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Ideas Online For Making Treadmills Quiet

Finding time to work out with the chaos of today's busy schedules can be a challenge. A majority of people spend their days in sedentary positions making a fitness regimen critical for their health and wellness. Equipment like a treadmill being readily available at home provides convenience and flexibility with exercise times. Unfortunately, if you live in an apartment or with other people, the noise produced by a treadmill can be an annoyance and a disruption to their lifestyle. Don't allow this to hinder you from your routine. Instead, take the necessary steps to silence your treadmill.

Tips To Make Treadmills Quiet

Working out is crucial for overall health and well-being, particularly with most of our time spent sitting at a computer. Going to a gym is not always feasible, so people are bringing exercise equipment such as treadmills into their homes. The problem with a treadmill is the potential for noise pollution, upsetting neighbors, or those living in the house. Fortunately, soundproofing a treadmill can resolve this issue. Read here to find out how to effectively use your treadmill upstairs.

  • Placement of a treadmill mat: The impact from running on the deck produces a majority of the sound aside from the machine's belt and the motor. Among the best techniques to eliminate the pounding of the impact is by way of insulation. Using an insulation consisting of a foam mat with appropriate thickness acts as a cushion. You'll want to research for a budget-friendly brand. These provide longevity for your treadmill, not to mention the protection your legs receive from the harm vibrations risk.
  • Belt lubrication: Regularly lubricating the treadmill belt is an excellent way to keep it soundproof. Not only does the machine make loud noises during your workout when the belt is neglected, but it causes the unit to deteriorate quickly. Maintenance should be done approximately every three months with cleaning between the belt and deck before using the oil. The cleaning eliminates all the loose debris.
  • Obtain isolation pads: The creation of these pads was specific to reducing the sound treadmills make as your feet make contact with the deck and the overall vibrations. The impact can be annoying, particularly when you live in a condo or apartment community. The pads help with soundproofing. Placement of the pads will be under each of the treadmill's corners. Make sure to check customer reviews, feedback, and complaints before buying a brand. Not all are effective. Quality is essential in maintaining your treadmill

  • Place the equipment on carpeting if possible: Amplification of noise will happen if the placement of the equipment is on a hardwood, tile, or concrete floor. If this is all you have, take the unit to a porch or in the garage. It would be a wise investment to purchase thick carpeting remnants to put under the treadmill as a means to absorb the energy and vibrations when you live in an apartment or condo. Another option would be to place it on the balcony over a rug.
  • Bearings could need replacing: If after the lubricating process, the treadmill is still loud, there could be issues with the bearings and roller. They may need replacing. Accessing to repair can be challenging with the bearings and rollers connected. If this is the cause of the problem, you have the option of attempting the change yourself or having a technician take care of it.
  • Service the machine: It's easy to neglect to service the unit when you have a lot happening. Some people forget. But regular maintenance is crucial to keep the equipment functioning optimally. It needs to have the motor cleaned, the belts lubricated, and the belts tightened consistently. These basic services will ensure longevity and save from costly repairs.


Working out on a treadmill is an ideal way to stay active, remain healthy, and get fit. The exercise can present a problem for those around you because of the sound level produced with impact, the motor, and any technical difficulties that develop. It would be best if you soundproofed the machine to keep your exercise routine peaceful. If soundproofing is not enough, you can try a quieter treadmill. Check out some of the good brands at

The equipment is always going to make some form of sound when you run or even if you walk. But a machine that has a quieter design offers features including more silent motors, tracking with padding to absorb impact, and frames with strong, rigid manufacturing. Quiet doesn't mean zero noise; it only indicates that there is less loudness than what a traditional treadmill will give you.

If you live in a condo or apartment, it may be a good idea to speak to the neighbors surrounding your unit after you have done the soundproofing to see how effective it is. And then you can make an educated decision as far as purchasing a quieter system.

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Tips for Recycling the Right Way

While recycling is a great way to be environmentally friendly, you should know there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about recycling materials you use every day. The reason it’s best everyone knows how to go about recycling is so you don’t end up doing more harm than good. Here are a few tips to level up your Earth-saving endeavors.

