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Atlanta Fashion Week October 3-6, 2024

Mark your calendars! Atlanta Fashion Week® is set to make a return to the cultural capital of the world from October 3 to 6, 2024. The cultural phenomenon that defines Atlanta Fashion Week® 2024 will feature designers from across the globe and a multitude of satellite events. Gaining swift recognition for its profound impact and influence, this event will present a dazzling lineup including designers, models, buyers, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts, all contributing to the event's vibrant cultural influence. 

Atlanta Fashion Week® is more than just a fashion showcase; it is a celebration of art, music, and entertainment. This year's edition will encompass an even greater number of fashion presentations, parties, and industry events, ensuring an unmatched experience. Atlanta will undergo a metamorphosis into the nucleus of fashion and art, with designers and artists representing diverse cultural backgrounds unveiling their captivating collections.

Beyond the main event, buyers, media representatives, and VIPs will partake in receptions and events that not only spotlight exciting brands but also showcase the dynamic cultural tapestry of the week in Atlanta.

Immerse yourself in days filled with culturally rich fashion events and shows at Atlanta Fashion Week®. It's an experience you certainly won't want to miss.


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Nostalgic Vibes: Exploring the Hottest Trends of the 80s That Still Reign Today

The 1980s was an era of bold fashion, vibrant music, and technological advancements that left an indelible mark on popular culture. From iconic fashion statements to groundbreaking technological inventions, the '80s continue to influence and inspire modern trends. In this blog post, we'll take a nostalgic trip down memory lane to explore the hottest trends of the 80s and identify which ones have stood the test of time. 

1. Fashion Forward:

The 80s was a decade of flamboyant fashion and distinct styles. Some of the hottest fashion trends that emerged during this era include:

  • Neon Colors: The love for neon hues was unparalleled in the 80s. From clothing to accessories, neon shades were everywhere. Today, neon continues to make periodic comebacks, especially during festival seasons and in activewear.
  • Shoulder Pads: Power dressing was synonymous with the 80s, and shoulder pads were a crucial element of this trend. While they might not be as extreme as in the past, structured shoulder details can still be seen in contemporary blazers and jackets.
  • Denim: The 80s witnessed the rise of denim as a fashion staple. Acid-washed jeans, denim jackets, and denim skirts became iconic choices. Denim remains a timeless fabric, with classic jean styles and denim jackets still being popular today.
  • Leggings and Leotards: Inspired by the aerobics craze, leggings and leotards were a prominent fashion trend in the 80s. Today, leggings have become a wardrobe staple, being worn as both athletic wear and everyday fashion

2. Music Madness:

The 80s was a musically diverse decade that witnessed the birth of various genres and subcultures. Some of the hottest trends in music during the 80s that continue to resonate today include:

  • Pop Music: The 80s saw the rise of pop icons like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince, who shaped the sound of the decade. Pop music remains a dominant force in the industry, with artists like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars carrying on the tradition.
  • Electronic Dance Music (EDM): The synth-driven beats and electronic experimentation of the 80s laid the foundation for EDM. Today, EDM has evolved into a global phenomenon, with festivals and DJs drawing huge crowds worldwide.

3. Technological Breakthroughs:

The 80s witnessed remarkable advancements in technology, setting the stage for the digital revolution. Some of the trends from that era that are still prevalent today include:

  • Personal Computers: The 80s marked the era of personal computing, with the introduction of the iconic Apple Macintosh and IBM PC. Today, personal computers are an integral part of our lives, albeit significantly more powerful and compact.
  • Video Games: The 80s gave birth to the video game industry, with arcade games like Pac-Man and home consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) gaining immense popularity. Video games continue to be a multi-billion-dollar industry, with modern consoles and online gaming platforms captivating audiences worldwide.
  • Walkman and Portable Music: The Sony Walkman revolutionized music consumption by allowing people to carry their favorite tunes wherever they went. Today, portable music has evolved into streaming services like Spotify, offering instant access to a vast library of songs.

The 80s was an era of bold fashion choices, musical diversity, and technological breakthroughs. Many trends that emerged during this period have managed to withstand the test of time, leaving an indelible impact on contemporary culture. Whether it's the neon colors that periodically resurface or the enduring influence of 80s pop icons, the hottest trends of the 80s continue to inspire and shape our modern world. From fashion to music and technology, the nostalgia of the 80s still holds a special place in our hearts and continues to be celebrated today.

Did you grow up in the 80s? What are your favorite memories of that time?


5 Eyeglass Trends for 2023

With 2023 just a few weeks away, it’s time to start looking toward what the new year will bring for eyeglass trends. A pair of eyeglasses aren’t just for utility; they also greatly influence and enhance your look, much like a particular hairstyle would. 

There are endless options to choose from styles such as round, square, cat-eye, and more. You can also choose from many colors and materials to find the perfect pair. Whether you regularly wear eyeglasses or only wear them from time to time, it’s important for you to consider what styles you like and what will achieve the look you’re going for. Eyeglasses are much like accessories; where they can elevate your look and take it to the next level. 

Consider some of the following styles when looking for eyeglasses in the new year.

1. The Racer

This sporty style is filled with angular, futuristic touches and modular styles created with lightweight, sustainable materials. The lenses for this style will be iridescent, mirrored, or tinted. This style is perfect for someone who is active and needs a pair of high-performance and durable eyeglasses.

