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Sep 16, 2019

Build-A-Bear Workshop Opens New Store in Walmart on Centre Pointe Dr in North Charleston, SC


Full-line Workshop to Feature the Build-A-Bear Make-Your Own Experience, Furry Friends and More

Beginning September 19, shoppers at Walmart on Centre Point Drive in North Charleston, SC will be able to make a new Build-A-Bear® furry friend when they are shopping at Walmart. The full-line experiential retail Workshops will be available in a leased space in the Walmart store and offer the signature Build-A-Bear Make-Your-Own experience, as well as an assortment of furry friends and accessories that appeal to kids and adults alike, including Condo Cubs, a brand-new collection of furry friends starting at $10 each.
The Store hours: 10am – 8pm and the address is: Build-A-Bear Workshop at Walmart Supercenter #3367, 4920 Centre Point Drive, North Charleston, SC 29418

About Build-A-Bear®

Build-A-Bear® is a global brand kids love and parents trust that seeks to add a little more heart to life. Build-A-Bear Workshop has over 450 stores worldwide where Guests can create customizable furry friends, including corporately-managed stores in the United States, Canada, China, Denmark, Ireland, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom, and franchise stores in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East. is the online destination for unique furry-friend gifts, featuring The-Bear-Builder™, a shopping configurator that helps create customized gift options. Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. (NYSE:BBW) posted total revenue of $336.6 million in fiscal 2018.
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Sep 13, 2019

Minimize Skin Pores in Ways That Actually Work!

Have you been visiting beauty salons and dermatologists to figure out how to minimize pores? Open and big-sized pores can lead to several skin-related issues like acne and pimples. Apart from giving your skin an oily feel and appearance, open pores can look unsightly and prevent you from using the makeup of your choice. As per experts, the look and size of your pores are dependent on several factors such as skin type, genetics, exposure to the sun, age, and so forth. Read on to know more about the effective ways of minimizing pores and taking care of them.

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Why are Pores Necessary?

Much as you would like your pores to disappear, do know they have some important functions to fulfill. They allow your skin to inhale and exhale air. They serve as a channel for passing air between the outside and inside of your body. Dermatologists and skincare articles ( have plenty of tips and tricks in store to shrink the pores and provide you with flawless skin. Though the pores on the skin cannot be done without, you can make them less noticeable by shrinking their visual appearance.

Tips to Reduce the Size of Pores
  1. Keep the magnifying glass away and start cleaning 
At the very onset, do know that your pores do not appear as big to others as they do to you when you see them through the magnifying mirror. So, just loosen up and relax. Regular exfoliation and a daily cleaning regime can be effective ways of keeping your pores clean and clear. Open pores, especially those that are free from any type of dirt, can be difficult to spot. However, to open them you need to apply steam or heat, and then, a warm washcloth prior to starting the scrub off process.

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Cleaning your face once or twice a day is enough. In case you are cleaning your pores just once every day, then night time cleaning is preferable to remove the last traces of makeup or dirt. Anyway, it’s essential that you scrub your face clean before going to bed. This will take care of your open pores and make them appear smaller in size.

      2. Don’t Touch Your Pores

Remember to keep your hands away from your face unless you are doing so to clean it or are in the course of a skincare routine. This is because the bacteria and grime present on your hands can find their way into the pores and block them. Along with giving your face a dull and dirty look, the closed pores can lead to infections and other skin related problems. Therefore, minimize touching your skin, and do not pick at it under any circumstances as the act can result in blemish, blood clot, scabbing, scarring, or angrier pores.

Take Care of Your Pores

Last but certainly not least, try to wear a good sunscreen cream or gel at all times to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Retinoid creams are also useful in increasing the cell turnover of your skin. Good care and appropriate cleansing routine can help you get smaller and better-looking pores  - in just a matter of days.

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Sep 11, 2019

6 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your OB

Choosing an obstetrician is not a decision to be taken lightly. You’ll want to choose a doctor who not only has great qualities but who also has an excellent track record when it comes to prenatal care and delivery. According to Hankey Law Office, a group of Indianapolis birth injury lawyers, “Often, birth injuries are the result of either improper/insufficient prenatal treatment or are caused by doctors who fail to react quickly enough to complications that arise during childbirth.” Here’s what to look for when choosing an obstetrician.
Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash
1. Specific Advantages
It’s true that you’ll likely want to find an obstetrician that is available through your health insurance plan, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for anything less than what you consider to be the best doctor for you. First off, you may prefer to have a female doctor over a male or vice-versa. Next, the obstetrician’s access to your hospital of choice may also be important. After-hours availability is another advantage you may want. And of course, having a doctor with an awesome track record should be non-negotiable in a decision as important as this.

