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Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to another edition of Vent Day Wednesday. It's a little lengthy (thanks to you know who) this week. Please be sure to leave your vents in the comments. We want to know what's bugging you. Come on, get it out of your system...Holla!



  1. You two just made my day!! I was all prepared to vent today...but with Dwayne....who could not smile and laugh!! Sorry venting today!! LOL!!

  2. I love you two! We have got to meet. My husband and your husband would be ridiculous! My husband buys Quick Trip (our local gas station) sandwhiches and chicken wraps! Too crazy! Dwayne I hear ya on the MAN SOAP! My hubby loves Irish spring body wash...but he has a loofa! Oh BTW I had chinese this past week and all I could think of is Leroy. RIDICULOUS! Amen on the taxes...the breath tax just kills me! Dwayne needs medication. I think his WBC works OVERTIME!!! PS: The comment above me by Birdsmama is one of my BFF's

  3. Dawayne, you kill me man.!!! POke chop from a gas station, really????? Isn't that like ordering a T-Bone steak at a seafood restraunt??? The ticket.. yeah I am with you there. I got a ticket because I pulled through the parking space, so that my car was facing forward, all I had to do was put it in drive to leave instead of backing out of the stall.. Got a ticket for facing the wrong direction in a parkinglot....ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDIN ME???? Two men just hauled off the ATM across the street and your sitting here writing me a ticket for the way I was parked.!!!!! This is as bad as having 25 spots for 1000 businesses.!!! Have a wonderful day and "go WBC's"

  4. Your husband is a riot! I was dying with the whole bathroom soap business. You can't be a man smelling like butterflies" Hehehe..... Great way to start my morning. No venting yet but I may be back later

  5. man what a solid bond u two have - you 2 are blessed

  6. Dwayne is a mess!!! LOL!!

    Nothing to vent about around my way, I've had the best day at work, ate a delicious lunch and I have a date tonight. GO ME!!

  7. By the time I get done watching ya'll I have been laughing so much I forget what I want to vent,Dwaynes laughing is contagious after watching and listening to him crack himself up.
    And I totally agree with Mr Torrence all mighty, the bond ya'll share is incredible and ya'll are inspiring

  8. Dwayne, I'm with you on the soap. My wife loves to buy Caress. I have to counter with some Lever 2000.

  9. You know what!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Does Dwayne ever have a bad day? Like seriously, that's why I love ya'll so much. ALWAYS keeping it upbeat and lively!!!

    Vent day? NEVER that :)


    Tshirts go on sale next week :)

  10. PoChop from the Exxon station. Dwayne must have a stomach of pure steel.

    Bar soap? Get some of that pink powder stuff, that's a man's soap.


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