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How a Simple Facial Benefits Your Skin

Keeping your skin healthy requires a bit of work. Of course, you should use a high-quality moisturizer each day and sunscreen of at least 15 SPF. You also need to cleanse your face daily. The things you do on a monthly basis matter, too. Once per month, you should visit a Spokane facial spa for a complete facial. This addition to your skincare routine provides deep cleaning and specialized skin treatments that improve the skin’s health. 

The term facial refers to a skin treatment comprised of multiple steps and multiple skin treatments. It usually includes:

  • steam to open pores,
  • face masks to treat special problems such as acne or wrinkles,
  • exfoliation to remove dead skin,
  • cleansing to deeply clean the skin,
  • facial massage to stimulate proper blood flow,
  • application of creams, lotions, or serums to treat the skin’s special problems.

You could go in for a general facial, but your skin will benefit the most by choosing a special treatment that hones in on the special skin problem and provides it with a focused treatment. Some options include moisturizing facials, firming and restoration facials, and extraction facials. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of getting a facial and finding out what treatments might work for you, you should start by searching online for a reputable aesthetician in your area. For example, if you are based in Pennsylvania, you can search "facial near me in Harrisburg, PA" to find the best facial offerings in and around Harrisburg. You should always book a consultation before getting any full facial treatments. 

A facial removes dirt, toxins, and oil buildup from your skin. It removes dead skin cells through deep exfoliation methods like microdermabrasion. By unclogging your skin’s pores, the facial products can better absorb into the skin to do their job. Undergoing an extraction facial removes blackheads and whiteheads plus treats pimples to quickly clean up breakout and prevent new ones. An anti-aging facial slows down the skin’s aging process and prevents wrinkles. This includes a facial massage that results in increased oxygen flow and blood circulation plus professional level anti-aging creams and serums to deeply penetrate the skin and result in a visible difference as well as enhancing elasticity and collagen production.

The best facials come from a trained aesthetician, a professional who undergoes training in how to apply facial products and treatments and how to best perform facial massage. An aesthetician can analyze your skin and recommend a daily skincare routine that also benefits your skin. During the process of these monthly treatments, the aesthetician examines your skin for suspicious spots and moles. They alert you to any problems found. 

Facials help with more than common problems like acne and wrinkles. You can also get a facial that helps treat problems like sun spots, sun damage, rosacea, and eczema.

While a facial might sound like something only for the wealthy, it remains an affordable service at most spas and helps improve your skin’s look and health. That makes it more than simply an occasional treat, but an imperative part of a healthy skincare routine. Every four to six weeks, you should undergo a facial. While you can do a mini-facial at home in between visits, your aesthetician provides important advice, tips, and services that go beyond what you can do yourself. Their special training makes them especially adept at noticing skin changes that could point to a more serious issue such as skin cancer.


Why You Need to Take Care of Your Scalp

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Most of us take good care of our hair. We wash it using expensive products and go to the hairdressers every few weeks. Yet, few of us realize the importance of taking care of our scalp as well.

There are several reasons you need to make using a scalp cleanser a regular part of your personal care regime. Below, are the most important of them.
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Your hair will suffer if your scalp is not in good condition

Every hair on your head starts life under your scalp in the hair follicles. So, naturally, if your scalp is not in a healthy condition it is practically impossible for strong hairs to be formed.

Scalp issues can cause you to go bald prematurely

If some of your hair follicles are covered by scabs they will not be able to function properly. This can lead to sparse hair growth. Over time, things can worsen to the point where you end up with actual bald patches.

An unhealthy scalp can lead to fungal infections

Some scalp conditions are caused by fungal infections. Usually, the infection will stay confined to that area of your body. But when you scratch your head, which you are likely to do quite a bit, there is a chance that the fungus can spread to other areas of your skin.

An unhealthy scalp can harbor bacteria

Some scalp conditions can lead to bacterial infections. Again, it is possible to spread these to other areas of the body by scratching then touching an open cut.

You can end up with greasy hair

Lipids are important compounds that your body uses to build new strands. Your body knows how much is needed to keep your hair looking healthy, so it sends the right level of fatty acids to your scalp to achieve the desired result. If some of your follicles are blocked you end up with too much of these lipids being sent to the other hairs. This is one of the underlying causes of greasy hair. You can read about more of them here.

Having an itchy sore scalp is uncomfortable

Lastly, if your scalp is in poor condition, it will be itchy maybe sore, which is extremely uncomfortable. Nobody wants to be constantly scratching their head.
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How to look after your scalp

Fortunately, it is not that difficult to keep your scalp in good condition. Get into the habit of using a scalp serum. These products are designed to nourish the area and kill off the most common funguses and bacteria that can make a home there.

Why you need to spot and tackle problems early

If you are not in the habit of actively checking your scalp, it is a good idea to start to do so. The faster you spot and address any problems you find, the better. Once you develop an issue with your scalp, treating it becomes difficult because your hair makes it almost impossible to apply enough topical creams and lotions to the right area.


Alternative to CBD Shops in Columbia, SC

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become increasingly popular throughout the United States, especially in places like Columbia, South Carolina. This beautiful state has seen a surge in CBD shops in recent years. However, for the average consumer, walking into one of these shops can be daunting. How can you know if the products are trustworthy? How do you avoid wasting your hard-earned bucks?

Here, we'll guide you through the recent cannabidiol craze - and the available alternatives to CBD shops in Columbia.
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The Rising Popularity of CBD 

The popularity of CBD has snowballed in recent years. Nowadays, you can walk into numerous stores in Columbia, promoting their cannabidiol products. Some gas stations even sell this product.

