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May 31, 2009

why do kids remind you all the time

Okay, it's like 90 something degrees and steaming hot. You know this. We all know this. Why do the kids have to complain and remind you like fifty eleven times that it's hot? Ah Summer, I so don't like it for the weather!

May 30, 2009

Get out and play!

I think radio has gone down tremendously over time playing really inappropriate things you would never want your kids to listen to. Now the other morning I heard something that was actually the best thing I could have heard in a long time. The radio personality was saying how we were finally going to see sunshine after so many weeks of off and on rain and clouds. He then goes on to suggest that it was the perfect weather for the kids to get out and play. He later corrects himself and says that in fact kids should get off their butts, put the remote down, the gaming controller down and go outside and play something. Kickball, soccer, jump rope, basketball, run, jog...anything to get active! He said that kids these days don't do that any more. It is so true. I am pretty glad that my girls (even at 12 & 14) still LOVE being outside playing volleyball, basketball and whatever else they feel like. You have to beg them to come in some evenings. I think children of today are really missing out on the good stuff. Sometimes as parents we have to get out and play with our children.

May 29, 2009

Flashback Friday before & after

This is what my garden looked like 5 weeks ago when it was originally planted.



I'm not sure if you can see our cute little squash. We are thrilled with it so far. Can't wait too see how much we harvest.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

May 27, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. *Just a little warning that there are a few choice words in this one so if you can't handle it then you might not want to watch. As always, be sure to hit us up in the comments with you vents or what you thought of the video.


May 26, 2009

I'm back

I have not posted for a while now and with good reason. William is officially walking. I really did not talk about it much because honestly I was getting annoyed with being asked about it. He just wasn't ready. According to his pediatrician, I worry too much...walking at 14 months is perfectly normal she says. With having a new walker comes a big job. I can't take my eyes off of him for even a minute! He can't be trusted at all. I am literally running behind him for most of the day. Moments that I can just plop him in the playpen for about a half hour are the best! This kid's energy is non-stop and I am trying my hardest to keep up. I promise to post more often. I would have posted some photos of him walking but it's nearly impossible at this rate when it's just the two of us! I hope you all had a great extended weekend :)

May 21, 2009

Growing up...

How does this happen so fast??

How can the once little girl in pigtails end up looking like this???


Chardie was all glammed up for her 8th grade semi-formal dance.

Dwayne + daughter that looks like this = SHOTGUN.


May 20, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. I am a bit under the weather so pardon my appearance. We want you to be sure to post your vents in the comments~! Enjoy the video.


May 18, 2009

This makes me smile

It seems that the only time I can really get a photo of this busy little guy is when he strapped down in his carseat!

Weekend Randomness

Well the weekend came and went so fast as always. It was rainy for the most part and I was either at home or out shopping for the kids. Little William has outgrown pretty much everything so I had to get some things for him. I have really learned that for every 5 articles of clothing you find for boys there are about 100 for girls! Then for some reason you pay more for boys' clothes. Strange. I was lucky enough to get a few things on clearance for about $3 so I will be happy with that. I had to go buy Chardonnay a semi-formal dress for her 8th grade dance. That took us weeks because nothing seemed to want to fit! She's pretty small so we had to find a dress that was going to be small enough. Ah, the size zero days...miss them dearly ;) I will be sure to snap photos when she is all glammed up in her dress and NO Dwayne is not chaperoning. ha ha!! She told me she would not mind if I went but her dad absolutely was not allowed to go! I told her I would pass on going and let her have her fun. They sure grow up fast. Next stop, High School. I hope you all have a great Monday!!

May 15, 2009

When William gets too quiet

Some days I have that quick moment that I have to leave William alone to do a simple task. When I hear silence I get a bit worried and wonder what he's doing that he's not supposed to. Is he playing with the dog's water bowl? Did he find his way into the bathroom or one of the bedrooms?? Is he trying to open the front door?
Lately I have been catching him doing this:
He "reads" to himself. How cute is that??

May 14, 2009

Look what I won

I won all this great stuff from Mommydaddyblog! How cool is that? I usually never win any big prizes so I am extra excited about this one. I have already started using the Brita pitcher and LOVE it! I encourage you all to check out all the great things happening at Mommydaddyblog, especially the Buzz. You just never know what you will get! Thanks Sheena!!

May 13, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Hello folks. This week's Vent Day Wednesday is one out of the archives. For our new readers it will be like a new one and to our current readers, you might like seeing this one again. We hope you enjoy the video. Be sure to vent away in the comments section!


May 11, 2009

Been out of town

Wow, I can't believe it's been 4 days since I last posted! Our family went on a road trip up to Lynchburg, Virginia for the weekend and I am trying to get back into my normal routine. It's amazing how you can be gone for just a few days and you get totally out of whack! William did well overall with the exception of his wake-up time. He normally wakes up at 7:30 each morning and that has now turned into 6:30. I am hoping it is temporary because that one hour makes a HUGE difference! The girls went back to school today so I am sure they will be dragging most of the day. I sure am glad that I busted my butt to clean my house before we left. There is nothing like coming home from a road trip and everything is nice and neat. I looked around this morning and it looks like a small storm passed through *sighs* I guess it is that way with a big family. I hope all the moms out there had a spectacular Mother's day. I think the best part for me was the girls telling me that they think Mother's day should be everyday and not just once a year. I thought that was so sweet. Either they really are that sweet or they have mastered the art of manipulation! ha! I hope you all have a great Monday :)

May 7, 2009

Today is the day!

I am so excited that today is finally the day that my dear friend Tanyetta will have her baby! I am waiting anxiously with my cellphone attached to my body at all times to hear the news. Since she is on Cali time I am forced to wait even longer. I can't wait to welcome baby McKoy to the world! You should check out the sweet letter she wrote to her baby :) This baby will be a part of an awesome family, that's for sure!!

May 6, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday! I know everyone will think we are completely insane. We just like to have fun! Enjoy the video and be sure to leave your vents in the comments!


May 3, 2009

Garden update

Our veggie garden has been planted now for about 2 weeks and I am so impressed with the progress so far. I think everything has gotten about 8-10 times larger than they started out. I wanted so badly to fertilize everything but believe it or not Dwayne won't let me. He tells me that it goes against the whole idea of an organic garden and of course he brings up the fact that way back in the day there was no such thing as fertilizer. Fine, I will let him have it his way. I am hoping that the organic compost will prove to be a natural source of fertilizer and will provide a reasonable crop to harvest. I guess time will tell. I am so impressed with how serious Dwayne is about getting greener! Speaking of greener, look for an upcoming "green giveaway" later this week.
Question: If you planted a food garden, did you use fertilizer?

May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday

My little William was a week old in this photo and weighing a teeny tiny six pounds! I was thinner during and right after my pregnancy than I am now, I'm working on that.
I hope you all have a great weekend :)
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