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Parent vs Non-Parent

Isn't it funny when your friends or family (that are not parents) often think you are too hard on your children? I often go through it with the 'non-parent'. I assure them that their views will change when they have their own children and I usually get "No, I will never be as mean a mom as you are!". I specifically remember about 10 years ago, one of my dearest friends (non-parent at that time) saw my older child fall and I did not run to console her. My friend started the whole "Aww, poor baby!". I would tell her that I do not pity the child unless she is bleeding or dying (you know what I mean). She thought I was the most horrible person in the whole world. Well, she had her first child 3 years ago and guess what? I go to her house and watch the child bump into the wall or fall on the floor and what do you think she does? She says, "shhh, don't pay any attention to her". How funny!! The same person that was ready to grab my child in her arms and baby her now won't do that for her own child! It is amazing that your mind changes so much when you become a parent.


  1. What do you mean my blog is pretty and makes your's look bad? Your's is great!!! I am a novice, but hope to learn. I appreciated your comments on my "Angels Among Us" blog. It's fun to have blogger friends. Peggy

  2. that is soooooooo true.

    i know tons of people who specialize in 'perfect' parenting. i just giggle at them. :)


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