A ​study by Medical News Today​ investigating the public interest in CBD demonstrated that Google Searches for it significantly increased since 2014 and are still increasing. In April 2019, there were about 6.4 million CBD searches. Another ​study by USA Today​ published in the peer-review JAMA Network Open shows a 160.4 increase in searches in 2018, compared to the previous year.

The explosive interest in this herbal product has to do with two things: federal approval and hemp-derived properties.

Cannabidiol is a derivative of the hemp plant. In 2018, it gained approval from multiple federal regulators following the ​US Farm Bill legalizing industrial hemp​. With federal approval, numerous manufacturers got the green light to create products centered around cannabidiol.

CBD also comes from the hemp plant, and that distinction is crucial. People often confuse cannabidiol with marijuana, but hemp is a different strain of the cannabis plant than marijuana. Marijuana has THC, which gets users high. Cannabidiol from hemp does not contain THC. Indeed, the 2018 Farm Bill strictly stated that cannabidiol sold to the public had to have less than 3% THC.

The rising popularity of CBD has been incredible for many people. People from all walks of life have enjoyed this herbal product in all-forms, including the use of ​water soluble CBD oil​ as a solution. Seniors with health issues, young people for experimentation, mothers seeking natural solutions for maternal aches - all types of people have turned to CBD.

However, with increased availability come several risks, making it necessary to find alternatives to local CBD shops. The only thing growing faster than CBD's popularity is confusion about what exactly it is, how it works, how you can use it, and where you can get it.
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Why Seek an Alternative to In-Store Options? 

Cannabidiol products in stores may not be the same quality as the CBD products online. Besides issues of availability, people seek alternatives for various reasons, as discussed below:

Reliability and Quality Guarantee

The increasing popularity in CBD oil has, unfortunately, come with an increasing number of companies that are deceptive to consumers. Some of these companies take advantage of consumers and add harmful components that may have potential side effects.
With online options, you can vet the products by checking the seller's quality guarantee. Most online CBD vendors publish their lab reports.

These reports indicate the quality, quantity, and source of cannabidiol in the products you purchase. The result? You get an assurance of the manufacturer's reliability and a quality guarantee.

We suggest that you purchase CBD oil directly from a reputable manufacturer's website to avoid scams from deceptive entrepreneurs. It will help you avoid imitations, and you might also get offers and discounts, including a free trial. You will also receive products that have been thoroughly tested and researched.


Alternatives to CBD shops in Columbia may also be desirable for availability. Going to your local shop to pick up some products may seem convenient - until it's bedtime, and you realize that you've run out of your CBD.

Online options mean you can shop for products when you want, where you want. You don't have to worry about running out as long as you put in your order to have it delivered securely and discreetly.

Additionally, many CBD Shops in Columbia have closed down following the current economic recession. The pandemic also has made some people leery of going into crowded retailers. For convenience and health, online alternatives can be lifesavers.


Cannabidiol is available in numerous forms, but your local shop might only carry a handful of products. The retailer has to think about their business, too, which means they won't carry the entire stock of available products in case they don't sell. The limited selection means you're missing out on the variety!

When you shop for cannabidiol, you can find:

● CBD oils, water-soluble oils, and tinctures - you can place these sublingually or add to any beverage or meal
● Edibles - CBD comes in a wide range of products to eat and drink. They include gummies, chocolates, cakes, etc.
● Vape juices
● Pills and capsules
● Topicals, balms, creams
● Self-care - lip balms, bath bombs, eye serums
● Pet products - dog treats, canine tinctures

Find CBD Oil Online Today!

It's crucial to make sure you buy the best quality products from approved suppliers. If you're looking for alternatives to CBD shops in Columbia, SC, your best bet is to shop online.

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5 Simple Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Fit

Any busy mom who has to balance her work and home knows how difficult it can be to stay fit. However, that should stop anyone from staying healthy and achieving the body of their dreams. A lot of fitness professionals say that you have to make a schedule when it comes to staying fit. Where tips like following a set of rules, not eating fast food, and sticking to a healthy schedule are very helpful, a lot of them become a moot point for busy moms. That is where we step in as we have devised the perfect plan for working women so that they can stay in shape.

Rise early and Sweat it out

The most important thing that you need to do as a busy mom is to manage your time efficiently. I understand that waking up early can be very difficult to do, but if you want to get the most out of your day, you have to do it. After you have made a habit of waking up early, you can join a gym or look for reformer Pilates as it will help you stay in shape without sacrificing a lot.

Exercise with the Kids 

Another great way you can motivate yourself to exercise is to bring the kids into the loop. By including your kids in the workout, you are also motivating yourself to do exercise. To make the kids enjoy exercising, you can think of some pretty smart ways like playing games with them that involve physical activity, taking them out for a walk or for bike rides, and asking them to help you with house chores.
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Make the Most Out of Little Things 

As working moms can get quite busy juggling work and taking care of kids, they need to make everything count. Instead of using the lift, you should take the stairs so that you get the needed exercise. If your workplace is nearby, you can use the bike instead of a car as you can burn a lot of calories while going to work and coming back home. When you incorporate these little things in your life, you will see positive results in a matter of weeks.
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Eat Smart

Most of us are so busy each morning that we eat whatever we get out hands onto. Consider packing 3-4 small healthy snacks in the night so that you don’t have to prepare your lunch in the morning. Instead of relying on junk food during working hours, you can eat these healthy snacks so that you are proud of the right choices you make when hunger strikes.

