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Sep 7, 2019

Don't Feel Bad About Getting a Facelift

In many aspects of life, self-improvement is applauded. If we do not achieve the results we want on a test, we study until we know the material. If we are not physically fit, we can exercise to improve our strength. These actions are applauded.

However, some people feel self-conscious or embarrassed about taking actions to improve their physical appearance by getting a facelift. This article will show why getting a facelift should never cause anyone to feel shame. A facelift is no different than any other act of self-improvement. Even better, in many instances, facelifts provide long term positive consequences.
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Self-esteem for a healthy life

From the time we are children, we are taught to value ourselves based on our looks. Babies and children who are perceived as being more attractive are favored by parents and teachers alike. It is little wonder, then, that studies show that self-esteem is significantly correlated with attractiveness, especially in women.

Self-esteem has a wide-ranging influence on other aspects of physical and mental health. Studies indicate that low self-esteem in adolescents is correlated with limited economic output and increased criminal behavior throughout adulthood. While self-esteem is a complicated issue based on much more than just behavior, it makes sense for us to take whatever actions we can to improve our self-esteem.

As stated by Dr. Andrew Jacono, facelifts can help rejuvenate and improve appearance, which is strongly linked to self-esteem. The American Psychological Association reports that a year after plastic surgery, a majority of patients were happier with the body part that had been operated on. This suggests that plastic surgery has more than a fleeting impact on our happiness.
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You deserve to be pampered

In this day and age, self-care is recognized as an important part of life. Our culture encourages us to take time for ourselves by going to the spa, getting manicures, and eating healthy. Yet despite an increased cultural emphasis on self-care, most adults are not holistically caring for themselves. About 18% of American adults experience anxiety regularly. The majority do not receive any medical treatment for their anxiety.

Making self-care a part of your routine can be one way to decrease your chances of experiencing anxiety. Getting a facelift can be part of this holistic culture of self-care and pampering.

Take control of your own destiny

A hundred years ago, most people simply accepted difficult facts of life and tried to deal with them. Many illnesses did not have effective treatments, and death and disability were a regular part of life.

Nowadays, we don't simply accept that unpleasant facts of life must exist. We deal with difficulties head-on and try to solve them rather than live with them. Doctors have cured countless diseases and global life expectancy has shot up. No one looks at this as unnatural.

A facelift is no different. A hundred years ago, men and women had no choice but to accept growing older. Even if they were internally dissatisfied with their appearance, there was nothing to be done about wrinkles and lumps.

Things are different now. Medicine has given us the ability to take control of our own appearance. Facelifts are a well-developed and advanced way of dealing with an unpleasant fact of life. They shouldn't be perceived differently than any other medical treatment that is designed to enhance the quality of life.
Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash
An investment in your future

Like it or not, looks are important when it comes to professional success. According to studies, attractiveness begins to have an impact on career outcomes as early as high school, when more attractive candidates are given advantages in some parts of the college admissions process. Candidates who are perceived as more physically attractive are more likely to get hired, promoted, and have higher levels of income. Once they are hired, research indicates that attractive men and women are more likely to succeed in cooperative settings like the modern office.

This may all seem unfair, but we cannot change the system in which we live. We can, however, change the way that we are perceived in that system. A facelift can help improve a person's level of attractiveness and potentially lead to greater success in the workplace.

Facelifts can be a point of pride

As you can see, facelifts should never be seen as something to feel bad about. People who choose to get facelifts are taking positive action to improve their self-esteem and earning potential. They are taking their destinies into their own hands using a modern and efficient medical procedure.

Seen in this light, facelifts are not something shameful, but a point of pride. A person who gets a facelift is proclaiming that she takes care of her appearance and that she values herself enough to give herself a little luxury once in a while.
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