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Teachers are the best

Today the parents at my girls' middle school are doing a luncheon for all the teachers for Valentine's Day. The theme is a soup and salad lunch and the volunteer coordinator rounded up moms to get their crock pots ready! I volunteered to make my famous chili that my family so loves. The girls say "it tastes so good, makes you wanna slap yo mama!" Can you guess who might have taught them that one?? I had to let the family 'sample' the chili to be sure if would be safe for the teachers. Well it passed their test and they asked if we could just keep it for ourselves and say I forgot today was the luncheon. Sneaky little devils!

I also baked cornbread muffins since my kids refused to let me buy pre-made ones. I had to label them so they would keep their greedy hands off! Dwayne still thought he was getting one. He says how would the teachers know there was one missing? Typical Dwayne. He was mad at my label. ha ha!! Dwayne, you can talk about me tomorrow for Vent Day Wednesday.



  1. I could eat the whole pot full of chili right now... send it on over.

  2. Looks yummy! Isn't Oak Leaf wine a wonderful inexpensive secret?

  3. That label would make me cry. I would beg for at least one of them and a scoop of the chili. You know you always need taste testers! :)

  4. That label is hilarious. Did I work? I can just see Dwayne sneaking one thinking that you won't miss it.


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