Do Quick Workouts Whenever Your Get the Chance

Lastly, you should have a workout anytime you get a chance. For example, instead of crashing onto the bed when you return from work, you should do a little workout for 5-7 minutes, take a bath, and then enjoy some quality time with your kids so that you feel fresh and proud of yourself.
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Why Get CBD Oil For Stress

Lots of people around the world experience stress for a variety of reasons. Some may find their jobs too much to handle, and others are not happy with the way things are going.
There are chances that you may be one of the people who have chronic stress. Whether it’s in the form of an outburst from your boss or the millionth time your annoying mother-in-law stresses you out, it’s time for you to have the relaxation that you need.

Know that too much stress can affect your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Some of the symptoms that may appear include headaches, loss of appetite, insomnia, chest pains, and high blood pressure. You can know more about headaches that came from tension here: The solution for many people is Prozac or Xanax. But why go to the extreme side of medication when you can relieve the pain from stress in a more natural way?

CBD and Cannabis

You may want to learn more about CBD or cannabidiol oil that came from the hemp plant. Although hemp is a cousin of cannabis, you need not worry as there are no psychoactive effects after taking the oil. The plant Cannabis sativa has over a hundred different strains, and cannabidiol is one of them.

The extracts of pure CBD are commonly taken in the stalks, flowers, and leaves. They are extracted using CO2 or other methods, and they are separated from the cannabis. The extracts look like little crystals at room temperature.

Does the Product Make You High?

Many people argue that instead of using CBD, they might as well smoke weed to relieve their stress. But this should not be the case. One of the most well-known compounds in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that alters the mind. Users of the oil do not get affected psychologically by hemp because the THC in CBD is non-existent and, in some, less than 0.3%. This is opposed to the more than 30% THC content that marijuana has.

Note that both THC and CBD can bind with the brain’s special receptors. The difference is that CBD can directly alter the receptors by linking into them while THC can’t do this. When you are stressed, you may feel a little fuzzy when you take the oil, but you will eventually feel less anxious. Your body will become more relaxed and comfortable. Some users were able to think of solutions to their problems while they are in a calmer state of mind.

Stress and CBD

Stress can become cumbersome and can severely impact the quality of your life. You may not feel like socializing, and the feelings may keep you from living the optimum lifestyle that you deserve. The good news is that studies have backed the positive effects of CBD to stress.

Some of the studies included people with anxiety showed that the oil significantly reduced their stress levels. The brain was able to convert the situation from a threatening state to a less anxious environment. The scans showed that there were also noted changes in several regions of the brain, usually associated with anxiety.

There’s another study done in 2014 that found out that the oil can have antidepressant side effects. Most of the studies involving this were on animals, but the results were promising. Many of the rats were able to reduce their social anxieties.

Others were able to conduct further research on cannabidiol as a treatment for many anxiety disorders. Some of the most common psychological disorders of people worldwide are OCD, PTSD, and SAD. These are all forms of illnesses that need addressing, and the people who have them were able to find relief while taking the oil.

Now, this does not mean that you need to have a disorder to take CBD oil. Note that the oil is for everyone, and even healthy people can benefit from taking a teaspoonful of this miracle oil. You can visit this page for other options and products that you can take aside from the oil. If you are feeling stressed, you can lessen your burdens by reducing anxiety levels in your brain. You can also become more active by exercising and getting plenty of sleep at night to combat stress.

There are other benefits of cannabidiol for humans. In clinical trials, an increase in mental sedation and decreased anxiety levels are noted by researchers. Higher doses can be useful for treating insomnia, social anxiety disorder, and even epilepsy.

Is the Oil Legal?

However, note that the world of hemp is still a gray area in many states. The legality of marijuana is still debatable. But the good news is that you can buy hemp without any problems. Many pharmacies offer over the counter CBD oil and other products that can benefit you. You can do your research and find out where the legit suppliers are to ensure that the product is safe.
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How Smokers Can Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Many people who get into the habit of smoking don’t often think of it as a problem, usually until non-smokers point it out. Smokers make up a large portion of the general population; in the U.S., there are well over 30 million smokers. And the truth is, although smoking is associated with several adverse health effects, you can still lead a full, healthy lifestyle despite the "bad" habit.

If you are a smoker, it doesn’t matter how you got into smoking, why you smoke, or whether you’re looking to quit or cut down. You should put extra effort into taking care of your physical health. It's unfair to think that smokers don't care about their health or well-being. Smoking is not a behavioral defect or an indication of a flawed personality or character traits. Here are a few ways you can help to maintain a healthier lifestyle, even as a smoker.

Moderate Your Smoking

The first step towards leading a healthy lifestyle as a smoker is moderating the smoking. Quitting is often a tall order for many smokers, but moderation is the next best thing. Try cutting down on smoking or looking into safer alternatives like patches and ecigs to take the edge off from time to time. Begin slow, for instance, by cutting one or two cigarettes every week and gradually work up to an optimum amount. Baby steps is often the way to go.
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Eat a Healthy Diet

Everyone, and especially smokers, need to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Include lots of rich fruits, vegetables, and nuts in your daily diet. Some of the essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients can help counteract some of the negative effects of smoking. For instance, smoking is known to block calcium and vitamins C and D from being absorbed into the body, increasing fruits and vegetables in the diet can help restore these essential nutrients.

Engage in Physical Activity 

Engage in regular physical activity to maintain physical health. Physical exercise makes the blood flow faster and increases breathing, both of which are beneficial towards strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. You can go to the gym for rigorous exercises, go on hikes and bike ride, or try mild physical exercises such as cardio and yoga. Physical activities can also help you manage cravings if you're trying to quit or cut down on smoking.
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It makes total sense to be a smoker and still want to improve your physical health and wellness. You can practice regular health routines, just like non-smokers. All you have to do is find the perfect health and wellness rhythm that aligns with your goals and abilities. 


