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Feb 27, 2009

Personalized Fruit Roll-ups

I can remember being a kid and LOVING Fruit Roll-ups. Even though I am an adult, I still enjoy them! I frequently buy them for my kids' lunchboxes so it's not surprising to see a box (or 2) in my pantry. Sadly we have been known to fight over who gets the last one or who ate the last one! Grown-ups don't always have to be so serious you know. When I found out you can personalize your treats at My Fruit, I was so excited! You can create your own designs or pick from the big selection they offer. They are an excellent choice for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, sports teams, business advertising and the list goes on! You can even upload your own photo or logo and add a personalized message.

Look at the design I created for Momfiles. How cute is that?!

Dwayne and I were on the site for about 30 minutes just fooling around with uploading different family photos and making silly captions to match. You have got to try this! Too bad William wasn't older because they would have been the perfect favor for his birthday. These personalized Fruit Roll-ups cost $29.99 (plus shipping and tax, if applicable) for a box of 30 (which is not all that bad considering how much you might spend on goodie bags and the time you put in to making them up). Another cool thing is they have Box Tops for Education coupons on the carton so we can send those in to support the kids' school.

Now you can have a chance to win your very own box of personalized Fruit Roll-ups! We will give you *3 ways to enter:
1. Leave a comment telling us what theme or design you tried or liked on the Fruit Roll-ups site.
2. You can Tweet this giveaway. Just be sure to leave the link to your tweet.
3. You can follow Momfiles by clicking the Follow button at the upper right-hand corner of the blog and indicate it in your comment.

*Leave a separate comment for each entry to count.
This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end at midnight (E.S.T.) on March 10, 2009. One winner will be chosen via and will be contacted within 24 hours of the giveaway deadline. Good luck to everyone and be sure to tell your friends and family about this fun giveaway!

Flashback Friday

This was the day William was born, only 4 lbs 12 oz. Hard to believe he was ever that tiny. Have a great weekend!


Feb 26, 2009


I want to know if anyone else has experienced this or if I am just plain crazy. I use a certain brand of diapers and have purchased them at 3 different stores in different quantities. I have noticed that when I purchase them from my usual store they work extremely well and we never have leaks or disasters. Now when I purchase the same brand in another store, they seem different, a bit thinner and the design on the front is not the same. Also, they don't work as well. Has this ever happened to anyone before?? I know that the diaper companies package their product in different quantities for particular stores but shouldn't they be the same thing? Just wondering. Hope I don't find out that I'm crazy. Please share with me if you have encountered this same problem. Thanks in advance :)

Feb 25, 2009

Wordless / Vent Day Wednesday

Our household is still under the weather. No video this week but still hit us up with your vents.

These photos are dedicated to men and their chairs everywhere across the globe.


Feb 24, 2009

Are you on FB?

Sheliza Ismail's Facebook profile

Are you on Facebook? Well if you aren't, I encourage you to join! I know some of you think that something like Facebook is for losers but really you would be amazed what a great tool it can be. You can keep in touch with family, friends, blog pals, Twitter contacts and people you haven't thought of in 100 years! I really like the fact that you don't necessarily have to 'speak' to anyone. You can check in on them and see what is new without having the obligation of physical interaction. You can view your friends' photos, videos, notes and more. I have been able to link up with a lot of people from blogland and even those that thought they would never join (you know who you are!) Feel free to add us to your friends list. Those of you that are addicted to FB need to join a support group lol! Trust me, you can get addicted and I am no loser!

Dwayne Ismail's Facebook profile


Feb 22, 2009

My life has been taken over!

I just don't get it. I used to watch TV, go out to lunch with friends, and go anywhere I wanted when I wanted. I walked into my bedroom this afternoon to fold the 50 loads of laundry that have been neglected. I figured I might as well get it done while Willie was actually taking a nap. I picked up the remote control, (from Dwayne's side of the bed of course) I press "power" and there was some random sci-fi movie on (Dwayne again) so I type in the number 28. Problem. Channel 28 is not Food Network, HGTV, SoapNet, local news, or A&E. Channel 28 is Noggin. I am so programmed to catering to my little guy that I automatically turn to his channel! Now the really ridiculous part is I sit there and get all into the shows! Dwayne, Chardie and Brie do it as well. They even go to Noggin on Demand to watch thier favorite shows over and over. We even love some shows that we claimed we would never watch in our lives. If you have a little one then you know exactly what I'm talking about! I am singing "Go Diego Go!" in my head as I type. Truly my life has been taken over but I am not complaining one bit :)

Feb 20, 2009

Flashback Friday and "the chair"

This video was shot in December 2007 and you get to see how "the chair" came about. Yes, the Vent Day Wednesday rocking chair that Dwayne rocks so hard that I feel ill every time we shoot the show. Seriously, I hope I don't get whiplash or something. The bad part is the more he laughs at himself, the harder he rocks! Oh the things I go through dealing with dude!

