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Mar 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

My 15 year old. She is such an intelligent and compassionate girl. She is far from the typical teen.

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Mar 30, 2010

The one thing that can keep my 2 year old still

My boy generally is non-stop as any toddler boy might be. There is one show that he loves so much and it will actually keep him sitting in one spot for the duration of it. Thankfully it's about reading (his favorite activity) called Super Why! What a neat little show and it is full of great lessons in reading and grammar usage. I am so glad my boy loves it! Have you or your little one ever watched this show before?

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Mar 28, 2010

Brie, artist and photographer

Briahnna went on a field study last week to Historic Charleston, South Carolina. They were required to bring a camera to take photos for a scrapbook project they were assigned. I could post all the photos but she did a great job don't you think? She already got started on her scrapbook and was lucky that we have a ton of supplies already at home. I used to scrapbook but lost complete interest once I had William. I was hoping to get my mojo back but I think it's gone for good. Brie loves anything dealing with art so I let her have at it. She is also a perfectionist and puts in the extra time to make her projects stand out. She never lets me help. My kids always impress me :)

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Mar 26, 2010

Father & Son night time ritual

Just about every night Papo has quiet reading time with William. It usually starts out this way.

Before long it ends up like this.

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Mar 25, 2010

Random things that make me smile

  • when William calls me "Mum"
  • when my laundry basket is empty (even though it is only for 5 minutes)
  • when I catch William reading to himself.
  • waking up thinking it is time to get up for the day and realizing it is only 1:00 am. YES!
  • getting freebies in the mail.
  • listening to my daughters chat amongst themselves. It's funny when one sister asks the other "Hey, do you want to play LIFE? You might actually get one that way".
  • getting into my car and seeing that the husband filled my gas tank for me.
  • asking William where his belly button is and he shows it to you and starts to laugh because he is tickling himself
  • bargain shopping and paying very little for so much. Also when the cashier has to double check the screen to be sure he or she did not make a mistake because of my low balance.
  • when my teenagers say "stop trying to be cool"... they make me laugh!
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Mar 24, 2010

William's 2 year check-up

Dwayne and I took our big boy to the pediatrician for his 2 year well visit. He was a little wild but for the most part more entertaining than anything else. He was not as cooperative this time around with the physical examination. I think he is a lot like me when it comes to people touching him, um no thanks. He only needed one shot and one toe prick to capture some blood for a hemoglobin check. That came out fine, doc wanted that done since he does not eat a lot of meat. She wanted to be sure his iron levels were up to par. Overall the doc was happy with his health and development with the exception of his weight. he has only gained 2 ounces since his last check-up. This was the same thing at his last appointment. She says he does not look healthy or overly thin but she would like to see him gain more weight. She gave me a chart of things that I can give him to increase his caloric intake. William's growth seems to be very much like me when I was little. I was 82 pounds at graduation and I did not make it above 100 (with the exception of pregnancy) until I was about 25. I really think William is just a light weight, no big deal to me. I am not going to make a fuss about giving him loads of fat. I used to have to take medicine to make me eat as a child so I could gain weight and that did not work. The doctor has asked that I bring William back in 4 months so she can monitor his weight. Hey, I should have told her to come spend a day in my house and watch him. She might then see why the boy does not gain any weight! Can you say ACTIVE??

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Mar 23, 2010

The Un-terrible two's

Now I hope I am not shooting myself in the foot for publicly saying this but for the last 2 1/2 weeks William has become a very different child. He has not been pitching very many fits, he's calmer, he listens a little better and he is overall being a lot friendlier towards strangers. It has been a really nice change. I can even tell that I am feeling a lot more laid back and I seem to have more energy. Now don't get me wrong, he is still one active little boy and that most likely will not change a whole lot anytime soon. I am enjoying it while I can and I look forward to seeing his personality grow over this year. I know that he goes through phases but this is the best kind of phase and I am hoping it is here to stay!
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Mar 21, 2010


Dwayne and the girls were playing the game of LIFE together. Sounds like some good, innocent fun right? Hello, we are talking Dwayne here...Why in the world is he trying to pimp his LIFE money?
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Mar 20, 2010

William's 2nd birthday photos

Here are some photos from William's birthday celebration. It was a small family affair since he is too young to understand what was going on.

Look at that sweet face!

He was trying to escape!

After blowing out the candles.

It was all about the balloons for him!

He was squealing with excitement and showing off for everyone!

He really loved the box this toy came in ;-)

I could not get very decent photos since he refused to sit still.

