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Check out the Wellness Collection from Herbaly

Wellness is all about feeling good in every part of your life, from your body to your mind and even your spirit. It's like giving yourself a big ol' hug from the inside out. Whether it's eating yummy, nourishing food, getting some fresh air, or taking time to relax and chill, wellness is just about treating yourself right and finding that balance that makes you feel like a million bucks. 

It's important to include supplements to enhance your overall health and wellness. We do as much as we can to keep our mind and bodies as healthy as possible. No matter how much we consume healthy food and partake in regular exercise, we can still lack certain things. This is where herbal supplements come in to help.

We recently tried out some products from Herbaly including their Wellness Functional Tea, Wellness Iced Tea, Derma Hair, Skin & Nails Complete Plus Biotin Capsules, Organic Stevia Leaf Sweetener, and Wildcrafted Oregano Oil Capsules. 

First up is the Herbaly Wellness Functional Tea. This tea is made from up to 8 carefully selected ingredients and is lightly caffeinated. It's perfect in the afternoon when you need a little pick-me-up. I love the pyramid bags which are compostable. I steep it for about 6-8  minutes since I prefer a stronger tea. It has a nice aroma and tastes light and delicious. 

I brewed up some of the Herbaly Wellness Iced Tea Pitcher Size for my hubby since he is a big iced tea fan. I think the herbs and roots in the tea bag are so pretty. I did the hot water method and really love the color. I brewed the tea bag in a quart of hot water for 10 minutes, then I added another quart of cold water. All you have to do is pour it over ice. There is no need for sweetener since it already has stevia leaf. If you do need it a little sweeter, you can add some Herbaly Organic Stevia Leaf Sweetener to your taste. This sweetener has zero calories and is non-glycemic. 

My husband has been wanting to try out an oregano supplement for some time now since he suffers from chronic pain. Herbaly Wellness Wildcrafted Oregano Oil Capsules is rich in antioxidants, nutrient dense and so convenient for him to take daily. We are hoping this will help ease some of his hip and knee pain. The capsules are not huge, so they are not hard to swallow. He says he does not get any aftertaste or indigestion from them. 

The last item that I tried is the Herbaly Derma Hair, Skin & Nails Complete Plus Biotin Capsules. Now that I am in the 50 club, I have to do what I can to keep my skin, hair and nails healthy. I have noticed after close to two weeks that my nails have improved a whole lot. That in itself is a win for me. I am going to keep taking them daily to hopefully get all of the great benefits over time. 

I am definitely looking forward to eventually trying the Herbaly Heart Turmeric Complete Plus CoQ10 Capsules since I have heart disease in my family. I do have elevated cholesterol levels and would prefer to try an herbal alternative over going on prescribed medication. 

About Herbaly: 

Herbaly is a brand that offers a range of Functional Teas, each carefully crafted to provide a transformative experience and promote well-being.

The Wellness Functional Tea features a balanced blend of natural ingredients such as turmeric root, ginger root, sencha, and dandelion root, each carefully selected for their health benefits. Crafted with 100% natural ingredients, our teas are thoughtfully curated to ensure that you can easily identify and appreciate each component.

With each tea bag generously filled with 2.5 grams of premium ingredients, we're excited to announce that we'll soon be increasing the quantity to 3 grams per bag by this summer. This enhancement will further elevate the extraction of beneficial properties, providing you with an even more rewarding tea experience. Our tea bags are environmentally friendly and compostable, featuring a unique pyramid shape designed to optimize taste and maximize benefits without any added glue.

In addition to our Wellness Functional Tea, we're dedicated to supporting various aspects of wellness, from cardiovascular health to blood sugar levels. Our specialized blends incorporate ingredients like hibiscus, hawthorn, Gymnema, and lavender, known for their potential to promote cardiovascular health by supporting healthy blood pressure and circulation.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. Many thanks to our brand partner, Herbaly, for providing us with product samples. Thank you so much for stopping by today. 

Next-Level Therapy: AUVON Recharges Pain Relief

If you are a pain sufferer and need fast relief without the use of medication, then this post is for you. AUVON TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units are valuable tools for managing pain through a non-invasive and drug-free approach. These devices work by delivering small electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin, targeting specific nerve pathways to alleviate pain.

