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Heartfelt Ideas to Remember A Lost Loved One

Losing a loved one is a painful experience, words often cannot adequately describe the feeling. However, there are some things that you can do to keep the memory of your loved one alive. Here are some heartfelt ideas to respectfully remember a lost loved one. 

Create a Video of Their Life 
Create a video of their life by compiling pictures and short video clips of them, add text, beautiful music and graphics using video editing software and share the video with close friends and family. 

Plant a Tree in their Honor 
Plant a tree in their honor, and if your loved one was cremated, you can also sprinkle some of their ashes in the soil, this is a truly heartfelt way of remembering a loved one. 

Get a Keepsake 
Get a keepsake such as a memorial t-shirt, a keychain, a notebook or you could opt for cremation keepsakes that are designed and customized to suit your needs. 

Travel to their Dream Destination 
Did your loved one have a bucket list? A dream destination, somewhere they really wanted to visit? Since, they won’t get the chance to experience their dream destination, travel to the place they wanted to travel to the most in their honor. 

Write a Poem 
A simple yet heartfelt way to remember your loved one is to write a poem. Write a poem from the heart and either keep it to yourself as a personal remembrance keepsake or print it, have it framed and share it with friends and family. 

Create Art 
If you are creative and want to express your love for your lost loved one, why not create a piece of art? You could also enlist the help of a professional artist to create a piece of art for you. 

Make Their Favorite Meal 
Prepare their favorite meal and celebrate their life with the meal that they loved most. 

Celebrate Their Birthday 
Each year, celebrate their birthday, bake a cake and celebrate the day that they were born. 

Create a “Thoughts of You” Journal 
Using a blank, decorative journal, write down your thoughts and feelings about your loved one. Whenever you feel sad or miss them, write your feelings in your thoughts journal. 

Write and Record a Song About Them 
You don’t have to be the best singer in the world to write and record a song, just create from the heart, writing a song is a beautiful and timeless way to remember your lost loved one. 

Donate to Charity in Their Honor 
Did your loved one have a specific interest? For example, did they like soccer? Were they interested in women’s rights? Donate to a charity that is closely related to their interests, they would certainly appreciate it. 

Start a Youth Scholarship For Them 
Start a youth scholarship in their name to help young, talented individuals achieve their goals and aspirations. 

Create a Memorial Website 
Create a blog or website that pertains to their interests. For example, if your loved one liked video games, create a site about video games and name the site after them. 

These are all heartfelt and respectful ideas to help you come up with ways to remember your loved one. We hope these ideas inspire you to do something wonderful for the person you love. 

Documenting Your Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is normally a cause for celebration, regardless of if this is your first or more. While you may not initially enjoy some aspects of pregnancy, such as the lack of drinking, morning sickness, and changes to your body, you might want to keep track of what happened for you to be able to look back on one day, especially if your child wants to know about their time inside their mom’s tummy. There are many ways that you can document this journey, depending on how creative you are, and how much time you want to put into crafting a physical representation of these memories. 

Photo Canvas

When you see your doctor for check-ups relating to your health and how your baby is developing, you may be given ultrasound images to take home. You may have a number of these, depending on the number of scans you have for the duration of your pregnancy. While these pictures could be framed and hung as they are, you might also want to consider the use of a canvas print from Custtom to give the images more of a modern feel. This also means that you could put the original images into a keepsake box, safe away from any dust or damage, and have a high quality copy decorating the walls in your home. 


Many expectant mothers like to write in a journal, either on a daily or weekly basis, to document how their pregnancy is progressing, as well as any emotions they might be feeling. You could even use this as a means of jotting down any potential names that you and your partner come up with, as well as to make a list of everything you need for both your hospital bag and to have when your baby comes home. This can be something that is interesting for you to look back on as your child grows, as well as for them to read to see what the first starts to their creation was like.

Home Videos

If you have access to a high quality camcorder you could take videos showing daily living as your pregnancy progresses - or you could even record update videos via your smartphone. This will allow you to see how your body changes, and let your child have something to view when they get a little bit older, to see how their parents used to look. Depending on the hospital you use, as well as the circumstances of your labor, you may also be able to get your partner, or another family member, to take a video of the birth itself. This might be something that you only keep for your own viewing, but your child may also express an interest once they reach adulthood.

