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Date night! (I can't take your boy anywhere!)

Dwayne and I went on a much needed date night out, ALONE! We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. First we had to snap a quick shot for the blog. The wind was blowing and gladly my hair was not in my face.

I hate this picture but Dwayne loved it. He said you can tell I was having fun (which I was). The margaritas were so good!! I had 2 :)

Someone sitting at the table (not mentioning names) had this fruity concoction. This person likes sweet adult beverages but like I said, I will not mention names ;)

I had the lovely slow-roasted filet with shrimp scampi and mashed potatoes. I cleaned my plate which I NEVER do. So delish and my apologies to the non meat eaters.

Now this is where your boy showed his behind. Why did he tell our lovely server he wanted to order the "Brotha platter" Why oh why?! It was called the Barbecue platter but y'all know what kind of fool Dwayne can behave like. Our server was so sweet and quite entertained by our shenanigans.

We laughed so much and made a couple new friends in the process. I think we will have to have date night a lot more often!

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  1. Hahahaha "brotha platter". Look he has to be that way to make you laugh :-) I love the picture. Was it windy? It was like on one of those photo shots where they have the fan blowing hevy on you to make your hair look like that.

    We're having a date night nexy weekend either Friday or Saturday and I can't wait

  2. *Glares at you as I choke down a PB&J*

  3. lmao!! omg, i am cracking up at the "brotha platter." dwayne is a riot! And that platter is looking mighty good, might i add!

    I love ure hair blowing in the wind like that - very Pantene Pro-V commercial-esque. ;-)

    Aaaah, I'm so envious of your fabulous date nights.... Derek and I had gotten back to enjoying them weekly for the past couple months but, unfortunately, have to hire a sitter for those outings. Anyway, we decided recently that it was becoming a bit much ($60 for the sitter, at $15 per hour.... plus cost of the date!!!) and so we decided to limit it to monthly from this point forward (which is actually still way better than what it was the first year of Chase's life!)

  4. Oh man does that sound like a fabulous night! Glad y'all had fun.

    I'm still cracking up about the "Brotha Platter."

  5. How cute!! I love how you documented the date night and your meals into a blog post. I have to do that once I go on a date with hubby.. We haven't had a "real" date nite since last year!! Btw, your hair is gorgeous in the 1st pic.

  6. You guys look like you had a ball. Glad you had some couple time ...we all can use that. Your hubby cracks me up with the "brotha platter".

  7. I'm ordering the Brotha Platter the next time I go to Outback

  8. Glad to see a happy couple making time to enjoy each other on a date!! That's so important, and it looks like you both had a great time! Hey, when margaritas are involved, things stand a good chance of being ggrrreeatt!

  9. Good deal to the both of you. It sounds and looks like a great time was had.

    Outback serves such delicious meals.

  10. Looks like us when we actually come to earth and have fun. We need a date night like that one, maybe Vegas will help me loosen up :) Your a perfect and cute couple!

  11. That drink looks very cute. I bet my little sister could knock back 3 of them.

  12. Date Nights are so much fun! LOVE LOVE LOVE The photos! NO comment about the fruity drink. LOL
    the BROTHA platter! That's right!


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