This latest TENS unit from Auvon is so small, and comes with the convenient pouch to take with you to work or while traveling. We always take ours with us when we know we will b driving for a long time. It gives so much relief no matter where you are, right when you need it. 

There are several ways in which AUVON TENS units can be helpful:

  1. Pain Relief: AUVON TENS units can effectively reduce both acute and chronic pain by interrupting the transmission of pain signals to the brain. This can provide immediate relief for conditions such as muscle soreness, arthritis, sciatica, and post-surgery discomfort.
  2. Muscle Relaxation: The electrical stimulation provided by TENS units can help relax tense muscles, reduce muscle spasms, and improve flexibility and range of motion. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing muscle tension or stiffness due to injury, overuse, or underlying medical conditions.
  3. Increased Circulation: TENS therapy has been shown to promote blood circulation in the treated area, which can help facilitate the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues, accelerate the healing process, and reduce inflammation.
  4. Non-Addictive Pain Management: Unlike medications such as opioids or NSAIDs, which carry the risk of dependence and side effects, AUVON TENS units offer a safe and non-addictive alternative for managing pain. They can be used as standalone therapy or in conjunction with other pain management techniques for comprehensive relief.
  5. Customizable Treatment: AUVON TENS units typically feature adjustable settings for intensity, frequency, and duration, allowing users to customize their treatment to suit their individual needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that users can achieve optimal pain relief with minimal discomfort.

Overall, AUVON TENS units are valuable tools for individuals seeking safe, effective, and drug-free pain management solutions. Whether used at home or under the guidance of a healthcare professional, these devices offer a convenient and versatile option for addressing a wide range of painful conditions and improving overall quality of life. 

You can get an extra 5% off when you use the code AUVONMESH at checkout. Thank you so much to the AUVON company for sending a sample unit to us to help facilitate this post. All opinions are my own like always. 

Beauty Must-haves for Spring

As the warmer months approach, it's time to bid farewell to your winter boots and embrace the freedom of summer sandals. However, before you slip into those strappy favorites, it's essential to give your feet the TLC they deserve after being cooped up all winter. After all, there's nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about dry, cracked heels or rough skin when you're flaunting your sandals at the beach or a barbecue.

One secret weapon in your foot care arsenal is Kerasal. This innovative foot care solution is designed to target rough, cracked skin and transform it into smooth, soft feet that are ready to be shown off. With its clinically proven formula, Kerasal exfoliates dead skin cells and deeply moisturizes to reveal healthier-looking feet in just a few applications. Incorporating Kerasal into your foot care routine can make a world of difference, leaving your feet feeling rejuvenated and ready for summer adventures. 

 Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair Ointment offers visible results in just 1 day.  The Intensive Foot Repair ointment loosens hard, dry skin to exfoliate, deeply moisturize and soften severely dry skin & cracked heels.  
 Kerasal Nighttime Intensive Foot Repair Ointment offers the same visible results in just 1 night with Lavender, Chamomile, and Essential Oils and works while you sleep.

  Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair Patches. These innovative adhesive patches deliver healthy-looking summer nails to consumers who can’t pinpoint their exact nail challenge– be it thickness, ridges, discoloration, brittleness, roughness or gel/acrylic nail damage. Find them here

In addition to using products like Kerasal, there are a few other steps you can take to ensure your feet are sandal-ready. Regular exfoliation with a foot scrub or pumice stone can help slough away dead skin and prevent the buildup of calluses. Hydrating your feet with a rich moisturizer, especially before bed, can also help keep them soft and supple. Don't forget to trim your toenails and give them a fresh coat of polish for that extra touch of summer flair. By giving your feet the attention they deserve, you'll be stepping into summer with confidence and style. Visit the Kerasal store on Amazon for the above mentioned products and more. 

More products to consider for Mons:

After the incredible journey of childbirth, a mother's body undergoes significant changes and can often experience discomfort and soreness in delicate areas. This is where Dermoplast postpartum spray can truly be a lifesaver. Designed specifically to provide relief to the perineal area and other sensitive regions after childbirth, Dermoplast offers a gentle yet effective solution for alleviating pain, itching, and irritation. With its cooling and soothing properties, Dermoplast helps to numb the affected area, providing much-needed relief so that new moms can focus on bonding with their newborn rather than being distracted by discomfort. Easy to use and specially formulated for postpartum care, Dermoplast is a trusted companion for mothers embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood, offering comfort and reassurance during a time of physical recovery and adjustment.

