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Kardashian Kids coming to Babies“R”Us beginning March 15th

Kourtney, Kim and Khloéé Kardashian Unveil Their First-Ever Collection for Baby Girls

NEW YORK, NY (FEBRUARY 19th 2014) – Kourtney, Kim and Khloéé Kardashian, in collaboration with Jupi Corp, will soon debut designs for girls up to 24 months at Babies“R”Us, the nation’s leading juvenile products retailer.  The Kardashian Kids collection features much adored motifs including butterflies, shimmering stars and a uniquely sweet take on the Kardashian’s signature animal print.  The line ranges from newborn onesies, snuggly caps and cozy blankets, to stylish and functional two-piece sets, jackets and dresses.  Kardashian Kids will be available exclusively at select Babies“R”Us stores across the U.S. and online at beginning March 15.

“Since becoming a mom, I’ve been so inspired to create Kardashian Kids with perfect prints, heavenly fabrics for a baby’s skin and to bring fashion to the baby world that is affordable,” said Kourtney, mother of Mason and Penelope.

The sweetly sophisticated pieces include delicate details of layered lace, pearl-embossed buttons, georgette appliques and leatherette.  Pastels, touches of gold, calming neutrals and pops of color are all a part of the collection’s color palette.  Cherished items include a playful white cotton onesie with girly tulle ruffles, soft gold polka-dot leggings and darling butterfly-printed bloomer shorts. From newborn must-haves to luxurious special occasion pieces, the line offers gentle fabrics in delightful and tender designs.

“Our grandmother opened a children’s fashion store, and from an early age I adored baby fashion.  Later when Penelope was born, my sisters and I had so many ideas for how we wanted to dress her, but didn’t always find what we were envisioning.  Now, as a mom, I cherish the time my baby and I spend together getting her dressed.  The items in this collection are exactly what I have imagined for her,” said Kim, mother of North.

“With our ever-expanding family and our wide circle of friends having children, designing a baby collection was the next natural progression for my sisters and me. We hope the charming patterns and the uniquely stylish items are gifts new parents will be delighted to open,” said Khloéé.

“The line was designed with fashionable parents in mind, and although trend is at the core of the collection, we never let it compromise quality and functionality. We always want to ensure we are offering our customers the finest quality at the best possible price and knew Babies“R”Us would be the perfect fit,” said Bruno Schiavi, Jupi Corp Chairman and Founder.

“At Babies“R”Us, our customers love sweet and sensible looks for their little girls, and always appreciate a good buy – something with fashionable flair and an affordable price tag. That’s just what Kardashian Kids offers,” said Tom Via, Senior Vice President, General Merchandising Manager. He continued, “Kourtney, Kim and Khloéé each have their own, unique perspective and bring their individual strengths to the table. This has resulted in an adorable collection that pays close attention to the details that moms – and gift-givers – look for, and we’re thrilled to launch this line exclusively in March.”

Kardashian Kids items will retail from $15 to $30 and will be available at all Babies“R”Us stores and online at Fans can stay up-to-date on the latest Kardashian Kids news by following on Facebook (, Instagram (@KardashianKids) and Twitter (@KKidsOfficial).


This morning I had an appointment for my annual pap... fun times for women all over the world I tell ya!  Well my doctor informed me of a change that was made in regards to getting one done each year. She said that as long as you have never had abnormal results over the years that you only have to get it done once every 3 years. I was like Whaaaattt??? I dared not argue about that one. She also mentioned that it is no longer recommended for any females under 21 years old to have one even if they are sexually active. I don't know how long this has been in effect for but I will take it! Not having to get scraped and brushed for 2 years in between works for me. My doctor did mention that you can still get one done annually if you want to.

Have you heard about this? What are your thoughts?

Shelly, Mom Files

Review opportunity

I just wanted to pass along some information to those who might be interested/qualify to do a review for Neutrogena Ultrasheer Liquid Daily Sunblock. I applied and was selected and should receive the product kit in about a week. I will then try it out and write a couple reviews. If you are interested then you can take this survey. *Note- you must be a blogger and also have a Facebook and Twitter account.
Shelly, Mom Files

Interview with Melissa Joan Hart & Soliel Moon Frye/ Better Together

Today I had the pleasure of getting to speak with and interview Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Soliel Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) over the phone and web. They have been working on an awesome campaign sponsored by Gain called “Better Together”. They actually had a Better Together Friendship Party at Melissa’s candy store called SweetHarts in Los Angeles yesterday. The message behind "Better Together" comes from Gain talking about when you use their awesome detergent along with the fabric softener they are better together. Just like how friends can get together in any way whether it is just coffee or an organized party. Making time for your friends will help to strengthen as well lengthen those relationships. I have to say, these ladies were just as sweet and warm as can be and they have really fired me up to get together more with my own friends! Here is a video from the interview. Thank you to all my Facebook buddies for their support, it was very much appreciated!


Shelly, Mom Files

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Baby Cards, Announcements, and Invitations

Hello everyone, this is Ismail the Great checking in to let you know about a new partnership we made. In the corner to the right, we have a link to MOMs Print Center . This is a great and "CHEAP" way to get baby cards, birth announcements, invitations, and note cards. These are just a few of the items available. If you have a chance check it out. You may find some great inexpensive gifts for the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and hey you get the picture.

Oh yeah by special request, below we placed a link to . This a great way to save money for college expenses with your everyday spending. You will be surprised how wise shopping, and leveraging of time can add up to $$$$$$( MONEY) $$$$$. If college is in your future for a child then Upromise: Register your grocery card and save when you shop!

