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More free samples!

Sign up for your free Downy sample!
Print out a $2.00 off coupon for Scott Tissue.
And last, get a Celestial Seasonings tea sample.


  1. I just received my downy sample.

    I could NOT figure out how to get the vibe vixen magazine subscription.

    Any tips on that one?

    p.s. you know i LOVE freebies :)

  2. I love freebies! Thank You for sharing! I'm not sure if the tea sample is still available. There is no option for selecting which sample I'd like sent to me and when I click submit it asks me to finish the questions before they can send me my sample. Well, I can't finish the question when it's not there! lol Oh well, just thought I'd give a heads up on the tea. Maybe it's just something on my end?

  3. Here is a good site for more free product samples. There is even a free yogi tea offer.


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