Dermosplast Postpartum Spray: 
  • Provides Fast Pain Relief, Cools & Comforts
  • Safe for Intimate Areas
  • No Touch Spray for Easy Application
  • 20% Benzocaine & Menthol with Soothing Aloe & Lanolin
Exclusively sold at Walmart

Have you heard about the latest Tiktok beauty trend called Face Blasting? Hop on your app and do a quick search in case you're not familiar. Just as diaper rash ointment is made to soothe a baby's tender bottom, you can use it for your face to help reduce redness and swelling. Who knew?!

Triple Paste Original Diaper Rash Ointment: a pediatrician-recommended diaper rash ointment that features a triple action formula to treat all diaper rashes from mild to severe, soothing baby’s bum, preventing future rashes from occurring. Its gentle yet effective formula combines 12.8% non-nano zinc oxide with nourishing oat extract and glycerin to provide fast-acting relief while forming a protective barrier against future irritations. Available in tubes for diaper changes on the go and jars for home use.

Triple Paste 3X Max Diaper Rash Ointment: a maximum-strength zinc oxide ointment for stubborn and severe diaper rashes, working to prevent, treat, and soothe raw, irritated skin. With 40% zinc oxide, this formulation contains three times more zinc oxide than the original Triple Paste formula to protect and heal severe cases of rash.

Triple Paste Sheer Zinc Diaper Rash Ointment: great for both baby butt cheeks and your face, this multi-purpose ointment is formulated with 12.8% zinc oxide to prevent, treat, and soothe raw, irritated skin caused by mild to moderate diaper rashes. Its creamy texture makes for easier application and less mess, rubbing in clear with minimal residue. It’s also safe to use as a multi-purpose skincare solution on other areas of the body, like for drool rash, heat rash, or dry spots.

Find Triple Paste products here

Thank you for stopping by today. I received products to facilitate this post. Any opinions are 100% my own and affiliate links are included within this post. 

Relax with Grace & Stella Lavender Skin Care Products

Lavender is an exceptional and highly sought-after ingredient in beauty products due to its remarkable benefits for both the skin and overall well-being. Its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help soothe and calm the skin, making it ideal for sensitive or irritated skin types. The gentle floral scent of lavender also offers aromatherapeutic advantages, promoting relaxation and reducing stress, which can positively impact skin health. Its natural antibacterial qualities aid in combating acne-causing bacteria, while its ability to boost circulation contributes to a healthier complexion with a radiant glow. Whether used in lotions, creams, oils, or serums, lavender proves to be a multifaceted botanical that nourishes, revitalizes, and enhances the beauty of the skin. 

If you are looking for some relaxation and pampering, you must check out the lavender line of body products from grace & stella. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links.

lavender spray (SRP: $26) — Spray all night. Soothing your atmosphere is just as important as soothing your skin. Get ready for the best sleep of your life with this mood-lifting spray for your linens, pillows, and room. Infused with lavender flower water, aloe extract, and chamomile flower extract to calm your worries and combat insomnia. It is also backed up by real aromatherapy science to treat headaches and relieve tension. An absolute must for peri- and menopausal women!

lavender essential oil (SRP: $26) – Calm yourself.  And don’t let a summer headache get you down. This 100% pure lavender oil provides pain-relief that makes you go "ahh"! Promoting relaxation and used to treat anxiety, headaches, depression, insomnia, and more, it is the upgrade your self-care routine has been craving. You've never known a more peaceful sleep - lavender oil is infamous in the aromatherapy world for boosting sleepiness and relieving stress and muscle tension for a relaxed body. It also offers anti-inflammatory properties, and treats fungal infections, allergies, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps.

lavender dr. pedicure foot peeling mask (SRP: $26/2 pairs & $34/4 pairs) — Down for the peel. 

