, make it a rule that the loser of each game or round must remove a piece of clothing.

6. Candlelight Take-Out Dinner

Take-out dinner might be something you do on hectic, busy days, but why not transform it with a little planning and change in atmosphere. Add candles, a nice tablecloth, and turn on some romantic dinner music.

Be sure to turn off the tv and put your phones on "do not disturb." You might be surprised by how refreshing it can be when you take the time to be together with no distractions. 

8. Cooking 

If you plan things ahead and make sure you have enough time blocked off, cooking a meal together can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time together. Make sure you have all ingredients ahead of time and account for the time it takes to prep, like chopping veggies.

The best part? There's something magical about the moment you get to sit down and enjoy a meal you created together from scratch.

No matter what you choose to do, the most important thing is that you both set aside the time to connect without distractions. Put away the phones and simply make space to enjoy each other's company.


Tips When Planning to Travel Around the Country

Everyone loves to travel, but they are not always willing to make the sacrifice for it. We take one day off during the weekend, and try to visit as many places in as short a time as possible. This is not the way to travel and truly enjoy tourism. You might get good photos to post on social media, but you're not likely to get the full benefit of travel for relaxation and enjoyment if your time is limited. 

Stay for a While 
You don’t get to experience anything when you go anywhere for a short time. You only see things that people have set up for tourists. You go to those famous places where there are many other people like you, and eat food from popular restaurants. If possible, you should move to the city for a few months if you really want to experience their culture. With the help of a moving company, traveling and staying from one city to another will be easier. 

Take on a Job for the Experience
If you are going to live in a new city for a few months, you will definitely need some money. That’s why you should find yourself a job. You will be able to meet many new people and experience the local culture. However, make sure you find a job of your interest, not something that is too hectic, even if it pays well. Since you are going to live there for some time, you will have more time to explore and discover new places. 

Avoid Tourist Season
There is usually a season when everyone heads to the popular tourist spots. This tends to fall during the summer months as well as during the winter holidays. That’s the time you need to avoid. There are way too many people during this season, and locals are only focused on making profits instead of providing an experience. You will see that all good spots become very commercial, and since every business have a greater volume of customers, they may not give their best service possible. 

Get Up Early 
If you want to save time, you need to avoid crowds. Wherever you are going, set an alarm to get up early. You won’t see a lot of people out and about if you get up and leave early. You will save time on the trip and get to enjoy the tourist spots before it gets too crowded. 

Don’t Be in a Rush
Since you have made time to go and enjoy your time, do it properly. Don’t try to cut short time and get more done in little time. You are traveling, not working where you need to save time. Don’t be afraid to spend hours throughout the day experiencing moments that truly feed your soul. 

Talk to People 
You might be an introvert, but you should get out of your comfort zone to enjoy traveling. It’s not very difficult to open up and talk to locals to learn about their culture. They can put you on to places to go or even free things to do in the area you might not have known about. 

Don’t Just Take Photos
You should take photos to make memories, but that should not be all. Many of us are only focused on getting good shots that we can show off to our friends and families. No one cares about how good photos you have taken. You should focus on enjoying and living the moment. Leave the camera aside for some time and try activities. Make memories but there is no law that says you should photograph them. 

Jun 21, 2021

What Happens When Breastfeeding isn't an Option

Breastfeeding your child is a joyful experience that most expecting moms look forward to. However, it is an unfortunate fact that due to various reasons, this isn’t always possible. Some mothers are unable to produce enough breastmilk due to hypoplasia, which occurs when the glands in the breast are underdeveloped. Other reasons for not being able to breastfeed include postpartum depression or a previous breast reduction surgery which can negatively impact milk production. Whatever the reason might be, new moms should rest assured that not being able to breastfeed is not the end of the world.

Baby Formula Nutrition

When you can’t breastfeed, you must invest in a good quality baby formula. Good brands like Alula offer infant to toddler formulas that provide complete nutrition for your baby, so you won’t need to worry about your child’s growth and development. While doctors do recommend breastfeeding as the best form of nutrition for your newborn baby, you don’t need to be concerned about their health in the slightest – a good formula will take care of the job, and some even provide extra vitamins and minerals which otherwise may need to be supplemented

Pumping and Supplementing

If you are able to express milk and it’s just not quite enough, you can always consider pumping and supplementing your breastmilk with formula. A good breast pump is going to be a great investment in this case, and you can express and store your milk during bottle-feeding periods. Do some research on the best way to go about this combination method. 

Consider Donated Breast Milk

If your heart is set on breastmilk for your little one or formula isn’t going to cut it, but you can’t express yourself, using donated breastmilk is another option you could think about. Research shows that donated breast milk from another woman can nourish your baby just as well as your own. You can check in with your hospital if this is available or otherwise check in with a milk bank in your area. However, keep in mind that this method may be less accessible since premature babies and babies with certain medical conditions are prioritized by these institutions. 

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

Many moms who can’t express enough milk to feed their babies feel that they are failing them. This is never the case! Keep in mind that there are many mothers out there facing the same problem as you, and many healthy, happy children who were raised on formula. You can still create a strong emotional bond with your baby while bottle-feeding, too, so don’t be distressed about missing that skin-on-skin contact. This can still be generated by holding and cuddling your baby close while feeding them.