Keeping notes and pictures in relation to your pregnancy can help you to look back on the time fondly. Creating another life is something that is incredible, and should be celebrated as much as possible. In addition to this, it can be easy to forget a lot of the pregnancy details once your baby arrives, so this way you can keep those memories alive.

Spruce Up Your Walls With Canvas Prints From Canvas Champ

Today's post is sponsored by Canvas Champ. All opinions are my own. 

Can you believe that we are heading into yet another month of staying at home? While many states have opened back up a lot of businesses, some people are still choosing to stay home a bit longer. We have been taking this time as a family to work on numerous projects around the house. We have tackled everything from cleaning out closets and drawers, to repairing little things that are manageable, and even starting a vegetable garden. When you are home it seems like the projects and work never ends.

There have been holidays that have come and gone in the past couple months, and now we are in graduation season with Father's Day coming soon after. Celebrations are being done in very different ways. My husband graduated earlier this month from his MBA program, and his college did a virtual graduation. He got fully decked out in his cap and gown to watch the ceremony. Although it was a bit odd, it really went nicely and we did our own iPhone photo session with the graduate afterwards. We had to make do with the current at-home situation and ended up having a fantastic time.

One of our traditions each time a family member graduates is to take a photo of them in their cap and gown and have it turned into a canvas print. Canvas prints are a great way to display your important memories and definitely jazz up a plain wall. Canvas Champ makes it easy to upload your images and order a variety of sizes of canvas prints. You can even do multiple canvas prints to make a gallery wall.

The ordering process is super simple, and takes only few minutes to do as long as you have your images picked out ahead of time. Since we are all spending so much more time at home, we might as well have nice things to look at each day. Father's Day is coming up next month, and I am certain any dad would love a canvas print of his kids for his home or work office. I know my husband would!

If you are considering sprucing up around your house a bit, I recommend canvas prints since they are affordable and are a nice way to display your favorite memories. They come with the mounting hardware, so all you have to do is hang and enjoy! So open up that photo gallery and get those moments turned into a beautiful piece of art.

Thanks for stopping by today!
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Display Your Special Memories With Canvas Factory (Giveaway)

Something that I believe many of us have in common is the outrageous amount of photos we have on our phone camera rolls, memory cards and on our computers. I think of all of the vacations, birthdays, graduations, celebrations, and everyday moments we have captured digitally. Our younger daughter graduated last month from the University of South Carolina, and I immediately knew I wanted our family picture with our graduate on a canvas.

I was recently introduced to Canvas Factory. They offer an easy way to upload your photos, even from your social media accounts, and turn them into a beautiful canvas. Your canvas will arrive ready-to-hang on your wall because the canvas is stretched and wrapped around a wooden frame. It's a nice way to display your memories to enjoy for the years to come.

The process of ordering your canvas couldn't be easier. It took me around 7 minutes from start to finish. Thankfully I had already chosen my photo ahead of time, so that helped to speed up the process. You have the choices of canvas size/shape, how you want the "wrap" (the edges that get wrapped around the sides of canvas), and if you want to add any type of color effect. You can check out as a guest or sign up for an account. It's just so easy! Also, they offer amazing sale prices all the time, so make sure you sign up for their email list.

This is what we had made. Isn't it beautiful? The quality is top notch, and the color is rich and vibrant. We are excited to add it to a wall of canvas prints in our living room. I have the biggest smile when I glance over and see this print.

Now that you've seen how easy it is to use Canvas Factory for your canvas prints, it's time to try them out for yourself. One lucky reader will win a code good for a FREE 20"x16" Canvas (40x50cm) or 18x12inch (45x30cm). Enter below:
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This giveaway is open to Canada & U.S. Residents only and ends on July 15, 2019. Must follow rules in Rafflecopter. One winner will be chosen randomly. Mom Files is not responsible for any lost or stolen prizes. Good luck!


‘Tis the Season for Great Wolf Lodge’s Snowland Extravaganza

Great Wolf Lodge rings in the holiday season with its annual Snowland celebration from November 24, 2018 to January 4, 2019. The Lodge is spreading cheer to families this year with daily snow showers in the Grand Lobby, and visits from Santa Claus along with a life-sized Gingerbread House and more. Families will get into the spirit of Christmas, splash in the 84-degree waterpark, and create memories together that will last a lifetime.