Throw Away Disposable Coffee Cups

Before you toss the coffee cup from your favorite coffee shop into the recycling bin, know that those cups often cannot be recycled. This is due to the polyethylene film lining the cup, which is what makes it liquid proof. That said, you may live in an area that can now recycle such cups. Be sure you check with your local recycling program to know whether to toss these cups in the recycling bin or in the trash.

Plastic Bags Cannot Be Added to Recycling Bins

It may crush you to learn that all those thin plastic bags you get from the grocery store cannot be mixed in with other recyclable materials, but it’s true. It’s not that these plastic bags are impossible to recycle, just that it’s more trouble than it’s worth trying to run the bags through recycling equipment. It’s not unusual for them to jam equipment.

Rather than put plastic grocery bags with the rest of your recyclables, check to see if your city has a special recycling program for plastic bags. Your local grocery store may even collect plastic bags that are otherwise destined for the trash.

Be Careful With Pizza Boxes

After you finish devouring your pizza, think twice before tossing it into the recycling bin. Any grease that soaks into the cardboard essentially contaminates the material and makes is less viable than grease-free cardboard. That said, it’s okay to add the box to the recycle pile if it just has a few crumbs on it. You can also tear off the top of the box if it’s clean to put in the bin and toss the greasy bottom half into the trash.

Plastic Bottle Caps Are Okay

In the past, it was advised that you not try to recycle plastic bottle caps. This was mainly because caps and their bottles are made of two different types of plastic that don’t melt at the same temperature. Recent technology has changed that for the better. You’re now free to leave plastic caps screwed onto their bottles.

You May Not Be Able To Recycle Yogurt Caps

At one point, China took care of roughly half the world’s recycling, but they’ve dramatically scaled back their efforts. This has left a vacuum and resulted in more than a bit of confusion about what to do with certain plastics, like those used for yogurt cups. Plastics numbered three to seven may not qualify for your area’s recycling program. Before tossing butter tubs, yogurt cups and bottles of vegetable oil into your recyclables pile, look to see what number is in the triangle on the bottom. Do some digging to see what plastic numbers can be recycled. There may also be a renewable resource company like the Cadiz Water Project in your area making an effort to recycle yogurt cups and other plastics.  

Styrofoam Is Still Out of the Question

Frustrating as it may be to learn, but Styrofoam is still considered non-recyclable. The main reason is the material is easily contaminated. While it may be clean when you add it to the recycling bin, it can pick up contaminants on the way to the facility. Those contaminants don’t come out easily, and Styrofoam isn’t very marketable.

Do an occasional check so you always know whether you’re doing as good with recycling as you think. The right information goes a long way in saving resources and time. Hopefully, these tips can aid you in your quest to be more environmentally conscious.

Picking The Right Sheets For A Comfortable Night's Rest

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that offered luxurious accommodations? We have been fortunate to experience that quite a few times, and the thing that keeps us hooked on using certain hotels is the service, amenities, and the bedding. If you don't get a proper night's rest, was your hotel stay even good?

I love some hotel beds so much that I attempted to put together my own hotel bedding ensemble. I chose a gorgeous, yet soft top quilt set, a cozy blanket that goes under the quilt, and the most important part-- the sheet set. Earlier this year, the internet exploded over the "top sheet" controversy. I really couldn't understand the argument since I feel like a good top sheet is what makes your bed feel comfortable.

How can you go wrong with the feeling of luxurious bed sheets surrounding you? The sheets are the first thing that hits your skin, so wouldn't you want them to be extra soft and cozy? I recently received a 100% cotton king size sheet set in pure white from California Design Den (sold on Amazon) to put to the test.

Like most of us, I washed the sheet set before using it. The company recommends the "quick dry- do not fry" method to ensure softer sheets. I went with standard white sheets, because I like the simplicity of white. It also mimics what is used at my favorite hotels. These sheets have a 400 thread count, and are sturdy yet soft. I can tell that it will hold up well to repeated washes.

The sheets are sized well for my super deep mattress. The elastic is excellent, so there won't be any slipping from the bottom sheet. The pillow cases slipped over my king size pillows with ease. You can always tell the quality of white sheets if you can't see through them. These are definitely some good ones! We have been sleeping so comfortably since placing them on our bed. The only downfall is not wanting to get up each morning!