Rather than traditional sporty eyewear that might seem bulky or outdated, the racer adds a fresh perspective on athletic eyewear. This style is also a great choice for streetwear and everyday looks, not just for sports. With many different options for colors, you can create a look that’s a bit more subtle or one that has you standing out in a crowd. 

2. The Oversized Angular

Oversized eyeglasses originally worn in the 1970s have been coming back in recent years. Pairing that style with angular touches and styles creates a dramatic yet minimalistic look. This style is perfect for both men and women and is a luxury staple in the eyewear market. 

These eyeglasses are perfect for someone who wants a simple, clean look while also looking to stand out a bit. With the lightweight frame, you also don’t need to worry about feeling weighed down. There are plenty of color and pattern options to choose from with this style, so you’re sure to find the one that compliments your style and taste.

3. Green Eco-Conscious Frames

The new year will see a rise in eco-conscious frames, as consumers concerned about the fashion industry’s impact on the world will start seeking more sustainable options. These days, many eyeglasses are crafted with natural wood, recycled plastic, cork, and bamboo. 

Chromatic green will also become more popular in 2023, as green is associated with ongoing environmental efforts. Additionally, other shades of green will also be popular, such as lime green or bright green. 

Eco-conscious frames are on the rise, especially since you don’t need to compromise your style in order to help the planet. Just about any style of eyewear can be crafted from sustainable materials, so you can feel good about the glasses you wear.

4. Tinted Lenses

The new year will also see tinted lenses increasing in popularity. This retro eyewear style comes in many shades of warm-hued lenses, like red, orange, and yellow. This trend of “new retro” styling is perfect for someone who wants a vintage feel.

Pairing tinted lenses with an oversized frame will create a dramatic look while pairing them with a more minimalistic frame will keep it feeling more vintage. There are endless options available to you when it comes to incorporating tinted lenses into your style. 

5. Geometric Frames

This style of hexagonal or octagon-shaped frames is a massive trend and won’t be going away soon. This style is even evolving to incorporate a blend of aviator and geometric styles to create an ultra-modern frame.

Geometric frames allow you to have plenty of options to choose from in order to find the shape that best fits your face shape and personal style. Not only do you get to choose from the different shapes, but you also get to choose the size and color that best fits you. These futuristic eyeglasses are perfect for the person who enjoys staying on trend and making a statement.


6 Facts About Sustainable Fabrics

Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or simply a person who appreciates the environment, you've likely heard about sustainable fabrics. These fabrics are not only environmentally friendly, but they're also affordable. In addition, the materials that make up sustainable fabrics are comprehensive, including organic cotton, recycled polyester, linen, and more. 

Recycled polyester

Using recycled polyester reduces global greenhouse gas emissions and reduces dependence on petroleum. In addition, the fabric is soft and durable. It also promotes positive recycling behaviors.

Recycled polyester is often made from recycled clear plastic bottles. However, other plastics can also be used to produce recycled polyester.

Polyester is an oil-based synthetic polymer that is used for a variety of products. It is durable, breathable, and colorfast. It can be used in bedding, furniture upholstery, and LCDs.

Although recycled polyester is often touted as a sustainable material, it still presents some challenges. Firstly, it is hard to trace the origin of recycled material. In addition, it requires substantial financing.

The production process for recycled polyester requires less water than conventional materials. The material is shredded into thin flakes and woven into yarn. This process uses up to 50% less energy. 

Organic cotton

Organic cotton and the most sustainable fabrics can be a good choice for your clothing and the planet. Its benefits include better soil, less water, healthier working conditions, a higher quality of cotton, and a healthier environment.

Organic cotton is grown in controlled conditions. It doesn't use synthetic pesticides and doesn't pollute local waterways. As a result, it's more durable and breathable than conventional cotton.

Organic cotton farmers use natural methods to control pests. It also helps maintain the health of the farmers. In addition, it keeps skills local and allows farming families to pass down indigenous knowledge.

The use of harmful natural pesticides is much less severe than conventional chemicals. However, chemical sprays can damage ecosystems and waterways. They also can cause skin rashes, allergic reactions, and other health issues.

Conventional cotton requires large amounts of water. Depending on where you live, it can take up to 2,000 liters of water to produce a single t-shirt. In comparison, organic cotton requires only 86 gallons.


Using sustainable fabrics like linen is a great way to support the environment. They are durable, use less water, and require minimal pesticides and chemicals.

Ancient civilizations from all across the world have utilized linen for a very long time. As a result, it is often associated with home and household products. However, linen is also an excellent fabric for industrial pieces.

One of the reasons linen is so durable is its ability to absorb moisture. It makes it an excellent fabric for bath towels and curtains. It also dries fast.

Linen fabric is also biodegradable and compostable. It makes it a great alternative to cotton. It also helps in reducing waste. It is also a good material for upholstery. In addition, the cellulose fibers in linen boost their durability.

Linen also has antimicrobial properties. It means it won't hold bacteria and will keep wearers cool.


Using Tencel is one of the best ways to help protect the environment. Not only does it use less water than cotton, but it also has a lower carbon footprint. It also can be recycled.