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend :)

**sorry it is a bit dark since this was a surprise for Dwayne. We timed it just perfectly too!


Feb 19, 2009

William update- 11 months old

Little William is officially 11 months old today. He is a very busy boy these days exploring everything he can get his hands on. He's crawling around and pulling up on everything he can. I can't turn my back on him for more than 2 seconds because he gets into trouble so quickly. I am not excited about the whole walking thing. I guess the real work starts then! He is really a happy boy and who wouldn't be with 2 great big sisters that cater to his every wish! I wish I could have gotten some better photos of the little fella but he has been sick with a cold for a couple days and has not been too happy. As a matter of fact, we will be going to the Pediatrician this morning to get him checked out. Poor little guy, he is absolutely miserable. It just breaks my heart to see him sick :(
Gotta love the old man face

He has the wildest waviest hair ever!!


Feb 17, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to another edition of Vent Day Wednesday. It's a little lengthy (thanks to you know who) this week. Please be sure to leave your vents in the comments. We want to know what's bugging you. Come on, get it out of your system...Holla!


Random things

I had to run to the pharmacy yesterday and could not pass up the after-Valentine's clearance. I have a rule that we wait until after particular occasions or holidays to buy candy. The kids don't mind waiting. Look what we got for $3! You can't beat that 75% off sale!!

I made this fantastic lasagna the other day. Snuck some spinach in it and nobody noticed. I think they thought it was Italian parsley or something.

This salad was so good. Greek salad with French dressing (that's how the family likes it) Hey, we are International.

Now last thing is the kids and I have all been sick with a cold. It's been one of those lingering nasty kind of cold. I have been lucky to not get hit too hard so of course I have been taking care of the crew. Dwayne walked in from work yesterday and was saying how we all smelled very mentholated, like Vaporub. He said to me in his joking way "You know Vaporub is not perfume right?" I wanted to slap him but just gave him "the look" and asked "Dwayne, why are you the only one in the house that's not sick???"

Feb 16, 2009

Magnificent Monday

** A letter to my FB Accountability Group, Just wanted to share with MOMFILES family**

I just want to wish everyone a great week. Keep striving for those goals by pushing yourself. This is only the second month of the year. You are not trapped by your present circumstances regardless of how things look right now. We are all products of our choices, and together we are choosing to be great. It is now time to ACT on that little feeling you have deep down within. You know what I am talking about. That little feeling may be different for all of us, but it will make all our lives much richer and happier. It is time for you to ACT. The first thing you must do is define what you want by reevaluating the blueprint of your life. Are you meeting the expectations you have for yourself? Are your expectations realistic? What will it take to enjoy your life? The next thing you have to do is write your goals down. Finally, you must read your goals over and over, and over and over, and over and over again. You must program yourself for your success. Every single day, you are bombarded by advertising messages from others trying to get inside your head. Why not get your personal message there! It is time to ACT! Let’s break the patterns that have held us back from getting what we want. If you need any coaching, do not hesitate to ask. It is time to Act! It is time to feel ALIVE!

To Your Success,

Dwayne Ismail

Feb 14, 2009

GladWare winner...

The winner of the Gladware containers is Tracy!! Thanks for your nice comment and Dwayne feels so special that you are so entertained by his antics. This seems to be the trend with our Momfiles readers and Dwayne if you are reading this, NO you won't get paid because everyone likes you. ha ha! Thanks to everyone else who participated. It feels good to be loved :)

Feb 12, 2009


With a title like that I am sure you know who I am about to start talking about. What is wrong with my husband?? Seriously, this Vent Day Wednesday thing is getting out of control. Dwayne sneaks his butt in the office and gets on the computer to do what I think is to check email, blog, website... really he is watching the Vent Day videos and laughing himself to tears. Oh and he watches them over and over and laughs even harder! He has disturbed the baby from sleeping many of nights. What do I do with him!? I thought our Vent day was for just that...VENTING, not the Dwayne and Shelly variety show. Seriously, he is insane! For instance, telling everyone to email me about talking to my white blood cells. He has this Dwayne theory that you must talk to your white blood cells (WBC as She Needs says ) when you feel ill. *WTF?* He has to walk around the house like a drill Sargent motivating his WBC troops to battle. He says he does not take medication, he sends in reinforcements to help out on the front line. Coughing to him is the Army fighting a ground battle and sneezing is the Air Force battle. Now in all this foolishness he does say one thing right. Dwayne always recommends resting when the battle is taking place. However, the most obnoxious part is that he rewards his WBC's after the battle is won. He actually pats himself on the back, and drinks hot ginseng tea. He say he gives his WBC's a nice rewarding jacuzzi bath for a job well done. What can I say the guy is crazy, but there must be something to his madness. Because like he says, he rarely gets sick. Go figure.