How To Pick An Amazing Swimsuit For A Beach Vacation

It's quite challenging when choosing the right swimwear when you are going on a beach vacation. As exciting as beach vacations are, for some, choosing the right swimsuit can add a little stress. For the benefit of those travelers who want to experience the sands, waves and salt-water fun, the following information can help immensely.
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Let’s start with the real test! How do you know what’s best for you?

No other garment selection requires so much consideration, as much as a swimsuit does for a woman. To begin with, the design and cut of the swimwear are extremely important. It affects the way it sticks to your body and boosts your beach/poolside confidence.

Decorative components like flounce or a cut-out and a well-placed print play a key role. The most comfortable swimwear is the well-fitted and modest one because it covers most of your body parts, you need not worry about exposing certain areas that you may want to hide. Yet it holds the body together to give you the confidence that makes you enjoy the beach or pool.  Here are some tips to find the best swimsuit before you set out on that vacation of yours;

Shape Matters!

If you can measure the size of your chest, waist, and hip, it is easy to find your body type. The most common body shapes among women are apple, banana, pear, spoon, bell, hourglass-shaped, etc. Of course, the hourglass-shaped body is considered the ideal body shape but the world is a mix and match and not all are supermodels in everyday life!
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash
Browse for Options

If you are worried about the apt place to find the apt bathing suit to match your body shape, browsing through some top online options can help. If you want to lay hands on the best bathing outfits, you can try bathing suits from Planet Blue, they have a vast collection of one-piece, bikini tops, bottom with a wide range of fitting from full-coverage to skimpy fit swimsuit styles.

Get a Little Color Conscious

Choosing a bright color and pattern will highlight a body part whereas solid colors will help you hide the unattractive area of your body. For people with pale skin, try choosing black, dark purple, maroon or navy blue. Bright colors will be apt for those with a dark complexion.

Swimsuits Can Create Good Illusions

A high-waist swimsuit with vertical and angled stripes is advantageous to give the illusion of long legs. You will look slim and sexy. Wearing reds will make you look smaller. To add volume to your upper and lower areas, try something with ruffles and hardware detailing. Ruffles will help in adding volume and shirring will hide volume. To hide your waist, the monokini is the best, and tankini will highlight the same. Try picking a boy shorts if you have an hourglass-shaped body.

Let it Complement Your Body

If you are short, the hi-cut bottom will make your legs look slender. Halter-tops will make your bust attractive and bandeau top will make them look wider. To show-off, your figure, try some embellishments like jewels, flowers, sequins, and cut-outs in your swimsuit.

Fabric is Important, Too

If you love going on frequent beach vacations, choose fabrics that will ensure swimsuit longevity. The commonly used strong fabric materials are nylon, neoprene, and lycra. Polyester is the best and most common material used to withstand chlorine and fading. Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) is used in competitive suits for stretchability and it withstands chlorine.
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash
Picking the Right One

Pick a top that stays in place while jumping and moving around. Experiment this in the trial sessions, exchange if it doesn’t solve the purpose. Pick a bottom that matches with your hip measurements to feel comfortable and cozy. If you are planning to order a swimsuit online, don't skip to check the size chart and customer reviews regarding the fit and material. Most retailers offer mix and match options to the users to customize their swimsuit according to their size. This will offer much comfort. Buy the appropriate one that fulfills the purpose of your swimsuit. A sexy one-piece or a bikini will be suitable to keep you cool and flattering by the waves, under the umbrella.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Ladies, at the end of the day, you live your life only once. Wear something that will help boost your confidence and comfort. Ultimately, it is your self-esteem that pervades and inspires your identity and is projected by your vibes in your personality.

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Minimize Skin Pores in Ways That Actually Work!

Have you been visiting beauty salons and dermatologists to figure out how to minimize pores? Open and big-sized pores can lead to several skin-related issues like acne and pimples. Apart from giving your skin an oily feel and appearance, open pores can look unsightly and prevent you from using the makeup of your choice. As per experts, the look and size of your pores are dependent on several factors such as skin type, genetics, exposure to the sun, age, and so forth. Read on to know more about the effective ways of minimizing pores and taking care of them.

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Why are Pores Necessary?

Much as you would like your pores to disappear, do know they have some important functions to fulfill. They allow your skin to inhale and exhale air. They serve as a channel for passing air between the outside and inside of your body. Dermatologists and skincare articles ( have plenty of tips and tricks in store to shrink the pores and provide you with flawless skin. Though the pores on the skin cannot be done without, you can make them less noticeable by shrinking their visual appearance.

Tips to Reduce the Size of Pores
  1. Keep the magnifying glass away and start cleaning 
At the very onset, do know that your pores do not appear as big to others as they do to you when you see them through the magnifying mirror. So, just loosen up and relax. Regular exfoliation and a daily cleaning regime can be effective ways of keeping your pores clean and clear. Open pores, especially those that are free from any type of dirt, can be difficult to spot. However, to open them you need to apply steam or heat, and then, a warm washcloth prior to starting the scrub off process.

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Cleaning your face once or twice a day is enough. In case you are cleaning your pores just once every day, then night time cleaning is preferable to remove the last traces of makeup or dirt. Anyway, it’s essential that you scrub your face clean before going to bed. This will take care of your open pores and make them appear smaller in size.

      2. Don’t Touch Your Pores

Remember to keep your hands away from your face unless you are doing so to clean it or are in the course of a skincare routine. This is because the bacteria and grime present on your hands can find their way into the pores and block them. Along with giving your face a dull and dirty look, the closed pores can lead to infections and other skin related problems. Therefore, minimize touching your skin, and do not pick at it under any circumstances as the act can result in blemish, blood clot, scabbing, scarring, or angrier pores.