Are barefoot summer days and long walks on the beach leaving your feet rough and calloused? This viral and gross-but-satisfying exfoliant foot peel is packed with powerful alpha hydroxy acids (including lactic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid) that will completely shed the dry, calloused skin off feet. It's formulated to penetrate deep into the skin barrier to soften and repair feet, transforming and peeling them to reveal the fresh skin underneath. Hello, baby-soft feet. Buy them here

lavender body lotion (SRP: $25) — Do your skin a favor.  Amazon’s Choice and Overall Pick, this effective, anxiety-relieving but not-overpowering daily body lotion is enriched with the relaxing scent of lavender essential oil to promote calmness and wellness, and the nourishing properties of shea butter to instantly hydrate skin and maintain moisture for up to 12 hours. Does the sun, chlorine or saltwater have your skin looking like raisins these days? This smooth, intensely-replenishing, lightweight formula melts effortlessly into your skin, leaving it soft, supple, moisturized, and smelling oh-so-good.

just the facts:

●      truly clean!

●      100% Vegan

●      cruelty-free - Leaping Bunny certified

●      no dyes are used in any products 

●      paraben-free

grace & stella is available on Amazon and

Thank you so much to grace & stella for the lovely products to try out. We love them! 

How You Can Improve Your Gut Health #BioGaiaUSA

Are you aware of how important good gut health is? So many of us don't realize that we are unintentionally wrecking our bellies. There are so many things that can really throw your gut health off beginning with diet.  What we eat and drink makes a difference in not just your overall health, but especially your gut health. With life being so busy all the time, it's often easy to pull up to the drive-thru window to order a meal on-the-go. I mean who can resist a tasty sandwich paired with some hot, crispy fries? Of course, I know it's not the best choice for me. Fried foods may taste delicious, but really is one of the worst things for your belly. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

According to Healthline, here are 7 signs of an unhealthy gut. 
  1. Upset stomach
  2. A high-sugar diet
  3. Unintentional weight changes
  4. Sleep disturbances or excessive fatigue
  5. Skin irritation
  6. Autoimmune conditions
  7. Food intolerances

What can you do to help heal your gut?

  • The number one thing you can do is to adjust your diet. Hydration is a good start. Drink water throughout the day. 
  • Make dietary changes. Avoid sugar, processed and fried foods. Lean protein, fruit and vegetables are all good choices. Also, don't forget to eat slowly and chew chew chew your food!
  • Get enough sleep. Stay away from screens as much as you can before bedtime. 
  • Avoid stressful situations as much as you can. Exercise and deep breathing can be beneficial in lowering stress levels. 
  • If you notice major stomach issues that won't seem to go away, it might be a good idea to be allergy tested to see if you are eating foods that might be triggering the problem. 
  • Take a probiotic supplement like BioGaia products

About BioGaia products: 

BioGaia’s probiotic products with Limosilactobacillus reuteri (formerly known as Lactobacillus reuteri) are among the most scientifically well-documented probiotics in the world. To date the efficacy and safety of BioGaia’s different strains of L. reuteri have been documented in 224 clinical studies in around 18,000 people of all ages (May 2020).

BioGaia’s strains of L reuteri has been tested in 110 studies in children, from newborns up to 18 years old, and in 114 studies in adults. You can also learn more here

BioGaia products come in different varieties for your individual needs. There is a product for everyone in your family. I have been using the Immune Active with added vitamin D, and the Gastrus for optimal gut health. I am doing my best to make some small changes for myself. I've been suffering from an unsettled tummy that doesn't seem to go away fully. I am hoping these products will help. I will say that so far I have bot been feeling overly bloated at night. That's a big win for me. It's hard to go to bed when your stomach doesn't feel so good, so these probiotics will be a great help. 

If you are suffering from stomach issues like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or heartburn, a probiotic with the proper lifestyle changes can be beneficial for you. An unhealthy gut means an unhealthy you. Take a look at the BioGaia USA website to read up on the benefits of probiotics.  


Foods That Are High in Trace Minerals

Our body requires many compounds to work. These serve as building blocks and let us carry out daily tasks efficiently. These compounds can be categorized into macro minerals and micro minerals owing to the amount in which our body necessitates them. Micro minerals are also known as trace minerals.

As the name itself suggests, macro minerals are those elemental compounds required in abundance. They are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, chloride, and sulfur. In contrast, micro minerals are needed in smaller quantities. Their amount doesn't mean that they are less influential in any way. There are nine trace minerals. These include iron, copper, chromium, iodine, zinc, fluoride, selenium, cobalt, and manganese. Some foods are naturally rich in these nutrients. Certain fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, berries, broccoli, etc. When people fail to add these foods in their regular diet, they meet the deficiencies with the help of fruit and vegetable based supplements. Some examples are N1N Organic Super Greens, Elderberry Gummies by Gummies Garden, Balance of Nature, etc.