Tencel is a fiber that is manufactured from wood pulp. This fiber is spun into strands and turned dry using a special eco-friendly solvent. The solvent is recycled indefinitely and has a 99% recovery rate.

Tencel is a popular fabric for activewear clothing lines because of its moisture-wicking capabilities. It also has a silky feel, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. It is a popular fabric for the recreational sewing community as well.

Tencel can also be used in bed sheets. It makes a beautiful fabric for flowing, soft garments. It is frequently blended with cotton to improve the drape of fabrics. High-end luxury brands also use it.


Using deadstock is an excellent way for brands to reduce their ecological footprint while still offering customers the latest style. It's also a creative challenge for designers to figure out how to use the excess in ways that make sense.

Most sustainable companies will use deadstock to repurpose leftover fabric. For brands with smaller budgets, this is an ideal solution. But sourcing this type of fabric can be time-consuming.

Companies can test the fabric to determine the quality and material of the product. However, it can also be challenging to find out if there are any hidden costs or discrepancies.

Some companies offer free samples of deadstock materials online. These companies know their customers will want to take advantage of this opportunity. Others sell deadstock materials at local markets.

Brands can also use a recycling system that breaks down the fabric and create carpet padding. Again, these companies will typically provide an impact report of the process.


Using microbes and genetically modified spider silk genes, Japanese company Spiber Inc. developed Qmonos, a synthetic spider silk thread that is lighter, more flexible, and stronger than steel. In addition, it's biodegradable and doesn't harm any creatures or the environment.

It isn't the first time scientists have used genetics and biotechnology to create an artificial material, but it's still impressive. The company believes that the mass production of spider silk could revolutionize the aerospace and automotive industries. In addition, it's lighter than carbon fiber, which is about 40 percent less dense and absorbent, making it a good candidate for sustainable clothing fabrics.

It is also notable for being the first artificial protein material ever produced. The protein, called fibroin, is the structural component of spider silk. It can be woven into the fabric, and researchers have developed a technology that can make it in larger quantities than its predecessors.


Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing the Right Jeans

Are you thinking of what to wear to work, on a date, or even a weekend vacation? Then you cannot go wrong with a pair of denim, whether it be Levi's, Wrangler, or any other brand. Selecting this outfit means that you have to consider style and comfort. Interestingly, these jeans come in several colors, cuts, fabric, and washes. They are also designed to fit specific body shapes. Hence, what looks terrific on you may be terrifying on someone else, and vice-versa. Bear in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all style. However, choosing a denim outfit can be challenging for anyone. But with the right cut, you should have no problem achieving the perfect look.

Denim for All-Day Activities
Do you know that you can rock your jeans all through the day while attending several contrasting activities? Having the right pair can offer you this versatility. For example, dark-blue jeans can go with your office work and your dinner date – all you need is a different top, shoes, and accessories to match. You can always rely on your denim for any event wherever you are in the world. Travel from the United States to any country without worrying about changing your attire!

Another factor worth noting about denim is that it augments your skin tone. Depending on the hue you select, your outfit can enhance your beauty and leave you looking like a fashion model. It is easy to highlight your curves (hips and thighs) with the right pair of jeans in the same vein. Additionally, you can also assume a different cool-looking appearance with baggy jeans – depending on what you want to achieve. What matters is having the right top and footwear to go with it.

Men Are Not Left Out
What better way to reveal your masculinity than to rock a pair of classic denim? You can engage in any activity with either blue or black jeans, with less concern about your shape. Of course, you don’t need that as a man. The focal point is the end-use of your jeans. For formal occasions, you should get a tailored pair. But if you are to perform general tasks, then classic jeans are the way to go. In recent times, clothing companies manufacture denim with longer inseams to accommodate an individual’s legs.

If you are looking for an ideal pair of jeans, you should opt for boot-cut or straight-leg denim. One area of concern for most men is the selection of color. It is common to believe that brightly-colored jeans are for those with preppy looks with various luxury items – a misconception that holds no grounds. 

Your Comfort Should Always Come First
When shopping for your everyday denim or occasional jeans, do not disregard comfort. Your outfit should mould with your outline and make it easy for you to move around. Good jeans stretch and retract to their initial form without any damage to the fabric. You can experiment with either an over-sized or small-size outfit to determine your best fit.

Current Fashion Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

The changing face of fashion can be hard to keep up with, so we have put together these top fashion trends you won’t want to miss. At Hush Style, they are passionate about all things style-related so they like to know what’s hot and what is taking the fashion world by storm. Take a look so you can stay ahead of the trends. 

Keeping Neutral

Almost in direct contrast to a dramatic metallic look would be dressing head to toe in natural tones. Think camels, beiges, creams and so on. This is a clean and chic look that can look not only stylish but cozy at the same time, so it is perfect for the turning weather as we head into the chilly winter months. You can choose a suit with complimentary pieces to support the look, or perhaps a dress and overcoat in tonal colors. Dressed up or down, this color palette will suit everyone when worn in a style that is true to them. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Trainers used to be reserved for athletes or those recovering from injuries,  but today, the humble trainer is so much more than that. Even the most upmarket designers have ranges of trainers that are so chic you can even wear them with the most glamorous of dresses that will  enhance the overall look. Oh, and your feet will thank you for it too! Choosing a designer style will mean the quality is built to last and the branding will allow you to wear them for years to come whilst staying at the cutting edge of fashion. 

