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5 Important Crystals for Scorpio Season

We are going to explore five different crystals when working with Scorpio energy. In exploring the zodiac signs, there are two different aspects to look at. First, those who are born under the sign of Scorpio were born when the sun was in that sign. Second, those who may have Scorpio or ascendant sign, like their moon sign or other planets that were in Scorpio at birth. 

These crystals are great for bringing out positive attributes that you want in your life. Things that you usually keep to yourself or don't often think about. These gems will help bring out all the repressed feelings that have been kept hidden with the aim of finally setting you free. 

Blue Calcite

This gemstone is aligned with the throat chakra, which is about good communication, self-expression, and divine inspiration. It allows the angelic realms and other higher realms of consciousness to flow freely within you. Thus, it's always a good idea to keep one near you, like your work table or side desk in your bedroom. 

Blue calcite also has great energy for blasting out all these negative energies, which is an amazing gift of brightness. See, when you start honoring and respecting your energetic field, you start to calm down and stop beating yourself up. So it's really an amazing crystal that helps ward off energy attacks from toxic people. 

The blue calcite will be your constant reminder to keep your communication lines open with everyone in your life. Just like everything else, the more you practice, the better you become at communicating and the better your relationships turn out to be. 


Pyrate is also known as 'fool's gold' during the California gold rush back in the 1840s. It was called such since the gem resembles gold to untrained eyes. So for people dealing with empowerment issues, or who are feeling vulnerable, you can wear this as a necklace or have it with you in person wherever you go. 

When you are feeling vulnerable, you can carry a pyrite with you to help create that 'armor' or 'shield'. It's recommended you wear it as a necklace, or better if the chain is long enough so the gem can reach your solar plexus. The solar plexus needs protection since this is one of your major power centers that is most vulnerable when you are feeling anxious or weary. 

Pyrite is also an amazing stone to work with if you want to attract wealth and abundance in your life. It will help you create lots of business opportunities, thus, it's good if you have it at your desk in the office. Having a small 'wealth corner' in your room is also a great idea. This will help boost energy even if you're just sitting down or meditating for a couple of minutes. Soon after, you will feel more energized, and your vitality will be replenished. 


Unakite is actually a mix of two different crystals that grew together. The green comes from the epidote, while the orange comes from the orthoclase feldspar. These two crystals work hand in hand to bring a special combination that will boost your self-love, remove angst and hate, and improve your personal relationships. Its primary use is for increasing self-esteem, as the orange in the crystal lets you work with the sacral chakra that makes you feel comfortable in building intimate relationships. While the green epidote helps in nurturing this bond. 

When you wake up each morning, hold your Unakite to your heart and say positive self-affirmations that would make you feel good about yourself. Then carry it with you as you go about your day to keep that strength inside of you. It can also be programmed to draw new friends or new romantic relationships into your life, then help them grow and become stronger. 

Take note that Friday is a holiday for Unakite, so it's a great time to cleanse your crystal, work with your crystal, and meditate with it. So Unakite helps people feel good about themselves, about interacting with others, and about sharing their gifts with the world. It gives you the boost of self-confidence to form and nurture intimate relationships, rest assured that they are bound to succeed. 


If you are an empath who has taken on so much energy what you need to do is place a malachite on your solar plexus. This is the chakra that is right over your belly. The reason you put the malachite on the solar plexus is that it serves as a sponge where all the energy is going to hit hard. 

A word of caution, though, malachite, like other crystals, emits and absorbs energy, but they absorb more than they emit. It will bring a lot of emotions and heaviness to the surface until it is cleared completely. So don't be scared if, after using it, you feel deeply emotional or would feel like crying the day away. This is the cleansing process, and know that it will all be over soon in 2-3 days, and you will feel lighter and much better afterward. 


The hematite crystal serves as an anchor, so the moment you hold it will start to ground your energy immediately. This will help you become more centered, anchored, and grounded in your body. So if you find it difficult to find your center, or it seems like your head is spinning nonstop, then try wearing a hematite on a daily basis. 

Hematite also helps you if you're walking into challenging situations. Whether it's a possible conflict, a difficult negotiation, or facing someone you're at odds with, it will help you stay empowered, present, grounded, and connected. So hold on to your hematite to increase your sense of strength, resilience, and empowerment. 

Final Thoughts

If you're a Scorpio struggling with things and emotions you have always wanted to work on but never did for fear of being judged, this is your sign. Try working on these crystals and finally find the path toward healing and transformation. 