Take Care of Your Pores

Last but certainly not least, try to wear a good sunscreen cream or gel at all times to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Retinoid creams are also useful in increasing the cell turnover of your skin. Good care and appropriate cleansing routine can help you get smaller and better-looking pores  - in just a matter of days.

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Don't Feel Bad About Getting a Facelift

In many aspects of life, self-improvement is applauded. If we do not achieve the results we want on a test, we study until we know the material. If we are not physically fit, we can exercise to improve our strength. These actions are applauded.

However, some people feel self-conscious or embarrassed about taking actions to improve their physical appearance by getting a facelift. This article will show why getting a facelift should never cause anyone to feel shame. A facelift is no different than any other act of self-improvement. Even better, in many instances, facelifts provide long term positive consequences.
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Self-esteem for a healthy life

From the time we are children, we are taught to value ourselves based on our looks. Babies and children who are perceived as being more attractive are favored by parents and teachers alike. It is little wonder, then, that studies show that self-esteem is significantly correlated with attractiveness, especially in women.

Self-esteem has a wide-ranging influence on other aspects of physical and mental health. Studies indicate that low self-esteem in adolescents is correlated with limited economic output and increased criminal behavior throughout adulthood. While self-esteem is a complicated issue based on much more than just behavior, it makes sense for us to take whatever actions we can to improve our self-esteem.

As stated by Dr. Andrew Jacono, facelifts can help rejuvenate and improve appearance, which is strongly linked to self-esteem. The American Psychological Association reports that a year after plastic surgery, a majority of patients were happier with the body part that had been operated on. This suggests that plastic surgery has more than a fleeting impact on our happiness.
Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash
You deserve to be pampered

In this day and age, self-care is recognized as an important part of life. Our culture encourages us to take time for ourselves by going to the spa, getting manicures, and eating healthy. Yet despite an increased cultural emphasis on self-care, most adults are not holistically caring for themselves. About 18% of American adults experience anxiety regularly. The majority do not receive any medical treatment for their anxiety.

Making self-care a part of your routine can be one way to decrease your chances of experiencing anxiety. Getting a facelift can be part of this holistic culture of self-care and pampering.

Take control of your own destiny

A hundred years ago, most people simply accepted difficult facts of life and tried to deal with them. Many illnesses did not have effective treatments, and death and disability were a regular part of life.

Nowadays, we don't simply accept that unpleasant facts of life must exist. We deal with difficulties head-on and try to solve them rather than live with them. Doctors have cured countless diseases and global life expectancy has shot up. No one looks at this as unnatural.

A facelift is no different. A hundred years ago, men and women had no choice but to accept growing older. Even if they were internally dissatisfied with their appearance, there was nothing to be done about wrinkles and lumps.

Things are different now. Medicine has given us the ability to take control of our own appearance. Facelifts are a well-developed and advanced way of dealing with an unpleasant fact of life. They shouldn't be perceived differently than any other medical treatment that is designed to enhance the quality of life.
Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash
An investment in your future

Like it or not, looks are important when it comes to professional success. According to studies, attractiveness begins to have an impact on career outcomes as early as high school, when more attractive candidates are given advantages in some parts of the college admissions process. Candidates who are perceived as more physically attractive are more likely to get hired, promoted, and have higher levels of income. Once they are hired, research indicates that attractive men and women are more likely to succeed in cooperative settings like the modern office.

This may all seem unfair, but we cannot change the system in which we live. We can, however, change the way that we are perceived in that system. A facelift can help improve a person's level of attractiveness and potentially lead to greater success in the workplace.

Facelifts can be a point of pride

As you can see, facelifts should never be seen as something to feel bad about. People who choose to get facelifts are taking positive action to improve their self-esteem and earning potential. They are taking their destinies into their own hands using a modern and efficient medical procedure.

Seen in this light, facelifts are not something shameful, but a point of pride. A person who gets a facelift is proclaiming that she takes care of her appearance and that she values herself enough to give herself a little luxury once in a while.
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How Your Nose and Sinuses Can Be Fixed In The Same Surgery

Chronic sinus issues can make your life a dreary nightmare. Although some sinus issues are caused by infections and allergies, others are caused by physical problems with the sinuses that block drainage and airflow; these issues can only be corrected by surgical means. The prospect of undergoing surgery is never a pleasant thought even if it can alleviate unpleasant symptoms.

Photo by Min An from Pexels
Many people are also not very satisfied with the shape or size of their nose. As the center point of the face, the exact shape and size of the nose can dramatically alter a person's appearance and attractiveness. A proud jutting nose may perfectly complement the face of someone with the proper cheekbones and jaw structure, but such a nose may look completely out of place on a differently shaped face. Also, nose injuries can cause noses to be crooked and humped. Considering the dramatic impact a nose can have on a person's appearance, it is not surprising that rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a "nose job,'' is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed today.

Something that most people don't know is that sinus problems can be corrected and rhinoplasty can be performed in a single surgical procedure. You can get the nose of your dreams and cure your sniffling, obstructed breathing, and chronic headaches all at once.

What changes to the nose can be made during a rhinoplasty?
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, a nose job can:

  • Change overall nose size
  • Change the width of the bridge of the nose
  • Change the width of the end of the nose
  • Correct a crooked nose
  • Correct humps or depressions in the bridge of the nose
  • Change the shape of the end of the nose
  • Change the shape and location of the nostrils
  • Correct any nasal asymmetry

During the consultation, the surgeon will carefully examine your nose and the rest of your face and discuss your goals and desired nose look. Most surgeons have computer software programs available that can show how each person will look after alterations of their nose. It is important to keep in mind there is no "perfect nose" since the shape of the rest of the face alters how a nose looks. Plunking your favorite star's nose down in the middle of your face may result in a rather ridiculous look. Mark Glasgold, a rhinoplasty expert from New Jersey, writes that the surgeon's goal is to achieve a nose that complements and enhances the appearance of each individual person.

