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Mar 17, 2010

He asked, I told

Here is a conversation Dwayne and I had while I was cleaning the kitchen and he was finishing up his dinner.

Dwayne: How are you Shelly, what's going on in your mind right now. What are you thinking about?
Me: I looked over at him as I turned on the kitchen faucet and asked "Are you sure you want to know?"
Dwayne: Of course I want to know
Me: I start telling him that I came across I blueberry brunch cake that I would love to make but realized that I did not have a bundt pan.
Dwayne: You mean the kind that has a hole in the middle and you can make pound cake in it?
Me: Yes, I need one. I cook and bake all the time and have been dubbed everything from Martha Stewart to Rachael Ray yet I don't even have a bundt pan.
Dwayne: Okay well then you need to find one that you will be happy with.
Me: I also really need a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
Dwayne: You mean that high dollar thing? Why do you need one that expensive?
Me: Don't worry, our oldest daughter said that since she will be so successful in her career she will buy it for me.
Dwayne: He has this look of relief on his face.
Me: I also think about William getting older. He will be 2 on Friday. Before you know it I will be going into his classroom with cupcakes for his classmates and attending field trips. I think about William telling his big sisters that they are not the boss of him. I think about William sleeping in a big boy's bed. I think about Brie going to high school in less than 2 years. I think about Chardie graduating high school in a few years. I think about what I want to cook and the list sort of went on. I think a lot.
Dwayne: *Looking at me with a blank stare*
Me: Well dang, you asked what I was thinking!

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  1. hahahaaaaa~!!! That's what he gets for asking. Well, I know he truly appreciates everything you think about and how well you take care of the family. You have to admit, you hit him with a straight one two left drop kick with all of those thoughts. LOVE IT!!!!

  2. They ask, but do they really wanna know?

  3. forgot to titrate the information flow for effect. YOu don't want to stop him from ever asking again.

  4. What was he thinking? ;)


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