Adults and children alike will be merry and bright as they arrive at Great Wolf Lodge’s winter wonderland complete with hundreds of twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and other jolly decorations in the Grand Lobby. The centerpiece of the Snowland celebration is the life-sized Gingerbread House constructed from more than 600 pounds of gingerbread dough, 1,300 pounds of sugar and hundreds of candies. For a truly delectable experience, guests can also dine in the life-sized gingerbread house with a small donation to the Ronald McDonald House. For reservations, visit

Snowland returns this year with guests favorite complimentary activities including Hot Cocoa with a Great Wolf Kid, the weather outside might be frightful, but the Lodge’s delicious hot cocoa bar will warm even the chilliest of guests up; Cookies with Mrs. Claus, where children have the opportunity to decorate cookies in the Gingerbread House with Santa’s leading lady; the Polar Wolf Walk, a tour of the lobby that teaches children about polar bears penguins and more. Families can wind the night down by cozying up to watch a holiday movie in the Grand Lobby during Festive Family Flicks.

Snowland’s most popular offerings are available including visits from Santa Claus; Santa’s Letter Depot, where kids can mail a letter to Santa in the Grand Lobby; and North Pole University, where kids complete fun, holiday-themed assignments around the resort for the chance to earn a Snowploma. During the howl-iday season, children’s activities such as Story Time, Yoga Tails and Paws on Projects will also get dash of Christmas cheer.

In addition to two days of play in the water park for each night stayed at Great Wolf Lodge, all of the Snowland activities are included complimentary as part of an overnight stay. Activities vary daily and based on location.  A complete listing of daily activities and times can be found in the Lodge Life event schedule provided to guests upon check-in, or verified in advance by calling the location directly.

For more information on Great Wolf Resorts and its brands of indoor water park resorts, visit
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The Travel Files - 6 Reasons To Visit Myrtle Beach In The Off Season

Every year we visit Myrtle Beach several times with our family. It is always a good time and we can't ever get enough. Most people prefer going to the beach in the summer, but we feel differently. We go no matter the season or weather. One of our favorite times of year to travel to Myrtle Beach is in the winter. Yes, winter! I've come up with a short list of reasons why you should visit Myrtle Beach in the off-season.

We love an oceanfront view! 

  • Great weather- The weather is often times still mild in the beginning of the winter season. Next week will be in the lower 70's and upper 60's. Not bad if you love to walk on the beach like we do! 
  • Lower cost to stay oceanfront- If you love listening to the sounds of the ocean, you can stay in an oceanfront condo for less than you think. A condo offers all of the comforts of home including private bedrooms/baths, kitchen, washer/dryer, and dishwasher. Our favorites are Avista Resort and Prince Resort. There are many great amenities like indoor pool/hot tub, fitness center, on-site restaurant/bar to name a few. Check out the rates, you will be pleasantly surprised. Also, most locations don't require a minimum night's stay like they do in the summertime. Often times you can find a spacious 3-bedroom condo for as low as $100 per night! 
  • Less crowds- If being in the midst of crowds is not your thing, the off season is the best time to visit. Sometimes you will feel like you have the whole beach to yourself. As long as you dress in layers, you will be good to go. 
  • Outlet shopping- Right after Christmas, stores slash prices on merchandise to make room for spring items. This is the perfect time to rack up some good deals on clothing, home decor, toys, accessories, and more. You can even get some holiday gifts for the next year at deep discounts. 
  • Lots of attractions- Myrtle Beach is full of fun attractions for the entire family. There are themed restaurants, putt-putt mini golf centers, museums, live shows, animal exhibits, holiday festivities, arcades and more. If you plan ahead, you can often times get specials that can save you a few bucks.
  • Make everlasting memories- Being at the beach with your family is a great way to reconnect and have some fun. We make new memories every time we go and have even created new traditions along the way. 
This hot tub at the Avista Resort is where you'll find me

If you're curious about renting a condo, check out my reviews and tips from previous visits to Avista Resort and Prince Resort. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Celebrate National Root Beer Float Day With Your Family

Today, August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day! Yes, there's an actual national day for this great classic. A&W Root Beer helps create the perfect timeless family night treat: an A&W Root Beer Float!
The product, information, and gift card have been provided by A&W so that I could try the product and share my thoughts and information about A&W Root Beer. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not reflect the opinions of A&W.

Many of us grew up enjoying a frosty A&W Root Beer float with our family and friends. There is something so satisfying about slurping one up on a hot summer's day. We love the classic version starting with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and then filling your mug or glass to the very top with A&W Root Beer. It is the one drink where we don't mind any of it running over the edges of our glass, or getting a little messy. It's the perfect treat for the family to enjoy together!