Feeling Overtired? Here’s How To Naturally Get Better Sleep

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Moms seem to have this supernatural ability to keep going throughout the day on very little sleep. With just fumes in the tank, they manage to find a way to get everything done.

From work, to kids to school to sleepless nights it seems that there are just not enough hours in the day. Well, the thing is that eventually you will start to feel run down. And this can lead to health problems later on down the road.

Time to make sure that you are getting enough sleep so you don’t feel like you’re always running on empty. That cup of coffee can only do so much, after all.

In this article, I will go over some ideas on how to make sure that you are getting more sleep so you’ll have more energy and maybe even help you become a morning person!

1 - Reduce stress

Yes, it is easier said than done, but there are some routines you can practice to try to stay calm and not let stress take over and ruin your sleep. Stress builds up cortisol levels in your system and that causes your hormones to get out of balance.

When that happens, your internal clock can get thrown off. You need to get more serotonin flowing instead of the cortisol which will keep your mind off of the stress and help you find some balance.

Meditating with aromatherapy beads from Kumi is a great way to get rid of stress. When you do it regularly, it will keep the stress from creeping up on you so you can feel calm and ready to sleep when it’s time.

Yoga is also a great way to do this and it helps keep you in good shape, too. Doing exercise is a very effective stress reliever as it pumps your system full of endorphins which just make you feel good. When you do yoga you get the endorphins as well as help clear your mind and stay focused on the present.
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2 - Make your bedroom cozy

If you have clutter in your bedroom, find a way to organize it as clutter can be depressing and lead to difficulty sleeping.

Your bedroom needs to be an oasis so you have a place to go and get the rest you need to take on the day. After getting things organized so your bedroom is tidy, you should also focus on the lighting. Soft lights are best, especially red so it creates an atmosphere that makes you sleepy.

You should also use some aromatherapy there, too. Add a diffuser that spreads aromas like lavender to help you sleep.

3 - Put the phone down

The blue light emitted from phones and tablets is known to disrupt melatonin production which is responsible for telling the brain to shut down for sleep. If you like to browse your social media before bed, make it a point not to. At least 30 minutes before bed, you should put your devices away and not look at them.

We hope these tips can help you get a better night's sleep.

Here’s Why Moms Should Be More Spiritual

As a mom, it can be difficult to feel spiritual. There’s nothing relaxing about the school run, packed lunches and changing diapers. Being spiritual can feel impossible when you’ve got a house full of screaming little ones or grumpy teenagers. But it isn’t.

Being spiritual means something different to everyone, but put simply it is the act of thinking about something bigger than yourself. Some spiritual people might do yoga or speak to a psychic (see for more information). There are many benefits of being spiritual, and it’s especially beneficial to moms in stressful households. Here’s why you should be more spiritual.
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Often, busy moms struggle to stay fit. We tend to prioritize our kids’ well-being over our own. However, it’s important to keep up a regular fitness routine. Spirituality can help with this. Being spiritual means being in tune with your body and listening to its needs. Doing yoga, for example, is a great exercise to keep you fit and healthy, while also being relaxing and soothing. Regularly stretching the body and embracing the way it feels can be hugely beneficial. Spirituality is good for the body.

Finding peace
As a mom, peace can be difficult to find. Your kids are constantly asking you where stuff is, making a mess and getting into trouble. But it’s important to take time for yourself and find some peace and quiet. Spirituality forces you to do this. Meditation, for example, can be very soothing and reduces brain chatter. You need to find a quiet place where you feel relaxed. Being spiritual might also mean spending time amongst nature, which can be hugely beneficial. In general, being spiritual means eliminating stress and noise – and this is something that moms should regularly aim for.

Influencing your kids
Kids are hugely influenced by their parents. If you act in a selfish or inappropriate manner your kids will think that this is acceptable. However, by being more spiritual, you’re setting a good example for your kids. Being spiritual means thinking about others and acting selflessly. You might give to charity, support a friend or care about the environment. Don’t you want your kids to do the same? So, be more spiritual to raise caring, kind and considerate children.
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Spirituality means caring about the environment and what you put into your body. Most spiritual people avoid processed food as they are full of chemicals. By embracing spirituality, you get more nutrition from food and you learn to understand what fuels your body the best. By listening to your body, you realize what it needs as opposed to what it wants, and you eat more healthily. You also stop supporting industries that are damaging to the environment.

Moms need to feel happy, just like everyone else. But often we put our family’s needs above our own. Being spiritual can help you to feel more relaxed, healthy and energetic – and this often means you feel happier. So, embrace spirituality and prioritize your own joy.

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