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How to Create the Perfect Accessorized Look in a Unique Way

Accessories can make or break an outfit, yet people often put on those things they are most comfortable or familiar with rather than truly using these items to enhance their outfit. Don’t make this mistake. With the right accessories, you can create a look that is truly your own and one that makes you look and feel great everywhere you go. Following are some guidelines to help you achieve this goal.

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Choose All Accessories Carefully

Every item in an outfit is of importance. This includes the accessories one chooses to put on each day. For example, men and women often wear the same pair of glasses every day, never stopping to consider that their glasses should coordinate with their entire look. Check out the Zig eyewear selection to see how changing up your glasses can transform your look and enhance your style in no time at all. With many styles to select from, finding multiple pairs you love will be easy.

Go Bold

Don’t hesitate to go bold when it comes to choosing accessories. For instance, pair an outfit in neutral colors with a bright handbag and shoes. Not only does this add interest to the outfit, but it also helps to break up the monotony of the neutral tones. A person will find by making this simple change he or she can take a boring outfit and turn it into one that makes a fashion statement in a matter of seconds.

Scale the Accessories

Outfits with a big and bold pattern pair well with simple accessories. In contrast, a solid color outfit can easily be dressed up with some oversized, statement pieces. Keep this in mind when choosing accessories for an outfit to create a look that is truly your own. The size of the wearer should also be taken into consideration. A woman who is very petite should not choose accessories that are oversized, as they may leave her looking as if she is playing dress up with her mother’s items.

Skin Tone

Humans either have warm or cool skin tones, and this should be kept in mind when choosing accessories. For instance, a person with cool skin tones tends to look better in silver jewelry. In contrast, those with a warm skin tone find their appearance is enhanced when they choose pieces in gold. Anyone who is unsure of which category they fall into should obtain this information before choosing new accessories to ensure they pick those items that truly add to their appearance and help them look and feel their best.

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Communicate a Message

The clothing a person chooses communicates a message whether they want it to or not. For example, a person in a business suit tends to look professional. However, when the business suit is paired with athletic shoes, others may get a different impression. For this reason, all parts of the outfit should project the same image. This helps other people to get a clearer sense of the person and what he or she is trying to convey with their clothing choices.

Don’t overlook accessories when putting together an outfit. By taking the time to add one or more items that truly complete the look, a person can transform their appearance in no time at all. Furthermore, the accessories help the individual create a look that is truly unique even when someone else in the room is wearing the exact same items. Small details do make a difference, so remember this when dressing every day for great results.

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