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I had to run to the pharmacy yesterday and could not pass up the after-Valentine's clearance. I have a rule that we wait until after particular occasions or holidays to buy candy. The kids don't mind waiting. Look what we got for $3! You can't beat that 75% off sale!!

I made this fantastic lasagna the other day. Snuck some spinach in it and nobody noticed. I think they thought it was Italian parsley or something.

This salad was so good. Greek salad with French dressing (that's how the family likes it) Hey, we are International.

Now last thing is the kids and I have all been sick with a cold. It's been one of those lingering nasty kind of cold. I have been lucky to not get hit too hard so of course I have been taking care of the crew. Dwayne walked in from work yesterday and was saying how we all smelled very mentholated, like Vaporub. He said to me in his joking way "You know Vaporub is not perfume right?" I wanted to slap him but just gave him "the look" and asked "Dwayne, why are you the only one in the house that's not sick???"


  1. Um when I come to visit one day I request this meal.....

  2. Your salad looks tasty... Lol at the perfum, I guess he doesn't get the privilege of wearing the to die for cologne as he has been talking to the WBC's....

  3. You are making me hungry. The food looks good. Gotcha have Greek dressing, it is one of my favs.

    Didn't Dwayne say he talks to his body or something and that is why he does not get sick? LOL. You better start talking. LOL.

  4. That food looks so good.
    I am going to have to sneak spinach into mine. Great idea.

    I always hit the after holiday candy sales. That is the best time to stock up.

  5. Because he talks to his WBC. That's why.

    Dammit now I want lasagna, and I don't make lasagna.

  6. Those damn WBC are something else. Dwayne has started something. LOL!!!

    Hope you all feel better soon.

  7. You made out like a bandit with the candy! I love BLISS :)

    You already know why he NEVER gets sick. WBC in the house. I thought you knew. LOL

    p.s. the salad and lasagna looks YUMMMMMMM


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