I have never strayed from the classic root beer float, but I'm so intrigued by the different versions you can make. You can step up your float game by making a salted caramel root beer float. Simply start with two scoops of salted caramel ice cream, fill with A&W root beer, then top with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and a pinch of sea salt. YUM!

Looking for a more decadent option? How about a brownie sundae root beer float?! Put some brownie bits in a mug, add two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and fill with A&W Root Beer. Then you can top that all off with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, maraschino cherry, sprinkles, and additional brownie bits.

If you are watching your calories, you can easily use Diet A&W root beer along with a lower calorie or sugar-free ice cream product.

Be sure to grab a case or bottle of A&W Root Beer, and your favorite ice cream to share with your family and friends. School will be back before you know it, so make some delicious memories while you can!

For more tasty recipes, check out A&W Root Beer's website, and follow on Instagram.
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Display Your Memories Easily With

This is a sponsored post with Canvas Discount and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

How many of you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of great photo memories sitting in your phone's camera roll or computer? I am raising my hand. I remember growing up back in the day, we had so many photo albums. Of course, you didn't have a choice. If you wanted to see the photos you took, they had to be developed and printed out. Fast-forward to the digital age. It seems like we almost exclusively share these photos on social media. 

I often look at some photos and think, "Wow, this is the nicest photo over!". Or friends on social media will tell me I need to frame a specific photo. Now there's a simple way to quickly upload those great photos and create a beautiful memory to put on display. makes it a breeze to affordably turn those digital images into a masterpiece. 

Just look at this beautiful family photo from my older daughter's college graduation a couple years ago. How sad is it that this photo has been sitting on my computer all of this time? I hopped onto and from the time I uploaded my image, to the checkout process, I spent under 5 minutes total. The best part is that my gorgeous acrylic photo print was delivered super fast. If you're not familiar with acrylic photo prints, they are images that are printed behind acrylic glass. It's sturdy, and has a gorgeous finish. We love how crisp the image came out.
We were able to add on a metal hanger plate when we made it to our cart at check-out, so we will be able to easily hang it on the wall. offers so many types of beautiful print options in a lot of different sizes/styles of any photo on canvas.

Right now, Mom Files readers can get *TWO 8’’x8’’ format canvasprints for one price – only $9 USD! In order to activate the discount, go to the website:, upload your desired photos, and select 8’’x8’’ format canvas prints. As soon as both images are successfully uploaded, you simply need to enter the name (MOMFILES)  in the coupon code section (Shopping Cart) and then your discount will apply. *This promotion code is valid until: 7/31/2018
This is such a great deal, and you will not be disappointed with your canvas prints. They accept most credit cards, as well as PayPal and Amazon Pay. Be sure to check out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest promotions. What will you get printed first? Let us know in the comments and thank you for stopping by today.


Snowland Returns to Great Wolf Lodge at Charlotte/Concord

If you're looking for somewhere to visit with your family this holiday season, Great Wolf Lodge at Concord is hosting its annual Snowland celebration. It runs from November 26th to January 1st. The resort is transformed into a winter wonderland complete with indoor snow showers and spectacular decorations.

Great Wolf Lodge’s month-long winter celebration, Snowland, offers festive activities from visits with Santa and Mrs. Clause to indoor snow showers to a Polar Wolf Walk. For a truly delectable experience, visitors are invited to dine inside the resort’s life-size gingerbread house. Other activities are Santa’s Letter Depot, North Pole University with holiday themed projects and the Great Clock Tower Holiday Show and Story Time.

Featuring more than 5,000 candies, 600 pounds of gingerbread dough and 1,320 pounds of sugar, the life-size gingerbread house is baked, iced and candied to absolute perfection, setting the scene for a memorable holiday feast. The appetizing walls of the lodge-baked abode have as much heart as taste, as the proceeds for each meal go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Guests can opt to stay in festive Snowland Suites, complete with twinkling lights, glimmering garland, a fully decorated tree, oversized snowflakes and a copy of Great Wolf Lodge’s story book, “Unique as a Snowflake.” As a special treat, Wiley and Violet the Wolf hand deliver cookies and milk to each Snowland Suite nightly to help guests end the day with a super sweet surprise.

