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I am facing facts

I was having a little conversation with the kids yesterday evening and the subject was me. The girls were making comments how young I look and how I am the youngest mom in their group. This is probably why I don't have any friends, I never seem to fit in. Then Chardie informs me that I will probably be one of the oldest moms when William becomes school age. I felt like I was hit in the gut. Wow, to say that I am 37 I really do not feel that way. I think I feel more like a mature 20-something. I can just see all the young mommies in the carpool line in their Hybrid cars and then there will be me in my old lady ride.

The girls had the TLC show on called Four Weddings and started discussing their weddings. I was starting to feel sick. Weddings already? Trust me, I am very happy that they are looking forward to getting married but damn, it will be here before I know it! William turns 3 in March and I am still undecided if I will put him in public school or home school him. Why in the world am I feeling like my kids are going to be gone tomorrow? I guess time does go by way quicker when you are an "experienced" adult. I just know that I enjoy every second of every minute I have with my sweet family.
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Romance in Whoville

The other night big daddy came into the bedroom and told me he wanted to give me a relaxing foot rub. I told him that he worked so hard that day so I would take a rain check. He insisted that he wanted to do it and that I better take it while it is being offered. So I graciously accepted his kind offer. My husband has his romantic moments and I thought this was one of them. He tells me to throw my feet across his lap so he can put some of that big daddy magic on me. He feels under the covers and realizes that I have socks on. I tried to reach over to pull them off and he insisted he would take them off. Suddenly I hear "WHAT THE HELL? Are you from Whoville or something? Dr. Seuss is missing some socks!" Oh my husband... He didn't have to say I had Whoville/Dr. Seuss socks. HAHAHAHA!!! That's your boy!

*The stripes are really blue and purple but the blue came out looking white on my camera from the flash.
Y'all better not be making fun of my socks either!

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"Marry Me," premieres on Lifetime next Sunday Dec. 12

Check out the trailer to the miniseries on Lifetime called Marry Me premiering December 12 & 13. Award nominated film and television actress Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal, Charlie’s Angels) stars in the Lifetime Television original miniseries event Marry Me, the story of one woman’s journey to find her elusive “Prince Charming.” But when she happens to find three at the same time, who she ultimately chooses is a surprise…even to her.

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WTH Wednesday

I just had to get this one out... If you know me then you know that I DON'T believe in co-sleeping or the "family bed" as I have heard it. I feel like it is especially unhealthy for your marriage and downright dangerous. Of course that is strictly my opinion and if you like sleeping in the same bed with your kid then good for you. Last night Dwayne brought the boy in our bed because he woke up because we were having a really bad thunderstorm. Normally he can only get in our bed if he is sick and having trouble breathing or he has a fever. Last night he kicked and squirmed and fought like mad. I personally like my face and ribs to be untouched while I'm sleeping. I have no idea how people do it. I really don't. It makes no sense that we have a king-sized bed and both Dwayne and I are stuck at he ends because William thinks he needs his head touching me and his feet touching his dad. He better get back in his OWN room, in his OWN bed. The end.
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Date night! (I can't take your boy anywhere!)

Dwayne and I went on a much needed date night out, ALONE! We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. First we had to snap a quick shot for the blog. The wind was blowing and gladly my hair was not in my face.

I hate this picture but Dwayne loved it. He said you can tell I was having fun (which I was). The margaritas were so good!! I had 2 :)

Someone sitting at the table (not mentioning names) had this fruity concoction. This person likes sweet adult beverages but like I said, I will not mention names ;)

I had the lovely slow-roasted filet with shrimp scampi and mashed potatoes. I cleaned my plate which I NEVER do. So delish and my apologies to the non meat eaters.

Now this is where your boy showed his behind. Why did he tell our lovely server he wanted to order the "Brotha platter" Why oh why?! It was called the Barbecue platter but y'all know what kind of fool Dwayne can behave like. Our server was so sweet and quite entertained by our shenanigans.

We laughed so much and made a couple new friends in the process. I think we will have to have date night a lot more often!

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Say "yes" to the dress at what price?