Crossbody Bags

Handbags are always a way to make a great statement and stand out from the crowd, but keeping them functional can sometimes be a chore. These days, with so many things we need to carry about with us at all times (purse, phone, keys, and now face masks and hand sanitizer too) it can be hard to find the right bag to fit it all. Also, you need your hands free  to put on your mask and sanitizer. That’s why a crossbody bag is so useful – a well made one will give you the stylish look you desire, while offering convenience.

Gold Rush

Metallics are often seen gracing the most fashionable of divas in many winter seasons, but there is an added focus this year. The focus is on gold in particular, and the more it glimmers, the better. This color is rich and intense, glamorous and festive all in one. Gold pairs well with a lot of other colors, so you can have a lot of fun with it. 

Mellow Yellow

Different shades of yellow have been in and out of fashion across the years from canary to lemon, mustard to sunflower, there is a color for each season and occasion. Often found in clothing, now is the time to invest in an over-sized coat in a bold shade of yellow. This will brighten up a darker outfit and as yellow is seen as the color of happiness, you will find you are followed by smiles wherever you go. You can’t go wrong with a happy color! 
So what are you waiting for? Try out these trends for yourself! 

Should You Wear Compression Leggings During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a challenging period for a woman as her body undergoes changes she may or may not expect. Swelling and pain in the legs and varicose veins are some of the common conditions that pregnant women come across. Wearing compression leggings is a good idea to mitigate these symptoms and enjoy this wonderful period to the fullest. However, whether you are a first-time would-be mommy or have already been pregnant before, you would have a few questions about this popular maternity garment. Obviously, you would want to know whether it is safe to wear them and when you can start wearing them. Let us answer explain the benefits of compression socks during pregnancy.
Photo by from Pexels
Compression leggings keep your legs healthy

Your body changes through the three trimesters of pregnancy, growing gradually as the baby becomes bigger. The pressure on the legs and veins increases as you gain weight with the progression of pregnancy. So the second trimester is the ideal time to start wearing compression stockings as noticeable signs of blood stagnation may start appearing as early as the fourth month into pregnancy. Subsequently, you may experience constant fatigue, visible swelling in the lower legs and ankles and even pulling sensations in the calf area. Regular use of compression socks can prevent these signs from aggravating and leading to varicose veins.

Know when and how to wear compression leggings

Experts recommend that pregnant women should wear this garment first thing in the morning, even before stepping out of the bed and take them off only when they retire for the night. Obviously, you will have to take them off while showering and swimming but wearing them through the day can keep problems such as edema at bay. Avoid taking the leggings off and wearing them back time and again because your legs tend to get swollen once you take them off and you will probably not get a good fit. Why compromise with the comfort with a good fit only, when you can buy Best Maternity Compression Leggings that always fit perfectly and offer ample support for all-day wear during pregnancy? For women approaching the end of pregnancy, it is best to seek the help of your partner or family member to wear the leggings as it may get increasingly difficult to wear them on your own.

Wear them if you have to stand or sit for prolonged periods

Though maternity compression leggings are beneficial for all pregnant women, they are all the more essential for the ones who need to stand or sit for prolonged periods. Whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle or spend most of your time on your feet, you must absolutely invest in this garment. If you plan to travel long distances during pregnancy, don’t miss wearing compression leggings because you will have to sit for hours during the journey. Sitting for long hours increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis, which is the last thing you would want to happen during pregnancy.

Now that you probably have answers to all your questions related to wearing maternity compression leggings during pregnancy, it is time to buy a pair or two. Quality leggings will definitely keep you comfortable and your legs healthy as you cruise through this amazing journey.

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Watch

In the days of cell phones, some may wonder why you would even want or need a watch. Watches can be much more discreet than a cell phone. Picture it, you’re in a gathering or meeting, and you need to see what time it is. Pulling out a phone is far more apparent and could be off-putting to others. However, a glance at your watch can go practically unnoticed by others. Another reason you may want a watch is when you may not have a place to keep a phone handy, a watch strapped to your wrist will be easy access to check the time. So now that you’ve decided to buy a watch, here are four things to consider before you make that purchase. 
Photo by Rodrigo Bressane on Unsplash

1. Function

The function of the watch is essential. Will you be using the watch for business or sports? Do you need a divers watch like the Luminox 3051 Navy Seal that can withstand water and increased pressure? Or are your needs more along the lines of what a smartwatch might provide?

2. Design

Hand in hand with function is the design of your watch. Watches come in a variety of styles, ranging from leather or canvas straps to the expandable steel mesh straps that stretch around the wearer's wrist for a perfect fit.

3. Movement

There are three basic types of watch movements. Manual, automatic, and quartz movement are the most common. Manual is where the wearer must manually wind up the watch, so it keeps accurate time. An automatic watch movement is one in which the motion of the person wearing the watch, keeps the watch wound. Finally, a quartz movement is based on an internal battery and a quartz crystal to keep the watch running.

