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Feb 12, 2009


With a title like that I am sure you know who I am about to start talking about. What is wrong with my husband?? Seriously, this Vent Day Wednesday thing is getting out of control. Dwayne sneaks his butt in the office and gets on the computer to do what I think is to check email, blog, website... really he is watching the Vent Day videos and laughing himself to tears. Oh and he watches them over and over and laughs even harder! He has disturbed the baby from sleeping many of nights. What do I do with him!? I thought our Vent day was for just that...VENTING, not the Dwayne and Shelly variety show. Seriously, he is insane! For instance, telling everyone to email me about talking to my white blood cells. He has this Dwayne theory that you must talk to your white blood cells (WBC as She Needs says ) when you feel ill. *WTF?* He has to walk around the house like a drill Sargent motivating his WBC troops to battle. He says he does not take medication, he sends in reinforcements to help out on the front line. Coughing to him is the Army fighting a ground battle and sneezing is the Air Force battle. Now in all this foolishness he does say one thing right. Dwayne always recommends resting when the battle is taking place. However, the most obnoxious part is that he rewards his WBC's after the battle is won. He actually pats himself on the back, and drinks hot ginseng tea. He say he gives his WBC's a nice rewarding jacuzzi bath for a job well done. What can I say the guy is crazy, but there must be something to his madness. Because like he says, he rarely gets sick. Go figure.


  1. Men are insane but it always keeps life interesting.

    BTW, I gave you an award on my blog :)

  2. Okay I agree with Dwayne about the resting part and would add drinks lots of "real" orange juice. But talking to the WBC's is plain crazy, he's by himself on that one.

    Like my mom always says "Feed a cold, starve a fever". So true

  3. That has got to be the funniest thing I have ever heard. Giving his WBC a hot bath?? Hilarious!- oh and yeah he is crazy

  4. Dwayne, Dwayne, Dwayne...enough said. :)) I have just joined this blog thing and already getting addicted. I do have to give credit to Tracy, however Dwayne you are going to keep me here. WBC's are you kidding me? lol!!!

    you so crazy

  5. laughing I dont know whats more funny, Dwayne laughing at himself over and over, or him rocking back and forth in the chair

  6. Dwayne it "da Man." He can control white blood cells. Amazing!


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