At the end of the evening we were all so worn out. The great thing is we got to sleep in until 9:00 the next morning.

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Mar 19, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday William!

Today is our sweet little boy's second birthday! It's so hard to believe that he is 2 already. He is a funny and happy little guy and has enriched our lives in so many ways. I am a better person because of him. Our family looks forward to all of the new things he will get into and pray that his two's won't be so terrible! We love you William!!! ♥

Birthday party photos to come....

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Mar 18, 2010

Haircut decision

I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago for suggestions from my friends on how they think I should get my hair cut/styled. I got comments ranging from short and sassy to leave it the way it is. I even had one old friend tell me that even if I went bald I would still look amazing. Of course I don't want to know if that would be true so I asked the husband. He generally gives me the same answer every time- "Do what makes YOU happy". Of course that is the worse answer you can give me. This time he actually gave me a much different answer. He told me that he wanted my hair to still be long and layered because he loves how his woman looks so exotic. Well, since Big Daddy has spoken, long and sexy it will be!
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Mar 17, 2010

He asked, I told

Here is a conversation Dwayne and I had while I was cleaning the kitchen and he was finishing up his dinner.

Dwayne: How are you Shelly, what's going on in your mind right now. What are you thinking about?
Me: I looked over at him as I turned on the kitchen faucet and asked "Are you sure you want to know?"
Dwayne: Of course I want to know
Me: I start telling him that I came across I blueberry brunch cake that I would love to make but realized that I did not have a bundt pan.
Dwayne: You mean the kind that has a hole in the middle and you can make pound cake in it?
Me: Yes, I need one. I cook and bake all the time and have been dubbed everything from Martha Stewart to Rachael Ray yet I don't even have a bundt pan.
Dwayne: Okay well then you need to find one that you will be happy with.
Me: I also really need a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
Dwayne: You mean that high dollar thing? Why do you need one that expensive?
Me: Don't worry, our oldest daughter said that since she will be so successful in her career she will buy it for me.
Dwayne: He has this look of relief on his face.
Me: I also think about William getting older. He will be 2 on Friday. Before you know it I will be going into his classroom with cupcakes for his classmates and attending field trips. I think about William telling his big sisters that they are not the boss of him. I think about William sleeping in a big boy's bed. I think about Brie going to high school in less than 2 years. I think about Chardie graduating high school in a few years. I think about what I want to cook and the list sort of went on. I think a lot.
Dwayne: *Looking at me with a blank stare*
Me: Well dang, you asked what I was thinking!

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Mar 16, 2010

A great way to save some money

I was looking over my cable and Internet bill the other day and realized I was paying WAY too much. It was absolutely ridiculous and was to the point that I almost felt like canceling the service! I decided to give them a call so they could break down my charges to the penny. I was paying almost eighty dollars for digital cable service. I only have one receiver and the other 2 TV's have basic cable. I about lost it on the phone. I then told them that my husband has been wanting to go back to satellite for some time and the rep immediately told me that she would transfer me to their 'Retention Dept' and I could take advantage of any promotions they are offering. Hmm, interesting. I spoke with the sales person whose job function is to save customers. I already knew in the back of my mind that if I did go back with satellite that my bill would run anywhere from $55-$65. Well at the end of the discussion my bill came down and I am now saving $26 per month for the next 12 months. You know I will be calling back in 12 months to see what promotion they are offering! There is way too much competition out there to risk losing a long time customer.

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Mar 14, 2010

A few random things

*I am sure I have mentioned before how much little William loves books. I have also mentioned that he is not fully talking yet. I am proud to report that it not unusual to catch William in the corner saying some of the correct words from the specific book he is "reading". It's so cute and he is getting into the animal sounds. Slowly but surely our boy is getting there.

*Last week must have been the best behaved week for William. I am not sure what it was but his behavior was really better than I have ever seen it and he was very patient on trips to the stores.

*Speaking of stores, I am so proud of myself for shopping for myself and not skimping like I normally do. I found some Docker's pant for women that boast to be very slimming. They are the BEST pants I have purchased in years. It is so hard for me to find pants that fit really well that are flattering as well as make me look my age and not too old ladyish and not like a mom trying to dress like my teenagers.

I got a great compliment from my daughters. They were browsing the ladies department with me in Kohl's and were getting very disturbed. They told me I was way too cool to shop that department and I would look so much better with the Juniors Dept clothes. Oh yeah, I am COOL according to the teenagers!

