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Ideas Online For Making Treadmills Quiet

Finding time to work out with the chaos of today's busy schedules can be a challenge. A majority of people spend their days in sedentary positions making a fitness regimen critical for their health and wellness. Equipment like a treadmill being readily available at home provides convenience and flexibility with exercise times. Unfortunately, if you live in an apartment or with other people, the noise produced by a treadmill can be an annoyance and a disruption to their lifestyle. Don't allow this to hinder you from your routine. Instead, take the necessary steps to silence your treadmill.

Tips To Make Treadmills Quiet

Working out is crucial for overall health and well-being, particularly with most of our time spent sitting at a computer. Going to a gym is not always feasible, so people are bringing exercise equipment such as treadmills into their homes. The problem with a treadmill is the potential for noise pollution, upsetting neighbors, or those living in the house. Fortunately, soundproofing a treadmill can resolve this issue. Read here to find out how to effectively use your treadmill upstairs.

  • Placement of a treadmill mat: The impact from running on the deck produces a majority of the sound aside from the machine's belt and the motor. Among the best techniques to eliminate the pounding of the impact is by way of insulation. Using an insulation consisting of a foam mat with appropriate thickness acts as a cushion. You'll want to research for a budget-friendly brand. These provide longevity for your treadmill, not to mention the protection your legs receive from the harm vibrations risk.
  • Belt lubrication: Regularly lubricating the treadmill belt is an excellent way to keep it soundproof. Not only does the machine make loud noises during your workout when the belt is neglected, but it causes the unit to deteriorate quickly. Maintenance should be done approximately every three months with cleaning between the belt and deck before using the oil. The cleaning eliminates all the loose debris.
  • Obtain isolation pads: The creation of these pads was specific to reducing the sound treadmills make as your feet make contact with the deck and the overall vibrations. The impact can be annoying, particularly when you live in a condo or apartment community. The pads help with soundproofing. Placement of the pads will be under each of the treadmill's corners. Make sure to check customer reviews, feedback, and complaints before buying a brand. Not all are effective. Quality is essential in maintaining your treadmill

  • Place the equipment on carpeting if possible: Amplification of noise will happen if the placement of the equipment is on a hardwood, tile, or concrete floor. If this is all you have, take the unit to a porch or in the garage. It would be a wise investment to purchase thick carpeting remnants to put under the treadmill as a means to absorb the energy and vibrations when you live in an apartment or condo. Another option would be to place it on the balcony over a rug.
  • Bearings could need replacing: If after the lubricating process, the treadmill is still loud, there could be issues with the bearings and roller. They may need replacing. Accessing to repair can be challenging with the bearings and rollers connected. If this is the cause of the problem, you have the option of attempting the change yourself or having a technician take care of it.
  • Service the machine: It's easy to neglect to service the unit when you have a lot happening. Some people forget. But regular maintenance is crucial to keep the equipment functioning optimally. It needs to have the motor cleaned, the belts lubricated, and the belts tightened consistently. These basic services will ensure longevity and save from costly repairs.


Working out on a treadmill is an ideal way to stay active, remain healthy, and get fit. The exercise can present a problem for those around you because of the sound level produced with impact, the motor, and any technical difficulties that develop. It would be best if you soundproofed the machine to keep your exercise routine peaceful. If soundproofing is not enough, you can try a quieter treadmill. Check out some of the good brands at

The equipment is always going to make some form of sound when you run or even if you walk. But a machine that has a quieter design offers features including more silent motors, tracking with padding to absorb impact, and frames with strong, rigid manufacturing. Quiet doesn't mean zero noise; it only indicates that there is less loudness than what a traditional treadmill will give you.

If you live in a condo or apartment, it may be a good idea to speak to the neighbors surrounding your unit after you have done the soundproofing to see how effective it is. And then you can make an educated decision as far as purchasing a quieter system.

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