4. Materials

Depending on the function and design of the watch, they will be made up of different materials. Ceramic watches tend to be more robust and are chosen for their scratch and heat resistance. Steel watches are suitable for moisture and rust resistance. Finally, watches made with titanium tend to be stronger and lighter than other watches. They are resistant against salt, water, and acids that may be present. Titanium is also hypoallergenic so that it may be the best choice for those with sensitive skin.

Buying a watch doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take your time to find the right watch that fits your style, function, and material needs. With so many choices out there, you’ll hopefully find your perfect watch.

 photo 7636c3fb-e8d9-4b07-af6b-f1ca33a15bfe_zps9lbkp4mn.png

Three Reasons to Invest in the Designer Bag You've Always Wanted

There is definitely something about a designer bag that makes it such a covetable item for most women who love fashion. Bags can add a touch of high fashion class to even the most everyday outfit and can easily become one of your absolute favorite possessions. Of course, they are not an insignificant purchase when it comes to the price tag. While they definitely are worth it in terms of how long they can stay in style and be a useful part of your wardrobe, it can sometimes be hard to persuade yourself to part with the money for the bag of your dreams.

If you've been putting off allowing yourself a designer bag because it seems like too luxurious a purchase, here are three reasons why you should let yourself have that special bag you've always wanted!

It Can be a Literal Investment

No, not just in terms of the joy you'll get from owning it. A high-end designer bag not only retains a lot of its value if you decide to sell it at a later date to buy a new one, but some classic bags can actually gain value as they become valuable vintage pieces and a part of fashion history or a collection.

Of course, your main priority is to get a bag that you will enjoy while you own it, but thinking about getting a bag in an iconic style that will still be worth something if you take good care of it can be a good way to justify the price. Something chic and classic like some of the latest Saint Laurent bags from SSENSE could be just the thing. Saint Laurent bags are one of the many beautiful brands you can find to buy at SSENSE, so it is well worth browsing their collection.

It Can Redefine Your Look Like No Other Item

Your bag is something you take everywhere, and so if you want to make just one single purchase that can completely upgrade how you look whatever else you are wearing, then a bag is the thing to choose. It is more eye-catching and useful than jewelry, more versatile than designer shoes, and if you pick a classic design it will look good for all seasons.

It's Useful!

While some accessories we buy just because we love how they look, most don't really serve a purpose that one couldn't do without. You don't really need a necklace or even a watch, or a scarf or belt. You do need a bag, however, and so while you may be able to get by just fine with a cheaper one from a fast fashion brand, a designer bag is still a less frivolous fashion purchase than a lot of other accessories.

As you can see, there are some great points here that can really help to justify splurging on that stunning bag you have always wished was your own!
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New Eyeglasses Update

You might have read a few weeks back about my latest lifestyle change. I have become a new eyeglasses wearer. My vision has definitely changed a good bit in recent years, that's for sure. My main issue is with reading or seeing fine details up close. I was given a prescription for bifocals but was recommended to go with progressives. This turned out to be a huge mistake. I gave myself a solid couple of weeks to get used to them but just couldn't do it. I felt dizzy and disoriented most of the time while wearing them. I had the same issues when wearing the sunglasses which was a bad thing especially while driving.

Photo by from Pexels
I went back to the eye doctor's office and explained my situation. They suggested that I go ahead and get single vision glasses and use readers for reading and computer/phone use. It took less than 24 hours, and I tested out my new glasses and sunglasses. What a difference! I could see without feeling dizzy. I did have to upgrade my readers from the old ones I had. I had no idea there was such a thing as multi-focus reading glasses. You don't have to constantly take them off to see things that are further away. I can see everything just as well as I can with the prescription glasses. This made me feel a bit annoyed because I spent a lot on the prescription specs. I guess at the end of the day I still needed to get my eyes checked by a professional.

Since I had to get the new eyeglasses and sunglasses made anyway, I went ahead and took advantage of my 30-day exchange time and got better frames for both. You can find prescription glasses on Overnight Glasses. I am so thankful that I can see everything so crisp and clear. Colors are so much more vibrant, and it's nice to see all of the little details I apparently have been missing for a while! I feel so much better overall. If you haven't gotten an eye exam this year yet, this is your friendly reminder to go book that appointment now. Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.
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How to Create the Perfect Accessorized Look in a Unique Way

Accessories can make or break an outfit, yet people often put on those things they are most comfortable or familiar with rather than truly using these items to enhance their outfit. Don’t make this mistake. With the right accessories, you can create a look that is truly your own and one that makes you look and feel great everywhere you go. Following are some guidelines to help you achieve this goal.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash
Choose All Accessories Carefully

Every item in an outfit is of importance. This includes the accessories one chooses to put on each day. For example, men and women often wear the same pair of glasses every day, never stopping to consider that their glasses should coordinate with their entire look. Check out the Zig eyewear selection to see how changing up your glasses can transform your look and enhance your style in no time at all. With many styles to select from, finding multiple pairs you love will be easy.

Go Bold

Don’t hesitate to go bold when it comes to choosing accessories. For instance, pair an outfit in neutral colors with a bright handbag and shoes. Not only does this add interest to the outfit, but it also helps to break up the monotony of the neutral tones. A person will find by making this simple change he or she can take a boring outfit and turn it into one that makes a fashion statement in a matter of seconds.