If you are in the market for very good bed sheets at an affordable price, I suggest checking out California Design Den. They offer all sizes and a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
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Airfree Air Purifiers 40% Off July 4th Sale

Can y'all believe it is JULY already? It is hot, hot, HOT out there! I often think the hotter it gets, the worse allergy symptoms seem to be. Right now is the best time to take advantage of the Airfree Air Purifier July 4th sale running now until July 9, 2018 at 23:59 PM.

They are offering 40% off on their most popular air purifier models:

Airfree Iris 3000
Original Price: $329.00
4th of July Price: $199.00

Airfree T800
Original Price: $159.00
4th of July Price: $99.00

You can find these incredible prices by shopping online at major retailers like: Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, Wayfair, Amazon and by visiting their website at  A complete list of participating websites can be found at

Airfree products reduce microbiological contamination in the air naturally, without using chemicals or filters.  Airfree’s exclusive technology works by eliminating microorganisms and allergens using heat, destroying them in a fraction of a second. Depending on the model, between 14,000 and 20,000 liters of air pass through the Airfree device every hour, treating all the air in the room in a very short space of time. The process works in much the same way as sterilizing water by boiling it; when water is boiled, the microorganisms it contains are eliminated.

Airfree continually draws in air from the room, heating it to over 400 ºF and instantly sterilizing it. The purified air is then cooled inside the device before being returned to the room. The entire process is completely silent and requires no maintenance, not even the occasional replacement of parts. All you have to do is switch the device on and leave it on to perform the task.

The Iris 3000 standalone model is recommended for rooms up to 650sqft., weighs only 3.3 pounds, is guaranteed for 2 years, has a low energy consumption of 44 watts, uses 120 volts of electricity and offers users exclusive multicolor light option.

The T800 standalone model is recommended for rooms up to 180sqft., weighs only 1.5 pounds, is guaranteed for 2 years, has a low energy consumption of 33 watts, and uses only 110-127 volts of electricity.

We have owned air purifiers from Airfree for a couple years now and they are fantastic! I especially love that there is no maintenance and the unit it silent. It works so well for allergy and asthma sufferers. If you have been considering getting an air purifier or even upgrading, Airfree is the way to go!

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Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Are you looking to sell your home in the near future? Then we are sure you will want to try and make as much money as you possibly can on it! There are lots of easy ways in which you can increase the price of your property without having to spend a fortune.  We will take you through our top tips on how you can do this, but without having to get pricey contractors involved.
image credit
Start with the Exterior 

The first thing that people will see when they arrive at your home for a viewing is the exterior and so you will want to make sure that this is pristine, and looks like a home where people will want to instantly move into. As soon as they see your home, they will be thinking about how much you are asking for and whether they think this price is justified. Start with little tasks such as weeding the garden, fixing the fence, and adding a fresh coat of paint to any outside windows. These little things can make a big difference!

Structural problems can also significantly decrease the value of your home, and the big one here to think about is the roof. The roof also makes up the outside exterior of your home, so it will clearly be visible to anyone viewing it, and will also most likely impact how much they want to offer. Before you start to allow viewings of your home, have any roof work repaired, and clear the drains and gutters to improve its appearance.

Finally, to complete your outdoor space, you will want to think about having some type of storage available as this will be a big selling point in your home. We would suggest getting a steel building as these are extremely cost-effective, easy to build and you don’t have to worry about labor costs. Plus, they can even be used as a garage. Armstrong Steel wrote a very useful article about how a steel building can increase a property’s value here:

Brighten Up Your Home

One of the biggest things that can add value to your home is the amount of light coming in. A room that has a lot of light coming in instantly feels bigger, and so this is a cheap and easy way to increase your home’s value. A few easy things that can ensure more light is coming into your home is cleaning your windows, installing bright energy efficient lights, and installing a skylight or sliding patio doors.

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Decorating and Flooring

You would be surprised by how much value can be added to your home simply for painting a wall that is slightly drab! If you are going to be painting your home to up its value, make sure to go for neutral colors and avoid using any bright colors and this will probably be unappealing to the majority of buyers out there. The same can also be said if you are going to be replacing carpets.

