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Minimize Skin Pores in Ways That Actually Work!

Have you been visiting beauty salons and dermatologists to figure out how to minimize pores? Open and big-sized pores can lead to several skin-related issues like acne and pimples. Apart from giving your skin an oily feel and appearance, open pores can look unsightly and prevent you from using the makeup of your choice. As per experts, the look and size of your pores are dependent on several factors such as skin type, genetics, exposure to the sun, age, and so forth. Read on to know more about the effective ways of minimizing pores and taking care of them.

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Why are Pores Necessary?

Much as you would like your pores to disappear, do know they have some important functions to fulfill. They allow your skin to inhale and exhale air. They serve as a channel for passing air between the outside and inside of your body. Dermatologists and skincare articles ( have plenty of tips and tricks in store to shrink the pores and provide you with flawless skin. Though the pores on the skin cannot be done without, you can make them less noticeable by shrinking their visual appearance.

Tips to Reduce the Size of Pores
  1. Keep the magnifying glass away and start cleaning 
At the very onset, do know that your pores do not appear as big to others as they do to you when you see them through the magnifying mirror. So, just loosen up and relax. Regular exfoliation and a daily cleaning regime can be effective ways of keeping your pores clean and clear. Open pores, especially those that are free from any type of dirt, can be difficult to spot. However, to open them you need to apply steam or heat, and then, a warm washcloth prior to starting the scrub off process.

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Cleaning your face once or twice a day is enough. In case you are cleaning your pores just once every day, then night time cleaning is preferable to remove the last traces of makeup or dirt. Anyway, it’s essential that you scrub your face clean before going to bed. This will take care of your open pores and make them appear smaller in size.

      2. Don’t Touch Your Pores

Remember to keep your hands away from your face unless you are doing so to clean it or are in the course of a skincare routine. This is because the bacteria and grime present on your hands can find their way into the pores and block them. Along with giving your face a dull and dirty look, the closed pores can lead to infections and other skin related problems. Therefore, minimize touching your skin, and do not pick at it under any circumstances as the act can result in blemish, blood clot, scabbing, scarring, or angrier pores.

Take Care of Your Pores

Last but certainly not least, try to wear a good sunscreen cream or gel at all times to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Retinoid creams are also useful in increasing the cell turnover of your skin. Good care and appropriate cleansing routine can help you get smaller and better-looking pores  - in just a matter of days.

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