A balanced diet includes a suitable composition of macrominerals and trace minerals. A lack of these essential minerals can cause hindrances in body functions, suspension in hormone production, metabolic dysfunction, chronic illnesses, osteoporosis, lack of energy, etc. Therefore, intake of trace minerals is vital for your body. 

In this article, we have mentioned the primary sources of each of the nine trace minerals separately. You should make sure that you incorporate them into your diet regularly. 

1. Chromium

Chromium is an essential trace mineral for a healthy metabolic function. Not only does it help in storing starch and sugar in the body, but it also increases insulin response for regulating blood sugar levels. 

Chromium is found in minimal quantities in various foods. Sources of chromium include fruits and vegetables like bananas, potatoes, apples, basil, garlic, broccoli, etc. Traces of dietary chromium are also found in meat and whole grains. 

2. Copper

Copper plays a significant role in enzyme activity. This mineral may not hold much importance to you but is an invaluable factor in promoting strong bones and healthy blood vessels. Your body needs this mineral (even if it is in small amounts) to produce energy.

You can obtain copper in minor amounts from shellfish, organ meats, nuts, cocoa, seeds, and whole grains.

3. Fluoride

This vital mineral is widespread, and you're probably quite familiar with it as it is mentioned on almost all kinds of toothpaste. That's because our teeth need to prevent dental cavities and mineralize not just teeth but also bones. When taken in the right amounts, fluoride will surely keep both your bones and teeth strong and healthy.

Fluoride is commonly found in tea, seafood, and even drinking water. It is also present in mouth rinses and toothpaste.

4. Iodine

Never take iodine for granted. This crucial trace mineral is essential for normal thyroid gland function. Supplementary to that, it bolsters immunity and aids insulin action. It's also imperative to take inaccurate iodine amounts because over intake of this mineral may increase blood sugar. 

You'll find iodine in a lot of seafood as well as dairy products. Plus, table sugar is also rich in iodine.

5. Iron

Hemoglobin and myoglobin are proteins found in the blood and bone cells. Iron is a significant component of both these proteins and helps in oxygen transport and storage.

Iron is primarily present in meat, legumes, leafy green vegetables, and even some beans.

6. Manganese

Manganese is a trace mineral that is actively involved in antioxidant reactivity. Healing of wounds and formation of bones are some typical roles of manganese. It is a cofactor for enzymes and is associated with protein, carbohydrates, and cholesterol metabolism. This mineral regulates blood sugar levels and acts as a potent nutrient involved in normal brain and nerve functions.

Rich sources of manganese include nuts, pineapples, coffee, tea, and legumes. Drinking water also contains negligible amounts of manganese. 

7. Molybdenum

This mineral is involved in enzyme activity for the breakdown of toxins and drugs that enter the body. It also processes proteins into amino acids. Genetic materials like DNA are also broken down via this mineral.

Molybdenum can be found in many plant-based foods, for instance, legumes and nuts. Beef liver is also a pretty rich source of manganese.

8. Selenium

Just like iodine, selenium is a trace mineral involved in normal thyroid function. It plays a crucial role in the reproduction and synthesis of DNA.

Whole grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes are just some sources of selenium. People who eat plenty of plant-based foods are most unlikely to suffer from selenium deficiency.

9. Zinc

A lot of chemical reactions in your body are taking place due to the presence of zinc. This vital mineral is a significant component of your immune system. Its importance in the body is beyond imagination. You might not be able to taste your food well or even smell all those numerous things around you if it weren't for zinc. Vegetarians mostly have a zinc deficiency, but if you're a meat-eater, you'll probably have no problem with your zinc intake.

Zinc can be found in seafood, meats, and foods that are rich in proteins. Oysters are the best-known source, as they contain more amounts of zinc than any other food.

Essential First Aid Practices Every Parent Should Know

As a parent, you probably already have a stocked medical aid kit. Things like medical gauze and various plasters and dressings come standard with most of them. But for any of these items to be of use, we need to know how to use them. 