Adding value to your home doesn't have to be anything over-the-top or costly. Thanks for stopping by!

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When Household Plumbing Issues Become More Than You Can Handle

You pride yourself on your DIY ability and you should. There’s no dispute there. The problem is some of the things around the house that go wrong might be more than you can handle – no offense! For example, you wouldn’t attempt to replace your roof, so why do you attempt to replace your toilet? Did you know that one of the most common reasons professional plumbers are called for help is to fix do-it-yourself projects? Yeah, sometimes it’s best to leave the big stuff to the pros.

Things You Can Handle

This isn’t to say you should call a plumber to fix your leaky kitchen sink faucet. You can probably replace the tap yourself. Certain household plumbing repairs are pretty easy. For example, if your toilet runs sporadically day and night, chances are the flapper is leaking. Turn off the water supply to the toilet, flush it, and then lift the lid off the tank. Grab the flapper, dry it, and take it to the hardware store. This is an easy fix once you buy a new one, which shouldn’t cost you more than about $10.

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Something like that, even replacing the toilet’s entire innards is a day-off DIY job. Replacing faucets is also something that is fairly straightforward, and you can probably unclog your toilets and drains if the clog is minor. When facing a plumbing problem, ask yourself one important question: Am I comfortable handling this? If you feel even the slightest hint of reticence, don’t attempt this at home. Assess what you can and cannot handle, and don’t try to be a hero. Be realistic.

Things You Probably Shouldn’t Attempt

More intensive plumbing work like system replacements, fixture replacements, and water damage is best left to the pros. One reason why is additional unseen issues you might not realize are there. Imagine a pipe bursts. You catch the problem quickly and cut the water to the house. Your spouse and you stare at the wet spot on the wall and discuss what to do next. You can rip out the drywall yourself, replace the pipe, and then install new drywall and paint. Sounds like a project, but it’s easy enough.

Here’s the thing, though. What if you don’t see all the water damage and mold growing inside your wall? Are you prepared to deal with the dangers of mold? No, you’re not, nor should you ever want to. For major stuff, such as burst pipes, leaking systems, and dead or dying hot water heaters, it’s best to call for help. Even if you want to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom, don’t save money by installing new appliances and fixtures on your own. Many things can go wrong if you DIY major plumbing projects.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should know your limits. If you have previous experience in a plumbing situation, you can probably handle it. If you’ve never replaced a water heater, you shouldn’t attempt it. Assess the dangers associated with the job, as well. For example, a water heater repair or replacement involves electricity, gas, or both. Don’t become a tragic statistic. Take care of the easy stuff and let someone licensed and certified play with electricity and gas.
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The Best Plants To Help Keep Mosquitoes Away

It's crazy to think that although we are in the month of April, many parts of the country are getting late snowfall and freezing temperatures. We have experienced all four seasons in recent weeks. What surprises me is although we have only had a handful of days in the lower 80's, we have seen swarms of tiny mosquitoes. Since we spend a lot of time on our back deck, we have to do all we can to keep those pesky buggers away. 

Last year we tried a few plants that were recommended by our local garden center, and we added a few others. Keep in mind that some of these plants can be hard to find at the big chain places, so you may have to go to a local specialty place for them like we did for some. The plants below have worked for us, which says a lot since mosquitoes can find me in a crowd of a thousand people! 

Take a look at these plants that help keep the mosquitoes away

Citronella (also called the mosquito plant)
This plant gives off a citrusy scent that mosquitoes hate. We find this plant is most effective when you pluck a leaf or two off, rub it to release the natural oils, and wipe it on your exposed areas like your legs and arms. This one really does work well! I have yet to get single bite if I have this around. We found it at a local garden center, but you can buy them here as well. 

The great part about these is you can find them in almost any store that sells plants. They are super affordable, come in different colors, and work great in garden beds, pots or hanging baskets.

This herb is very fragrant so it chases mosquitoes away. I can't stand the scent at all myself. Rosemary is a hardy plants that requires no maintenance aside from watering. They can take full sun as well. 

Other recommended herbs are: basil, peppermint, spearmint, and garlic chives. 