What sinus problems can be corrected during a rhinoplasty?

Deviated septum
The most common sinus problem is a deviated septum. According to ENT Health, around 80% of the population has a septum that is deviated to some degree. The septum is the structure that separates the two breathing passages behind the nostrils; when it is off-center, producing two breathing passages of unequal sizes, it is referred to as deviated. A slightly deviated septum generally doesn't cause any problems, but a more severely deviated septum can cause problems such as:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Noisy breathing especially while sleeping
  • Mouth breathing
  • Nosebleeds
  • Sinus infections

A deviated septum that is causing symptoms can only be corrected by surgery.

Nasal polyps
Nasal polyps are soft benign growths that develop in some people's sinuses. According to the Mayo Clinic, they seem to be caused by long-term irritation of the sinuses, such as might occur in response to allergies or asthma. Nasal polyps can cause sleep apnea, obstructed breathing and drainage of the sinuses, leading to frequent or chronic sinus infections. Generally, they need to be surgically removed.

Turbinate issues
The turbinates are structures inside the nose that act to filter, warm, and moisturize inhaled air. Unfortunately, in some people, the turbinates become enlarged or even displaced, leading to obstructed breathing. Healthline says that many of the same conditions that can cause nasal polyps, as described above, can also lead to enlarged turbinates. A deviated septum can also squash and distort some of the turbinates, contributing to breathing difficulties. Some enlarged turbinates can be treated with cauterization, where a special device is inserted into the nose to destroy some of the turbinate tissue, but many enlarged turbinates require surgery to remove the excess, displaced, or damaged tissues.

What happens during a rhinoplasty?
Most rhinoplasties are performed under general anesthesia, although sometimes they can be performed under sedation and local anesthesia. The incisions are placed inside the nose where they cannot be seen or sometimes are made across the thin strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. The exact process depends on what work needs to be done. If parts of the nose need to be reduced, tissue and cartilage will be trimmed away. If parts need to be enlarged, tissue and cartilage will be added. Cartilage grafts can be taken from inside the nose or, more rarely, from an ear to enlarge or repair structures. Any sinus issues will be addressed, such as straightening the septum, reducing the size of the turbinates, and removing any polyps. Then the incisions are closed and splints/packing placed to support the tissues for a few days while they heal.

What is the recovery like?
There will be swelling and bruising of the area for the first few days after the procedure, and a splint may need to be worn for about a week. All signs of the procedure will have vanished about two weeks after the surgery, but strenuous activity should be avoided for at least four weeks. As soon as the swelling begins to go down, the new shape of the nose should become apparent and resolution of the sinus issues should be apparent immediately after the surgery.

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New Eyeglasses Update

You might have read a few weeks back about my latest lifestyle change. I have become a new eyeglasses wearer. My vision has definitely changed a good bit in recent years, that's for sure. My main issue is with reading or seeing fine details up close. I was given a prescription for bifocals but was recommended to go with progressives. This turned out to be a huge mistake. I gave myself a solid couple of weeks to get used to them but just couldn't do it. I felt dizzy and disoriented most of the time while wearing them. I had the same issues when wearing the sunglasses which was a bad thing especially while driving.

Photo by from Pexels
I went back to the eye doctor's office and explained my situation. They suggested that I go ahead and get single vision glasses and use readers for reading and computer/phone use. It took less than 24 hours, and I tested out my new glasses and sunglasses. What a difference! I could see without feeling dizzy. I did have to upgrade my readers from the old ones I had. I had no idea there was such a thing as multi-focus reading glasses. You don't have to constantly take them off to see things that are further away. I can see everything just as well as I can with the prescription glasses. This made me feel a bit annoyed because I spent a lot on the prescription specs. I guess at the end of the day I still needed to get my eyes checked by a professional.

Since I had to get the new eyeglasses and sunglasses made anyway, I went ahead and took advantage of my 30-day exchange time and got better frames for both. You can find prescription glasses on Overnight Glasses. I am so thankful that I can see everything so crisp and clear. Colors are so much more vibrant, and it's nice to see all of the little details I apparently have been missing for a while! I feel so much better overall. If you haven't gotten an eye exam this year yet, this is your friendly reminder to go book that appointment now. Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.
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How to Create the Perfect Accessorized Look in a Unique Way

Accessories can make or break an outfit, yet people often put on those things they are most comfortable or familiar with rather than truly using these items to enhance their outfit. Don’t make this mistake. With the right accessories, you can create a look that is truly your own and one that makes you look and feel great everywhere you go. Following are some guidelines to help you achieve this goal.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash
Choose All Accessories Carefully

Every item in an outfit is of importance. This includes the accessories one chooses to put on each day. For example, men and women often wear the same pair of glasses every day, never stopping to consider that their glasses should coordinate with their entire look. Check out the Zig eyewear selection to see how changing up your glasses can transform your look and enhance your style in no time at all. With many styles to select from, finding multiple pairs you love will be easy.

Go Bold

Don’t hesitate to go bold when it comes to choosing accessories. For instance, pair an outfit in neutral colors with a bright handbag and shoes. Not only does this add interest to the outfit, but it also helps to break up the monotony of the neutral tones. A person will find by making this simple change he or she can take a boring outfit and turn it into one that makes a fashion statement in a matter of seconds.