2. Trusted Recommendations
When looking for the perfect obstetrician, you may want to ask trusted friends or family members for their recommendations — especially those who are currently seeing an OB or who have recently given birth. If you’ve been seeing a gynecologist, you can also ask her for a recommendation.

3. Stellar Patient Reviews  
Although many people don’t take the time to write a review online if they are satisfied with their doctor’s care, many people will take the time if they are upset or have had a negative experience. And those negative reviews can provide a wealth of insight to you. Do yourself a favor and take the time to research obstetricians you are considering as your doctor so you can identify any potential red flags. Health Grades — a site that houses doctor reviews and ratings — is a good place to start looking.
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4. Location of Office 
The location of the OB’s office is another factor to consider, especially if you live in a city that becomes clogged with heavy traffic throughout the day. If you’re still working while pregnant, this factor could become even more important. If the OB’s office is far away or will take considerable time to reach from your workplace due to traffic, you may want to exclude that particular doctor.

5. A Comfortable and Confident Feeling at the First Meeting
Even if a doctor ticks all your boxes and comes highly recommended, is on top of the best practices in pre-natal care and birthing and has a flawless track record, that doesn’t mean that she’s the doctor for you. You absolutely need to feel comfortable and confident with your obstetrician. For example, if you feel like you’re not being heard or you and the doctor have a major difference of opinions on OB-related issues, those are red flags. Bottom line: If you don’t feel comfortable and confident about selecting a certain obstetrician, go with your gut and do not be afraid to look elsewhere.

6. The Type of Practice You Want to Deal With
If you pick an OB who operates a solo medical practice, then you’ll see him every time you visit. This also means that you likely won’t have to worry about giving birth with someone other than your OB. However, if you see an OB who is part of a partnership or medical group practice, you may see a different doctor at different appointments, and you may not know which doctor will end up delivering your baby. This type of situation may or may not be an issue for you. Just be aware that you may not prefer to deal with some of the OBs in the practice for one reason or another, whereas others are perfectly fine.

What Do You Do If You Have a Hard Time Choosing?

Who you should choose as your obstetrician may not be as clear cut as you had hoped once you narrow down your choices. If this is the case, make sure you schedule an in-person meeting if you haven’t already to get a feel for the OB’s personality. You can also ask these important questions at that time:

  • How do you feel about natural childbirth? or How do you feel about epidurals?
  • What type of fetal monitoring do you use?
  • How often do you induce labor?
  • What is your opinion on breastfeeding?
  • How often do you perform C-section deliveries?
  • What labor and post-natal benefits does the hospital you are affiliated with offer patients?
  • What happens if you’re not available when I’m ready to deliver?
We hope these tips have helped you. 

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Sep 10, 2019

Getting Back on Your Feet: 7 Tips for Getting out of Debt Fast

Although many of us might prefer to take things one day at a time, our financial future is important. It’s not always about how much we make, but rather, how we spend and save the money we already have.

However, since the introduction of credit cards and loans, many individuals around the world have been spending not only more than they currently have in their bank account but more than what they can afford to pay back in time. In fact, just in America alone, the amount of debt Americans accumulated in 2018 hit a record of $13.21 trillion.

While the whole “buy now, pay later” approach to purchasing a product or service is something we can all take advantage of, the deeper we dig ourselves into debt, the worse the consequences. High-interest rates, a declining credit score, and heavy stress are just some of the disadvantages.

If you’re looking to get rid of your debt fast, you’ve come to the perfect source. Try some of the following tips to help get your finances back in order.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
1. Start budgeting
Not everyone with debt is bad with their finances. Regardless, it’s a good idea to put yourself on a financial budget. This way, you can ensure your income is enough to cover not just your bills but other necessities in your life including food, gasoline or other transportation costs, and other vital expenses.

To start a personal budget, you must first decide how much you spend on a monthly basis and where exactly that money goes to. From then, you can figure out what percentage of your income should go to what. Ranking your expenses from most to least important is also a wise idea to get a better understanding of your finances.

2. Try the debt snowball method
Many people have tried the debt snowball method of tackling debt and found that it works for them. It might just work for you as well. This five-step technique involves listing all of your credit card debts in terms of the amount owed and paying off the smaller debts first, especially the ones with the largest interest rates.

Over time, you’ll notice that the number of debts you have will diminish faster. On top of that, seeing how quickly these debts are diminishing will psychologically act as a motivator to get rid of those bigger, peskier debts. It’s usually not until you see this progress that you feel more encouraged to continue doing what you’re doing.