If this is a problem that you’re struggling with, don’t forget to reach out for support from your partner, friends and family, and a mental healthcare professional if that’s what you need. Postpartum depression is common after giving birth, and struggling with meeting your baby’s needs could contribute to this. Make sure that you’re providing not only for the baby’s needs but your own too. 


Jun 20, 2021

Understanding Alimony and the Different Types

When a marriage comes to a halt, it does not end the obligations of one spouse to another. Spousal support involves monetary aid offered by one spouse to the other upon separation under a court order. People are eligible for alimony if they were married, lived together, or have a child together. The support could be short-term or long-term. The court considers the situation of both partners to determine the amount and period for which they will give support.

Different types of alimony are. 

Temporary Support

It is the support paid when separation takes place, but the divorce process is not complete. The temporary agreement is not necessarily filed in court, and it indicates the amount and when you will make it. If the court is involved, the judge has to determine fairness and whether the party was forced to officiate the agreement.

Temporary alimony can be adjusted, especially if the matter was not filed in court. However, if the agreement was made in court, the judge must order the new payment plan.

Permanent Spousal Support

Permanent support is granted after long periods of marriage, and the legality varies depending on the state. In some laws, the support may continue until the receiver dies or remarries. In other states, the support stops if the receiver moves in with another person.

The payments can be adjusted with changes in circumstances, such as getting more income. The contributor may also suffer a loss that makes them unable to meet the support. Your court will look into the matter to determine whether the course is genuine.

Rehabilitative Support

It is short-term assistance given to a spouse to help them acquire the necessary skills and enable them to work. It is granted until the receiver can support themselves financially. People who qualify for this kind of support include stay-at-home parents that take care of the children.

A court order may specify the duration of the payments, which is renewable. The agreement should contain a review provision that allows the parties to make changes. The receiver is responsible for completing the study and searching for employment. If the contributor suspects that the receiver is not making efforts to financial dependence, they can write to the court to be granted termination.

Reimbursement Support

Reimbursement alimony is a way of compensating a spouse for the sacrifices made during the spouse's education. The support is not based on the need for financial support. It is expected that once the schooling partner completes education and earns a better income, the party that sacrificed will be a beneficiary of the higher standards of living. If the marriage ends before getting these benefits, the partner who sacrificed is eligible for reimbursement support.

In some cases, the court may give the recipient part of marital property as compensation and payback for the support. Reimbursement support can be paid in a lump sum or can be spread over a duration of time. 

Spousal support is considered as income to the receiver and therefore taxable. It is commendable to consult a tax professional to help you make the right decision regarding lump-sum payments. It would help if you also paid attention to the grounds on which alimony is terminated. The laws vary in states, and in some, the contributor can reduce the amount or terminate the agreement if the receiver moves in with another person.

If there are circumstances that the receiver would like to amend, it is advisable to request an alteration to the agreement before termination. Support laws vary with different states, and it is important to understand your region's law with the help of a lawyer before getting into the contract. They will guide you on the best decisions to make depending on individual circumstances.


Jun 14, 2021

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Home

Your home is your personal space. It’s your area to relax and be yourself.
What turns a house into a home are those small personal touches. The things you display around your house convey your personality, or showcase your achievements and memories.
Here are the best ways you can add a personal touch to your home. Even if you're renting or you hate clutter, these tips are easy and appropriate for you!

1. Print Out Your Own Photos
The photos you take capture the most special memories that you want to remember forever. There is no better way to keep these memories at the forefront of your mind than to print them out and hang them up around your house.
Lots of people are using laser printers to print out their favorite family photos. These machines are an affordable way to bring your photos to life in bright colors.
Get yourself a laser printer, print a few photos, and you’re ready to display them across your home. You could even print some out to gift to other people if you have photos with them.
2. Show Off Your Achievements
If you’ve had an amazing achievement in the past, and have an award to show for it, you should be proud of yourself. What better way to display your pride than having up your awards in your home?
You could hang up your certificates in some beautiful frames, or place your trophies on your sideboard. Whatever achievements you have to show, having them displayed in your home a great way to give it a personal touch.
3. Display Your Homemade Accessories
For those of you who love arts and crafts, displaying your homemade accessories is a lovely way to add your personality to your home. They reflect who you are, and showcase your skills and hobbies.
Maybe you have painted your own canvases that could be hung up in your bedroom. Or maybe you have created patterned ceramic vases that would make a great addition to your living room. Because these accessories are home-made, they’re one of a kind and add a unique touch to your house.
4. Hang Up Your Children’s Work

If you have young children who love painting and drawings pictures for you, it’s always lovely to hang them up around your home. Not only does this add a personal touch to your living space, but it also makes your child proud and happy that you’re showing off their work. You may want to laminate their artwork to keep it looking like new.

5. Display Travel Purchases
If you love going on city breaks, chilling by the beach, or exploring exotic countries, you likely have lots of items that you’ve purchased on your travels. Displaying these in your house helps you to re-live the memories and show them to any guests that visit your home. It's like showcasing your steps across the world!
Whether you have a bunch of fridge magnets or unique seashells that you’ve spotted whilst on vacation, displaying them gives your home an amazing personal touch.

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