Adults can receive their own special delivery of Wine Down Service. The menu, developed by Great Wolf Lodge and The Wine Group, features both sweet and savory culinary treats with wine pairings that can be delivered to the guestrooms after children go to bed. To avoid waking up the kiddos, a “pack member” sends a text announcing the delivery is on its way rather than knocking.

Here are some of the fun activities they have in store: 

  • Cookies with Mrs. Claus, where children decorate cookies in the life-size Gingerbread House with Santa’s leading lady.
  • Hot Cocoa with a Great Wolf Kid for an afternoon sip. Kids can customize their cocoa by adding fun toppings, or a favorite adult libation for the parents.
  • The Snow ‘n’ Glow Dance Party, the chance to prance and dance the evening away with neon glow sticks under falling snowflakes.
  • Festive Family Flicks, a time to wind the night down by cozying up with the family and watching a holiday movie in the Grand Lobby.

About Great Wolf Lodge:

Great Wolf Lodge is North America’s largest family of indoor water park resorts, and through its subsidiaries and affiliates, owns and operates family resorts under the Great Wolf Lodge brand.  Great Wolf Resorts is a fully integrated resort company with Great Wolf Lodge locations in: Wisconsin Dells, Wis.; Sandusky, Ohio; Traverse City, Mich.; Kansas City, Kan.; Williamsburg, Va.; Pocono Mountains, Pa.; Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada; Mason, Ohio; Grapevine, Texas; Grand Mound, Wash.; Fitchburg, Mass., Charlotte, N.C.; Garden Grove, Calif. and Colorado Springs, Colo. Additional resorts planned include Bloomington, Minn. (late 2017), LaGrange, Ga. (late spring 2018) and Gurnee, Ill. (summer 2018).
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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Beach Walk & Family Fun Day

Join in for the third annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Beach Walk on November 4th! This event is hosted by Crown Reef Resort & Waterpark

-8 AM Registration begins
-9 AM Walk begins on the beach
-10 AM Refreshments provided by Loco Gecko and a celebration will follow the walk

Registration is a $25 donation per person. Ages 12 and under and Breast Cancer Survivors walk FREE!

Those who donate $25+ will get a free t-shirt. All Breast Cancer Survivors will receive a free t-shirt!

Dress in pink, and be sure to pick out an awesome team name!

Register with a team or as an individual here:

The event will include lots of family-friendly entertainment including

- Live broadcast by Gator 107.9
- Refreshments and complimentary light breakfast by the Loco Gecko Beach Shak
- Chili Cookoff (bring a couple dollars to try them out)
- Carnival Style Games
- Face painting, hair braiding and other kid-friendly fun
- Day use of the famous Crown Reef Resort Indoor Waterpark for a donation of $10 per person

This public walk is being coordinated by Vacation Myrtle Beach in conjunction with Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Can't make it to the walk? There is a special online auction set up to raise funds, and you have to option to make a donation instead of registering for the walk if you choose.
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Alligator Adventure Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Review

A week ago, we took our son to Alligator Adventure in Myrtle Beach, SC, to celebrate his 9th birthday. He had been wanting to go for a while, so we figured it would be the great place for some birthday fun. William is a big animal lover and enjoys learning as much as he can about them. Alligators and crocodiles are in his top 5 favorites, so we knew Alligator Adventure would be the perfect choice. It was actually quite chilly when we went, but that didn't stop us!

They have a massive parking area, but since we were there in more of the off-season,  we were able to park in front of the main entrance. You are greeting by a pond full of turtles basking in the sun. We paid for entrance at the ticket booth and were pleased to find out that at the end of our visit, we could get our receipt endorsed to return within 7 days. So basically it's like a buy-one-get-one free deal. This explained why I wasn't able to find any discounts or coupons anywhere. It's actually a really good deal. Admission was around $66 for two adults and one child.

The minute we entered the park, I could hear William squeal and almost yell out, "Alligators!" Of course, we had a quick talk about rules beforehand to remind him not to be loud so he would not scare any of the animals. Trust me though, the parents had to hold back their excitement, too. πŸ˜ƒ

The first exhibit was the Juvenile American Alligators habitat. It's actually very overwhelming to see so many alligators piled up all over each other. Although I grew up in Florida, I can truly say that I have never seen this many alligators at once. It's absolutely amazing to see! William was in absolute gator heaven.