Scale the Accessories

Outfits with a big and bold pattern pair well with simple accessories. In contrast, a solid color outfit can easily be dressed up with some oversized, statement pieces. Keep this in mind when choosing accessories for an outfit to create a look that is truly your own. The size of the wearer should also be taken into consideration. A woman who is very petite should not choose accessories that are oversized, as they may leave her looking as if she is playing dress up with her mother’s items.

Skin Tone

Humans either have warm or cool skin tones, and this should be kept in mind when choosing accessories. For instance, a person with cool skin tones tends to look better in silver jewelry. In contrast, those with a warm skin tone find their appearance is enhanced when they choose pieces in gold. Anyone who is unsure of which category they fall into should obtain this information before choosing new accessories to ensure they pick those items that truly add to their appearance and help them look and feel their best.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Communicate a Message

The clothing a person chooses communicates a message whether they want it to or not. For example, a person in a business suit tends to look professional. However, when the business suit is paired with athletic shoes, others may get a different impression. For this reason, all parts of the outfit should project the same image. This helps other people to get a clearer sense of the person and what he or she is trying to convey with their clothing choices.

Don’t overlook accessories when putting together an outfit. By taking the time to add one or more items that truly complete the look, a person can transform their appearance in no time at all. Furthermore, the accessories help the individual create a look that is truly unique even when someone else in the room is wearing the exact same items. Small details do make a difference, so remember this when dressing every day for great results.

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Seasonal Skincare: Transitioning from Spring to Summer

As spring turns into summer, we all prepare for the warmer temperatures. Pants change to shorts and women often wear dresses to beat the heat. There are many ways in which the season changes affect our daily lives, including skin care. When the temperatures begin to get warmer, it is important to consider seasonal changes to your skin care. An example of this would be the hydration that Squalane oil can provide. As the temperatures may dry out your skin, you can benefit from additional skin care therapies. 
Photo by Vitória Santos from Pexels

Products To Try
Every individual is different, so while one person may have dry skin during the summer, another may have oily skin. It is important to take note as to how your skin reacts during each season and add products accordingly. During the summer, Matrixyl and hyaluronic acid work well on the skin. Finding the Best hyaluronic acid serum and matrixyl products can assist in your skin care regimen. 
With matrixyl, you have a product that helps to reduce the signs of aging. The product contains Matrikines which is an anti-wrinkle complex. The skin is taught to behave differently, with the restricting of the papillary dermis network taking place. 
With hyaluronic acid serum, you have a product that provides much-needed moisture and hydration. Apply the serum in the morning and at night to see the best results. 
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Creating Habits
Once new products have been purchased and a skin care regimen created, stick with it. Wash your face morning and night and take time to treat the skin. Over time, you will see quality results and want to continue to have glowing and beautiful skin. 
Set timers for yourself or try to clean your face at the same times each day. This will help you to create a habit that works so you can see long-lasting results! 

Heirlooms And Vibrant Hues: Doe Deere's Success Story In The World Of Fashion

We are in an age where fashion brands continue to up the ante through unique products and campaigns. A lot of companies say that what they have is “new” despite their products having little to no variation from other market brands. Since both industries are already saturated, it is hard to create something that could be considered as “new.” However, Doe Deere has seemingly found the perfect line between old and revolutionary with her new company.

Doe Deere founded Poppy Angeloff, a new jewelry brand that produces women’s accessories that are deeply inspired by the Victorian era. Of course, these products don’t only cater to the trends of days gone by as they also appeal to modern standards in the dynamic world of fashion.

The brand was inspired by family heirlooms that Deere herself re-discovered. Like an artist finally seeing what his next masterpiece should be, Deere began exploring vintage-inspired jewelry. The idea was to create jewelry that could be passed down from generation-to-generation. It was a dying tradition that Deere wanted to revive.

She was hesitant to do it at first. Thanks to her sister, Deere was able to see that the idea had potential.

She did not immediately dove into the idea of jewelry making as to fully understand the field, she had to spend months learning about jewelry design and history. Deere saw the new journey ahead of her as an opportunity to develop her skills as an artist and entrepreneur. However, to all the girls that are big fans of Deere’s brands, what she offers are something beyond compare.

Aside from Poppy Angeloff, Deere is also the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. The cosmetics brand delivers vegan and cruelty-free items to customers worldwide. Most of today’s cosmetics brands push for seemingly-natural styles. This is what makes Lime Crime different as its products deliver strong and vibrant colors.

Deere wanted to initially create a cosmetics line with a tenacious and rebellious appeal. Through the years, Lime Cosmetics has been the go-to brand for women that want to express themselves better through strong colors. It teaches them to go beyond the norm and it empowers the female spirit.

As an artist and designer, Deere carries a certain fascination for vibrant hues. At first, she was not sure whether or not the Lime Crime colors would find its own market. At the time, she understood that women wanted something simpler. Luckily, Lime Crime sparked a new revolution in the world of fashion.

Lime Crime is distinct from its competitors in numerous ways. Aside from the vibrant colors, the sustainably sourced products are a big hit for consumers that have become more concerned about each of the ingredients in the product they use.

Both of Deere’s companies are starting to gain traction. Deere and her husband are currently focusing on the expansion of Poppy Angeloff since Lime Crime is already big. As an entrepreneur, Deere’s strong understanding of what women want goes well with her devotion and love for her craft. The end result is a brand that women look up to.

Thanks to entrepreneurs like Doe Deere, girls worldwide are able to fully express themselves through unique ways. As a woman entrepreneur, Deere is able to inspire countless other girls out there to find that one field they can fully excel in. Hopefully, the success of Poppy Angeloff and Lime Crime sparks a new wave of strong women worldwide.

