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5:21 AM...

Hello everyone,

It is now 5:21 AM and we are getting ready for the hospital. I had to come to the computer to watch Williams' pre-arrival video. I won't lie to you - it did get me feeling a little emotional. I am still hard core though, BBCDO will have a new member soon. I will keep everyone posted through out the day. Keep those prayers coming.

Dwayne Aka Ismail the Great.


  1. All the best with the deliver! I'm sure he will be a beautiful little boy. Love the recommendation for biracial products. I may have to try some on my kids.

  2. best of luck, hope all goes well.

  3. I'm so excited for you guys! Yes, do keep up posted.

  4. This is so beautiful. I am so excited. This is truly a blessed event.

    Sending my special thoughts with you and your family.

    Ummm.....imma need somebody to send me a text message. Ya'll know I am sleeping with my phone :)


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