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Vent Day Wednesday

Well here is this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. We have William telling the world about what is bugging him. The lack of Dwayne and Shelly being in the video is due to the whole extended anniversary thing *winks* Please be sure to leave us your vents in the comments section. Oh, and I do have a vent. Why in the hell does Dwayne have to rock so hard in the rocking chair every time we film our video??!! Ugh, I need some Dramamine cause I'm feeling motion sickness like mad! I hope I don't get whiplash or anything, sheesh!

*sorry this video is a bit dark due to the film crew slacking on the job*



  1. Don't have nothign to vent about this week, YET. But it may still be a possibility for some, it's only Wedensday.

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  3. He is so sweet! He's going to be walking soon! OH noooooo watch out. The real fun begins then!

    LOL at the chair rocking back and forth. LEAVE my brother alone! LOL

  4. lol stop hating on rocking in the rocking chir sister

  5. I am pissed at that little toy too! It looks way frustrating, little William, I feel your pain.

    Vent Day- hmmm I will vent about facebook. I decided since everyone was talking about it I would join. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Maybe I just to get it yet.

  6. He is sooo cute.

    My biggest vent is about the frustrations of dealing with my husband's diabetes. It f*cking sucks when someone is both insulin resistant and insulin dependent. Can you imagine the sheer size of the insulin doses he has to inject himself with in order to control his blood sugar? I am really, really tired of beating all the medical odds in a negative way.

  7. WAIT... I was on the stupid iPhone, and I accidentally rejected your comment on my bog instead of accepting it... repost a comment???


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