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Hello all! Today I wanted to give you are warning, in the event you did not already know this. Digital phone service has become a very popular choice recently and saves big bucks when compared to the traditional phone lines. I personally have digital phone for home and business and have been pleased mostly for the savings. Here it comes, the downfall... when you are receiving a call waiting call and click over, beware that the person you were speaking with can possibly hear your conversation on the other line. This has happened to me twice! I now do not bother to click over and just let the calls go to voicemail. You never know who might hear something that was not intended for their ears! My local provider assured me that this was temporary and they are working out the "glitches". So be careful what you say!


  1. LOL!!!

    omg that is tooooo funny. thanks for the tip.

    i LOVE to trash talk about people on the other line. haha.....that is tooo funny!

  2. Which company is your provider? I've used SunRocket's VoIP for a long time and never have issues with someone hearing a conversation on the other line. That must be quite frustrating. I hope they get it straightened out quickly. Such a glitch could also mean a breech of privacy agreements.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I like yours here! And it sounds like your husband is quite a riot (I read the Croc Hunter post).

    Shine on,


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