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Aug 2, 2010

Lieutenant Shelly is in the building!

It's the first week in August and this means it's time to get conditioned for school! I have the kids getting up at 7 AM this week ...NO EXCUSES. They better enjoy it because next week they have to be up by 6 AM and then the following week it goes to 5:45. I am so mean too. I walk by their rooms making noise to be sure they are awake. Haha!! They can be all the mad they want but they will be grateful when school starts back that they are used to getting up at the crack. Like I said, Lieutenant Shelly is in the building! ;)

Question: Do you have any special things you do in preparation for school?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Wow, your good. My mom never got us prepared to go back to school. Its a great idea really!

    Go Lieutenant Shelly!

  2. Great idea! Way better than going from sleeping in daily to having to wake up at the crack of dawn cold turkey!

    Get it Lieutenant ~ Im so taking notes!

  3. Taking Notes! DJ's bus will be here at 6:45am for school that starts at 7:20am. So I need all the advice to get started on the RIGHT FOOT!


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