This plant emits a fragrance that chases pests away. We bought a couple small pants called silver drop that we planted in pots. They will only get to be a few feet tall, which makes it good for containers. We might consider getting a larger tree to plant in the ground at the bottom of our deck. We use eucalyptus in our home, so it would be great to have a full size tree.

This flower plant is a stunner! I have read that they can help repel mosquitoes, so of course I had to buy a plant to put in a pot to admire. I'll report back to let you all now if it worked or not. At least it's pretty, right?

So far we have plenty of potted plants on our back deck and our front door entrance to keep mosquitoes from trying to enter our home. We are hoping the summer heat isn't too hard on them. The only real maintenance these plants need is proper watering, a little plant food, and the correct amount of sun. Too bad plants only work for small areas.

In addition to having potted plants for repelling mosquitoes, we also use Tiki torches, candles, and our new favorite, citronella mosquito repellent sticks. They are long-lasting and work really well. It's nice to be able to grill out, without getting eaten alive. If mosquitoes are bugging you, I suggest trying any of the recommendations in this post.

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How Wildlife Control Works At Terminix

Having unwanted animal guests in your house is not only annoying, but can also be dangerous to you, your family, and your home. Wild animals can carry diseases, contaminate your food, and even cause physical damage to your home’s foundation and wiring. If you are dealing with wildlife infestation, the professionals at Terminix can help. Here is how wildlife pest control San Antonio works with Terminix:

Wildlife Control Near Me: Terminix has been in business for nearly a century and has a variety of locations throughout the United States and Canada. There is a good chance that Terminix will have trained professionals in your area.

The Initial Visit: A Terminix professional will come to your home to investigate and assess the problem to create a plan of action. The plan may vary depending on the size of your residence and the nature of the pests. If you suspect pests in your home, you can call Terminix and have your home inspected free of charge.

The Treatment Plan: After the initial visit, your Terminix professional will proceed to trap and remove unwanted wildlife from your home. Terminix hires a variety of experts to help deal with common pests like squirrels and skunks, as well as unique pests that may have accidentally been introduced in your area.

Prevent Future Infestations: In addition to removing the pests, your Terminix professional will help secure your home from future invaders. If you live in an area where wildlife pests are a common nuisance, consider calling in a Terminix professional to help secure your home from invaders and stop infestations before they start.  Some examples of “pest security” include sealing crawl spaces and minimizing gaps in pipe openings.

Whether you have an unwanted wild animal in your home, or are looking to prevent a future invasion, the professionals at Terminix can help keep your home safe from animal intruders.
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The Best DIY Gift From Black+Decker

It’s the most wonderful time of year!

Still looking for the right gift for the special people in your life?
As your “to-buy” list grows each year, sometimes you have to think outside the box. It’s important to give meaningful, yet useful gifts. If you’re like me, practical is often the way to go.

Black + Decker’s GoPak 4-Tool Combo Kit contains all the tools needed for small DIY projects around the house or fun projects with wood. You can't get more practical than tools!

This cordless tool set contains a drill/driver, detail sander, jigsaw, LED work light and GoPak battery to charge all of your tools. You can even charge mobile devices, so if you’re working outside and need to charge up your phone, this is perfect. While these cordless tools are not made for professional projects, they have just enough power to tackle those small tasks or DIY projects effectively.

My husband was thrilled to receive this GoPak. The timing couldn’t be more perfect! We’ve been doing some work on our back deck, and he was able to do the finishing touches with these tools. He used the sander to smooth out the handrails and the drill to install new solar lights so we can see at night. The sander was his favorite tool. Because it’s not as loud as an electric sander, our dog didn’t go ballistic when he heard it. The best part is that all of these tools are cordless, so no more dragging around those heavy extension cords. He plans to purchase an additional battery pack so that he always has an extra charged and ready to go. This means my 'honey-do' list will be growing every weekend.

The GoPak is ideal for the crafter in your life. Those who love doing small projects with wood will make good use of it. Whether it’s making wall art, or a side table made from a pallet, the possibilities are endless. As a matter of fact, this set is excellent for new homeowners, or as a housewarming gift for a first apartment.

