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Heirlooms And Vibrant Hues: Doe Deere's Success Story In The World Of Fashion

We are in an age where fashion brands continue to up the ante through unique products and campaigns. A lot of companies say that what they have is “new” despite their products having little to no variation from other market brands. Since both industries are already saturated, it is hard to create something that could be considered as “new.” However, Doe Deere has seemingly found the perfect line between old and revolutionary with her new company.

Doe Deere founded Poppy Angeloff, a new jewelry brand that produces women’s accessories that are deeply inspired by the Victorian era. Of course, these products don’t only cater to the trends of days gone by as they also appeal to modern standards in the dynamic world of fashion.

The brand was inspired by family heirlooms that Deere herself re-discovered. Like an artist finally seeing what his next masterpiece should be, Deere began exploring vintage-inspired jewelry. The idea was to create jewelry that could be passed down from generation-to-generation. It was a dying tradition that Deere wanted to revive.

She was hesitant to do it at first. Thanks to her sister, Deere was able to see that the idea had potential.

She did not immediately dove into the idea of jewelry making as to fully understand the field, she had to spend months learning about jewelry design and history. Deere saw the new journey ahead of her as an opportunity to develop her skills as an artist and entrepreneur. However, to all the girls that are big fans of Deere’s brands, what she offers are something beyond compare.

Aside from Poppy Angeloff, Deere is also the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. The cosmetics brand delivers vegan and cruelty-free items to customers worldwide. Most of today’s cosmetics brands push for seemingly-natural styles. This is what makes Lime Crime different as its products deliver strong and vibrant colors.

Deere wanted to initially create a cosmetics line with a tenacious and rebellious appeal. Through the years, Lime Cosmetics has been the go-to brand for women that want to express themselves better through strong colors. It teaches them to go beyond the norm and it empowers the female spirit.

As an artist and designer, Deere carries a certain fascination for vibrant hues. At first, she was not sure whether or not the Lime Crime colors would find its own market. At the time, she understood that women wanted something simpler. Luckily, Lime Crime sparked a new revolution in the world of fashion.

Lime Crime is distinct from its competitors in numerous ways. Aside from the vibrant colors, the sustainably sourced products are a big hit for consumers that have become more concerned about each of the ingredients in the product they use.

Both of Deere’s companies are starting to gain traction. Deere and her husband are currently focusing on the expansion of Poppy Angeloff since Lime Crime is already big. As an entrepreneur, Deere’s strong understanding of what women want goes well with her devotion and love for her craft. The end result is a brand that women look up to.

Thanks to entrepreneurs like Doe Deere, girls worldwide are able to fully express themselves through unique ways. As a woman entrepreneur, Deere is able to inspire countless other girls out there to find that one field they can fully excel in. Hopefully, the success of Poppy Angeloff and Lime Crime sparks a new wave of strong women worldwide.

It seems as though Deere’s new journey is the start of something amazing once again. There is no doubt that there is a market for Poppy Angeloff and who knows, it might be the next top brand in the world of fashion.

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