3. Downgrade your vehicle
When you’re deep in debt to the point where you can hardly keep up, one of the quickest ways to tackle such is to sell your current vehicle and then use part of that profit to purchase a cheaper, used vehicle while using the rest of the money to pay off debt.
Especially if one has a newer vehicle they’re still paying off, one might simply sell this vehicle altogether to get rid of their monthly auto payments and wait until a more financially-feasible time to consider purchasing another vehicle.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash
4. Pay more than your monthly minimum on your debts
There’s no rule that says you must pay exactly your bills’ monthly minimum payments each month. In fact, there’s a reason why they’re called monthly minimums: because that’s the minimum, not the maximum, payment a lender expects you to pay by a specific due date.
However, if you currently have the cash to do so, it’s a good idea to pay more than your monthly minimum payment, even if it’s just $10 more each time. Every dollar counts and the extra you pay off adds up over time. This is an especially great tip if some of your debts are already close to being paid off.

In the end, you could end up not only getting out of debt quicker but saving more money in the long run. Meanwhile, the more you drag on paying your dues over time, the more interest you’ll end up having to pay.

5. Go through your belongings, and sell what you don’t need
As hard as it might be for some people when you have debts to pay off, chances are, you’ll be needing more money to do so. Some folks may be left with no choice but to go through their stuff and sell what they no longer want or need. Unwanted clothing, old furniture in the basement, and extra home decor are all things you might want to sell.

These items can be sold in person at garage sales, directly sold to family members or friends, may even be sold online.

6. Cut the luxury expenses
Every one of us has some sort of luxury expenses whether it be getting our nails done every few weeks or going to the movies every Friday night. Even going out to dinner versus eating on a budget at home can be considered a luxury expense.

Your job is to figure out which luxury expenses you’re paying for and deciding which are the least important. As you’re paying off your debt, temporarily cut off some of your luxury expenses, that is, until you’re financially able to get back on your feet.

7. Consider consolidating your debt
If you have a lot of debt to tackle and several different payments to make on a monthly basis, debt consolidation can be a great way to get out of debt quicker. With just one due date per month, smaller monthly payments, and a lower interest rate, debt consolidation might just be your go-to option for obtaining better finances.

Do you need help getting out of debt as soon as possible? Get help at

At some point, most of us will have to use a credit card, take out a loan, or even occasionally borrow money from family members or friends. However, there comes a point where the amount of borrowing we do starts to pose significant problems.

No matter how much debt you’ve accumulated so far, the good news is, you can start tackling it now. From creating a financial budget to considering consolidating your debt, there are numerous ways you can quickly banish your daunting debt to lead a more financially-sound life.

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What to Give Your Children for Christmas

It is not surprising that children get really excited about the prospect of waking up to find a load of presents neatly arranged under the Christmas tree and the big question you need to find the answer to is what gift items will you be wrapping for your children?

Your child’s tastes and preferences will often change from one year to the next and choosing gifts for 12-year-old boys, for example, will most likely prove to a different buying experience compared to buying for a girl of the same age.

There are also some other Christmas gift options to consider that won’t break the bank, so here are some suggestions to help you decide.
Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash
Go for quality over quantity

It is worth remembering that kids can almost get overloaded with presents these days as they seem to get so many gifts compared to some previous generations.

You might find yourself struggling to find what could be classed as the perfect gift for your child and that could lead you to overspend and buy too many presents in your quest to get them exactly what they want.

Some parents like to follow a formula known as the 4 gift rule to help ensure that they buy certain items that fall into a category rather than randomly buying an assortment of things you think they will like.

The 4 gift rule is simple to follow and involves buying something they want, something they need, an item to wear, and something to read.
Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash
It’s not all about money

You don’t have to spend fortunes on your kids to give them some nice Christmas gifts they will love and taking this route with some or all of your gift options will help teach your kids some valuable lessons at the same time.

If it is cold where you are you could maybe hire some ice skates or get a used pair from a thrift shop and give them the gift of spending some time skating with them and just hanging out together.

The gift of time shouldn’t be underestimated and those magical memories created when you do something fun together are priceless.

Be guided by their age

When you do want to put some presents under the tree it can be a real challenge to find a gift that is appropriate for their age and stage of development.

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to buy for and that is why the default option often tends to be a gift card, which is a bit boring and unimaginative.

A practical gift for a teen could be an external power station external battery, for example, as many kids of this age seem to manage to drain the battery in their smartphone at an alarming speed.

Another age example would be a ten-year-old child, who is often somewhere in between being a kid who still loves playing with toys and becoming a tween with more of a focus on more grown-up gifts.

Think about what gift would be appropriate for their age and then consider if that is where they are at with their development so you can adjust your choice of potential Christmas gifts accordingly.

Start planning for Christmas as early as possible and it should give you enough time to work out what the perfect gift would be for your child.

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