Here is an overview of the features and benefits:

Battery: 2-in-1 GoPak Battery powers your tools and charges your mobile devices
Battery: 2.4 Ah USB output provides fast rate charging to phones, tablets and other USB devices
Battery: 4 LED lights provide battery state of charge
Battery: Compact lightweight design for on-the-go portability
Drill: 11-position clutch on Drill/Driver prevents stripping of screws and damaging materials
Drill: LED work light on Drill/Driver illuminates work surface
Jigsaw: Tool free blade release on Jig Saw for quick and easy blade changes
Jigsaw: Built in blade storage on Jig Saw for convenience
Sander: 3.5 in. triangle platen on sander to access corners and tight spaces
LED Light: 90-degree rotating head on LED Flashlight to access hard to reach angles

Where to buy: Lowes, Walmart, and Amazon. The regular price is $99, but is currently available at a reduced price of only $79+ tax. Not a bad deal for this 4-piece cordless tool set. Black + Decker has been a trusted brand in our household for many years. We are very pleased with our GoPak kit, and look forward to many years of use.

For more information about the Black+Decker GoPak 4-Tool Combo Kit, visit their website, and be sure to follow on their social accounts (Facebook, IG, & Twitter) for product updates and promotions.
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How To Create A Cozy Atmosphere During The Holiday Season

Oh man, there is quite a nip in the air as we inch closer to the holidays. Everywhere you go has glittery, festive decor hanging from every corner. There's a whole lot of hustle and bustle going on as the streets are cluttered with travelers, and holiday shoppers. As much as we love the holiday season, we also love being home away from it all. We love making our home feel warm and inviting, especially during this time of year.

DIY Network host and Pine Mountain spokesperson Jason Cameron, has put together a go-to checklist for parents.   

Some of Jason’s tips include:

  • Make a festive snack – Everyone loves making sugar cookies and gingerbread, but the best part is eating your creations! While snacking on cookies, wash it down with some hot chocolate or warm apple cider.
  • Light a fire – A fire is a great way to create a sense of warmth and bonding. Using a firelog such as the American Home™ by Yankee Candle® Balsam Fir Firelog is a great way to make your home smell of pine and eliminates the need to cut firewood.
  • Watch a holiday movie – From Frosty the Snowman to Elf, we all have a favorite holiday movie. These movies provide a sense of nostalgia for adults, and offer hours of entertainment for kids.
  • Decorate your home – Setting up holiday decorations in your home is a tradition that many families across the country have. Play some light music in the background and chat about your favorite holiday memories to make the activity more festive. 

Our home is fully decked out for Christmas, and our fireplace is ready for those cold evenings. We keep a stock of regular firewood on hand every year, but also love keeping a few firelogs that are ready to go with no fuss. The American Home™ by Yankee Candle® Balsam Fir Firelogs are our favorite! They smell like a freshly cut Christmas tree before you light them. That alone makes our home have that festive fragrance. 

They have a 3-hour burn time and easy lighting. All you do is place the log with the wrapper intact on your fireplace grate. Then you light the tops of the paper where the arrows are printed. Once the paper burns off, the log takes around 10 minutes to fully take off burning. 
From there, you can enjoy the radiant light and gentle warmth of a lovely fire. It burns cleaner than ordinary cordwood, producing up to 75% less particulate matter and up to 80% less carbon monoxide. It is so pleasing to have a fire that took little effort to start. No poking or adjusting logs is necessary with an American Home balsam fir firelog. My husband loves that part since he accuses me of messing with the fire way too much. Ha! 

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you definitely need to pick up a case of American Home by Yankee Candle Balsam Fir Firelogs. They are sold at Home Depot, Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, True Value, Walgreens, and ACE Hardware stores. They are so nice to have available for if you are expecting guests over. It really makes your home feel super cozy. 

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Signs It's Time For A New Water Heater

A household water heater works behind the scenes in every home. This appliance doesn’t get nearly the credit it should for keeping our lives running smoothly and comfortably — hot showers to name one benefit. For something that's not particularly glamorous, when this appliance fails, it’s guaranteed to cause a bad day for everyone. Watch out for the following four signs it’s time to call the pros and consider installing a new, energy-efficient water heater.