It seems as though Deere’s new journey is the start of something amazing once again. There is no doubt that there is a market for Poppy Angeloff and who knows, it might be the next top brand in the world of fashion.

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8 Tips For Fabulous Curls This Winter

Ah, winter. It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the holidays, hot chocolate, cute sweaters, the list goes on! But it can also be a not-so-wonderful time of year for your curls, if they’re not properly taken care of. Whether you’re a longtime curly girl or now embracing your curls, these tips will help you keep your curls happy this winter.

  1. Consider going “no-poo.” Shampoos with sulfates strip our hair of moisture, which is literally the opposite of what we want. I committed to the “no-poo” lifestyle last year, and it was a game changer. It’s weird at first not to feel the typical shampoo lathering, but my hair feels softer, stronger and more moisturized. My favorite is the DevaCurl No-Poo Decadence for super curly hair.
  2. Do. Not. Skimp. On. Deep. Conditioning. During the summer, I could get away with deep conditioning twice a month, but now I have to do it once a week. If your hair craves extra moisture like mine, it will thank you for the deep condition. You can make your own with your favorite oils, or take the easy way out like me and buy it. My favorites are DevaCurl Heaven in Hair, DevaCurl Melt into Moisture and Hask Monoi Coconut Oil. 
  3. Use coconut oil (AKA the lifesaver). I put cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil on my ends for extra moisture and curl definition. When I tell you it keeps the curls POPPIN’, I’m not lying! A little goes a long way, so use it just on your ends, and not on your scalp. If you use too much, your hair will look super greasy (don’t ask how I know…).
  4. Don’t towel-dry your hair. Drying with a towel creates too much friction, leading to frizz. You can use a microfiber towel, but that old cotton t-shirt you don’t know what to do with will work just as well. I’ve been using t-shirts for about four years and haven’t looked back.
  5. Sleep with a satin cap or pillowcase. This will preserve your curls and prevent them from becoming matted. I use the satin pillowcase because caps always fall off my head in the middle of the night. 
  6. Don’t sleep with your hair down. Sleeping with my hair down (even with a satin pillowcase) is disastrous. My hair looks flat, which is a big no-no for me! I prefer to put my hair in a “pineapple,” which is just a high ponytail and naturally, makes me look like a pineapple. Depending on your hair type, you can pineapple, braid or twist – whatever works for you.
  7. Use a diffuser instead of a blow dryer. I air dry my hair because it doesn’t get so cold in South Carolina. But if you live in colder areas or need to dry your hair quickly, a diffuser will dry your hair without stripping its moisture. Every once in a while, I do diffuse my hair with the Bed Head Curlipops diffuser. 
  8. Get a trim. Trimming your ends regularly is essential for hair growth and health. When you’re a curly girl, it can seem like light years have passed before any growth appears. I recently started using liquid biotin to aid my hair growth, so regular trims won’t seem as daunting.

Here’s to fabulous, happy curls this holiday season!

This guest post was provided by my fabulous daughter, Chardonnay Ismail


5 Amazing Benefits of Almonds for Beauty and Weight Loss

The benefits of almonds for skin and weight loss are not only many, but also proven by numerous studies. Enjoying these delicious tree nuts (although they are actually seeds) can help you lose weight, lower blood cholesterol, and give your skin a healthy glow.

Photo by Tetiana Bykovets on Unsplash

5 Benefits of Almonds Proven by Science

1. Reduced risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure

Heart disease is one of the most common causes of premature death in the world. While eating almonds won’t prevent this tragedy with a 100% guarantee, a study from the School of Life and Health Sciences at Aston University Birmingham has proven that snacking on a handful of almonds every day reduces this risk.

The reason for this is that these nuts enrich your body with antioxidants, which improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke.

2. Better weight loss due to appetite suppression

You might be surprised to learn that almonds are one of the best appetite suppressants. When added to a program that contains supplements with the same effect, you will definitely achieve your weight loss goals much faster. While supplements will control one’s appetite by affecting levels of hormones that trigger the feeling of hunger, almonds help dull it by filling up your digestive system with carbs.

Nuts are high in nutrients and dietary fiber, which means they take a while to digest, so they make you feel full longer. That’s why they make great snacks on a diet as almonds can prevent hunger cravings.

3. Better skin due to vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient and very potent antioxidant. Various health benefits of almonds mostly come from the fact that they are rich in this particular element. Vitamin E helps lower blood cholesterol, which is one of the main reasons why nuts are good for heart health.

This element is also the main contributor to the positive effect that almonds have on skin. Vitamin E does not only protect it from oxidative damage. It helps keep your skin hydrated and reduces the visible signs of aging.

Note that vitamin E is also essential for hair and nail health. Therefore, this food boosts your natural beauty on every level.

4. Reduced blood sugar spikes

Almonds are rich in a variety of nutrients, including magnesium. A study published in Diabetes Care indicates that magnesium improves insulin sensitivity thus helping manage metabolic disorders, like type 2 diabetes.

Not only does magnesium in almonds help keep your insulin sensitivity at bay. They also reduce the risk of blood sugar spikes due to the fact that they are slow to digest and have a low glycemic index.

5. Enhanced muscle building

Benefits of almonds extend to bodybuilders as well because one cup of these nuts gives you about 30g of proteins. This is the biggest number among all tree nuts and that protein is easy to digest. This makes almonds one of the best muscle-building foods, which is another reason why they are good for weight loss.

Eating foods high in proteins in the morning also helps with appetite control. And due to healthy fats these nuts contain, they are a great source of energy for a workout.

However, don’t forget that all nuts are high in calories, so be sure to limit your intake of them. Eating a handful (about 50g) daily will allow you to enjoy all the health and beauty benefits of almonds.

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