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The one thing that can keep my 2 year old still

My boy generally is non-stop as any toddler boy might be. There is one show that he loves so much and it will actually keep him sitting in one spot for the duration of it. Thankfully it's about reading (his favorite activity) called Super Why! What a neat little show and it is full of great lessons in reading and grammar usage. I am so glad my boy loves it! Have you or your little one ever watched this show before?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Mari doesn't care too much for this show but his favorite PBS shows are:
    Between the Lions
    Sid the Science Kid
    Curious George
    and his favorite when he was younger was Barney.

  2. We just started turning on PBS Sprout and whatever it was that was on, kept him on his bum. I have no idea what show it was, lol.

  3. never heard of the show, but i wish i had when my boy was 2!

    nothing kept him still and that still holds true today.

  4. Isn't it nice when they find a show to sit THROUGH and it's good for them?!

  5. Jaimen's favorite show also! I don't turn on any other cartoons, other than this, and Dinosaur Train. He has been watching it since he was 2 and still loves it, even though they are mostly re-runs :) I love it too, its a show I can actually stand to watch with him. Go PBS!!

  6. My boys love Super Why - I am trying to get a dvd in the UK of it so they can watch as an when. Brillianty show. I need to find more educational ones like this


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