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William's 2 year check-up

Dwayne and I took our big boy to the pediatrician for his 2 year well visit. He was a little wild but for the most part more entertaining than anything else. He was not as cooperative this time around with the physical examination. I think he is a lot like me when it comes to people touching him, um no thanks. He only needed one shot and one toe prick to capture some blood for a hemoglobin check. That came out fine, doc wanted that done since he does not eat a lot of meat. She wanted to be sure his iron levels were up to par. Overall the doc was happy with his health and development with the exception of his weight. he has only gained 2 ounces since his last check-up. This was the same thing at his last appointment. She says he does not look healthy or overly thin but she would like to see him gain more weight. She gave me a chart of things that I can give him to increase his caloric intake. William's growth seems to be very much like me when I was little. I was 82 pounds at graduation and I did not make it above 100 (with the exception of pregnancy) until I was about 25. I really think William is just a light weight, no big deal to me. I am not going to make a fuss about giving him loads of fat. I used to have to take medicine to make me eat as a child so I could gain weight and that did not work. The doctor has asked that I bring William back in 4 months so she can monitor his weight. Hey, I should have told her to come spend a day in my house and watch him. She might then see why the boy does not gain any weight! Can you say ACTIVE??

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. He's VERY active! That's a good thing.

  2. Yes it is a good thing he's active. You know many kids these days aren't, resulting in overweight children. Sheliza he is fine and like you said do not worry about it.


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