*I am on this big money saving kick. I know rainy days can come at any time so I want to always be prepared.

*I am happy for the time change since this means more light longer into the evening. Not so happy about the pollen, bees, bugs and critters. I am a little excited about grass cutting season. I hope I can convince Dwayne to buy me a new self-propelled lawn mower. It's great exercise!

*Dwayne and I were in the grocery store together a couple weeks ago and saw the newspaper salesman in the front. He offered us a free newspaper and I politely said no and of course Mr. Love him some money said yes! Long story short, we purchased a 13 week subscription of the Sunday only home delivery. It cost us $21. I have already used more than that in coupons on one store trip. The paper paid for itself in the first week. My next door neighbors give me their Sunday paper as well so I get double the coupons. SCORE!

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Mar 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

Oh man I miss this cute, snuggly, chubby little baby boy in the pre-walking and climbing days! Remember the juicy cheeks?

He even had neck rolls!~

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Mar 11, 2010

Toddler question

So Dwayne and I have been discussing getting a toddler bed for the boy. He does just fine in the crib and surprisingly has not attempted to climb out of it. The problem is that he is so tall I fear that sooner or later he will make his way out of it and that scares me. I was wondering (since it has been forever since we had a toddler) what age a toddler should be to start sleeping in a toddler bed? Are there any specific signs I should look for to know if he is ready? I think the reason we never had problems with the girls in toddler beds was because they slept in the same room that we did. We were so young when we were first married so we lived with family for the first few years. I wonder if this is why sleep time is so different to us with William. He still goes through his phases where he will sleep through the night for 8-10 hours for weeks and then for 4 days he will wake up 3 times a night. We are almost considering setting his bed up in our room to see how he does and then send him packing back to his own room.

Please share your thoughts on this matter.

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Mar 10, 2010

Mar 8, 2010

Why I sleep well

For the past 5 years I have used a Memory Foam pillow to sleep at night. I have gotten so used to using one that if I skip even one night, I will be restless and wake up with a stiff neck. Even if I am traveling, I would have to take my special pillow with me. I noticed that my neck has been not feeling normal for almost two weeks. I found that my pillow was beginning to go flat. I broke down and went shopping for a new one. I got one at Kohl's for 50% off on sale. I LOVE it. I know it is a lot to spend so much for one pillow but right away I noticed a more comfortable night's rest and felt so good waking up the next day. Dwayne is going to be so mad at me for mentioning a product and not getting any "endorsement" money. Oh well, when I believe in something and love it, I am happy to share it with others. I would highly recommend this pillow if you find yourself not having a restful sleep each night. I am going to go buy one for Dwayne as a surprise since I know he is jealous of mine ;-)

Do you have a special pillow that you can't seem to live without?

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Mar 5, 2010

Flashback Friday/ How to impress your mate (re-post)

How To Impress A Woman:
Wine her, Dine her, Call her, Hug her, Support her, Hold her, Surprise her, Compliment her, Smile at her, Listen to her, Laugh with her, Cry with her, Romance her, Encourage her, Believe in her, Pray with her, Pray for her, Cuddle with her, Shop with her, Buy her flowers, Hold her hand, Write love letters to her, Go to the end of the Earth and back again for her.

How to impress a man:
Show up naked ... Bring chicken wings and beer ... Don't block the TV and shut your mouth!

Mar 4, 2010

My inbox is immaculate

I am a frequent Facebook/Twitter user and I have noticed almost daily the status updates of friends talking about their email inbox. It is astonishing to me that so many have over a thousand email. Some even in the upwards of 5,000. I get into a panic if mine even goes to 20. I have a tendency to keep an immaculate inbox. I have folders that keep email in particular categories and I do a folder cleaning every few months just to not let them build up with a bunch of useless trash. I also keep my Smart phone on my 24/7 so that my new mail never builds to more than about 10-15 unread messages. I can say that I have a very well organized email system. Now if only my office and house can be that way....

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Nickelodeon launches Dora the Explorer's 10th Anniversary

I just wanted to pass along some information to all the Dora fans and parents of younger children. Nickelodeon has launched Dora The Explorer's landmark tenth anniversary with 'Beyond the Backpack' pro-social campaign to champion school readiness. You can read the full press release here.

BURBANK, CA - MARCH 02: Actress Salma Hayek attends Nickelodeon's launch of Dora The Explorer's 10th anniversary with the 'Beyond The Backpack' Campaign held at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio on March 2, 2010 in Burbank, California. (Photo by J Vespa/WireImage)

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