Have a great week, and get your gripes ready for Hate it When Wednesday. This Friday will be flash back Friday. We will post a photo from or about the past. You never know what it might be. ( Stole that from my girl Tanyetta , click on her name to check out her blog. It is a must see!)

Love you all, be safe, and have fun,

Dwayne aka Ismail the Great

PRESENTING- William Anthony Ismail


It's a family affair

Everyone was gathered around the nursery window to get their first glimpse of William

(From left to right) Aunty Saudia, Sister Chardonnay, Grandpa Johnnie, Sister Briahnna, and Grandma Joanna.

Grandma looking at William and Shelly


Happy Birthday William Anthony Ismail

The Moment of Truth is Here !
You have waited a long time for this !
I give you the fabulous, super terrific, powerful, Awesome

William Anthony Ismail


5:21 AM...

Hello everyone,

It is now 5:21 AM and we are getting ready for the hospital. I had to come to the computer to watch Williams' pre-arrival video. I won't lie to you - it did get me feeling a little emotional. I am still hard core though, BBCDO will have a new member soon. I will keep everyone posted through out the day. Keep those prayers coming.

Dwayne Aka Ismail the Great.

New FO Business - Cash for Lawsuits Now

Hello everyone,

Just wanted everyone to know that I have developed a new division of Financial Options, LLC. This new division is called FO Funding. Check out the website
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More free samples!

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From Kinky to Straight

Here are some amazing before and after shots of my girls' hair. I used the Chi straightening iron and this was the result! The actual straighting tool cost me $130, but overall was a good investment. They both have the thickest, curliest hair that is so hard to manage. Relaxers are too harsh and expensive so it was highly recommended that I get the Chi iron. I would definitely recommend it to others as well.

The crazy expression comes from their dad's (aka "bad boy") side of the family!

Digital phone service

Hello all! Today I wanted to give you are warning, in the event you did not already know this. Digital phone service has become a very popular choice recently and saves big bucks when compared to the traditional phone lines. I personally have digital phone for home and business and have been pleased mostly for the savings. Here it comes, the downfall... when you are receiving a call waiting call and click over, beware that the person you were speaking with can possibly hear your conversation on the other line. This has happened to me twice! I now do not bother to click over and just let the calls go to voicemail. You never know who might hear something that was not intended for their ears! My local provider assured me that this was temporary and they are working out the "glitches". So be careful what you say!

Women after Five Event

Don't forget the upcoming event for Sistercare of the Midlands/ Women after Five 14th Annual Silent Auction & Reception. It will be located at Troncos at the Fairgrounds on May 8, 2007 from 5:30-8:00 pm. There is a $50 donation to attend the event. There will be a huge array of items to bid on such as salon packages, restaurant certificates, vacation packages, pottery, antiques and countless other items from local businesses and individuals. The Guest Speaker will be Laurie LeGrand (domestic violence survivor). There will be Hors D'oeuvres, soft drinks, beer and wine served throughout the event. All donations should be be sent to Women after Five/ SisterCare c/o Mrs. Claudia Maloney P.O. Box 1029, Columbia, SC 29201 or call (803)926-0505. Please be sure to mention that you heard about this event through by dropping a note along with your donation. This is such a great cause and if you can't make it to the event, consider making a donation.

Parent vs Non-Parent

Isn't it funny when your friends or family (that are not parents) often think you are too hard on your children? I often go through it with the 'non-parent'. I assure them that their views will change when they have their own children and I usually get "No, I will never be as mean a mom as you are!". I specifically remember about 10 years ago, one of my dearest friends (non-parent at that time) saw my older child fall and I did not run to console her. My friend started the whole "Aww, poor baby!". I would tell her that I do not pity the child unless she is bleeding or dying (you know what I mean). She thought I was the most horrible person in the whole world. Well, she had her first child 3 years ago and guess what? I go to her house and watch the child bump into the wall or fall on the floor and what do you think she does? She says, "shhh, don't pay any attention to her". How funny!! The same person that was ready to grab my child in her arms and baby her now won't do that for her own child! It is amazing that your mind changes so much when you become a parent.

NBA star sells affordable shoes

NBA star Stephon Marbury has put out a line of athletic shoes made by Steve & Barry's University Sportswear called the 'Starbury' with the a price tag of $15. Yes, that's right quality shoes that any mom can afford! Marbury grew up in a family of six siblings and had to wear hand-me-downs for most of his childhood. Of course when you are a child you want to wear the shoes that are in style. Marbury feels that all children should have the chance to wear designer shoes and that parents should not have to fork over a small fortune to give it to them. Now I think that is pretty cool and these days it is very rare that you can find a decent pair of sneakers for such a small price. Marbury gets a little bit of smack talk from other players, but right now he is a hero for moms across the US! He did not get paid up front for the product but will receive royalties for each pair sold. Now your kids can have the cool pair of shoes and moms can have the cool price tag!


Kohl's is partnering with Elle !
That's right moms, Kohl's department store will work with Elle of the awesome Elle Magazine to produce a line of clothing that will be released in 300 of their Kohl's stores. Items will include Capri pants, jeans, skirts, shorts, knit tops, and jackets. Kevin Mansell the President of Kohl's said in an interview that new fashions from the joint venture will hit stores within 120 days of being designed. WOW! However, I am the stay-at-home coupon queen, so I will wait till these new items go on clearance.
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