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Feb 24, 2009

Are you on FB?

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Are you on Facebook? Well if you aren't, I encourage you to join! I know some of you think that something like Facebook is for losers but really you would be amazed what a great tool it can be. You can keep in touch with family, friends, blog pals, Twitter contacts and people you haven't thought of in 100 years! I really like the fact that you don't necessarily have to 'speak' to anyone. You can check in on them and see what is new without having the obligation of physical interaction. You can view your friends' photos, videos, notes and more. I have been able to link up with a lot of people from blogland and even those that thought they would never join (you know who you are!) Feel free to add us to your friends list. Those of you that are addicted to FB need to join a support group lol! Trust me, you can get addicted and I am no loser!

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  1. I keep getting asked if I'm on facebook. I guess I might have to break down and join.

  2. I'm not on facebook, I opend a myspace page about a year ago and barely use the freaking thing, just to keep up with old classmates.

  3. I'm on Facebook!

    Friend me :)

  4. Good grief, Facebook IS addictive. I literally have to will myself to stay off of it... LOL! But I've found SO many of my long-lost friends, down to elementary school--can you imagine that? Lots of fun, people. Addictive, but fun!


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