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*I am sure I have mentioned before how much little William loves books. I have also mentioned that he is not fully talking yet. I am proud to report that it not unusual to catch William in the corner saying some of the correct words from the specific book he is "reading". It's so cute and he is getting into the animal sounds. Slowly but surely our boy is getting there.

*Last week must have been the best behaved week for William. I am not sure what it was but his behavior was really better than I have ever seen it and he was very patient on trips to the stores.

*Speaking of stores, I am so proud of myself for shopping for myself and not skimping like I normally do. I found some Docker's pant for women that boast to be very slimming. They are the BEST pants I have purchased in years. It is so hard for me to find pants that fit really well that are flattering as well as make me look my age and not too old ladyish and not like a mom trying to dress like my teenagers.

I got a great compliment from my daughters. They were browsing the ladies department with me in Kohl's and were getting very disturbed. They told me I was way too cool to shop that department and I would look so much better with the Juniors Dept clothes. Oh yeah, I am COOL according to the teenagers!

*I am on this big money saving kick. I know rainy days can come at any time so I want to always be prepared.

*I am happy for the time change since this means more light longer into the evening. Not so happy about the pollen, bees, bugs and critters. I am a little excited about grass cutting season. I hope I can convince Dwayne to buy me a new self-propelled lawn mower. It's great exercise!

*Dwayne and I were in the grocery store together a couple weeks ago and saw the newspaper salesman in the front. He offered us a free newspaper and I politely said no and of course Mr. Love him some money said yes! Long story short, we purchased a 13 week subscription of the Sunday only home delivery. It cost us $21. I have already used more than that in coupons on one store trip. The paper paid for itself in the first week. My next door neighbors give me their Sunday paper as well so I get double the coupons. SCORE!

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  1. Okay, that's it! I'm going to Khol's! I am having the hardest time finding pants these days. I'm in between sizes and man, can I say frustrating with a capital F! How cool that you saved so much with the coupons, that's awesome. I'm on a money saving kick myself these days and every little bit helps. :-) Awesome compliment your daughters gave you! I hope when Lil Miss is a teenager I get some cool compliments out of her too. :-) Have a great Sunday!

  2. You seem to have a great week last week and it's awesome. Nice to drop by and learn a good story from you.

  3. William is PERFECT! :)

    I love to hear about saving money and great finds at the stores!

  4. Way to go William! He is in NO rush whatsoever! I love it.

    I love spring, despite my allergies. The smell of fresh cut grass is AMAZING!


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