Feb 11, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. Enjoy the foolishness and remember to hit us up in the comments with your vents.


Feb 10, 2009

Teachers are the best

Today the parents at my girls' middle school are doing a luncheon for all the teachers for Valentine's Day. The theme is a soup and salad lunch and the volunteer coordinator rounded up moms to get their crock pots ready! I volunteered to make my famous chili that my family so loves. The girls say "it tastes so good, makes you wanna slap yo mama!" Can you guess who might have taught them that one?? I had to let the family 'sample' the chili to be sure if would be safe for the teachers. Well it passed their test and they asked if we could just keep it for ourselves and say I forgot today was the luncheon. Sneaky little devils!

I also baked cornbread muffins since my kids refused to let me buy pre-made ones. I had to label them so they would keep their greedy hands off! Dwayne still thought he was getting one. He says how would the teachers know there was one missing? Typical Dwayne. He was mad at my label. ha ha!! Dwayne, you can talk about me tomorrow for Vent Day Wednesday.


Feb 9, 2009

It's Monday already?

Where did the weekend go?? I spent the entire day on Saturday with Chardonnay and William at her volleyball tournament (7:30 am- 6:30 pm) This was a long day but a really great one. Little William behaved so well I can't believe it! I guess as long as he is out and about he does not complain at all. I am really lucky because others did not have it so good. Chardie's team played very well and won a few sets but did not get the desired outcome in the end. That's okay because the girls had fun and played as well as they could, plus they had 3 players down. Briahnna also had a tournament on the other side of town all day as well. Dwayne went to that one and it was a good day for Brie. Her team placed 3rd in the region and got t-shirts for their victory. She was so thrilled! What do you think she wore to school today?? The kids and I went shopping most of the morning on Sunday and they pretty much spent the rest of the day recovering from being wiped out from their tournaments. The weather was so awesome! Not a cloud in the sky and 70 degrees...GORGEOUS!! Sorry to my Northern friends for bragging. Well I sure hope you all had a nice weekend. Now back to the grind! Have a great Monday :)

Feb 6, 2009

Flashback Friday and 300 posts!

Today marks our 300th post anniversary! Who knew we had that much to say?! Well I leave you with my all time favorite photo of the girls when they were 1 and 3. I used to dress them up like doll babies about 5 times per day! They were the cutest little things. I miss them so much at that age. We wish everyone a great weekend!!

Feb 5, 2009

GladWare Giveaway

I have a coupon for up 1 package GLADWARE containers, any size up to 8 count ($10 value) for one lucky reader. If you are like me you use these type of containers on a daily basis to store leftovers, send goodies in lunchboxes or share food with friends or family. All you need to do is leave a comment telling us what you like most about Momfiles. Do you have a favorite post? Favorite topic? We want to know! You have until February 13th to enter*. The winner will be contacted to provide mailing information. Please be sure to leave your email address and first name if you are not registered with Blogger so you we can reach you. Thanks for participating!

*US residents only

Dwayne going green?

This morning I was having conversation with Dwayne over breakfast and he was telling me about a rain water recycling unit we can purchase. He explained that it is a big container that holds rain water and has valves attached with shut-off switches to route water in the direction you want it to go. I know we have had one of those tacky bright blue water barrels before but it was hard to actually collect water in it, plus it was just plain tacky looking! He then tells me that we can have the water go straight to the new garden we are making this Spring. For an investment of $90 we can water our garden for free. This really got me to thinking and I know I don't say this often but Mr. Dwayne might actually have a very smart idea! I guess we are both slowly going in the direction of really trying to conserve resources as best we can. With the way things are going with the economy I guess we all have to do what we can to save money.

Does anyone have one of these rain water recycling barrels? If so, would you recommend it? What things are you doing to encourage green living?

Feb 4, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Well here is this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. We have William telling the world about what is bugging him. The lack of Dwayne and Shelly being in the video is due to the whole extended anniversary thing *winks* Please be sure to leave us your vents in the comments section. Oh, and I do have a vent. Why in the hell does Dwayne have to rock so hard in the rocking chair every time we film our video??!! Ugh, I need some Dramamine cause I'm feeling motion sickness like mad! I hope I don't get whiplash or anything, sheesh!

*sorry this video is a bit dark due to the film crew slacking on the job*


Feb 3, 2009

Still celebrating

Is it bad that my anniversary was last week and I am still celebrating it? I don't know what has come over me but I have had no desire to be on the computer and that it a real shocker! Usually you can't tear me away from this darn thing! I figured I needed to post something so I thought what better than some photos of the cutest helper a mom could have. I just love the "old man" smile!! I hope everyone has an awesome day!
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