Scale the Accessories

Outfits with a big and bold pattern pair well with simple accessories. In contrast, a solid color outfit can easily be dressed up with some oversized, statement pieces. Keep this in mind when choosing accessories for an outfit to create a look that is truly your own. The size of the wearer should also be taken into consideration. A woman who is very petite should not choose accessories that are oversized, as they may leave her looking as if she is playing dress up with her mother’s items.

Skin Tone

Humans either have warm or cool skin tones, and this should be kept in mind when choosing accessories. For instance, a person with cool skin tones tends to look better in silver jewelry. In contrast, those with a warm skin tone find their appearance is enhanced when they choose pieces in gold. Anyone who is unsure of which category they fall into should obtain this information before choosing new accessories to ensure they pick those items that truly add to their appearance and help them look and feel their best.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Communicate a Message

The clothing a person chooses communicates a message whether they want it to or not. For example, a person in a business suit tends to look professional. However, when the business suit is paired with athletic shoes, others may get a different impression. For this reason, all parts of the outfit should project the same image. This helps other people to get a clearer sense of the person and what he or she is trying to convey with their clothing choices.

Don’t overlook accessories when putting together an outfit. By taking the time to add one or more items that truly complete the look, a person can transform their appearance in no time at all. Furthermore, the accessories help the individual create a look that is truly unique even when someone else in the room is wearing the exact same items. Small details do make a difference, so remember this when dressing every day for great results.

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Non-Maternity Clothes for Pregnancy

You’ve found out that you are pregnant, and you can’t wait to show off your belly proudly. But, what to do when most of your clothes don’t fit anymore, and you wanted to wear them so much? Fashion for pregnant women has become very extensive, and that is the reason why it costs so much. However, there are some smart hacks you can use to be able to wear non-maternity clothes during pregnancy.

Pants for a casual day outfit

Your old jeans will probably become too tight and you won’t be able to wear them over your belly because they have zips and buttons. What you can wear are wide leg pants. They are super cozy, and will definitely be comfortable for your belly. You can wear them as a casual day outfit, or even as a work outfit if you are still working during some months of your pregnancy. When choosing high-waisted pants, make sure they go above your belly, so that you can wear shirts tucked in. If you choose low-rise pants, then opt for a loose shirt.

Another good idea of incorporating pants into your maternity clothes is to wear suspender jeans. In recent years they are no longer considered exclusively maternity clothes, and everyone wears them. You can use the trend of loose, mom jeans and wear them with a simple white shirt and white sneakers. You will look cute, while still being comfortable. You can even wear the jeans you already have, and if they don’t fit anymore, do a simple sewing repair and add a few inches of material on the sides.

Leggings for when you have errands to run 

The most comfortable item you can wear during pregnancy are leggings. They don't have to be a fitness outfit; instead, you can wear them when you have a doctor's appointment or some other errands to run. Today, numerous designs are available, so you don’t have to wear classic fitness ones. Basic, mono-colored and a simple loose T-shirt is all that you need. The good thing about leggings is that they can expand as your belly grows, so maybe you can even use the ones that you already have. Some casual day time leggings you can even wear with a tunic which goes down to your knees. Another interesting option to try is jeans leggings that you can style like any other regular jeans.

Dresses as formal wear during pregnancy

A lot of the times, you have a special occasion you need to attend during pregnancy. Whether it is an engagement, birthday, or a wedding, here are some tips on what to wear. There is no point, of course, in hiding your belly, which is why it is a good idea to do the exact opposite. Bodycon dresses made from a cotton-spandex blend or polyester are a perfect choice. For a wedding, you can wear a long bodycon dress that goes below your knees. You will look elegant, trendy and also be able to move since the material is stretchy.

A good idea to wear non-maternity clothes for pregnancy is to get empire waist dresses, either maxi or midi. They will not feel tight on your belly, instead, they will allow a lot of movement. If you have trouble finding the right style or you need ideas, great online clothes shops offer many cute designs, especially floral for summer. You can also choose a design to fit your style and order it online for those days when you don’t feel like going out. Straps or ruffles, just pick according to the occasion and you will look stunning.

Since maternity clothing can be quite expensive, look into some other options of wearing your regular clothes during pregnancy. Hopefully, these tips will give you an idea of what you can wear for different occasions so that you don't have to give up your favorite items of clothing.

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Heirlooms And Vibrant Hues: Doe Deere's Success Story In The World Of Fashion

We are in an age where fashion brands continue to up the ante through unique products and campaigns. A lot of companies say that what they have is “new” despite their products having little to no variation from other market brands. Since both industries are already saturated, it is hard to create something that could be considered as “new.” However, Doe Deere has seemingly found the perfect line between old and revolutionary with her new company.

Doe Deere founded Poppy Angeloff, a new jewelry brand that produces women’s accessories that are deeply inspired by the Victorian era. Of course, these products don’t only cater to the trends of days gone by as they also appeal to modern standards in the dynamic world of fashion.

The brand was inspired by family heirlooms that Deere herself re-discovered. Like an artist finally seeing what his next masterpiece should be, Deere began exploring vintage-inspired jewelry. The idea was to create jewelry that could be passed down from generation-to-generation. It was a dying tradition that Deere wanted to revive.

She was hesitant to do it at first. Thanks to her sister, Deere was able to see that the idea had potential.