Hot Water Is Not Consistent
Image via Flickr by r.nial.bradshaw

Have you been finding yourself taking quicker showers and skipping your leave-in conditioner treatment? Are your dishes not getting clean when the dishwasher finishes a cycle?

First, check to see if you've tripped the circuit breaker or if the water heater pilot light is out. Are both OK? Next, have a home services specialist take a look at your water heater to decide if the heating coil needs replacement. If it does not, you may need to find a new water heater for your home.

You Can't Remember When Your Water Heater Was Installed

Some appliances can operate for a long time, but a water heater isn't one of them. The age of your household unit can indicate the likelihood that it will need replacement. Think about when your water heater was installed. If the installation date is beyond your memory — or longer than 15 years — you're likely facing a replacement.

You're Hearing Noises

Can you hear a musical serenade coming out of your water heater when you turn up the heat on your shower? Have you noticed that your previously clear water is murky, rusty, or sandy? Does the water have a metallic taste? Sediment and residue from hard water can cause a knocking or popping sound as the water heats. Hard water can also leave a residue in pipes, taking a few years off the life of your water heater.

If you’re hearing knocking or have sandy water, a technician can flush the system as a first step before fully replacing the unit. If your water has become rusty, the rust is a sign that the inside of your unit is breaking down and particles are entering your household water.

Your Water Heater Is Leaking

Have you noticed a small leak or small amounts of water near the unit? If so, you'll want to call a service tech as soon as you can. A slow leak can quickly turn into a flood — and nobody wants to deal with that mess.

Maintaining your water heater never seems to top our list of to-dos until an emergency arises. Watching for the above signs and calling a service tech to inspect your water heater are critical to saving yourself the headaches of a cold shower. You don't want to face that reality on the morning of an important job interview or the day your super-critical in-laws arrive.

Beyond keeping your shower hot, consider the energy efficiencies gained with a new unit. The money saved could be enough to splurge on a new pair of shoes. Who’s the hero now?
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Update Your Home Without Major Renovations

When you think of updating your home, it may evoke visions of sledgehammers, rubble and rooms being stripped back to the bare bones. Not a pleasant thought. But did you know that there are ways that you can completely change the dynamic of your property, without even opening your tool box?

Update your interior doors

You pass through them every day, and are an integral part of every home. But it’s surprising how many people forget about how much of an impact an internal door can have. If your doors are scratched, scuffed or seen better days, then it may be worth repairing them yourself. Or if you’re hoping to completely change the look inside your home then consider purchasing a new style. You can find a range of internal doors from doorstore to help give you some inspiration.

Create an open space

With formal dining rooms and closed off areas seemingly going out of style, the open plan home seems to be the way to go. How can you do this without tearing out walls, you ask? Making your home seem open and airy can be easier than you think.
Sometimes it’s as simple as getting rid of bigger, bulkier furnishings, or moving furnishings around the room to see what placement gives the most open space. Another trick of the eye that gives the illusion of open space, is mirrors. Mirrors when placed opposite windows reflect light into the room and make the room seem more open.

Introduce new lighting

A poorly lit room, is dark, dim and not very welcoming. It can also be downright depressing! A well lit room can bring out your personality and bring a room to life! After all, who wants to sit in the dark? There are numerous ways to add lighting to your home, the most obvious would be to purchase some high quality floor lamps or table lamps, and place these strategically in dark corners or place them on side tables, in order to give a room that warm and welcoming feeling.

Update your handles and cabinetry

If your kitchen is looking a little dated, or your bathroom is more old fashioned then you would like there luckily there are small, easy changes you can make to bring it back to life and into the current decade. One way to do this, is to update and change the handles and draw pulls on your cabinets, cupboards and door handles.
There are numerous finishes to choose from such as bronze, brushed nickel, aged copper, and shiny stainless.  With so many modern choices on the market it may be hard to decide what best suits your home!

Still uninspired? Then clean!

If this still leaves you a little uninspired or perhaps won’t evoke as much change as you would like, then sometimes it pays to go back to basics. And start, with a good deep clean.
A deep-clean can enhance our mood and make our home more liveable (and more importantly inspire us to do more).
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