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Why You Need to Take Care of Your Scalp

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Most of us take good care of our hair. We wash it using expensive products and go to the hairdressers every few weeks. Yet, few of us realize the importance of taking care of our scalp as well.

There are several reasons you need to make using a scalp cleanser a regular part of your personal care regime. Below, are the most important of them.
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Your hair will suffer if your scalp is not in good condition

Every hair on your head starts life under your scalp in the hair follicles. So, naturally, if your scalp is not in a healthy condition it is practically impossible for strong hairs to be formed.

Scalp issues can cause you to go bald prematurely

If some of your hair follicles are covered by scabs they will not be able to function properly. This can lead to sparse hair growth. Over time, things can worsen to the point where you end up with actual bald patches.

An unhealthy scalp can lead to fungal infections

Some scalp conditions are caused by fungal infections. Usually, the infection will stay confined to that area of your body. But when you scratch your head, which you are likely to do quite a bit, there is a chance that the fungus can spread to other areas of your skin.

An unhealthy scalp can harbor bacteria

Some scalp conditions can lead to bacterial infections. Again, it is possible to spread these to other areas of the body by scratching then touching an open cut.

You can end up with greasy hair

Lipids are important compounds that your body uses to build new strands. Your body knows how much is needed to keep your hair looking healthy, so it sends the right level of fatty acids to your scalp to achieve the desired result. If some of your follicles are blocked you end up with too much of these lipids being sent to the other hairs. This is one of the underlying causes of greasy hair. You can read about more of them here.

Having an itchy sore scalp is uncomfortable

Lastly, if your scalp is in poor condition, it will be itchy maybe sore, which is extremely uncomfortable. Nobody wants to be constantly scratching their head.
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How to look after your scalp

Fortunately, it is not that difficult to keep your scalp in good condition. Get into the habit of using a scalp serum. These products are designed to nourish the area and kill off the most common funguses and bacteria that can make a home there.

Why you need to spot and tackle problems early

If you are not in the habit of actively checking your scalp, it is a good idea to start to do so. The faster you spot and address any problems you find, the better. Once you develop an issue with your scalp, treating it becomes difficult because your hair makes it almost impossible to apply enough topical creams and lotions to the right area.


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