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NBA star sells affordable shoes

NBA star Stephon Marbury has put out a line of athletic shoes made by Steve & Barry's University Sportswear called the 'Starbury' with the a price tag of $15. Yes, that's right quality shoes that any mom can afford! Marbury grew up in a family of six siblings and had to wear hand-me-downs for most of his childhood. Of course when you are a child you want to wear the shoes that are in style. Marbury feels that all children should have the chance to wear designer shoes and that parents should not have to fork over a small fortune to give it to them. Now I think that is pretty cool and these days it is very rare that you can find a decent pair of sneakers for such a small price. Marbury gets a little bit of smack talk from other players, but right now he is a hero for moms across the US! He did not get paid up front for the product but will receive royalties for each pair sold. Now your kids can have the cool pair of shoes and moms can have the cool price tag!

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