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From Kinky to Straight

Here are some amazing before and after shots of my girls' hair. I used the Chi straightening iron and this was the result! The actual straighting tool cost me $130, but overall was a good investment. They both have the thickest, curliest hair that is so hard to manage. Relaxers are too harsh and expensive so it was highly recommended that I get the Chi iron. I would definitely recommend it to others as well.

The crazy expression comes from their dad's (aka "bad boy") side of the family!


  1. i love the hair, curly or straight!

    Just wait until she wants to die it blue. ok just kidding :)

  2. What gorgeous heads of hair (and gorgeous girls to match!) The Chi is definitely supposed to be one of the best (and least damaging) flat irons out there. Excellent purchase (and great work Mom, that's a LOT of hair to straighten).

  3. My wife might need this.

  4. It is amazing what we have to go through just to do some hair. $130! I don't even want my daughter to know about this because she will put this right up there with that Nano she wants for her 13th b-day. I better not bookmark here. She could be looking!

  5. WOW...Your girls have some beautiful hair.


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