Has anyone ever seen the show on TLC called Say Yes to the Dress? I was watching an episode where a young woman wanted a $24,000 dress. Um, people have weddings that cost that much and it does not always last. I am just amazed that any woman would spend that much on a dress you wear one time. Some say you can pass it down in the family. Most women of today don't want a hand-me-down gown so where is the worth in spending that much?? I guess I better shut my mouth since I wore a no-name clearance, off the rack dress that cost me $50. If I had it to do again, the most I would spend is maybe $150-$200. I have seen too many people I know that went out and spent gobs of money on a wedding to look cute and it ended in either divorce or they have a messed up marriage mostly due to financial problems. I will take my $500 wedding over a lavish one that left me miserable. I'm just sayin'....
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He asked, I told

Here is a conversation Dwayne and I had while I was cleaning the kitchen and he was finishing up his dinner.

Dwayne: How are you Shelly, what's going on in your mind right now. What are you thinking about?
Me: I looked over at him as I turned on the kitchen faucet and asked "Are you sure you want to know?"
Dwayne: Of course I want to know
Me: I start telling him that I came across I blueberry brunch cake that I would love to make but realized that I did not have a bundt pan.
Dwayne: You mean the kind that has a hole in the middle and you can make pound cake in it?
Me: Yes, I need one. I cook and bake all the time and have been dubbed everything from Martha Stewart to Rachael Ray yet I don't even have a bundt pan.
Dwayne: Okay well then you need to find one that you will be happy with.
Me: I also really need a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
Dwayne: You mean that high dollar thing? Why do you need one that expensive?
Me: Don't worry, our oldest daughter said that since she will be so successful in her career she will buy it for me.
Dwayne: He has this look of relief on his face.
Me: I also think about William getting older. He will be 2 on Friday. Before you know it I will be going into his classroom with cupcakes for his classmates and attending field trips. I think about William telling his big sisters that they are not the boss of him. I think about William sleeping in a big boy's bed. I think about Brie going to high school in less than 2 years. I think about Chardie graduating high school in a few years. I think about what I want to cook and the list sort of went on. I think a lot.
Dwayne: *Looking at me with a blank stare*
Me: Well dang, you asked what I was thinking!

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Flashback Friday- 16 years of marriage

Today is Dwayne and Shelly's 16th wedding anniversary!

We are both very proud to be together and look forward to many, many more anniversaries to come. What a wild and crazy ride it's been. We have endured hard times, three children, recovering from hard times, fun times, crazy times, sad days, happy days, non-stop shenanigans, growth and most importantly we have loved each other unconditionally the whole time.

This felt poster from over 16 years ago has been hung up in every place we have lived. It remains on our upstairs hallway wall so each morning we walk out of our bedroom it's the first thing we see. It's a reminder of the promise that we will love each other and stay together FOREVER.

It's our 15 year Anniversary!!

Dwayne and Sheliza proudly celebrate 15 years of marriage this 29th day of January. We were both only 20 years old with no clue in the world about what our lives would be like later on down the line. We can say that it has been a great big roller coaster ride with many twists and turns, fun times, sad times, crazy times, happy times and a lot of amazing memories. Our choice to get married was not favored by others but we knew we were meant to be together. Nothing and no one was going to stop Dwayne and Shelly from being together!

Check out the looong nails! Hey, when you get your nails done for free, you graciously accept it and move on. My dress, shoes and accessories cost under $75 for everything! Our cake was given to us by a friend as a gift (her mom was a baker). All the food, tables, chairs and the place we got married in was offered up by friends and family.

Dwayne and I did not even want an actual wedding. We wanted to go to the Courthouse and be done with it, but his Aunt convinced us that we had to do it right. Our wedding was done on a $500 budget and I'm glad we did it that way. No Hollywood here!

*If anyone refers to my hair using the words Salt 'n'Pepa or Push it, I will block you! lol!! Kidding*

We honeymooned in the Bahamas (another gift to us) and I really don't know why we were posed like that but something tells me Dwayne made us do it! I would have worn a little dress but it was cold and rainy the whole time we were there. I had to borrow clothes to stay warm since all I packed was a bikini and sundresses. This was the last hour of our time in the Freeport and the sun decided to shine at the last minute!

