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Apr 1, 2010

Say "yes" to the dress at what price?

Has anyone ever seen the show on TLC called Say Yes to the Dress? I was watching an episode where a young woman wanted a $24,000 dress. Um, people have weddings that cost that much and it does not always last. I am just amazed that any woman would spend that much on a dress you wear one time. Some say you can pass it down in the family. Most women of today don't want a hand-me-down gown so where is the worth in spending that much?? I guess I better shut my mouth since I wore a no-name clearance, off the rack dress that cost me $50. If I had it to do again, the most I would spend is maybe $150-$200. I have seen too many people I know that went out and spent gobs of money on a wedding to look cute and it ended in either divorce or they have a messed up marriage mostly due to financial problems. I will take my $500 wedding over a lavish one that left me miserable. I'm just sayin'....
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  1. I don't bother watching those shows because I have always found myself yelling at the TV like WHAT!!!!!! that's so WASTEFUL! I know it's not my money but, still. Oh and Bridezilla shows.....straight FOOLISHNESS! I am unemployed but, I want to spend $100K on a wedding.

    My dress cost $100 at David's Bridal. Best choice ever.

    I took the dress to have it dry cleaned and they wanted $80 to clean it! They are out of their minds. Needless to say it's still hanging up in the closet.

  2. I don't have cable and this is the first I have heard of the show. SMH. 24 Grand?!?!? That is a car, down payment on a house. Just a waste.

    I have never wanted a big wedding. If I get married, I want a simple one that is not costly.

  3. I think my dress was "expensive" - maybe $400 or so. I didn't want to spend that much, especially since our daughter was 6 months old at the time. I didn't want to have a big wedding to begin with, but my mom was insisting that everything be top of the line and that I shouldn't be ashamed to have a big wedding just because we had kids first. *sigh* But that's a blog post for another day!

  4. I use to watch those shows, especially when I was planning my wedding. My wedding costed less than $5000 and no one would have known any better... that's including my dress - which, like Tanyetta was on sale as well for $100, and my alterations and all was $65. People forget the meaning of marriage/weddings. I had the perfect number of 50 people because I wanted it small and intimate. I didn't want people there and my husband nor I know who it is. If I could do it all again, in the way we did, I def would!! I surely miss all the planning though :/

  5. I really like that show. But I'm more interested in the people that work there than the ladies who come in to buy dresses. Keisha is my favorite sales person. If I'm ever in NY, I may stop by Kleinfelds (just to take a picture in front of the store).

  6. I don't understand it either, I thought my $400 dollar dress was a huge stretch, but my momma insisted. I would die before I spent that much on a dress... wouldn't life be nice if you didn't worry about money in times like these?

  7. I haven't watched it but I've heard about the show.

    I bought a dress and took it back. Everyone had their opinion about what our wedding should be. In the end we moved the date to Valentine's Day 2010 from June 2010. We got up and went to church that morning, left and got married at my parents house with only immediate family, in polo's, jeans and polo tennis shoes. We had BBQ afterwards and no cake. Oh boy did my mom go on and on about that BUT we enjoyed ourselves.

    It simply was the BEST ever and I would do it all again if I had the chance.

  8. That is just crazy. I found the dress of my dreams at Th Bridal Warehouse (not a fancy Bridal shop) and it was under $300.

  9. I haven't seen that show either but that is ridiculous. My friend's wedding costs $25K for everything not just the dress LOL
    Girl I won't even tell you what I wore when I got married but I'll give you a clue, we ran off to Vegas baby :-)

  10. My dress was $600. Our entire wedding (including honeymoon) cost less than $5000. It was a beautiful experience and we really got amazing deals everywhere. I did EVERYTHING and while it could have cost even less if we had a different menu choice, we decided to go with what we wanted to eat when it came to our celebration of our marriage. When I see those shows where people are spending tens of thousands on weddings that don't even look as nice as mine did, I just shake my head.

  11. Ha I got you beat! I spent $30 for mine, and that included shipping fees! :D And the dress was Greek mythology style and gorgeous. I loved it!!! I'm such a

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