When it comes to kids, first aid techniques tend to be a little different. Although it's always best to do proper first aid training, there are some basics that a parent should familiarize themselves with. So what are the essential basics? Ranging from potentially life-saving to good-to-know skills, here are the top three first-aid practices every parent should know:

The Heimlich

This procedure is a little different for kids than it is for adults. If your child is choking, stay calm and do the following: Grab your child by their waist. Place your fist just above their navel. Your other hand is then made in the shape of a fist and pushed hard into the abdomen. You may feel reluctant to push too hard, but a successful Heimlich does require force.

As you push down on your child's abdomen, move your grip in an upwards direction. The motion is similar to the motion of lifting your child. Continue repeating this motion until the choking is relieved or help arrives. Preventing choking is just as important, and you should understand the correct foods for your toddler for this reason.


If your child is not breathing, they may require mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. This technique is not for cases where your child is choking, but rather for not breathing for any other reason. Note that if your child can still breathe faintly, it is best to take them straight to the emergency room. To perform CPR on a child, do the following:

Turn the child on their back and place the heel of your palm on their chest. Keep your hand position centered between the line of the nipples and gently perform compression by pressing down. In this case, excessive force can damage or even break ribs. The goal is to get airflow to the lungs, so you only need to use as much force as is needed to compress the chest cavity. After a brief compression, release before pressing down again.

Dealing With Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are common in children under the age of ten. There are numerous causes, most of which are harmless. To treat a nosebleed, do the following: Have your child sit upright with their head tilted ever so slightly forward. You do not want your child to lean back. This would allow the blood to flow down into the digestive system, which may cause nausea. 

Take a clean cloth and pinch the bridge of your child's nose. The bleeding should subside after about 10 minutes. If it persists, take your child to the emergency room. If the bleeding occurs after an impact or your child experiences dizziness, consult a doctor immediately.

Basic first aid practices can ultimately save lives. It is even more essential to know specific first aid skills to keep your children safe in worst-case scenarios and dangerous situations if you are a parent. 


Dental Crowns: Purpose, Types, and Procedure

Our teeth can get damaged over time. It happens due to various reasons such as an injury, tooth decay, or over time. This results in our teeth losing their size or shape. One of the ways to restore your teeth to their former glory is by getting dental crowns. They are teeth-shaped caps which are placed over your teeth as the name suggests.

Dental crowns help restore the appearance, strength, size, and shape of your teeth. They are cemented into place and cover a visible portion of your teeth. According to My Dentist San Francisco’s website, a crown may be necessary if you have a broken tooth, a very large filling with additional decay, a worn down tooth, a root canal treated tooth, or a cracked tooth

Dental Crowns Purposes

Dental crowns are required for various reasons as mentioned below.

  • To cover teeth which are treated with a root canal

  • To cover dental implants

  • To cover severely discolored or misshaped teeth

  • To hold dental bridges in place

  • To cover and support teeth with a large filling and which do not have much tooth remaining

  • To restore broken teeth or severely worn out teeth

  • To protect weak teeth from breaking or keeping them together

Dental Crowns Types

Now that you know about the reasons why people get dental crowns, let’s take a look at the different types of dental crowns that are commonly available.

1. Metal Crowns

When it comes to making dental crowns, several metals can be used such as chromium, nickel, palladium, and gold. Metal crowns have a much harder time breaking or chipping. This makes them long-lasting. Besides, only a small amount of the tooth needs to be removed when opting for metal crowns. They also withstand constant chewing and biting. However, their metallic colour is a drawback. 

2. Porcelain-Fused-Metal Crowns

If you are looking for dental crowns that match the colour of your teeth, porcelain-fused-metal crowns are as good as things get. They boast a more natural look. But, it is important to keep in mind that the metal under the porcelain cap can show sometimes. There is also a possibility of the porcelain portion breaking or chipping off. These crowns are suitable for back or front teeth.

3. Resin Crowns

For those of you who are looking for a more affordable option, resin crowns might be the perfect option. They tend to be more affordable. However, these crowns are more likely to break and wear down over time as compared to other dental crown types.

4. All-Porcelain or All-Ceramic

When it comes to the best natural look, all-porcelain and all-ceramic dental crowns do not disappoint in the very least. They are the perfect option for those of you who have experienced metal allergies. However, you should not expect them to be as strong as porcelain-fused-metal crowns. Hence, more care is required.