She did not immediately dove into the idea of jewelry making as to fully understand the field, she had to spend months learning about jewelry design and history. Deere saw the new journey ahead of her as an opportunity to develop her skills as an artist and entrepreneur. However, to all the girls that are big fans of Deere’s brands, what she offers are something beyond compare.

Aside from Poppy Angeloff, Deere is also the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. The cosmetics brand delivers vegan and cruelty-free items to customers worldwide. Most of today’s cosmetics brands push for seemingly-natural styles. This is what makes Lime Crime different as its products deliver strong and vibrant colors.

Deere wanted to initially create a cosmetics line with a tenacious and rebellious appeal. Through the years, Lime Cosmetics has been the go-to brand for women that want to express themselves better through strong colors. It teaches them to go beyond the norm and it empowers the female spirit.

As an artist and designer, Deere carries a certain fascination for vibrant hues. At first, she was not sure whether or not the Lime Crime colors would find its own market. At the time, she understood that women wanted something simpler. Luckily, Lime Crime sparked a new revolution in the world of fashion.

Lime Crime is distinct from its competitors in numerous ways. Aside from the vibrant colors, the sustainably sourced products are a big hit for consumers that have become more concerned about each of the ingredients in the product they use.

Both of Deere’s companies are starting to gain traction. Deere and her husband are currently focusing on the expansion of Poppy Angeloff since Lime Crime is already big. As an entrepreneur, Deere’s strong understanding of what women want goes well with her devotion and love for her craft. The end result is a brand that women look up to.

Thanks to entrepreneurs like Doe Deere, girls worldwide are able to fully express themselves through unique ways. As a woman entrepreneur, Deere is able to inspire countless other girls out there to find that one field they can fully excel in. Hopefully, the success of Poppy Angeloff and Lime Crime sparks a new wave of strong women worldwide.

It seems as though Deere’s new journey is the start of something amazing once again. There is no doubt that there is a market for Poppy Angeloff and who knows, it might be the next top brand in the world of fashion.

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Bringing Back Style to Your Mommy Wardrobe

Unfortunately, not all mothers today are known for their fashion sense. After all, moms are generally perceived to be ‘behind on the times’, or too exhausted from childcare to care about their own sense of style. Well, it's long past time since society ditched these stereotypes, even if there is a very faint ring of truth to them.

A mom’s self-esteem can have resounding effects on their young daughters, so if you are wanting to get back in touch with your groove, do it! There’s no reason as to why mothers shouldn’t look as good as anyone else, so it’s time to get to work.

Here’s how you can bring back some rejuvenated style to your mommy wardrobe.

Colors That Pop…And No Flowers!

Bold colors are more than just bright and vivid. They scream energy, youthfulness, and fun – words that moms aren’t typically always associated with. Moreover, by wearing clothing with brighter colors, you show a strong sense of style too, demonstrating that you’re happy to be seen around town and away from your duties for the day.

That said, stay away from floral designs and busy patterns at all costs. These literally shout ‘Mom’ to the world, as do faded and muted colors. Go for something contemporary – not from the Junior's department (unless you’re a young mom), but at the same time not too mommish. There is a balance involved there, so take the time to really comb through your options and pick out something that’s most ‘you’. When in doubt, you should ask the store clerk for assistance.

Figure Hugging Clothes

Baggy sweatpants and vests should head straight into storage; it’s time to slip back into something more flattering. Many dresses, jeans, and other pants and t-shirts out there are finely crafted to really accentuate the wearer’s figure, so don’t be afraid to venture out on these kinds of clothing.

Remember, such clothes will make you feel much less like a bum, and perhaps get you back in touch with your more trendy and feminine side. Figure-hugging outfits make you look confident within yourself as if you have nothing at all to hide; and why should you?! Treat yourself and flaunt what you’ve got!


Accessories are a key part of completing any ensemble you throw together. They can just be those neat finishing touches, or alternatively, simply give your hands something to do and hold if you’re anxious about getting back out there. For example, a cool wallet from Radley merges both things together very well, giving your outfit an extra boost in the casual department.

As a mom, try not to be afraid to incorporate some practical features into your wardrobe. Being stylish isn’t always about being ‘flash’, sometimes it’s about being prepared and hands-on too, whether it’s for spending at the mall, or picking up the bar bill with your besties. If you’ve got all your bases covered, which a wallet largely helps with, you’ll certainly be more of a cool-looking mom!
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Picking The Right Bra To Fit And Flatter Your Body

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own like always.

One of those things that any woman can relate to is the great dislike for buying or wearing a bra. Am I right by saying this? It's seems next to impossible to find that perfect bra that fits like a dream. Something that has become extremely necessary for me these days is comfort. I used to choose bras based on how lacy, pretty, or sexy they were. It turns out that those things did nothing for my shape, but also for my comfort level.

The purpose of a bra is to give ample support, as well as enhance your shape under clothing. A bra like Knix's 8-in-1 evolution bra is what you need to do just that. They boast about reinventing intimates for real life, and that is the purpose of what women really need in a bra. We need something for our very real, everyday lives, with comfort being #1.

 Why choose Knix's 8-in-1 evolution bra?

