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Our big boy

Our little guy is really growing up. He will be 3 in March and has come a long way since he turned two. Gone are the days of the terrible two's ~thank goodness! He is now a very independent and intelligent little guy. He is saying "please" and "thank you" without being prompted. He helps to prepare things for meal time and bath time as well as clean up after himself (most times). We are very pleased with his extensive vocabulary and his usage of Spanish words. The boy loves Dora and Diego. He also shows compassion for others and loves to initiate hugs. It's really sweet and makes me happy that he has a kind heart. Will is also learning responsibility with taking care of our dog Milo. He feeds him, gives him treats, plays with him and also loves to let him outside throughout the day. He is pretty well behaved and listens a lot better these days. We are really proud of him.

Surprised to see what is in his hand?

Will has this new evening ritual where he gets bathed and dressed for bed and tells me "I go bed". He then pulls down the covers on MY bed and lays back. Then he asks me to "Put the light" (turn off the light). Once I turn it off he tells me "Thanks". He thinks he's a man. I always have to tell him "Excuse me boy, I already have a husband". From there he watches a little Nick Jr and he is out for the next 11-12 hours. Daddy carries him to his own bed and puts him down for the night. I think often how happy I am that I no longer sweat the small stuff because before long all of our kids will grow up. We are fully enjoying every minute of every day :)
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  1. Awww, William is such a big boy, and so sweet! Gosh, I am looking at the picture of him over in the sidebar and amazed by how much he has grown, and the leaps and bounds he's taken in this year. I am going to hope and PRAY that Chase is like Will and leaves those TT's behind as well once he turns 3! LOL

  2. He is at such a wonderful stage. Love it!

  3. It's funny to see how "bossy" our sons can be without knowing it. My son also has his "boss man" moments. LOL, Great to read that your son is doing so well with learning and being independent

  4. I can feel your love for him just by reading these words. What a precious lil man and look at how he is growing so lovely. What a blessing!


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