The whole park is filled with so many amazing creatures and they have show times where you can gets hands-on with a few of them. It was really cool to learn some animal facts as well as get to actually touch them. Again, William was in heaven! At the end of each animal handling session, the zoo keeper would ask if anyone had any questions. Leave it to my kid to be the only one with his hand raised high!

A post shared by Shelly πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ΎπŸ‘‘ (@momfiles) on
I don't want to bombard you with 100 photos, but I do have to mention that the reptile house/Serpentarium was so impressive and had so many snakes species in beautiful habitats. Some of the snakes were enormous! It was really a lot to take in.

The crocodile area was one of my personal favorite places and had a great variety of species from all over the world. William fell in love with one particular croc that you would not have expected. It wasn't the largest croc on earth weighing 2,000 pounds or the rare albino ones, it was a lonely one named Bob who was born without a tail. She would not have been able to survive in the wild without it and Alligator Adventure took her in and gave her a wonderful home. William talked about Bob for days after we got home.

Alligator Adventure is an absolutely beautiful place to visit if you are an animal or nature lover. We really enjoyed the Nature Walk and feeding the ducks along the way. It was really great that William was able to stop at each exhibit and read all about the animals and the habitats.

We utilized our free second visit the following day (which we highly recommend) and discovered spots we missed during the first visit. This was one of our most favorite trips and if you have ever considered visiting Alligator Adventure, I don't think you would be disappointed. I actually read a lot of reviews before we made the trip and they were mixed. We give it two thumbs up! I am going to make William a photobook with all of the animal pictures to remember how much fun we all had.

You can get more information about Alligator Adventure here. This was not a hosted event. We had such a great time that we wanted to share our thoughts with you guys. Thanks for stopping by today. πŸ˜€

#TBT The Early Years Of Learning

I stumbled across a video this morning that warmed my heart and brought me to tears at the same time. I used to teach William some reading and math basics at home before he was kindergarten age. Who knew he would end up being home schooled. He is in his second semester of third grade, and it looks like he will make high honors again like in the first semester. It's hard to believe that this little munchkin boy will be turning 9 this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by πŸ’–

The Kid Files- When Your Child Has An Old Soul

Do you have a kid with an old soul? My son thinks and speaks like a 50 year old man most days. I guess when you're the youngest in a house full of adults, this is to be expected. The other day he was in his room with the door closed most of the way, and I knocked and asked him what he was doing. He told me he was playing with his toys. That seems like normal kid behavior, right? Well I noticed he had his radio on and a Zig Ziglar CD was playing. I said, "Did you feel like listening to Zig?". He responds, "Yes, I really needed some motivation". I was just like OH. I mean what do you even say?

This morning I was getting his breakfast cooked and he tells me that I need to eat too. I told him I wasn't quite hungry yet and he said, "It doesn't matter, you still need to eat now". I was also told that I had no excuse. Ugh, he's annoying πŸ˜… Seriously, there's never a dull day around here. William always has something wise to say. I tell him almost daily that you're 8. Not 38, 48, or 58. Just eight. His favorite description of himself is that he is a 'professional man'. I fully blame his dad for that.

It's not unusual for him to walk up to me and put both hands on my cheeks and tell me, "Always believe in yourself". The funny thing is he does it at the time I really need it. It's like his spirit is in line with other people's feelings. He is a very special child. The bad part is when he loses his mind and has to be disciplined. I have to muster up all of my strength to be serious and not laugh. He asks for you to explain or elaborate when you are yelling telling him to cut out his foolishness.

As I am typing this post, he just yelled out from his room that his hand is itchy and he will be getting some money. You know what that means if you are old school. HA! William is a good trash talker. He will try to out talk anyone. He loves winning at everything. Don't watch sports with him. He gets super animated and yells at the TV. Also playing UNO with him is a trip. I don't know how he stays beating all of us and his celebrations are ridiculous. When he wins he says things like, "boom shakka-lakka, I am the champion!" and then does the whole superman shirt ripping thing and a victory dance.

Then there's the whole third child thing he has going on. This kid likes to ask about taking vacations and what resort we will stay at. He's very particular too. I think I can take the blame for that one. πŸ˜€ There are times where he attends gatherings with us, and any adult who comes in contact with him is usually blown away with William's words and mannerisms. Everyone agrees that he is most certainly not your average kid in any way.

William is an absolute joy and I couldn't imagine my days without having him around (even if it is 24/7 because of home school). Does your child have an old soul? I'm sure we aren't the only ones with an old man-child!
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