  • No underwires! No more uncomfortable wires that dig into your body. You still get the much needed lift and support.
  • Constructed using 4-way stretch fabrics to match your every move, and mold to your unique shape.
  • It is reversible, and comes with swappable straps
  • No itchy lace or unnecessary embellishments
  • Moisture-wicking, anti-odor and quick dry for a more active lifestyle 
  • It feels like you're not wearing anything << YES, please! 
  • Smooth fit for women of many different sizes

The 8-in-1 evolution bra comes in more simple, muted colors for everyday wear. So whether you are heading out to work, running errands, or an evening out, you can depend on feeling comfortable, yet supported. And how how nice would it be to not have that feeling of wanting to rip your bra off at the end of the day? Check out Knix for your intimate wear. You won't be disappointed! 

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Four Tricks to Stay Comfortable and Look Fashionable While Traveling in an RV

When you’re renting an RV, there’s a lot of planning to do! Not only do you have to think about the kind of RV you want to rent, you have to think about where you and your family are headed, and you have to think about what you’re going to do when you get there.
You also have to think about what you’re going to wear.

You obviously won’t want to bring your stilettos and your little black dress, but that doesn’t mean you want to wear grass-stained sneakers and a holey T-shirt either!

Here are four tips for staying comfortable, but still looking fashionable, when you’re hitting the road in an RV.

Go for a Comfort Waistband

You’re going to spend a lot of time sitting in the RV, so you will want to make sure you aren’t wearing pants that are uncomfortable. Chances are, that means reaching for pants with a comfort waistband instead of constricting jeans.

From floral pajama pants to jogging pants, you have many options, and with the right accessories, they can look very stylish. Yoga pants are also an option, especially if you choose high-quality yoga pants in a dark color, like black or navy.

Know How to Wear Your Hair

Traveling in an RV is not the time for curls or elaborate hairstyles. You’ll want to keep your hair out of the way, especially if it’s going to be hot.

Keep the curling iron at home, and instead bring along items that can be used to cover your hair. If you’re going for a stylish look, avoid the baseball cap. Instead, learn how to tie up your hair in a turban, or use a head scarf. If you like the idea of a hat, reach for a fedora or a floppy hat.
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Choose the Right Layering Items

The quickest and easiest way to look fashionable is to layer. It’s also the best way to ensure you’re comfortable! That means bringing wardrobe staples on your RV adventure that include:

  • Tank tops
  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Scarves
  • Jackets

To keep from overpacking your suitcase, reach for neutral items that can easily be mixed and matched. That way you only have to bring one or two of each item, but you’ll still have a comfortable outfit that looks put together.

Bring the Right Shoes
Planning an RV vacation is the perfect excuse to go out and buy some new shoes! You’re looking for a pair that is cute, but is also comfortable to walk in.

Look for a pair of tennis shoes that can go from a hike on the trail to a casual dinner in a restaurant. You should also look for a pair of sandals that are as comfortable at the beach as they are exploring shops in town.

You can look put together and comfortable at the same time, even if you are traveling in an RV. You just have to follow the easy-to-follow tips on this list!
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Say Yes To A Dress With Pockets!

Ladies, do you ever wear a dress and wish it had pockets? I sure do! I like to be able to have my phone on my person at all times, and often times dresses hinder you from that option. This 'vibrant garnet' dress from eShakti is everything I could want in a dress. Not only is it beautiful, it is the most comfortable dress I have ever worn. 

Ever since I hit my 40s, my body has changed quite a bit. The days of a flat tummy and slimmer figure have been replaced with a pouch and curves. I usually feel self-conscious in certain garments, especially dresses. This keyhole front cotton knit dress fits as if it were made for me, and it actually was! eShakti makes custom dresses to give you the perfect length and overall fit you desire. 
Whether you prefer long sleeves, cap sleeves, or no sleeves, you can choose what works best for you with eShakti. Do you like full length dresses? You can customize your dress length as well. For a very specific fit, you can enter your exact measurements and get what you need. I went with one of the standard dresses and opted for the knee length, three-quarter sleeve, and of course the best part: pockets! I did go up one size for *ahem* comfort. It was a great decision! The material is heavier than I expected, and it's super soft. This dress is versatile and can go from the workplace to an evening party. 

Adding a new dress to your wardrobe should not be something you do with one event in mind. You need dresses you can wear all the time. Dresses suitable for work or recreation are ideal, and many of those are midi dresses. Those are dresses that cover your knees but do not cover your ankles. Within that length range, there are several options. Longer midi dresses tend to look better when you are tall. Shorter dresses can make your legs appear longer when you are on the short side. You can also have fun complimenting your midi-dresses with a variety of accessories. For example, you can change your look with flats or heels, depending on the occasion. Other accessories that can change the look of a midi dress include scarves, belts and jewelry.

This beautiful dress is so flattering on my body type and makes me feel confident. The keyhole in the front gives a sexy touch without being too revealing. My husband loves this look on me. I can see it being worn quite a bit, and I will order another one in black. If you are looking for a comfortable, high-quality dress that won't break the bank, you should give eShakti a try.

They offer a lot of deals including a new customer special of $25 off your first purchase, plus free shipping. The site is user-friendly, but the hard part is narrowing down your choices. I could browse on there for a full hour or more!

Check out eShakti on their website as well as their social channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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