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This morning I had an appointment for my annual pap... fun times for women all over the world I tell ya!  Well my doctor informed me of a change that was made in regards to getting one done each year. She said that as long as you have never had abnormal results over the years that you only have to get it done once every 3 years. I was like Whaaaattt??? I dared not argue about that one. She also mentioned that it is no longer recommended for any females under 21 years old to have one even if they are sexually active. I don't know how long this has been in effect for but I will take it! Not having to get scraped and brushed for 2 years in between works for me. My doctor did mention that you can still get one done annually if you want to.

Have you heard about this? What are your thoughts?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. that is great news! it's definitely torture and getting to skip a year or two is dreamy. i'm blessed to have never had any gynecological issues and hope it will stay that way!

    as for the girls under 21 not having to get exams, why are magazines and tv commercials loaded with advertisements about getting young girls and boys vaccinated for hpv? i've had issues with that for as long as they've been promoting it but now doctors say young women don't have to have a yearly exam? my daughter is 8 and though it's difficult to think that someday she'll need a doctor for her sexual health, i'd rest easier knowing that she'll find a doctor who will educate her and help her with what she needs. i wouldn't dream of taking her to be vaccinated for hpv but when she is of the proper age, she can make her own decision. i guess i'd prefer to encourage her to seek out a good doctor when she's an older teenager; one who can advise her about how often she needs to be examined.

  2. Works for me too. I hate getting that done!

  3. i think i would feel a little uncomfortable only going every 3 years. i heard abt the "2 yr rule" back in 2000 or so and have been abiding by that ever since. every other year is good, with my age and my desire to still have children, i wouldn't want to go any longer than 2 yrs without getting my stuff checked out lol.

  4. I hadnt heard about that, but I am loving it! Waiting a few years between the scraping and the speculum - Im in!

  5. This is news to me! Had no idea. Call me a skeptic but I think I'll still go once a year. Who knows what could be going on in there!! A lot can change in 3 years.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I had mine.done a few.months ago and my doctor didn't mention it. I would probably still get them done every year. I think those that are sexually active should too. I think there's a hidden agenda. But i assume everyone is suspect anyway.

  7. I have heard about that and the mammogram rule. SMH. How ironic I had my appt that day too but had to miss it.

    I will still have my annual pap. I don't trust the change. I also wonder if the insurance companies have anything to do with it.

  8. My doctor hasn't mentioned it, but we have a history of ovarian cancer in the family, so I will continue to go every year. I so dread these yearly exams!

    Hugs and Mocha,


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