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Dwayne going green?

This morning I was having conversation with Dwayne over breakfast and he was telling me about a rain water recycling unit we can purchase. He explained that it is a big container that holds rain water and has valves attached with shut-off switches to route water in the direction you want it to go. I know we have had one of those tacky bright blue water barrels before but it was hard to actually collect water in it, plus it was just plain tacky looking! He then tells me that we can have the water go straight to the new garden we are making this Spring. For an investment of $90 we can water our garden for free. This really got me to thinking and I know I don't say this often but Mr. Dwayne might actually have a very smart idea! I guess we are both slowly going in the direction of really trying to conserve resources as best we can. With the way things are going with the economy I guess we all have to do what we can to save money.

Does anyone have one of these rain water recycling barrels? If so, would you recommend it? What things are you doing to encourage green living?


  1. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! I saw that infomercial one night but I can't find the barrells anyway (shoot me the link if you can) They even had them at my local ACE hardware but they sold out.
    But that is definietly a money saver, My granny use to have something similar I am going to attempt to start a garden this spring/summer so if you have a green finger or thumb (whichever one it is) please share because I kill every plant I touch!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic idea! We live in Georgia, where water is scarce (practically the entire state gets its water from one lake, and a three-year drought has the lake at its lowest levels ever), and so we try to make every drop count. Being conscious about our need to do our part to conserve water has helped save us quite a bit of cash, too; we cut our water bill by a third by doing simple things, like cutting down how much laundry we do, how many times we run the dishwasher, taking shorter showers, not watering the lawn. I wish more folks thought like this...

    Go ahead--get the barrel.

  3. Do you have a link to a place to buy them? I would love to buy one for my garden I am going to plant.

  4. I believe you should go for it ..


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