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Mar 11, 2010

Toddler question

So Dwayne and I have been discussing getting a toddler bed for the boy. He does just fine in the crib and surprisingly has not attempted to climb out of it. The problem is that he is so tall I fear that sooner or later he will make his way out of it and that scares me. I was wondering (since it has been forever since we had a toddler) what age a toddler should be to start sleeping in a toddler bed? Are there any specific signs I should look for to know if he is ready? I think the reason we never had problems with the girls in toddler beds was because they slept in the same room that we did. We were so young when we were first married so we lived with family for the first few years. I wonder if this is why sleep time is so different to us with William. He still goes through his phases where he will sleep through the night for 8-10 hours for weeks and then for 4 days he will wake up 3 times a night. We are almost considering setting his bed up in our room to see how he does and then send him packing back to his own room.

Please share your thoughts on this matter.

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  1. pascha dudley3/11/2010 7:20 AM

    I did a toddler bed for Taylor, but not Madisyn and Myles. They went from crib to twin and it was just fine. They can get in and out with the same ease whether it be twin or toddler bed and they outgrow the toddler bed so quickly. My two cents: buy a twin bed, buy a side rail (Toys R Us has the kind you can slide under mattress) and put a stair guard at his bedroom door. I think he will surprise you. Let me know what you think.

  2. I would get a twin bed that he will grow well into his teen years.

  3. As you know Jay is in a toddler bed in our room. Sometimes I wonder if we should have started him in a twin. Those toddler beds are small and he's a wild sleeper. I'd say get a twin and put up bumpers. See how he does in his room before bringing him in your room. Since he does so well sleeping in his own room (besides his occasional wake ups), you don't want to risk him getting to used to rooming with mama and papo.

  4. Since Chase and his new baby brother/sister will be sharing a room (come August), the new baby will get the crib and Chase is going to get a toddler bed. At that time he will be about 20 months... but I'm thinking we'll get the bed in a few months, so he can start sleeping in it and get accustomed. He does fine in the crib at home (not trying to jump out yet), but sleeps well in a cot at daycare and so I think he'll be okay. Since he'll still be pretty young (under 2) we felt a toddler bed would be way safer/more appropriate for him than a twin bed... and also more of a space-saver, as their bedroom is only so big.

  5. P.S. I agree with Sheena re: moving him back into your room. You don't want to enable any regressive type behavior, where he gets too attached to sleeping with mommy and daddy. Then you all may not be able to get him back to his own room til he's a teenager. :-)

  6. we got a relatively less expensive toddler bed, with bumpers, then handed it down for our next two children. it appears he's your youngest, so you may not be able to hand it down, but you could always sell it or donate it.

    if its a safety issue, then the bumpers should help.


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