5. Pressed Ceramic

Pressed ceramic crowns have a hard inner core. The metal liner is replaced by pressed ceramic dental crowns which are commonly used in all-ceramic crowns. Porcelain is used to cap pressed ceramic crowns. These crowns are more long-lasting and offer the best natural color match.

Dental Crowns Procedure

When getting dental crowns, you normally need to visit the dentist twice. However, it is possible to get a dental crown made during the first visit. Let’s take a look at the procedure.

The First Visit

The tooth which requires a crown is examined and prepared during the initial visit. X-rays of the tooth also need to be taken as well as of the bone around it. A root canal treatment might also be required before starting the dental crown procedure due to the following reasons.

  • Injury to the pulp

  • Risk of infection

  • Tooth decay

The tooth that will receive the crown has to be filed down from the sides and top. It will help leave some space for the crown to be fitted. The amount of tooth which would get filed depends on the type of crown one select. For instance, if you opt for metal dental crowns, not much tooth would be removed as they are thinner. A paste or putty would be used after the tooth has been reshaped to make an impression of the tooth that will get a crown. Then, the impressions would be sent to the dental laboratory where the crown would be made and delivered to the dentist within two to three weeks. A temporary crown would be made during the first visit to cover and protect the tooth that will get a crown.

The Second Visit

The permanent crown would be placed on your tooth during the second visit. To do so, the temporary crown will be first removed and a new crown will be permanently cemented after using a local anesthetic to numb the tooth.


How to Decrease Your Chances of Lung Disease

The devastating impact of Covid-19 has shown the world the importance of keeping your lungs healthy. Respiratory diseases are no joke and can put your life at risk if you do not take the proper steps to prevent them. Lung cancer alone kills 1.6 million people every year, which is not to mention all those impacted by other serious diseases like bronchitis or tuberculosis. Although it can be impossible to totally avoid certain diseases like lung cancer, there are certain steps you can take to decrease your risk. Here are a few examples. 

Quit Smoking

The number one activity that puts your lungs at risk that is entirely preventable is smoking. Your risk of cancer increases dramatically the longer you smoke and the number of cigarettes you smoke a day. The sooner you quit, the more you reduce that risk. Chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease (COPD) is another serious respiratory illness caused by smoking and it’s the third most deadly disease in American based on how many deaths it causes each year. According to the CDC 8 out of 10 cases of COPD are caused by smoking – which shows how much the activity can put you at risk. If you are a smoker, now is the time to quit. Smokers are more at risk of experiencing complications if they catch COVID-19. That on top of all the other health risks it poses makes the activity increasingly dangerous in today’s world. 

Exercise Regularly 

Exercise is a natural defense against any disease. It won’t prevent viruses and bacteria from getting into your body, but it will ensure that your immune system and other organs healthy enough to fight off any intruding organisms. Cardio is especially effective for lung functioning and you should consider jogging, walking, or playing a sport that involves running if you feel you may be at risk for catching lung disease. 

Test Your Home for Radon or Asbestos

There are potentially life-threatening substances that can be found in the average American home, such as radon and asbestos. Radon is a radioactive gas that seeps out of the earth and into households through gaps in the foundation. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and kills about 20,000 people per year. Asbestos is a mineral that was used in building many popular building materials up until the 1970s. Asbestos has been proven to cause mesothelioma, a deadly form of lung cancer that is often underdiagnosed. More information on mesothelioma treatment and prevention is available through the Mesothelioma Cancer Network.

If you believe that your home may be exposed to either of these deadly substances, have it screened immediately. You can never be too safe when it comes to the health and safety of your family. These substances can be easily dealt with if you act fast – but if you leave it alone too long, there may be deadly consequences.


Pamper Yourself With Cleanlogic Bath & Beauty Products (Giveaway)

This year has been quite a challenge for so many of us, and it's important to not forget about taking care of yourself inside and out. Some people are still a bit nervous about getting beauty or skincare treatments done away from their house, with good reason. The great thing is you can still take great care of your skin without stepping foot outside of your home! 

Cleanlogic offers a variety of antimicrobial bath and beauty products that will get you set up with your very own at-home pampering kit. Cleanlogic’s products have antimicrobial protection to slow or prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, are animal-test free, Control Union Certified, and made with clean ingredients and recyclable packaging. Cleanlogic is also dedicated to supporting the over 25 million people in the United States who are blind or visually impaired with packaging that includes functional braille, and a portion of all sales that are donated to blind and visually impaired charities.

