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A week about love

This week's posts will be dedicated to love. Why love you ask?? Well because two people you know, Dwayne and Sheliza are getting ready to celebrate 15 years of marriage. This is a big deal to us and we wanted to share this special time with you all (you know what I mean for those of you thinking very wrong things!) We actually were together for 5 years before officially tying the knot. Hmm, this means a total of 20 years and running with the same person. Most people ask ME how we do it (remember, I am married to Dwayne). I truly feel that we were both meant for one another. It took a woman like me to tame the beast. You let Dwayne tell the story and he will say he decided to keep me around. When he really wants to be annoying he will say "It's cheaper to keep her". Yep, that's my husband *sighs* What can I do, I did promise before God and all our friends and family that we were in it for life. Seriously though, it's a good life! Stay tuned this week for all things "Love". *This is where my kids make the throw-up face and say that they don't know us, ha ha!!


  1. Good morning my friends yes this includes you Dwayne....This will be a very fun week with ya'll, looking forward to reading, talking and yes learning
    Happy Anniversary week

  2. Bring it on--I can't wait to read all about it! We need MORE stories like yours and Dwayne's...

  3. Congrats. You and Dwayne sound just like me and Vic. Wait til you read the story I posted about Vic today...bwahahaha.

  4. The girls one day will be in love. Love is good thing!! Especially when that person loves you back.

  5. OH!! And Happy Anniversary. LOL!!!

  6. So sweet! Happy Anniversary to my friends. I am so excited for all your many years together. Let me just say, your kids are tooo funny and I know exactly what you're talking about them making faces. HaHa.

    Can't wait to see what other LOVE posts you have in store for us.

    That's right............Ride that LOVE wagon til the wheels fall off :)

    Happy 20 years together! I love that so much!!!

  7. I look forward to hearing more about love. You have a great story. 20 years? Wow.

  8. Your husband sounds a little like mine. On our honeymoon I 'let' him purchase a t-shirt that says "Will Trade Wife for Beer." (it was dyed with beer, you see)

    Can't wait for the lovey dovey posts.

  9. It's time now for you to write a book!
    You both are “Certified” in so many things (inside joke) :=). We can name the book “A Success”. You can share the success secret you know so many people want to know about. After the book, we will make a movie. That’s how Hollywood does it. For sure Denzel can play the roll of Dwayne, I am still deciding who will play Shelly (just give me a little more time it has to be a special actress). I'll produce the movie; my grand kids will be the film crew, while William can just keep us all smiling. He does a great job of that now.... So in the meantime just keep on living and loving one another...

    Joanna Dwayne's mom


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