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Feb 20, 2009

Flashback Friday and "the chair"

This video was shot in December 2007 and you get to see how "the chair" came about. Yes, the Vent Day Wednesday rocking chair that Dwayne rocks so hard that I feel ill every time we shoot the show. Seriously, I hope I don't get whiplash or something. The bad part is the more he laughs at himself, the harder he rocks! Oh the things I go through dealing with dude!

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend :)

**sorry it is a bit dark since this was a surprise for Dwayne. We timed it just perfectly too!



  1. Sounds like you got him the perfect gift for him that year.

  2. Ah, the man chair. What is it with guys and recliners? My dad LIVED in his, and he passed one of his old ones down to my husband... lol!

  3. what type of dog is that sister
    have a great weekend jones

  4. sooooooooooooooo you can't say NOTHING about that chair NO MO! it's your fault :)

    love the reaction. WOOOOOOOOOOOOW :)

  5. Never mess with a man a his chair.

    I love my chair in my loving room. Lived in it when I was pregnant and dared somebody to sit in it. I understand it all now.


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