We received a few Cleanlogic bath items to try out for ourselves including: Dual Texture Exfoliating Facial Pads ($5), Detox Purifying Charcoal Body Scrubber ($5), and the Dual Texture Exfoliating Body Scrubber ($5). 

The facial pads came in a pack of 3, so I gave one to my daughters, and kept the other one for myself. Both of my girls work out and do yoga, so they were excited to try these out on their faces. As for myself, I have patchy skin. I tried this facial pad out for a few days to see how it would work on the dry spots, and to my surprise, it helped tremendously. I was able to gently yet effectively exfoliate my face and neck, revealing glowing and smooth skin. I love feel of the smooth side. It practically glides across your skin!

Speaking of dry skin, I have noticed for months now that my body overall has been a bit drier than usual. I gave the detox purifying charcoal body scrubber a try to see how it would work for me. I like the handy strap that is on the scrubber, which makes holding it without dropping it a lot easier. I have used it with either body wash or soap, and I like how well it lathers. This scrubber offers a gently scrub that you can feel, yet it's not harsh at all. I had no idea how bad my skin was until I got out of the shower and towel-dried myself off. My skin had that peachy-blush hue to it because that super dry layer had been exfoliated away. Even my moisturizer went in easier and seemed to really absorb better. 

We definitely recommend these fabulous products for anyone who wants to improve their skin texture. Self care is essential, even more so during the pandemic. Cleanlogic has so many great skin care items, and even a line for men. They offer FREE shipping on $20+ orders, and are even including a free holiday gift bag with purchase of select items. This definitely makes gift-giving a whole lot easier. Cleanlogic products make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers. 


Our friends from Cleanlogic have offered a gift set for one lucky reader to win. Enter below: a Rafflecopter giveaway  

This giveaway is open to U.S. Residents only and ends on November 1, 2020. Must follow rules in Rafflecopter. One winner will be chosen randomly. Mom Files is not responsible for any lost or stolen prizes. Good luck!

How To Manage Your Time

Getting to the end of your week and wondering why you haven't made a dent in your to-do list can be frustrating. While you can't spin time out of thin air, there are strategies to managing the time you do have more efficiently.
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Write It Down

If you're not sure where all your time is going, keep a log for a week. It may seem tedious to track every activity but you'll have powerful insights when you're done. You may be surprised by how much time you're losing to scrolling apps or watching TV. You don't need to eliminate these activities but you can be mindful of how much of your day they're eating. Habits or automatic behaviors are hard to see when you're in them. Writing them down forces you to be honest. You can also look at your phone to see where all your screen time is going but ideally, this isn't your whole day.

Pay Someone Else 

If you've taken stock of how your time is being spent and there's simply nowhere to cut back, consider hiring someone for tasks you don't enjoy. Get your weekends back and find a neighborhood kid to cut your grass. Use a meal delivery service for those nights you'd rather not cook.

Plan Ahead

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It's a cliche, but it's also true. Write down your goals for the day. You can do this at night or in the morning, just make sure you do it. Another mantra is 'eat the frog.' Take on your biggest chore first thing in the day. You'll be more likely to accomplish it when you're still fresh.
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Get Healthy

Your brain needs to function properly to make decisions. Poor diet, lack of exercise and too much alcohol can all contribute to a less than ideal mental state. A sugar high can rob you of as much as five hours of productive thinking. Replacing bad habits with healthy ones helps you maintain focus.

Get Organized

Even laser-like focus won't save you any time if your priorities are all over the place. Organize your files, organize your goals, organize your bathroom, organize anything that feels cluttered and messy. Having a system lets you spend less time hunting for things and more time doing what you intend to do.
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Stop Procrastinating

Most time wasting activities are just another form of procrastination. If you're having a hard time getting started try devoting just ten minutes to a task. Once you're moving, you'll find that continuing isn't as hard as you'd thought.

Examine Your Values 

When all else fails, take a long hard look at why you're doing what you're doing. Are you in the wrong job? Can you ask for less hours? Could you make more money doing something else? Sometimes change is required to get where you want to go.

Managing your time is a skill that takes practice. Evaluating your habits and making meaningful changes can help you make the most of your day and ultimately your life.

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