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I am facing facts

I was having a little conversation with the kids yesterday evening and the subject was me. The girls were making comments how young I look and how I am the youngest mom in their group. This is probably why I don't have any friends, I never seem to fit in. Then Chardie informs me that I will probably be one of the oldest moms when William becomes school age. I felt like I was hit in the gut. Wow, to say that I am 37 I really do not feel that way. I think I feel more like a mature 20-something. I can just see all the young mommies in the carpool line in their Hybrid cars and then there will be me in my old lady ride.

The girls had the TLC show on called Four Weddings and started discussing their weddings. I was starting to feel sick. Weddings already? Trust me, I am very happy that they are looking forward to getting married but damn, it will be here before I know it! William turns 3 in March and I am still undecided if I will put him in public school or home school him. Why in the world am I feeling like my kids are going to be gone tomorrow? I guess time does go by way quicker when you are an "experienced" adult. I just know that I enjoy every second of every minute I have with my sweet family.
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  1. Sad but true. I have the same problem. I have always been the younger parent in the room with my first two (now 16 and 13) and have felt the looks and been kept out of the inner circle of the rest of the "older" women. I always thought it was because I worked and the women were SAHMs and probably knew eachother, but the more I listened, the more I realized they were meeting for the first time or introduced by someone they mutually knew.

    Now that I have the younger two (5 and 2), I realize I will probably be on par with the other moms who are also in their 30s, although if we go by "physical features", many of them STILL look older than me and so I'm feeling out of the loop (in a way) AGAIN.

    But it's okay. I have come to grips with it and will just try to be more outgoing. That's all I can do. Now as far as the weddings and kids growing up - LOL - nothing we can do there, but with three boys, I don't hear a lot of 'wedding' talk in my house. I think that's a girl thing you're gonna have to deal with. hahah Good luck with that! ;)

  2. Yes, cherish the moments! Mine are 6, 5 and almost 1. I can't even imagine my girls discussing their weddings with me. Whenever people tell me to "enjoy it, because time flies," I have a hard time believing them. It's hard to see anything beyond, "right now," But I know everyone says, "time flies" for a reason, so I'm trying to pay close attention. can't even imagine a house without them in it.

    Your family is beautiful, by the way.

  3. Golly, time does fly by, doesn't it? Wedding shows? EEK! I'm sure Daddy Dwayne was just as freaked out by that as you! lol

    How funny how that will work out - youngest with the girls, but oldest with William. At 31 I'm at an in-between age, I guess. Some of the boys' parents seem younger (20-something), but others are a little older than me.

  4. I am 40 with a 6 and 1 year old. I don't even know where to fit in with the "mommy circles"!

    Our oldest is 23. All I know, she better wait some years before marriage and kids. I can't have her kids the same ages as mine. I am just saying! LOL


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