Everyone wants to know what we are doing for our special day. We will go to lunch, order out for dinner and share some wine and some memories of old times. Nice and simple, just how we like it!


A week about love

This week's posts will be dedicated to love. Why love you ask?? Well because two people you know, Dwayne and Sheliza are getting ready to celebrate 15 years of marriage. This is a big deal to us and we wanted to share this special time with you all (you know what I mean for those of you thinking very wrong things!) We actually were together for 5 years before officially tying the knot. Hmm, this means a total of 20 years and running with the same person. Most people ask ME how we do it (remember, I am married to Dwayne). I truly feel that we were both meant for one another. It took a woman like me to tame the beast. You let Dwayne tell the story and he will say he decided to keep me around. When he really wants to be annoying he will say "It's cheaper to keep her". Yep, that's my husband *sighs* What can I do, I did promise before God and all our friends and family that we were in it for life. Seriously though, it's a good life! Stay tuned this week for all things "Love". *This is where my kids make the throw-up face and say that they don't know us, ha ha!!

You should impress the one you love

I hear people say this all the time (especially married or those on long term relationships)

"I have been with so and so long enough that he/she loves me and I don't need to impress him/her"

You're kidding me right? Think that if you want! I speak primarily to the ladies when I say this... When your husband/boyfriend first knew you and you wore makeup or dressed a certain way, chances are that impressed him. Just because you have been together for years does not mean you should feel so comfortable and think he does not care if you wear makeup or take the time to dress nicely. Don't you want your mate to still "check you out"?? I know I do! Hey, I don't ever want Dwayne to try to get me signed up to go on an episode of What not to wear. Stacy and Clinton are no joke! Then again, 5 grand to purchase a new wardrobe would be amazing!! **Dwayne I would still make you suffer if you did that to me!

I am not a know-it-all (hate those types) but I do know how to keep a relationship alive. Ladies, I know you are not a machine but you have to find a way to show that man that you get better with time (not the opposite). Fellas, we still love all the silly pickup lines you dropped to get us in the first place. My hubby tells all young men getting ready to get married, or you let him tell you get locked up for life with no parole, "Always treat your wife like she is your girlfriend". That simple advice works like a charm. Trust me, we have been together for 20 years. I still want the same person when we are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary to try to grab a little booty in front of our guests. Even though I shove him when he does it, I know I love it :) I still am impressed with the fact that Dwayne still holds the door for me, buys me flowers often, brings home 'little' things he knows I love, and behaves like the crazy fool I have always known him to be. Why would I want a different person? I expect him to still do whatever it takes to impress me. **Especially when I get fat commission checks in hand!

If you want a long healthy relationship I would suggest you always try to impress your mate. Just my two cents.

Do you have a tattoo?

Do you have a tattoo? Well, both Dwayne and I have one. Actually he has more than one but you can say it is a cluster of them. I got mine about 7 years ago when we were down in Miami. Our state (South Carolina) did not allow tattooing at that time. As a matter of fact, it has been about 2 years now since the law was passed legalizing tattooing. I guess when you live in a conservative Southern state, that's just how it is.

The day Dwayne and I went to get my tattoo was really exciting. Nobody thought I would go through with it. I already knew exactly what I was getting and where. I took into consideration that it had to be in a place that could easily be covered up when it was inappropriate. I got Dwayne's name in my right ankle. I know some of you are gasping and saying "What in the world were you thinking getting a man's name on your body?" Perhaps it was a crazy move on my part, but I don't regret it. We both look at it as a tribute to the struggles we went through to be together and how long we have come (20 years).
*Dwayne's says "S C B" on the top for the girls & myself. He will eventually get one for William.
As my crazy hubby says, at least if he ever passed away, I could still find another Dwayne. He on the other hand would be out of luck finding another Sheliza! And the only other Sheliza we know would never be able to deal with Dwayne. ha ha!
What do you think of tattoos? If you have one, where is it and what is it of? Please share :-)
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