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Mar 25, 2010

Random things that make me smile

  • when William calls me "Mum"
  • when my laundry basket is empty (even though it is only for 5 minutes)
  • when I catch William reading to himself.
  • waking up thinking it is time to get up for the day and realizing it is only 1:00 am. YES!
  • getting freebies in the mail.
  • listening to my daughters chat amongst themselves. It's funny when one sister asks the other "Hey, do you want to play LIFE? You might actually get one that way".
  • getting into my car and seeing that the husband filled my gas tank for me.
  • asking William where his belly button is and he shows it to you and starts to laugh because he is tickling himself
  • bargain shopping and paying very little for so much. Also when the cashier has to double check the screen to be sure he or she did not make a mistake because of my low balance.
  • when my teenagers say "stop trying to be cool"... they make me laugh!
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