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Mar 8, 2010

Why I sleep well

For the past 5 years I have used a Memory Foam pillow to sleep at night. I have gotten so used to using one that if I skip even one night, I will be restless and wake up with a stiff neck. Even if I am traveling, I would have to take my special pillow with me. I noticed that my neck has been not feeling normal for almost two weeks. I found that my pillow was beginning to go flat. I broke down and went shopping for a new one. I got one at Kohl's for 50% off on sale. I LOVE it. I know it is a lot to spend so much for one pillow but right away I noticed a more comfortable night's rest and felt so good waking up the next day. Dwayne is going to be so mad at me for mentioning a product and not getting any "endorsement" money. Oh well, when I believe in something and love it, I am happy to share it with others. I would highly recommend this pillow if you find yourself not having a restful sleep each night. I am going to go buy one for Dwayne as a surprise since I know he is jealous of mine ;-)

Do you have a special pillow that you can't seem to live without?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I have one similar to yours, but I think I may very well need a new one. Right now just can't afford to buy

  2. Really, the only thing that has held me back from buying one has been the price. I may have to try and work one into the budget though.

  3. ive gotta try something different. im going to look into this. stat!

    my neck is always killing me

  4. I have trouble falling asleep at night, period. For the past five or six years it has been a constant struggle. But when I do I ball my pillow up and sleep comfortably.

  5. I go through 3 different pillows a night because I have such bad neck problems. I am going to Kohl's ASAP to see if I can find this pillow. I have had 2 like the one your talking about and neither have worked for me... fingers crossed!

  6. That's a very cool looking pillow!

    I have this pillow--

  7. I can't sleep without three pillows beside me. Lately I try this new pillow and every morning I always complaint to my wife about stiff neck. I guess I have to try Kohl's pillow...


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